New Spoilers for Episodes 9 to 12

Spoiler TV have just released some short spoiler synopsis’s for the final 4 episodes of season 5. Please stop reading now if you don’t want to know!

You crossed the line – we thought you might do. Well here they are:

Episode 5.09 – Everybody Wants to Rule the World
Vampires celebrate the start of the holy war; anti-supernatural zealots put Sookie in danger.

Episode 5.10 – Gone, Gone, Gone
Bill puts a spin on the rising vampire violence; Jason uncovers a mysterious scroll.

Episode 5.11 – Song of the Dead Faerie
Bill slips into religious fervor; Sookie seeks insight from the faerie Elder.

Episode 5.12 – Save Yourself
Eric tries to save Bill from losing his humanity.

Well there’s plenty to chew on there.  Mysterious scrolls? Sookie and the fairy elder? And of course Bill losing his humanity (again). I certainly like the sound of that one, and will our dashing viking hero Eric be the one to keep a cool head and save the day? We can only live in hope!

 Let us know what you think of these new spoilers and if you think it sounds like a strong finish to season 5 for our favorites, Eric and Sookie.

Sources: Spoiler TV and Eric superhero image

Please note that these synopsis’s  have not been confirmed by HBO. As yet there are no official episode descriptions for the final episodes.

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44 comments on “New Spoilers for Episodes 9 to 12

  1. Thanks Evie! :)

    LMAO! Love that pic of “SuperEric”! At least this way we can see him in spandex. ;)

  2. Are you telling me that we’re going to meet Naill in Episode 11????
    IF so I’m wondering as to who will be playing him????
    we’ve not seen any casting calls for Naill???

  3. Bill: ”Oh noes, mah humaniteh!”

    Scroll…sounds boring and lame,but we’ll see…
    Sounds like there might be a Niall in TB after all.

  4. Lol, idk about that whole “Eric attempts to save him” stuff. If our favorite vamp gets killed cuz of bill ill be more than pissed! And someone is supposed to die this season…I know alex said it wasn’t him but joe said his scene with sookie was supposed to be the hottest thing yet….

  5. “claude” mentioned in his one interview that Eric fans will be very happy in the end of the season. Reading the spoilers above, i didnt see any sign of it. I hope they just save the best spoiler for last.. ;-)

    • I hope they made the blood bond between E&S, and Sookie realice that she loves Eric all along, but it`s just me hoping. I dont see it happen. Although Allan Ball is no going to be in season 6.

  6. Looks like it’s all about Bill. Sounds thrilling…..really……I’m going to expire from the excitement of it all. Really. So far I’ve had plenty of time during the episodes to make mental grocery lists, clean my belly button, clip toenails, check my email on the mobile. Maybe these final episodes will require more brainpower/full attention to catch the point.

    • LOL! Sorry, I don’t mean to laugh, but I love your snarky sarcasm. ;) I’ve found myself dozing off a few times during the episodes too.

  7. Oh for the love of all that’s holy, what fucking humanity? I’m tired of Eric always having to save his stupid ass, but this just proves he’s more of a hero than Bill could ever be.

  8. A-HA! Perhaps my theory about Bill being made the villian are not so crazy after all!

  9. Sorry that was not coherent english–IS not so crazy after all. And I’m practicing my happy dance!

    • Yeah, I wouldn’t get your hopes up too much on that one. We know this will be twisted around somehow to make Eric look like the bad guy.

      • I think this season iits different, Eric is going to shine, like the powerfull, sexy, intelligent vampire that he is. I read, another spoiler and says that Eric is going to a mission to end the Authority at season finally

  10. ok, here’s what I would like to happen:
    For a very, very long time now Eric fans, Eric/Sookie fans, Eric/Pam fans have all been subjected to disappointment, upheaval, hopelessness and even anger in the directions their favorite characters have been written and are constantly told that it’s for character development or suspense or surprises or angst or whatever reason. At the same time Bill’s fanbase has been treated to a pretty steady diet of reasons to gloat, preen, praise and be joyful. I won’t make any snarky comments on why (well just one……….he was given all Eric’s good stuff from the books!) Don’t you all think it’s high time for some “character development, suspense, surprises & angst” for the Bill fanbase? (And not just for the glee we would all feel lurking in their fansites to listen to the outrage) but as proof that they aren’t just out to stick it to us or our favorite characters. Show us that you mean what you say in that happiness is boring, you just want to catch us offguard or keep things interesting! Please, share the wealth amongst ALL the fanbases. The bone we were tossed last year with baiting your hooks with the promise of an Eric/Sookie love arc FINALLY happening and then twisting it and making it look like a short term hookup was pretty cruel. Breaking up and keeping apart Eric/Pam just tore that scab off and left it bleeding and infected. The Eric/Sookie/Pam fanbase has invested the same dollars in HBO subscriptions, DVD’s, etc as the Bill fanbase so give Bill’s fanbase the same money’s worth of “character development and plot twists” that we have been treated to (since the very first season when Bill staked longshadow instead of Eric). In addition, WE are the ones who support Charlaine Harris’ works in a huge way. Please! I think Bill would make an awesome dark character and would sure make things interesting in a way that we can get on board with! What do you all think?

