True Blood Review: The one where Sookie pukes…

In the fifth installment of True Blood season 5 titled; “Let’s Boot & Rally”….we learn Alcide really knows how to treat a lady…you can find anything on Google…the best way to a vampire’s heart is by making that vampire jealous…the Authority isn’t all that it seems, and Pam has a natural instinct as a maker.

As some of you know, this was new True Blood scribe; Angela Robinson’s first episode. I was pleasantly surprised. I thought this episode was very entertaining. I’m keeping an open mind though, but I hope to see Angela write something just as good – if not better – in the next episode she writes.

There was still mostly boring stuff which took a lot of screentime away from Eric and Sookie, but I’m okay with that because some of what happens at the end of the episode made me sit up and pay attention for once. It didn’t end up as boring as it began.

To read my review, please read on after the jump.

Terry and Patrick: Up in smoke

Terry and Patrick find one of their platoon members, Heller, who ties them up in the basement and wonders if anything followed them to his hideout. Heller is the one who lit the fires that killed the other platoon members, Patrick explains. Heller explains that wasn’t what happened. He tried to save them, but he was too late. He found out what it was that killed them on Google. It’s called “Ifrit”, which means an evil being of smoke and fire. It’s coming for them, because they shouldn’t have killed those people over in Iraq. The lady cursed them before Terry killed her saying, “May the Ifrit burn you all and everything you’ve ever loved.”

Terry remembers seeing the ifrit when they burned the bodies in Iraq. He tells Heller, he saw it too and they have to get out of there, because the ifrit is coming for them. Heller releases them, but Patrick knocks Heller out and ties him up. Terry tells Patrick that Heller was telling the truth, but Patrick doesn’t believe him. Terry has a choice…he can stay and help with Heller or leave. Terry leaves, much to Patrick’s surprise. Patrick ties Heller to the chair and follows Terry outside. While they’re outside, discussing the Ifrit and Heller, coincidentally enough, the ifrit comes and kills Heller.

This was one of those WTF kind of scenes for me. The fire monster or ifrit (whatever you want to call it) made me think of both the smoke baby on “Game of Thrones” and the black smoke on “Lost”. It also made me want to search Google, in hopes that there really is something similar in existence. Most of these subplots or side storylines bore me to death. Although I really like Terry and finding out about his past really explains who he is as a person now.

Something Shifty – This way comes

Jason has a nightmare, where he finds himself back in time as a child, wearing Masters of the Universe pajamas. He imagines his parents with vampire bites in their necks, bleeding profusely. His mom suggests he should have sex and a blow job. This (of course) startles Jason enough to wake up. The phone rings and he realizes he’s naked. Meanwhile, Arlene finds Andy also naked, his phone ringing, and wakes him up to answer the phone.

Jason and Andy arrived at the murder scene where they investigate the murder of Sam’s friends, who were shifters. Jason thinks he sees his parents in their bodies and tells Andy they met fairies. Andy doesn’t want to talk about it. Jason begins speculating on how many deaths they assumed were done by humans, but were really vampires. Andy questioned Sam about the murders. Sam tells him they were his friends.

Sam goes to Luna’s house, where he tells her about their friend’s deaths. She tells him it’s a bad time and asks him to leave. Sam leaves, but once outside, he’s shot by a gang of four men wearing masks in the back of a pick-up truck. Luna hears the gunshots, comes out to see if Sam is okay, but gets shot twice. Emma comes out wanting to help her mom, while Sam tells her to run. She changes into a wolf puppy and runs off into the night.

Can I say how much I HATE the fact Jason seems to be anti-vampire all of a sudden? What will this mean for his relationship with Jessica in the long run? Andy seemed smarter for once, in this episode. It’s funny, since they’re dumb and dumber. (You chose which is which.)  As for Sam and Luna…one question I have is; “Who shot Sam and Luna?” I’ve seen speculation that it could be Holly’s sons, but how do they know Sam, Luna or their shifter friends for that matter? I think it’s probably members of Marcus’s pack who did it. They hate Sam and want to raise Luna’s daughter (since she transforms into a wolf and is the now-deceased, Marcus’s daughter) themselves. They have a better reason to do it than Holly’s sons do.

