Chris Meloni talks to TV Line about “Hopeless”

I do believe most of our jaws were dropping at the conclusion of this past Sunday’s True Blood (“Hopeless”) as Roman and Russell switched roles from executioner/executionee to executionee/executioner. In fact, there are some who are in denial that Roman is in fact…. goo.

Michael Ausiello of TV Line was able to grab some time with the man behind Roman to help shed light on what has to be one of the most surprising twists of the season.

Here is an excerpt from from the interview

TVLINE | Is Roman really dead?
You saw the show last night.

TVLINE | I did, but this is True Blood. Characters have survived worse.
That is true. For the time being, he’s dead. I think that was my swan song.

TVLINE | Five episodes is an unusually short run for someone billed as a series regular. Was this a case of you only being able to commit to a short arc because of your busy schedule?
I think what happened was they got sick of me complaining about the glazed donuts at the craft services table so they decided to off me. [Laughs] We had always decided that this was the way to go

Le sigh, Roman… you will be missed.

For the complete interview, follow this link to TVline.com.

In my opinion… bravo to the cast who were at Comic Con for not spilling the beans. I know we in the audience all hope for some sort of hint during the panel, but know any answer could be interpreted many many ways. This one took us ALL by surprise.

Well, what do you think? Sound off below!

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8 comments on “Chris Meloni talks to TV Line about “Hopeless”

  1. I was completely shocked, especially with all the hype about him joining the cast. Definitely a WTF moment. But then I remembered seeing scenes later in the season where Russell appeared to be partying in the streets (looked like Mardi Gras), so I guess that was a hint that he wasn’t going to be staked..

  2. His character didn’t really do anything for me. The whole authority thing is kinda boring.

  3. He started shrinking and his face went half goo, how can he possibly not be dead?? :S
    I didn’t see it coming but I’m glad they offed him, he got boring real quick.

  4. I didn’t care for Roman at all! All he did was yell and preach and I can do without that! So I was happy to see him go but I was really surprised!!

  5. I can’t believe everyone else just stood there not helping as Russell took over. What’s with that?

    • Because I think they all are behind Russell and used him to get Roman out of the way, that’s just my theory. I know Salome especially is probably responsible for Russell’s freedom. Sucks about Chris, but I can’t say I’m going to miss Roman if he is in fact gone for good.

  6. I LOVED Chris Meloni as Roman! I thought he was doing a great job as the Head Authority member! Not to mention fucking sexy! ;-)

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