    • Yes, yes, yes! I am arguing that the show has always intended for Bill to only APPEAR to be the romantic, tormented vampire–to Sookie alone. How many other characters have seen thru him and his actions repeatedly. He says all the right things (sometimes even stealing Eric’s very words, like he did in last years finale), but over and over and over and over, the writers have shown his ACTIONS to be something very different. The writers have shown us his twisted, murderous past that he has hidden from Sookie (while reminding her at every turn what a villian Eric is, who has never been shown to relish killing/hurting anyone–unless he feels attacked or provoked to first….Just look at ep 5 here. So many of you upset that he held Sook’s hand and kissed her ass–after insisting they use her and put her in danger selfishly.

      Look if the writers were really making Eric the bad guy, he would have suggested it and made us all crazy. But no, he was genuine. Showing how much she’d hurt him, but keeping his pride by keeping his distance…an honest response.

      I would dare say the writers have been manipulating us all for a few seasons now….at least since they decided to make the Rattray thing much worse than it was in the books. This is where it’s all going.

      I remember when it started, Ball said the show was popcorn for smart people. i admit, especially after last season’s finale–I lost sight of that totally, but now I’m starting to realize they’ve been challenging us all along. To see below the surface of things, to add it up. The romance junkies out there are in for a rude blow, they’ve been had by the smoothest vamp operator on tv. I’m excited for Bill to take on new, honestly wicked dimensions–the victimy, interview w/a vamp sad sack thing is as over as Tara’s whining about who done her wrong last week. I think the theme this season is about true identity. Look at Sookie’s realizations just now and all the other characters revealed to themselves in naked and ugly real ways….poor sweet Terry, Lafayette, Jason, Tara, Hoyt….I’m still betting Bill had something to do w/ freeing Russell. That’s why he searched for bugs and that’s why he didn’t tell Jessica…anything…to prepare her. He’s not worried that he’s going to die…who’s to say he didnt call the authority when Nora was trying to help them escape in ep 1.

      Look they’ve done every other shock, this would be the doozie of them all. And his fans would be pissed, but they are just a very vocal minority and Alan Ball only panders to his own perverse ideas….turning the tragic hero this way? So Ballsy.

      I guess we shall see soon enough. I understand why so many stopped watching and give up hope, but I see a trajectory here….and remember, bill was off her radar totally till he gave her blood after she got shot again. She even said, maybe it’s just the blood. Maybe she can’t let herself see cuz of her ego, she trusted him stupidly despite all evidence to the contrary.

      HOly crap, I need to get a life.

      • I’m going with a theory that he put something in his blood to make it more powerful, hard for her to resist. She seems to not think clearly when she gets a taste, yet Eric’s blood hardly does anything and he’s way older.

  11. All I want at the end of this season is for Sookie and Eric to make the measures to get back together and for Pam and Sookie to be friends

    • How about not having Pam portrayed as an “abusive” parent to Tara?? (yet another point of delight being tossed around the Bill fanbase)

      • Since I don’t have much love for Tara, can’t say I mind that so much. That’s just how Pam is, I have a feeling she’ll change her ways where Tara is concerned soon enough. Honestly, though, I don’t know why Bill fans would be gloating with the way their beloved character has been portrayed. Sure, he may get with Sookie in the end, but he’s still shown as a huge douche. It just makes you realize even more how truly sad those fans are, and even more so how sad Alan Ball is that he would rather cater to them when we are the majority of the fanbase. Without us, the show would be nothing.

      • then they have short memories. I liked Bill fine until he treated Jessica so horribly for almost all of first 3 seasons. Pam’s guarded because she cares about Tara more than she wants to already, I would argue.

