Season 5 Comic Con Trailer

The brand new True Blood Season 5 promo video due to air later today at Comic Con has leaked on-line early, and we are happy to bring it to you for your viewing pleasure.

It really is one hell of a wild ride and there is so much to digest, it will take more than a few viewings before we can get a handle on what exactly is going on.

So far we’ve spotted dreams, hallucinations, ghost Godric, a gothic-looking vamp being very unkind to Pam (“Northman’s history” – yeah, as if!), and Russell and Eric sharing a bit of a moment. So buckle up and get ready for all this and so much more:

WARNING: As this video was leaked early it could be taken down at any time. But don’t distress as if it is we will keep looking until it is up again!

Any thoughts? Apart from WTF obviously!

This is a screen cap of the vampire who looks to be involved in Sookie’s parents death. Are they hiding his face for a good reason?

Source – mametupa

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45 comments on “Season 5 Comic Con Trailer

  1. Just one thought :Ahhhhhh!

  2. WTF!!

    • I think bill knows that he can’t glamouring Sookie, or the writers have forgotten it lol (they are quite inconsistent), but it might be they are putting on a show for the authority.

      Is it possible that this bill wanting to glamour sookie is happening at the same time when eric is glamouring alcide? of course bill the leading male of the show gets to talk to sookie *eyeroll*

  3. so much Bill and so less Eric, was kind of obvious that ball would leave the show with lots of Bill.
    And in the trailer it looks like sookie is having sex with bill, but that could be misleading, they have done things like this in the past already.

    I just don’t like it that it looks like the last few episodse will be all about bill and he seems to become mad or whatever probably because of the lillith blood. And he is glamouring her, and his stupid blah blah in front of Sookehh *eyeroll*

  4. WTF is correct :S looks like Sookie is getting rid of her telepathic powers :S
    I gotta rewatch this like a million times…dunno how I feel about this at all..WTF at the end with Sookie and Bill? :( Why? :( sigh

    • I’m in 2 minds about the Sookie & Bill bit at the end. Could be another dream by one of them like the one Eric had where he attacks her last season. Or Bill could actually attack her, which he is certainly capable of, but I’d be very disappointed in Sookie for letting him back into her bed.These scenes are never quite what they seem in trailers, so we’ll have to suck it and see.

  5. Bill & Sookie this, Bill & Sookie that! Can we please quit it with these two already?! Why is it so hard for Alan Ball and writers to put Sookie and Eric together? No! Bill and Sookie! >>>>You Fucking Suck!

    And it proves you can’t trust Bill>>>The so called Hero! He’s no hero for goodness sake! Let it ass go!

  6. did I see Bill biting Sookie?

    • Yes, it looks like they are in bed and he attacks her. Dream maybe? Hallucination when the vamps get high?

  7. I am going to be furious if sookie looses all her ability’s and then she doesn’t even know who Eric is, that means we will never get out Eric and Sookie

  8. Whaaaaaaa????? I have no words for this crap. I really think it may be the end of the line for me enjoying this show. It’s slipped away from all reason and sanity, and not in a good way. I’ve spent so much time invested in quality shows like Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, etc in the last few years… True Blood just pales in comparison at this point. Six Feet Under it is not, nor will it ever come close to being. I kind of want Eric to die, so maybe Alex can start spending more time on worthwhile productions that appreciate his talent. He’s going to be a big star, but True Blood is just holding him back at this point. Although, we all know how much of the fan base would go, if he did, so I’m sure they won’t make that decision unless he decides he wants to go. Gah… this season is totally and utterly lame.

  9. Sookie: “Do you think you could trade in what you are and give away everything that’s special about you for a plain old regular life?” Maybe she gets cleansed by the fae. Eric: “I don’t know what kind of game your playing Bill”. When isn’t he playing a game or something? lol He says he does not know who to trust that is how Eric feels too. Then Bill says what is God is a vampire? hmmmmm all this food for thought. I think that last bit might be a dream. Claudette says “leave the girl alone” so my part about Sookie being there when her parents were killed is right now please let Bill be the vampire please!

    • Good find nymerias – I hadn’t caught the bit about leaving the girl alone. So the fae saved young Sookie from an early death??