The hookah is seein’ things

Lafayette is seeing things and pleads with Jesus to give him a sign – any sign – because he needs some help. Lafayette wakes up from a nap to find Jesus’s head, with his mouth sewn shut and starts screaming. At the same time Lettie Mae sees the same thing but understands what Jesus is saying. She reassures Jesus that she will tell him; then starts screaming out Lafayette’s name.

This was one episode where Lafayette (one of my favorite True Blood characters) actually bored me. I have no clue as to why Lettie Mae could hear Jesus plain as day, whereas Lafayette couldn’t. Maybe Lafayette could, but was too scared to do anything other than scream? Anyways, I feel for Lafayette, I really do, but GET TO THE POINT, please!

Fangbangin’ girl’s night out for vampires

Tara is at Fangtasia, looking very hot, glamourous and on the prowl. Pam wants Tara to tend bar, because she’s now an employee at Fangtastia. A fangbanger wants Tara to feed on her, so Tara grabs her and attempts to start feeding right by the bar, but Pam interrupts and threatens to punish her if she ruins Fangtastia’s reputation. Jessica witnessed Pam and Tara’s exchange, then orders a drink. They have a heart-to-heart talk about being newborn vampires.  Jessica and Tara talk for awhile, then later on Tara goes out for a smoke, and sees Hoyt dressed up like a fangbanger. Hoyt wants Tara to drink some blood from him, but Tara refuses, telling him to go back home to his momma. Hoyt walks away, dejectedly.

I’m beginning to like Tara’s relationship with Pam, and her new and promising relationship with Jessica. Jessica can help guide her through the tough parts of being a newborn vampire. But alas, as you’ll soon read below…I don’t think this will happen now. Oh well…it was good while it lasted.

They are coming for you – all of you

Nora is praying in her cell. The other inmate keeps saying “Drew is goo”, while Nora keeps looking up at the camera. Nora says, “We will rise up. The warriors of Lilith, they are coming for you. Coming for all of you.” Nora gets silvered while Salome and Dieter watch.

Dieter gives Salome an update on Bill and Eric’s progress. Salome orders Dieter to activate the iStakes. They have until dawn to find Russell or they will be terminated. Salome goes to see Roman, who is hurt and disappointed by Drew’s deception. Roman reveals the ceremony where he gives all the authority members drops of blood is only symbolic – nothing more. Salome reminds Roman that the Sanguisitas are gaining ground and followers, but he refuses to pander. Salome suggests ways he can speak to the Authority about it.

Roman addresses the Authority and vows that the Authority will fight the Sanguinistas and will stand up for what they believe in. They must all choose a side. Meanwhile, we see Jason is at their parents’ grave, Tara is feeding on Hoyt, while Jessica is feeding on a fangbanger in Fangtasia’s washroom. Jessica overhears Hoyt cry out and rips down the stall in a jealous rage. Tara and Jessica get into a fight.

Wait a minute…the blood isn’t Lilith’s? I can definitely see the religious parallels they are throwing out there. The vampire bible and the blood are reminiscent of Christian beliefs, like the Holy Bible and communion. I think it will be very interesting once Lilith appears later on this season. I bet she won’t be happy that they are ‘taking her name in vain’. I also think Salome has a nice and comfy position, where Roman is free to confide so much info with her. Hmmm…very interesting. The plot thickens. Who better to be a betrayer, than someone who knows you the most?

And now on to the stuff we care about the most…Sookie may regret drinking Peach Schnapp’s, but I don’t. It was very refreshing to see Sookie happy and carefree. At least until Alcide showed up at her door.

Drunk Sookie and the Return of the King

Drunken Sookie and Alcide make out and move upstairs to her bedroom, where Sookie realizes what they were doing or is sooooo drunk, she feels sick to her stomach. (I’m choosing the former.) She pukes all over Alcide’s shoes. Eric and Bill happen to catch them at the perfect time to witness this, and tell Alcide that “he really knows how to treat a lady”.

