Episode 7 recap: The One Where Godric Crashed The Party

So far in season 5 every new episode has been better than the last one, not so this week, with “In the beginning” not at all living up to the previous episode’s high standard. It could be the mid-season lull, or it could be that Brian Buckner is one of the least humorous of the True Blood writers, but whatever the reason this instalment most definitely won’t figure in any Trubies future “Top 10”. In fact as you will see below, it left me with a truck load more questions than answers.

We started where we had stopped with the death of Roman and the re-emergence of a full strength Russell Edgington. After having a little bit of fun at everyone else’s expense, and dumping his strongest nemesis in a rather undignified way, Russell allowed himself to be caught, because, as we are all about to discover, shock, horror, it was Salome that did it and Russell has discovered religion (yeah, right) and Lilith will forgive him. Eric and Bill are confined to the cell as they try to work out what the heck is going on (Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson don’t need to concern themselves with potential rivals here). Nora did finally get up off her knees and whilst Salome retains her air of detached calmness Nora really is a fruit and nut case, and when the newly released Eric tells her to go fuck herself, and that’s pretty much where I am with his unworthy sibling right now. Bonus points in this scene for angry Eric, which I unashamedly  always find hot. The Viking has clearly had enough of this shit and when they ask him to join them he calls them all a very bad word.

Following the cross-bow shooting, Sheriff Andy is being interrogated by super-sleuth Kevin. Jesus tits on Christ this has got to be the worst night of his life (and he’s had some pretty bad ones). Kenya wonders if there is something she should know about Sam, believe me Kenya in Bon Temps ignorance really is bliss. Hoyt has hooked up with the local Hate Group and feels more love and acceptance than from any other group in his life. Whatever Hoyt, I’ve got a feeling that you ‘re going to soon start wishing you’d stayed home with your mommie.

Daytime in Bon Temps (lasts too long) and Sheriff Andy goes round to get support and advice from his old boss Bud Dearborne. Why? I don’t mean why he is going to see him, I mean why are we witnessing it? Could Bud have a part to play in the Shifter killings? Was it just a random scene to give another old favorite a share of the all too precious screen time? Could he be the Dragon? What makes them think that we actually care?

In other news, Alcide is busy practising for the pack-master contest (and it looks like he’ll need plenty of practice as JD and his followers are now back on V, most probably provided by a certain Mr Edgington, who is apparently preparing for war with the humans). He almost gets to make out with his second, Rikki, before Emma’s gravelly-voiced grandma interrupts. Whilst I always find the weres the most unnecessary supernatural creatures of them all, I kind of like the tenuous Rikki, and if she can keep Rambo away from sniffing around Sookie’s door then I’m on her side.  Laffeyette made a visit to Jesus’s evil grandfather and ended up with his mouth sewn up. Why doesn’t Laffy ever drive the Ferrari Eric gave him? Where is this storyline going? And why do we all have to suffer it? At least be thankful for small mercies as Terry and his smoke monster didn’t show up until 48 minutes and 3 seconds in this week.

If Bud Dearborne didn’t make us nostalgic enough then next up is Lettie Mae, she wasn’t sure if Tara would know who she was, but their relationship seems to me to be exactly the same as it was before her daughter joined the ranks of the un-dead. Never mind, Tara has Pam now, a Pam who is begrudgingly becoming more and more attached to her pole dancing progeny. We need to see a lot more of these two in the coming weeks.

Time to check in on our story’s heroine. During her visit to the fae night-club Sookie is informed her powers may not last forever, as she is only half fae. (Half fae? I’m not even going to try to work that one out). After a heart to heart with Sam at the hospital, Sookie decides that she and those she loves would be better off without her fairy powers. On her arrival home she reminisces about the bad times and the interest her fairy-ness has raised in some very undesirable supernaturals – Russell, Maryann, Bill (twice) – but thankfully no Eric. She then commences to get rid of as much fairy light as she can. Meanwhile over at Castle Compton, Jason’s heart to heart with Jessica doesn’t go quite according to plan. He’s going to find out which vampire killed his parents (and I’m not touching that one with a 20ft pole this week). Much ado about nothing ends with Jason shooting Jessica in the head, before he spots his sister’s light beams in the night sky and will no doubt hightail it over there to see what’s going down in the middle of the night at Gran’s house.

