“In the Beginning” Sneaks

Well it is that time of the week again when HBO has released some more sneaks at the next episode. Sookie is learning more about her powers in the link below. May the force be with you forever Sookie! I think it is also high time we learn exactly how she is half fairy, don’t you? Oh, don’t get your hopes up for it is not in this little clip! :P

This second clip is an exciting one and boy does Russell really want Eric’s head on a platter. I think Russell might have taken off with our Viking!

Oh and this Sam clip!

Let us know your thoughts on these sneaks! Sound off below!

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64 comments on ““In the Beginning” Sneaks

  1. “Is there something I need to know about you Mr. Merlot” “No” lol!

  2. First? Love The scene with Russell,
    Did that fairy say to Sookie your only half Fae? WTH?
    Just had a good laugh at Sam rolling on the floor and Kenya asking him that question.
    Come on Sunday.
    Russell leave the Viking alone!!!!
    (you can have Bill)

  3. Damn, okay, guess Roman really is dead. And now it looks like Russell kidnapped Eric, this can’t end well.

    • Yeah he is a pile of goo!

    • I think it’s awesome that Russell goes after Eric and not Bill. Lol I know that Russell is only doing it for revenge, so don’t jump on me for saying it. ;) I just think it’s refreshing to see that for once Eric is more important than Bill on a show, where it’s been anything but for a long time!

      WTF? Since when is Sookie a half-fairy? I thought she was less than that? Wouldn’t that make her fairy scent smell more to vampires?

      As for Sam…who cares? Lol

      • I am not sure it was established how much fae she was We only knew that she had no blood type

      • While it is refreshing to see, as you put it Erika, Eric more important then Bill, my biggest concern is that AB and company are planning on having Eric join Russell and turn him into as bad a vampire as Russell is. I did read where one of the characters is going to become really bad, and I simply can’t see AB doing that with Bill’s character.

        • You’ve got a point! But I don’t know…with AB anything is possible, really. I didn’t think he would “go there” with the Rattray reveal either…I guess we’ll have to see.

        • That character will be Bill in my opinion but we shall see

        • I don’t know…given how vehemently Eric was going after Russell for the death of his family I don’t see Eric VOLUNTARILY going with Russell…no matter how much of a cluster*BLEEP* this season has become. I know that AB has a major hard-on for Bill but it wouldn’t be beneficial for Bill OR Sookie for Eric to be joining Russell.

          But, then, since I live on the planet Earth, no where near where AB lives, my brain works in a completely different way than AB.

        • Bill is the one who turns kinda bad…it’s not Eric..I have already read that it’s Bill…In the season finale it says Eric tries to save Bill from losing his humanity…so looks like the 2 are somewhat kinda switching places…bill will be bad and Eric good in a way..he has been the one to watch this season..and he will be the hero of the season..

          • Yeah, but Bill is always bad. This wouldn’t be much of a stretch. They said someone really good will do something very bad, and that’s just not Bill as I’ve never seen him be good. But maybe the writers consider him a saint, so it could be a possibility.

          • We see Bill that way Tammy but Ball does not and neither do some fans.

          • And there are a lot of fans who, even if they don’t root for Beehl, have forgiven him for what he did to Sookie because he was ‘forced’ into it. They still think there’s love there between Beehl and Sookie, and think he’s a good guy.

            So, for a lot of people, it WOULD be a stretch for Beehl to become so evil.

      • I’m all for Eric being more important, but not in this way…lol! Of course he’d be the first one Russell would go after, he probably wants revenge for Talbot more than anything else.

  4. Sookie losing her bopwers is bullcrap if you ask me… Some stupid storyline which isn’t really interesting/needed.
    The Authority clip is very confusing, not sure what’s what and why. Looks like Russel is gonna grab Eric and do who knows what. Salome seems to be praying to Lilith. Hmmm. *yawn*

  5. I am pumped to see this episode on Sunday . Looks like a very good episode . Thanks Nymerias for posting this for us. Sam part really made me laugh . I hope Russell don’t hurt Eric . I wonder who turned on the UV light Nora was burning again . All hell look like breaking loose .

    • Your welcome! Deiter yelled out protocal and then that was when it happened so maybe they had that system set up in case they were attacked

  6. I hope Eric isn’t become Russell’s new boyfriend or Russell forces him to marry him. PLEASE GOD NO!!!! I DON’T WANT ERIC TO BE GAY FREAKIN!!! I WILL FREAKIN’ QUIT!!!