Later on, Sookie wonders where Eric and Bill have been all this time, because she’s been worried about them. “Clearly”, Eric remarked, while Sookie gives him a look. They tell her Russell has been released and want her to read Doug’s (Alcide’s employee) mind to help them find Russell. Alcide doesn’t want Doug to get mixed up in vampire business, because Eric and Bill should’ve killed Russell when they had the chance. They get into a dog fight (argument) over it, which only sounds like a bunch of dogs barking to Sookie. She covers her face, starts to laugh, then explains that no matter what happens, her life won’t change. She will always have all of them in her life and a 3000 year old vampire who wants to suck her blood. “It must be Thursday!” She exclaims, sarcastically, hysterically and full of spunk. She grabs her jacket and steps literally through the door (Thanks a lot Tara.), saying – “onward into the jaws of death; boot and rally.”

Sookie meets Doug, Alcide’s employee. She takes a look inside his head, where she discovers that Russell was dug up by a woman, who is wearing a bat or spider-like pendant. It’s a female who must be a member of the Authority. Bill accuses Nora, which Eric promptly denies, reminding Bill that Nora tried to save both of them.

Sookie, Alcide and Doug are riding in Alcide’s truck. Sookie wants to talk about puking on Alcide’s shoes, but Alcide doesn’t want to talk about it. Doug doesn’t remember going down this road before, as they turn onto a road which takes them to the Babcock Hospital. Eric and Bill are in back, talking about Nora’s betrayal. Eric refuses to believe what Bill tells him. Nora was going to use them to bargain with Russell. Why is Nora still alive? Bill asks, but Eric still doesn’t believe him. Bill tells Eric that Nora is a traitor and a liar, just like her brother. Eric flashes his fangs, saying, “take that back”. Bill’s phone rings. It’s Molly, who informs them that their iStakes are activated. They have until dawn, or it’s “peace out”.

They arrive at the Babcock Hospital, where they tell Sookie to wait outside with Alcide and Doug. She refuses. Eric tells her that they don’t have time to worry about her. She reminds them that: 1. She’s watched many horror movies and you don’t split up when you’re in a big scary asylum and there’s a crazed killer on the loose. 2. Her microwave fingers and the sun, are the only things that will have any effect on Russell. As Sookie sees it, she’s the one who is protecting them. 3. She has a headache and has to pee something fierce, so she’d like to just get this over with.

Sookie, Eric, Bill and Alcide follow Doug down the dark hallways of the hospital. Sookie sees Doug carrying Russell and following behind the female vampire who dug him up. Doug realizes he won’t ever see New York City if he dies. Eric tells him New York City smells like pee and the people are rude. They find rats and dead bodies in the hospital, which leads Eric to guess they’re in the right place.

Doug takes off running – scared to death. Sookie chases after him. They chase him into a room where they find live blood donors hanging from the ceiling by chains. One of the blood donors asks to be freed, but Bill ignores his pleas. Doug stays, refusing to go further, so Sookie, Eric, Bill and Alcide leave in search of Russell.

Sookie, Eric, Alcide and Bill finally find Russell, who tells them, “what took you so long?” They have been making an infernal racket, Russell complains. Russell is pleasantly surprised to see Sookie. Eric greets Russell in the only way he knows how. “Hello old friend. Do you remember me? We’ve come to finish what we started.” Russell tells Eric to “give it his best shot”. Alcide growls and changes into a wolf.

The End

Overall, this episode was the best one this season. WHY? I think it’s because Sookie was spunky and feisty for a change. Eric and Bill were relying on HER to help them find Russell, and she showed she has a great deal of inner strength, especially because she was hungover while they searched. This Sookie reminded me of Book Sookie, as most of you know; she is strong, humorous and spunky. Can we see more of her please? Sookie also had some great points (ie. The fact that only her microwave fingers and the sun are able to take down Russell.). She even gazed at Eric most of the time while they were talking; first at her kitchen table, then later on outside the hospital. I like Sookie as a drunk, as long as she stays away from everyone except Eric.

OMFG…HOW HILARIOUS WAS IT TO SEE SOOKIE PUKE ON ALCIDE’S FEET? That moment ranks right up there with Eric and Sookie’s first kiss and their love-making scenes for me. I knew that their make out session was going to be interrupted…but by Sookie PUKING? LMAO If only Sookie would get drunk and puke when she had kissing scenes with Bill too.

