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Why, yes I am Roman and what are you going to do about it? Nothing, well that is what I thought. Who died and made you Guardian anyway? Inquiring minds want to know. To be honest, Roman you do not scare me one bit but I do think you’re hot if that makes you feel any better. Did it work? No? Well I just wanted to soothe your wounded ego a bit anyway. I will continue to talk about you and the so-called authority you run, while you sit in your vamp cave and worship Lilith and her blood.

Now that we know a little more about Lilith thanks to Erika, I thought we would delve a little more into the Authority. I don’t know about anyone else but I find myself a little confused as to what the Authority is all about. What is their actual agenda? What is their motivation? What is the point of them being the Authority? We will try our best to figure it out my friends, we might be wrong but we sure as hell will try.

True Blood introduced us to the Vampire Bible – which dates even further back than the human’s Holy Bible. The two sides view the Bible very differently. The main-streamers look at the bible as only a metaphor for how vampires should live their lives. They believe that humans and vampires can live comfortably side-by-side. The Sanguinistas however; believe the Vampire Bible should be taken quite literally and think humans are nothing more than food for vampires, vampires are not allowed to fall in love or copulate with humans, and believe that vampires should have remained a secret from the rest of the world.The Authority rules over vampires; making sure all of them adhere to the rules of the Authority. They have a Guardian named Roman, whose duty is to watch over (what is believed) to be the blood of Lilith, the first and original vampire, who they view as a God.

I am going to expand on something that Erika wrote in her ‘Lilith post’ in hopes of getting to the bottom of the so-called Authority.

Roman says that ‘he is the Authority’ and everyone should follow him and do his bidding, which involves all vampires ‘mainstreaming’ i.e., living side by side with humans in peace and harmony. He believes in Lilith and her ‘vile of blood’ that they bless constantly and also in the vampire bible. If that is the case, why mainstream then? What is his real agenda? I am afraid we may never know, except that it is confusing.

Dieter says that Lilith was made in God’s own image which makes Lilith and God vampires and humans were meant to be food for the vampires but the Authority does not mean it as a literal interpretation? What the what? Then why have that much faith in it and the blood? It was extremely interesting that the annoying little boy vampire called Bill and Eric Apostates, meaning ‘someone that forsakes their religion, cause or party’. What do Roman and the Authority really believe in then? Roman appears to be worshiping Lilith but then demands that every vampire mainstream. Wouldn’t that mean that Roman has forsaken the vampire bible and Lilith? Then we have the Sanguinistas, who believe in the vampire bible in a literal sense and Lilith is the core.

We found out in this past Sunday’s episode that the blood in the vile is not really Lilith’s to which I ask ‘What is he blessing then?’ It seems Roman is just going through the rituals of the blood of Lilith when he does not seem to really believe in it. It could be his way of trying to please those that are beneath him who do believe in Lilith but what does Roman really believe in? Does he believe that Lilith ever existed? I hope we get some definitive answers soon but this is True Blood so that would be asking for too much. Well, I take that back, we will get answers but whether they make sense or not is another story.

My opinion on the Authority right now is that I wish that there was more to fear from them because as I said in the beginning of my post, I do not fear Roman or his merry-band of followers. I will tell you who I do fear and that is Russell. I wish the Authority could instill that kind of hear in me but I am just not buying it. I want to believe that the Authorities true agenda is to gain the trust of the humans while silently take over the world, humans and supes alike. I just find it hard to believe that this is what Roman truly wants and other vampires do not. The Sanguinistas do not put any fear into me either, not yet anyway. I was just looking forward to the Authority packing a real punch, you know? I have a feeling that when Lilith comes out to play I will start to feel the fear. Until that happens, all I can do is yawn.

What do you think of the Authority so far? Let us know, sound off below!