  12. I’m very excited by the “tries to to save Bill from losing his humanity.” bit. Tries.

  13. I hate even saying this but I guess I wanted to get a sense from others on how their viewing this season. Is it just me? Or is there anyone else feeling a tab. sigh bored. And I hate to say that because I typically enjoy this show enormously. Anyone else out there want to chime in tell me what they think?

    • you just have to look around at the other posts on here then you will see it. the general mood since season 4 has become kind of bad. some still have hopes, but the writers just keep doing all these boring storylines and bill glorifying that it is just annoying most of the time.

  14. Bill…Bill…Bill… *sigh* Why can’t they just put us out of his misery? I kinda liked Book-Bill, not tons and bunches, but he was more “eh, ok” than Show-Bill. He at least showed major contrition while he attempted humanity.

    Too bad we can’t start a petition for Eric to just let…Bill…go*.

    Eric? Human-ish. Bill? Not. Ok? Ok.

    *See, this way Eric could be king, and Sookie could be his queen, and life would be gooder. ;D

  15. Unfortunately it sounds, to me, like we’re going to lose Eric and he saves Bill. I don’t believe it will be permanent, Eric is a huge part of this story, and is in the continuing books (not to mention half the women who watch the show, watch because of him) but it’s starting to sound bad to me for the end of the season. :( Hope I’m wrong. It’s the title of the ep that is making me the most nervous.

  16. Normally I would be very careful about posting a prediction but I just had to share this with you guys… I think I can explain the preview shot where Bill appears to bite Sookie. It’s NOT SOOKIE!!! It is Salome. We’ve seen that Bill has “seen” things in the past visions if you will. We know from the preview that Salome tempts Bill sexually… I think in the process of gettin it on with Salome he envisions Sookie in the process…It will not actually be Sookie… just wait and see. Plus if you look at the hair style it is just like salome had hers earlier in the preview and the surrounding bed is her bed! If I’m wrong you can all refer to me as Mike Spencer and I’ll….think about sucking your toes lmao!!!!!

    • That’s what Erika said, hopefully you guys are right.

    • Sounds like a plan to me! And shouldn’t Eric bust out of there and head on over to Sookie’s to make sure she hasn’t become vamp bait w/ mainstreamers runnin wild? Hey, a viking groupie can still dream!

    • well I think that is actually right, it clearly looks like he is having sex with salome and then he is imagining soookie, but that also would be just another example of: OH bill loves sookie so much, she is the only one who can save him, his true love lol. maybe eric will save him by telling him that sookie is so much in love with him lol and brings sookie with him.

  17. And Hoyt was picked up by ex sheriff Dearborn… I mean why else would you bring him back other than to creep us all out

    • I SOOOOOOOOOO called this!!!!!!! (doing a happy dance) my prediction was right LMAO!!!!! I knew it was Ex sheriff Dearborn!!!!!

  18. I’ll probably post this again somewhere when that page for predictions for next week comes up…..but here’s my one prediction I’m pretty sure about coming up. In the previews you see Sookie walking (in her bathroom yet again I believe) to address something she hears while carrying a gun. You see a hand reach out and grab her wrist as she screams…..it has a black jacket on . I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it HAS to be Eric. Even though the preview tries to mislead you to believe it could be Russell since he’s also wearing black, Russell has never been invited into her house….so it has to be Eric. I don’t think that Bill will become a good guy again before the season has ended. The power high he’s feeling will last at least until the second or third episode of next season.

    • That’s what I thought when I saw that, but I need to see it in slow motion or something, because it seems like too short fingers to be Eric’s.
      She wants to shoot him though :S So I don’t think so…

  19. since eric owns the house any vampire can now enter, It could very well be Russel or Beehl?

  20. I think it’s Russel, or Steve, or that Warlowe …
    Doubt it’s Eric. It could be even a crazed beehl, attacking her.

    • Apparently Jessica is cradling Jason in the ground….is Jason going to be turned?

      • He really does look very dead… And Jessica will probably try to turn him as a last resort, but it wont work.

        • I think that they will probably keep him. He’s alive throughout the books (as far as I’ve read) plus he’s part of the “hotness factor” of the show….but it would create an interesting storyline. Jessica as his maker?

          Another question: I know the owners of this blog get these posts so I’m hoping they will see this and maybe create some kind of poll or something (hint hint wink wink)….We’ve all been told ahead of time that the season finale is going to be a blood bath. Who do you think will die/be killed off? And by whose hands?? I’d really like to know your opinions..

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