Eric had a few snarky comments which I loved as well. Plus, he was looking altogether extremely hot. Bill didn’t even bother me that much in this episode, except when he tried to place the blame on Nora for releasing Russell. Is he just plain stupid? What about Salome or even Roslyn? Of course, any excuse Bill will find to try to take Eric down a few pegs won’t work…not with me…and probably not with you either. I think Bill is hiding something, and that’s why he’s trying to place the blame on Nora (and therefore Eric) and not on Salome or anybody else. But how does he know that Nora isn’t dead? I thought both Dieter and Salome told them that Nora met her ‘true death’? It seems like Bill’s trying too hard to get under Eric’s skin. What does he hope to accomplish? Mistrust between ‘sister’ and ‘brother’? What a douche! Does he think Eric is stupid? Good thing Eric’s smart, because he knew what he was up to and thwarted him at every opportunity. Did I say how much I loved Eric’s snark? While those are things I love, I still hate this bromance. It’s doing nothing for either Eric or Bill and the sooner True Blood gets rid of it, the better.

How awesome was it to see Russell back in form, being snarky, after they found him? “Miiiiissss Stackhoussseee.” Love how he drawls out Sookie’s name. I loved how it was ERIC who was the one who talked to Russell. All I can say is…LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

I’m still wondering which side Nora is really on. Is she a Sanguinista or not? I think Salome is the one who released Russell from his cement tomb, even though they both have similar pendants…but when you look at their busts…you can tell the difference between the two.

The pendant belonging to the female vampire from Doug’s vision.

Nora’s pendant – notice the moles?

I’m not sure if any of you noticed it, but I certainly did…the name of the hospital they go to find Russell is named, Babcock Hospital. That probably doesn’t mean much to you, but since I’m a Detroit Red Wings fan, I noticed that it’s named after their head coach, Mike Babcock. (Who hails from my hometown too.) Interesting…it probably isn’t related at all to the show, but my hockey lovin’ heart certainly loved it (same with Nymerias’s).

I think that pretty much covers my thoughts on the episode…what about yours? Feel free to discuss the episode and whether or not you agree with what I said above in the comments below!

Screencaps courtesy of SkarsgardFans.com

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38 comments on “True Blood Review: The one where Sookie pukes…

  1. I think it can’t possible be Nora at the hospital since I’ve assumed all along that whoever is rescuing Russell has to be a child he called as their Maker, just as Eric called Pam to rescue HIM from the cement. Nora is Godric’s, so clearly not her! And Salome is 2,000 to Russell’s 3,000, so I think he made her back in the day.

  2. Great review! I thought there was too much Terry, Too much Lafayette. Definitely not enough Eric. Can they not give him more than one speaking line at a time? I’m sorry but I can not stand Bill any more. I wish his istake does the job on him. As for Sookie and Alcide, we all know the only time she will have sex this season will be in the last the episode and it’s going to be with Bill. Then she can puke again please! I have loved the show for four years and if they put Bill and Sookie back together ………..

    • Why is everbody saying she’s getting back w/ Bill at the end of the season? Did I miss a spoiler that if this is true, I’m really glad I missed? Am I crazy or isn’t Eric overwhelmingly the fan favorite? Poor Bill doesn’t even place in the polls that Eric regularly appears on all over the media.

      I have to believe that because of Eric’s popularity (not just w/ us on this site)–the only way to keep Bill the big star of the show is to make him the big baddie that Ball is hinting about. The majority of fans have spoken and I think most would prefer Sookie w/ anybody over Bill at this point. To keep him in the mix, make him the villian.

      What if he told Salome where to find Russell. He’s acting suspicious again, keep the faith. I don’t know how I do, but I’m hanging in there. :)

  3. Up until now, I haven’t been a Tara fan, but I’m starting to cautiously like her as a vampire. Her and Pam could be a good team. In her defense, she spent a year in NOLA and might not have known about Jessica and Hoyt’s relationship.