      • that is what I have been thinking for a long time because Claudine said in season 3 they have always protected her. Sookie did not seem to know when I think the fae made her forget that night

    • never going to happen. Bill will always be a saint in the eyes of the writers. the murder looks kind of like Roman, or it might be some still unknown character.

    • I’m gonna have to watch that clip again! There was so much in it that it was hard to catch every detail. It did look intriguing!

  10. that zorro vamp seems to me to be the killer of Sookie and Jasons parents, and someone looking like Claudine trying to stop him(from killing her and Jason as well?)
    I so hope it’s bill, please let it be him. I don’t know what bill is doing glamouring out all he memories of both of them – and she probably has his blood again before all that and later has a sex dream of him or something- but Sookie can’t lose what she is. It’s just not right and wont stay that way. She is the telepathic barmaid after all.

    Aghhhh I really don’t know how I feel about all of this. It does seem more action packed than the last season, which I appreciate, but it doesn’t show ANY Eric and Sookie.

  11. I hope it’s a dream

  12. Between sookie and bill

  13. I think the glamouring is being done at the same time Eric is glamouring Alcide. In previous trailers it looks like the Authority jumps in and saves them/catches Russell int the old hospital and the only way they could get Sookie out w/o being discovered would be to “glamour the human and were”. I also agree that the trailers are too vague to really get any further ideas about what else is happening. I don’t think that Sookie would be foolish enough to give up part of herself but this is AB writing this so who knows. I too am disappointed that Eric seems to be very much on the periphery. No wonder he had so much time to go all over the world this Spring and promote Battleship. Hopefully, the killer of Sookie’s parents is Bill or Roman but knowing AB it will be Eric. The man just cannot see the forest for the trees and his Bill fascination truly rankles. Also, earlier in the week something was published/shown that said late in the season Eric will do something good for Bill. I think that Eric either leaves Sookie to Bill to help him retain his humanity (mah humanity!) or he the takes the blame for killing her parents. This of course would turn her away from him forever. The total perfidity of AB and his interpretation is monumental. Wishing for CH to just tear the check up in public and lambast him. If something like this happens I won’t care if there is a 6th season because I won’t watch the Bill and Sookie show. Hello HBO?!?!?!?!?!? Are you listening?!?!?!?!?

  14. I Don’t really know what to say? I’m speechless.

  15. i think the vampire in the still looks a bit like russel…. if it is russel, both sookie’s and eric’s parents have been killed by russel. although i wont hold out hope, im not usually right about these kinda things.

    if sookie gets back with bill i will be really upset/annoyed …….dont do it sookie, dont be a doormat.

  16. I know there are too many characters on this show, but I’m glad Luna appears to be alive. i really like her and her pairing w/ Sam. Don’t forget, these previews are always completely deceptive, so fingers crossed it’s not the Mr. bill show like some of you fear.

    Here’s some speculation about Salome and Eric–anybody think it’s possible she’s Godric’s maker? And what if her maker is Russell? What if he’s Eric’s great grandpa? whoa!?!

  17. Well, I am done. Not even Meloni has kept me interested this year and aparrently I am not alone. The ratings show the show has lost 1 million viewers from last year. That last shot of Sookie & Bill having sex just did me in for good. Thankfully Falling Skies has been great this season…..lol

    • Well, we still don’t know if that is exactly real or what the situation is. These trailers love to tease us, but then we’re shown something completely different. I will at least stick it out until the finale, but have a feeling I’m done after that.

    • For what it’s worth, I don’t think they were getting it on. She had her clothes on. Probably another stupid dream. Also, is it just me, but I was looking at screen caps on another website and the vamp who kills her parents looks like Bill from the side too. I thought I recognized a side burn.

      Then again, Sookie will probably tell everybody that Bill killed her parents to protect her. Roll that Ball right out the door—see ya! I’m not giving up hope until I see next year’s arc.

      Have they really lost a million viewers? wow.

      • I’m not surprised, but as stupid as Sookie can be, I have to hope him killing her parents would be the one thing she wouldn’t forgive. I still think it was someone else, though.

    • I don’t even get those guys who are doing the promos. Its well known (well apprently the writers are not aware of this) that Bill and sookie are even less popular than alcide and sookie, all the voitings should a favourism for the eric sookie pairing. And there are so much other evidence for this.
      but then at comic con, they come up with this stupid trailer in which it looks like bill and sookie have sex, really? How stupid are those guys?i think that the scene is misleading but I really don’t get it why they did cut it like this to make it look like bill and sookie are getting it on. I think this is putting more fans off the show than making them interested in it again.