  7. I, for one, am totally looking forward to this coming eppy. Looks like it’ll be action packed. As far as the trailers go, I take everything shown with a grain of salt, as they never are what they appear to be, to try and throw us off of whats’ going to really happen.

    Bring it on!!!!!!

  8. I’m just reminded of the pictures that were shown of episode 11 in New Orleans. Eric, Bill, Russell, and Steve Newlin were all together. I don’t know if that means they’ve joined forces or what, but it can’t lead to anything good. There is no way Eric would ever take up with Russell in the romantic sense, I’m not worried about that. I still say it’s Steve.

  9. Wow, where’s that bad man going with my viking :)
    I love Russell so hard, and of course there is the connection with Eric’s family etc, but also I’m sure Russell knows Eric is his most dangerous adversary. Can’t wait to see what goes down between them. (And hopefully Bill will stumble around in the dark for the entire episode).

  10. ugh, all this drama of supposedly sookie running out of “powers” is just for show. It’s like saying that sookie will no longer be interested in bill. it’s a load of crap.

  11. Sookie is half Fae? Hum, that would mean one of her parents (Corbett or Michelle) had to be FULL fae, unless on top of everything else the writers seem to get wrong they also can’t do basic math…full fae with human equals 1/2 fae child..which is how we ended up with Sookie being 1/8 fae in the books (grandfather Fintan was 1/2 fae, Corbett & Linda were 1/4 fae, and voila, Sookie, Hadley, & Jason are 1/8). But I realize we are talking about the True Blood version, so perhaps they have a logical explanation for what seems like a calculation error….Russell will have a fling with Steve Newlin I think, and Eric will never want anything other than to end him for what he did to his parents and baby sister..What he might pretend to do would only be to set up a way to take Russell down.. at least, that’s the way I see it.. And I hope they keep Tina Marjorina around, she is so cute and funny..

    • Or Michelle slept with a fae which is why they were wanting to harvest Sookie. Earl’s mom must have slept with a fae as well

      • Okay, let’s explore that.. If Michelle slept with a full fae and that resulted in Sookie, then Corbett wasn’t her father, so Earl and Adele are not her grandparents, right? This is getting complicated..

        • right but she would have viewed him as her grandpa still.

          • Adele’s husband not being her biological grandfather (Mitchell in the book, Earl on TB) would fit..I wonder if they are going to use Fintan at all, and if they do, in what capacity.

          • instead of Adele having kids with a fairy, it was Michelle we just have to find out who the fairy was. Maybe instead of meeting Sookie’s grandfather, we will meet her father

    • Well, we have to remember too, that incest is subjective on TB too…apparently the bill/lorena fornicate-a-thon was not incest, but everyone is strangely in an uproar over Eric and Nora. Yes, how could she be half fae–unless they aren’t her birth parents? Which I’ve wondered about since season 3 and no blood type?

  12. I don’t known how Eric,Russell & Bill are at the wedding. R they crashing the party & Billy tries to break up the fight?

  13. Is it after Russell took Eric? I guessing Billy boy was looking for him. *eyeroll*

  14. Well Sookie’s being half Fae instead of 1/8th fae is a “step up” Alan’s changed it from
    the books~ I can deal with it..
    I wonder how they’re going to explain this??

    • I can think of several, Michelle had a fling with a fairy and had Sookie. Earl her granddaddy was part fairy too so maybe his mom had a fling too.

  15. @ Evie:
    And hopefully Bill will stumble around in the dark for the entire episode

    Seriously i can’t stop laughing :-)

    God i love this site and posters like you… you can always find someone who has a new creative way to express hatred… love it! Thank you! :-)

  16. Sam scooting around on the floor sniffing was funny. Something I need to know…No. LMFAO

  17. I can’t see Ball doing anything “bad ” to Beehl. Just can’t see it. After 4 1/2 season’s of his love for Beehl I just don’t see it. Ball will do all he can to make Beehl the love of Sookie’s life. And she his. They have pounded us with it for that long. How can we think any other way?

    • Bill has been shown doing plenty of bad, Sookie is just the only one who can’t see it.

      • Which is what they need to change because it makes no sense for her to forgive Bill for the Rat tray thing. For this reason they would need to make him do something really bad.

        • That’s why if he is the one who really killed her parents, I’d hope that’s the one thing she would never forgive. Unfortunately, I just don’t see the show going in that direction.

  18. I’m wishing too, I stopped hoping for things at the end of last season.

  19. […] Thursday, July 19th: True Blood HBO released 3 sneak peeks at the episode, “In The Beginning”! Watch ‘em here! […]

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