  4. I agree with you concerning Sam/Luna being shot by Marcus’s old pack members!!!
    They didn’t beleive Alcide that he killed Marcus~they still thought that Sam killed him.
    Loved Sookie tossing her cookies up on Alcide’s shoes!!!
    Never laughed so hard, in all 5 years years of the show!.
    And loved Tara, she’s being the B*tch she was meant to be!!!
    Big Mistake Tara eating from Hoyt~He’s still Jessica’s.
    They still love each other!

    • Well, in the books (I know! I know!) there is the storyline of the new bartender at Merlotte’s shooting shifters, but they haven’t really introduced anyone new for her. So one part of me says, yeah, it’s probably the pack, but the other says, why does the pack care about the other two?

    • Those weren’t Marcus’ old pack members, I think that’s Hoyt’s new anti-vampire hating group. I just don’t know why they’re killing shifters.

  5. Great recap Erika.This was my favorite episode of the season so far. I was really impressed with the way Angela Robinson wrote Sookie. It was like she is the main character again. It, of course, remains to be seen if the other writers can keep this up. I really liked Eric in this episode as well, especially the end when he went face to face with Russell again, I didn’t want that scene to end. I really hope it wasn’t Nora who freed Russell as I want Eric to be right and Bill to look stupid (again) and my money is still on Salome. I’m not sure the were pack are shooting the shifters. I don’t think they would shoot at Emma. I think it’s more likely to be some radical group who hate supernaturals, and I think next week we’ll find out Hoyt is involved with them.

  6. This episode was a little more bearable than the others, but only because of Sookie puking on Alcide. I couldn’t focus on anything else…lol! What I hate is that even new writers are brainwashed, we’re still getting little hints that Bill and Sookie will most likely end up together.

    • And I definitely think Salome is the one who freed Russell, I really hope we’re right about that.

  7. We could speculate all day and in the end all be wrong but yeah, it would make sense if Marcus’ pack were behind Sam & Luna. However, next week we see them shooting a vampire so that would lead me to believe it is someone else. Also, there are other female authority members besides Nora and Salome. Could be Carolyn Hennessy’s character or Lilith herself. Not liking the Lafayette storyline which makes me sad because I love him as an actor…hope that goes somewhere fast. Also, the Terry/Patrick ifrit thing…agree completely on that. Sad really that they can’t find better story lines for such great actors. Loved the interplay between Eric & Sookie at the house! Hope there’s more of that.

    I figured out what i think everyone else has been trying to say for a long time now. The problem with all these stories is they don’t connect in any way. They’re like short stories about individual groups a people that all live in the same town. If they had a plot that connected the characters together it would be a much better show and they could use the great people they already have instead of adding so many new characters every year. Just an observation…

  8. Think that Salome would be too obvious …but you never know with TB…could be Nora as well…maybe Eric told her and was protecting her and then she may betray him…I was a bit worried about the way he looked in one shot in the promo for the next episode..he looked shocked even terrified and it was when he was talking to Nora…

    Can I asked about this Sookie having sex with Bill in the final episode..is it a real spoiler?

    • I don’t know …..its a rumor that she and Bill get back together in the finale and since its Alan Ball’s last episode as show runner people figure he would hook them up as a going away gift….yuck! I hope this rumor is wrong but probably not unfortunately

    • I believe someone posted a comment on Just Jared (which anyone can do), and that’s what started it. I’m not taking a lot of notice of it right now, unless we get something from a safer source. I remember similar rumors last season.

      • last year Evie, i believe people were saying that Sookie would pick Eric but then he dumped her or something like that so you are right its probably nothing but it does fit with Alan Ball’s way of thinking that we have seen through 4 and a half seasons.

        • It could be that it’s something of a cliffhanger. We find out in the first ep of Season 6 that it’s a dream. I honestly think the Bill/Sookie stuff is just a writer’s tool to ratchet up the Eric and Sookie angst. When it’s all said and done, I really don’t think Sookie will be with Bill.

          • Unfortunately I’m sure AB and company will reunite the Sookie Bill relationship. If you will notice, at one point Bill and Sookie were holding hands, Bill looked at Sookie with that whiped sappy look of his, and Sookie nodded to Bill looking all doormat at him once again. While I did enjoy Sookie showing her spunky self again at long last, I think we all know it won’t last once they put her and Bill back together.