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  1. Before I say anything, Know thT I haven’t read any comments, forgive me if I repeat something already said & I have only read the first two books
    Okay, mow then… makes sense that there would be an “Authority “of some sort. In Anne Rice’s Vampire Lestat, there was maybe not so much an “authority” but elders who were pissed about Lestat ‘s “coming out”, exposing the exiztance of vampires. I am NOT a fan of Twilight, whatsoever, but they had an “authority” (if I was a fan, I coul tell you their name…but I don’t remember) . LaurelL K. Hamilton’s “Anita Blake” series also has a system of authority in place with “master” vampires in charge of major cities and their outlying areas. If vampires really existed (and who am I to say they don’t), there would have to be some kind of “authority” to keep them in line. Yeah, I wanna know who died and made Roman boss (or who did he stake to get the title). The “Vampire Bible” is a very cool concept, I think. And the fact that there are those who take it literally (the Saguinista’s) and those who view it as a guideline & historical reference is not so different from humans and how they/we see the Bible. HEY WRITERS : Maybe you could add a prophecy into that good book of theirs….something along the line of a Faerie and a Viking uniting to save both races? Just a thought…

    • @ HEY WRITERS : Maybe you could add a prophecy into that good book of theirs….something along the line of a Faerie and a Viking uniting to save both races? Just a thought…

      Not a bad idea at all Debbie I like it

  2. Just thought of something: Wasn’t Roman talking to Salome about the little blood ritual & how the vampires “believe” that vial to contain Lillith’s blood. I don’t remember exact words but something about.it not being much.different from the bread & the wine in ceremony in the human church..

    • yes he said that which I why I said in my post he is basically just going with the motions for the people who do believe. It leaves me to wonder what he believes in and that he is power hungry. He also has another motive, he has to. I would hate to think that the writers can only come up with ‘ he just wants to mainstream’ bit. it is getting old and tired, where is the suspense, intrigue and drama surrounding the Authority. I wanted them to be really dangerous and scary and True Blood can color me disappointed so far. Thank God for Russell!

  3. I question The Authority.
    My first question is how did Roman get to be “Guardian” he’s only 500 years old.
    He’s not an Ancient,he’s not like Russell,who’s 3000 years old or Godric who was
    2000 years old or Eric who’s 1000 years old. You have to be over a 1000 years old
    to be a Member of the Authority so what gives?????
    Question 2.
    Who was Russell’s Maker? Russell is older then Christ.
    That also means that Salome has to be almost as old~maybe around 2,500 years
    old~or was she made after Christ died in 2000AD?

    Question 3:
    Who besides Alexander Drew is working with Nora?
    My suspects are: Salome, & Deiter Braun
    If Salome is working withe nora, then she has to be careful as she’s also
    working as “roman’s secret weapon”
    If she’s not careful, she could end up meeting the Final Death.

    Now as far as the writers are concerned:
    Anne Rice is a major fan of Trueblood, her books are totally different from
    Charlaine Harris’s books~ Anne ties up all holes in her character’s bio’s
    Ms Harris I find writes books / characters that you could drive mack trucks thru!!
    Each writer since bram Stoaker has wirtten his/her own version of the
    “Vampire Cannon” each writer takes from the other to make up thier storyline
    Now there are some things I think should be “set in stone” and they are
    Vampires only come out at Night,they don’t glow/sparkel And they only drink
    fangbangers~ I love TrueBlood, the show but I’m not a mainstreamer.
    I’m “OLD SCHOOL when it comes to my Vampires”

    • I think Lilith made Russell and he made Salome. I don’t think Nora is working with Salome or Drew. I will agree about Deiter though, he seems pretty sadistic. I think Nora is a red herring. I want to know how he came to be Guardian as well. The Authority is fairly new so perhaps he appointed himself.

  4. I don’t know if it just takes them too long to get to the point but this week I found myself feeling exactly the same way…yawn! And, yeah, Russell scares me way more than Roman. There has to be more going on than what we’ve seen so far…hoping anyway. I’m looking forward to seeing Lilith but I’m guessing she’s not gonna be scary…more like supermodel beautiful. (Hmm…what might they do with someone like that?)

    I like the way you think Debbie, a prophecy in the vampire bible would be a great story for Season 6!

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