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Access Hollywood Interviews Alex

Alexander Skarsgård was interviewed by Access Hollywood at Comic Con. In this interview, he talks about his “bromance” with Bill, kissing Kristin Bauer van Straten and why there was no sex scene between them!


Thanks pbt for the YouTube link!

What are your thoughts? Do you wish there was a sex scene between Kristin and Alex, or do you agree with Alex?

Share your thoughts below!

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6 comments on “Access Hollywood Interviews Alex

  1. I agree with everything that Alexander said. I love Season 5.

  2. I agree with you Marlene. Even though Eric and Sookie aren’t together this season, I still love Alexs’ character on the show. Its’ the only reason I still watch it in fact….

  3. Alex is the best > Gotta love him .Love the interview .

  4. Ha! I told you guys it was probably awkward for them! And as if it’s your parents getting it on, you know they’ve done it but you don’t want to think about it :D

  5. I agree on some level, but I still would have liked to see more from that scene.

  6. They did the right thing not to include a sex scene between Eric and Pam. These flashbacks were Pam’s memories–what she remembered as the most important. And it was the emotional stuff not the sex. Pam was a courtesan. I doubt that Eric taught her anything new.

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