Back with the vamps and Salome decides that they will all show their dedication to Lilith by drinking the scared blood. Dieter doesn’t think it’s a great idea, which wasn’t a great idea in front of Russell, and hence everyone else joins the party. Steve Newlin is like a tree in the wind and just happy to be included (catch the approving Russell look?) Eric doesn’t think the blood will have any effect on him, and it’s off we go to the streets of New Orleans and  a final scene that brings a whole new meaning to the term “wedding crashers”. Most of the smiles on my face this week came from Russell and his religious professions, and his entrance into the karaoke party showed that a year and a bit in a concrete tomb hasn’t dampened his flair for showmanship.  And then its chow down time for the vamps, with Bill (who seemed anonymous to me for most of this episode) taking particular relish in the chomp (perhaps sweet, old memories are coming back to him?) and a naked Lilith even arrives to give the whole shenanigans her seal of approval. Was she actually there or was she just a group hallucination? I guess we’ll find out in the coming weeks, although as many have already noted, once Godric had spoken to Eric about the wrongs of what he was doing, he could no longer see her.

I have to admit I was slightly underwhelmed by the ending, and that Godric’s main reason for his surprise visit was so that Eric could save his sister (a character we hardly know and after a promising beginning seems to be more than slightly bonkers) but hey, at least Eric looks to have seen the error of his ways, and we will see in future weeks if he manages to get out of this sticky, bloody mess with his sanity and his sister in tow. Will he have to play the game and pretend he’s one of them? Or will he make a run for it? Will Nora snap out of her frankly very annoying religious fever? How does the Viking manage to look so sexy with gooey blood trickling down his chin? Will they all wake up tomorrow suffering the mother of all fang-overs? Tune in next week to find out……

Well those are my rambling thoughts, let us have yours below.

Screencaps were made by us or Skarsgardfans / Eric gif by inglorious-basterd

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  1. I love, love, love, Russell Edgington. Him joining in with the singing was hilarious. Arlene and Holly watching the wedding video just seemed like filler.
    I want more of Sookie and the vampires. The other storylines don’t interest me, well apart from Alcide fighting half naked.

    • no the were crap is so boring, I don’t find Alcide interesting at all, it is just so stupidly done, the fight looked like karate kid lol

      the show has become such a bore and the bromance annoys me, really it is too much now.

      • Alcide is nice to look at though. There are just too many characters these days. Last series and this series are the poorest, in my opinion anyway.

        • So I finally read all of the books (except the last one) in order to catch up with what is going on,…..or what’s SUPPOSED to be going on. I agree I think there are ALOT of characters to keep up with both book wise (those you hope will be coming on and those who are being forgotten) and those characters that the show is making up. I think the Alcide story line CAN be interesting but as a back burner story..not really a main story line. It wouldn’t float the show I don’t believe. I liked last season because it felt more like the books with Eric’s memory loss and what not….but the show is veering so far off course that I don’t think it could claim to even be “loosely based” on the books anymore other than the names of the characters.

    • He can sing too!!! He is incredible!!!

  2. Honestly, Sookie and her Fae relatives are really boring me. Maybe because I want to care about TB!Sookie but I’ve always liked Book!Sookie more. Other than Russell’s hair, which is poofy and annoying, IMO, I LOVE Russell. He’s really adding needed spice to an otherwise quickly-dulling show. (I only watch TB for Alex and Eric. Seriously.) LOVED Russell in NO, along with Steve Newlin.

    But I’m SO. SO. SO. GLAD. that it’s Eric who is seeing that this whole thing is wrong (even with Godric’s help) instead of Bill. Will Eric be the hero this time? Given the preview for next week it’s seems it’s looking more and more like that. (I hope I didn’t give anything away). Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if Bill was a plant, YET AGAIN, this time by the Sanguinistas (really, that title was kinda sorta clever the first 3 times I heard it; now it’s just annoying) to bide his time and help bring in Russell. People really are gullible if they can’t look behind the Southern ‘charm’ (or a damned annoying accent though SM does an amazing Southern accent for being an Englishman. Seriously, I’m really liking SM more and more).

    But, really, for me, it’s all about Eric and Alex, who is showing the most range of emotion of all the characters, IMO. And he shows more in his eyes than others do in their entire bodies.

    I just wish, at this point, I cared more about the show.

    (PS it was nice to see Sheriff Bud again…the actor is so funny!)

    • pardon my crabbiness; it’s Monday and well….it’s Monday. ’nuff said. :)

      • We all have our days!! By the way, Eric is the best actor of the whole series with him there are some good actors too but he is Definitely the best!! Missy Pam, Russell and Sam among them!!