          • Sorry, I disagree. I’m not ruling out that she might hook up with Bill again, but ultimately, I still think she’ll end up with Eric. As a writer, I recognize a lot of the tricks they’re employing (as well as the crappy writing in other spots), as well as the coming preview clips, which are meant to be misleading. Also, at this point in the books, she’s not with Eric anyway.

          • I see that as her being scared and clinging to the nearest person’s hand she could find, and unfortunately, that just happened to be Bill’s. I don’t think she was looking at him with any longing expressions in this episode, but I could be wrong. I tend to block out a lot when Bill’s on screen.

          • I don’t think Sookie will be w/ Bill either. Him acting protective outside asylum and then holding her hand I think was just to emphasize to audience how phoney he is being–since he’s the one who was upset finding her w/ Alcide and insisted they use her to get Russell “and not give her any choice”. Don’t be fooled by the hype!

      • Thanks…I won’t pay much attention either until I know for sure…and then…if they do it, God help me!

  9. I hate that they are going to drive people from watching TB when they put Bill back with Sookie….a lot of fans will quit watching ….Sookie puking on Alcide was funny thats what he gets for trying to have sex with a drunken Sookie. They should have had Eric and sookie get together as a couple instead of the 3 episodes we got last season ….what a waste of talent and chemistry with these two that they have.

  10. Great review/recap Erika! I thought the Terry ‘where there’s smoke, there’s fire’ plot was so boring and it felt like I was watching another show. I loved how Eric let Sookie know that he was not very happy with her decision but would not show that she broke his heart. I love his snark! Overall, I thought the episode was good but I could have done without a lot of things. Oh, I also loved seeing Jason in his underoo’s! lol

    • Thanks Nymerias! :) WHAT? No comment about Babcock Hospital from you?? LOL And you were so nice as to make me a screencap for my post too. LOL Just kidding… ;)

      • HAHA! I thought you said it all in your post! ;) What can I say, even True Blood knows what a great coach he is that they names a fictional hospital after him! :D

  11. I agree with everyone else that it couldn’t be Nora so I think very well be Salome. And I really hope if Sookie is going to get together with someone I really hope it’s Alcide.

    • Um, yeah, I think that ship has sailed after she puked on him. I’m sure they’ll still hook up at some point, but it would be very brief.

  12. honestly i love sookie with eric because they are a spicy couple…they bring out the best and worst in eachother…she is no doormat with eric and she shouldnt be….with bill its a yawn,,…with eric its excitement and passion…the writers of the book and tv show would be dumb not to have it be eric and sookie for the hea at the show/ books final end. jmo though

  13. I am pretty sure they will hook up but it won’t last and her puking was a metaphor for that relationship……its not meant to be.

  14. I really enjoyed reading your recap (more than the actual episode)! Great job! It really helps redirect me from the silly things I get hung up on and I love reading other peoples take on the episodes. Lots of food for thought.

    • Thanks Peecan! I know how you felt about the episode from what you said in another post. I’m glad you enjoyed my take on it and hope it does give you food for thought. :) Everyone is entitled to their own opinion(s) too, but I hope it made you feel somewhat better about it.

  15. […] of True Blood Episode 5.05 “Let’s Boot & Rally”? Read our review titled, “The one where Sookie pukes…”! We promise you won’t feel queasy to your stomach, but you may want to have a […]

  16. I’m always happy to come across someone as Viking obsessed as I am. I enjoy that the show diverges from the books just because we get to experience an alternate story line. Some of the liberties they take don’t really pan out though. For example, I was never impressed with the authority and am ready for that to be over.

    Then again, anything that keeps Eric clothed or off screen is disappointing so there’s that consideration as well. Ha! Since Anna’s pregnant I don’t think we’ll be seeing any hot scenes with her and Eric this season. I loved it when she finally understood that she was in this life now whether she was with one of the vampires or not. Eric probably hoped she would come around and warm back up to him now that she finally gets this. I sure do!

    This was definitely the best episode in a while. I loved all the Sookie lines and laughed the whole way through. Also, I’m starting to like Tara a lot better.

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