  18. We all know in hearts that Ball is going to disappoint us with Beehl and Sookie ending the season together. He has always said he believes they belong together. I hope (there I go again, I should know better than to hope for anything on this show) after Ball leaves the remaining writers give us what we want. An Eric and Sookie happy ending.

    • Yeah, but if that was real, it didn’t look like a very happy moment. Just Bill feeding from her as always, and it seems he gets pretty messed up this season. If Alan Ball thinks he’s such a big hero and someone worthy of being a soul mate for Sookie, I’m just not seeing it.

  19. I hope this isnt a 360, where sookie falls for bill again. im sick of bill/sookie. isnt it enough that they are together in real life?

  20. I am a newbie to this site, but not to the series or books. Personally, I love both . I love the series because I get more info of the characters in the book by watching the series and at this point where the series is along w/the books Sookie is not with Eric yet. She is w/Quinn. I agree w/Alex if the series & books were the same I would lose interest in one or the other. I believe the Eric in the series has a more colorful character than the books. I just keep hoping that eventually as the series continues Sookie realizes that she does want Eric just as she does in the books. Until then I will continue watching the best vamp-opera going for the thrill & fun of all the colorful character it has.

    • vampi opera? but this description just descriebes how ball has ruined the show, its a soap opera now with plotlines that make no sense and tooo many storylines (like Terrys), no one cares about.
      and if you still believe that eric and sookie will have a big chance on the show, well you can think like this, but doubt that is ever going to happen. IN the TVLine interview ball was talking about still being involved in the show, even though he is gone. and we all now that he has that stupid “bill and sookie are soulmates” in mind.

    • I started out a fan of the series and so started reading the books. I got as far as book 2 and lost interest when Lafayette was the one found dead in Bellfleur’s car. He is a wonderful, colorful character and can’t imagine the series without his sideline story. The series is “Bases” on the books. That gives the writers lots of room to flesh out other characters. Its just like any other soap opera/serial. The characters lives intersect & divide. One episode may be more about Sookie, the next about shifters or witches or ghosts. For me, that is what keeps it interesting. If it were straight from the books, I don’t think it would be nearly as interesting and Sookie would irritate me. I just hope to see more Eric/Sookie. I can live vicariously through her…and with Eric…I can handle that! Whoo!

      • Lafayette is not really interestting anymore since season 4 I would say, sorry but all this voodoo whatever stuff is just weird.

  21. Laura, slow your roll! I’m just saying I enjoy both for what they are. Yes, Mr. Ball has strayed along way from the books in a lot of the story lines regarding Eric, Sookie, and Bill on the show, but still I like the show for what it is a Vamp-opera. And as I stated before I sincerely hope Eric & Sookie connect like the do in the books. Time will only tell. As for the Comic-Con promo you can’t aways trust what they show you. They have a habit of showing things that will get you to watch to see what happens. And also I never would believe Eric would fall out of love w/Sookie in the show. He probably loves her more than ever, but since he was hurt so bad in season 4 he probably will be less likely to open his heart again the same way. At least they finally admitted that they love one another in season 4 and thats better than I would prefer cancer.

    • but at his point I don’t even like siookie that much, only liked her last episode when she was drunk , she is so not like the book character and thats so sad:( I love book Sookie but have problems with True blood Sookie, they made her quite unlikable, so I don’t even know if I want this Bill obsessed women with Eric (ball has written her that way); she would need to chance a lot for this but I doubt that will ever happen.

    • Passion Play – I’m like you – I like both the show and the books. I prefer Eric in the show and Sookie in the books – but I get enjoyment out of it all :) I still think there is more to come from Eric & Sookie in the show but probably not this season.

  22. Evie- I agree w/you also. I believe there will be more to Eric & Sookie in other seasons, but unfortunately not this season because we all know by now it is the season for the bromance. I have slowly seen Eric’s character change over the seasons regarding his feelings for Sookie. It’s the same in the first few books how Eric is confused in regards to his feeling for her. Love is not the nature of a vampire.

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