  3. Ok so I read what you wrote and 99.9% of it I agree completely. So I’m curious about your opinion on something we’ve all kinda danced around but I want to ask your opinion anyway. We all want to see the Sookie and Eric love story play out because that’s what we expect since the books are that way…..but do you think the fact that Anna and Stephen are married plays any into the way that the writers carry on the romances of the show? Do you think that the Eric and Sookie romance is played down while the Sookie and Bill romance is played up in part because it would be awkward for the actors? Just curious on your feelings.

    • I think no one can really say if this is the case, I think that it is also partially because of that, ball has always been enamoured by stephan and anna, and he might have been influenced by their relationship, and its kind of weird that there are never ever only eric sookie photos that get released, its always that a bill one gets out afterwards or its always just the three with beehl of course being really close to sookie *eyeroll*; but I just think that ball sees bill as his alter ego and always wants to find ways to put bill into the limelight…
      Its also a little bit weird that everytime anna or stephan make a suggestion for a scene on the show (like the stupid threesome dream) it gets done, while alex suggestions or kristens just get neglected, hell stephan even directed the episode that is coming next season…

    • Oh man… You really don’t wanna go there… Beating a dead horse and all.
      This has been discussed and ranted and yelled about so much already, everyone’s tired of it. No offense, I suppose you’re new here and didn’t see any of that yet.

      • No sorry I didn’t see it. And yeah I’m new to this. Sorry to pick a scab topic. Guess everyone else is sharing my opinion in a sense then. It’s a shame that it happens. With that in mind, I’d almost be happy to see Eric with his own love interest (as long as it’s not Nora) if he were promised equal screen time as Sookie and Bill….but that’s not likely to happen.

    • My feelings are mixed Melissa. I would like to think that the True Blood writing team are professional enough not to let personal issues cloud their storytelling but we will never know, because even if they did they wouldn’t admit it. I’m not as pessimistic as a lot of Eric fans – I don’t believe Sookie will end up with Bill on the show and I still think there is a chance that she may end up with Eric. I think the way both Bill and Eric are written mainly favors Eric – certainly this season it does. Of course Sookie doesn’t see half of what we see and their main problem at the moment is that they just aren’t spending any time (scenes) together. Maybe the writers are just giving Sookie a season to sort herself out and next season they will have a lot more interaction. I’m not sure the thing about the actors being awkward should come into play – they are all well paid professionals and doing those type of scenes is part of their job. In her own words Anna said she spent most of last season running around naked with Alex.

      • Well Evie I really hope you are right. I would hate to think that actors pull so much sway over a series that they can literally change the story line because of their personal feelings so much so that it totally diverts from the original story line. On another note I think it’s kinda sad that Sookie is trying to use up all her powers in order to become non-fae. But if you go off of the books didn’t Niall tell her that she couldn’t have her “faeness” removed because it was just part of her? I wonder why the show is allowing that as an option. Also something else I noticed different. The show said that Sookie was HALF fae…but the books say she is like 1/8th fae… There would be no way for her to be half fae unless Corbet isn’t her father and a whole blooded fae was her father right???

        • IMHO I think Sookie is using all her power so she can be helpless when the bad bill comes knocking at her door!! The writers use the books for distant guidelines, almost never get something right, very disappointing, but they have said that the books and the show are two different babies from the same mom!!

    • No way. These folks are professionals. In no possible way would that have any affect on the script.

  4. i love the viking in so many ways.. but i am and always will be a eric & Sookie lover.

  5. So I’m going to drop my latest theory for what’s coming on ya–so if you don’t want to know, please don’t read my post any further….

    I just rewatched this ep and the one before, Hopeless. Now that Salome admitted she freed Russell, it puts a whole new spin on her conversation w/ Bill and Eric in the Hopeless episode–I encourage you to watch it again…she says to both, “i can’t thank you both enough for what you have done.” Then she stares into Bill’s eyes and says, “we will not forget” When I combine that w/ his smirk in 1st ep when Eric answers Alcide’s call to find out Russell has escaped, the way he searched his office (for what?) and all the double speak and smooth talk….I’m telling you! Next week may be my favorite episode ever cuz Bill will be revealed!!!

    I’m CONVINCED he has been in cahoots w/ her from way back and he is the big baddie. I know, I know, big shock to all of us here! But the southern fried romance junkies are about to be devastated. I’m guessing he killed her parents too, watching how Claude shied away from answering Jason’s question in this ep of do you know who the vampire was…Claude acted like he knew and then said, “i only know what Claudine told me…” Maybe even Sookie can uncross her eyes long enough to see what it looks like her cousins will show her…a flashback to her 1st love, murdering her parents and stalking her from that point on.

    I’m not positive about him murdering her parents, but I urge the doubters to go back and watch some of the scenes w/ the new knowledge about Salome. He’s her bit#$, you can see it!!

    • I LOVE your mind Kristen and how it works LOL. I will so go back and review it all like you said to do. I’m hoping that’s how the show will swing making Bill the bad guy instead of Eric. It would feel like such a slap in the face of Mrs. Harris’ books for them to switch it and make Eric the bad guy. When Eric asks Bill if he’s leaving with him I think Bill stays and shares in the “revelry” of their slaughter. Perhaps Godric meant for Eric to save his sister by staking her since I think Nora is fruitier than a box of Fruit Loops….one can only hope LOL

      • “Perhaps Godric meant for Eric to save his sister by staking her since I think Nora is fruitier than a box of Fruit Loops….one can only hope LOL”
        I agree totally *grin*

    • I think bill will only be bad because of lillith blood, the writers won’t do this to turn him bad…they always make it look like this first, and then its nothing, disappointment like always. and of course sookies excuses will be when she gets back ith bill her big love *eyeroll* again: “Oh but beehl didn’t do anything bad, its not his fault, he was high on lilith blood blah blah lbah”…

      • Yeah when it comes to men Sookie doesn’t have much sense of self preservation. She tends to forgive way to easily especially where Bill is concerned. I thought it was funny though that Eric gave his little eyebrow quirk to Sookie getting all hot and heavy with Alcide when in fact by that point Eric had sex with TWO women….as Sookie (of the books) would say…..something along the lines of a pot and kettle seem to come to mind LMAO

      • But look back at those scenes I’m talking about–they were before he had Lilith’s blood. and that’s why they showed us Bill at odds w/ Eric in 1905. Bromance, my ass! Bill’s nursing a grudge against him and thinks he’s killing a bunch of birds w/ one stone…and our Viking is his first hit. He’s been playing Eric all along.

        Eric is getting ready to take over and I have a feeling that bookies will be happier than they have ever been in the history of this show by season 6….this has all been a set up from the beginning…..Bill has never been the hero, that’s why they’ve always given us hints to his dark side. Just because some of the audience–and characters–don’t get that doesn’t mean that hasn’t been the writer’s intent.

        It’s not wishful thinking on my part either. I’ll be honest, I watched season 1 and 2 before I ever read the books. I liked Bill to begin w/….until he was so unfeeling to Jessica, but he lost me totally when killed those people in season 2 flashback—rolling around in their blood, enjoying their terror….and then in present day acting like he was more moral than Eric and every other vampire. Over and over–we all know the other examples, the writers taught me to doubt him, to question him and finally to loathe him.

        Don’t you think that the writers and Alan Ball have been misleading fans on purpose? They have always said things to throw us off and confuse and madden us all. The one constant is having Bill SAY good things while DOING bad things. I say it’s deliberate and look forward to my reward for not being taking in by the ultimate used car salesmen of romantic leading men. They are perverting that ideal, just like they do everything else.

        Please rewatch some of this stuff and I think you’ll see it too…

        • Kristen but if we go off of your theory of Bill saying good but doing bad can’t it be the reverse as well? When’s bad he’s really working towards and ultimate good? I’m NOT a Bill fan…never have been…but I still think the shows producers aren’t going to exactly burn him at the stake either when it comes to Sookie getting all teary-eyed over him. Sookie needs to put her big girl panties on and realize that although Eric tends to look out for his own interests…at least he doesn’t lie to Sookie like Bill out and out does. But that’s my opinion. Personally I think that Sookie will end up putting herself into a weakened position by the end of this season to the point where she’s gonna need a hero and I PRAY that it’s gonna be Eric standing there waiting.

          • As I said in the preview for next week’s post, I think that horrible sex scene between Sookie and Bill will probably be Bill glamoring her (she’ll probably be glamorable if she almost drains her powers) or forcing her into it, and Eric will end up saving her from Bill. And I hope that finally Sookie’s mind will start working properly.

          • Ok it will never happen but I’d still LOVEEEE to see it. Imagine that Sookie has drained herself of her energy, Bill does glamour her into having sex with him. Eric saves her and Bill and he get into an all out brawl ending with Bill flying out of the house after Sookie rescinds her invitation once she’s realized what’s happened and who is actually on her side as Eric stands behind her seething as he glares at a furious Bill swearing that he’ll make sure Eric Northman will rue the day he ever dared to cross his path…..But then again…like I said….it will never happen LOL. I want Eric to be the hero and he will be in my eyes no matter what!!

          • I think the only human Bill has ever cared about since becoming vampire is Sookie. That’s why his friends in season 1 were baffled by his behavior. That’s why Eric scoffed at his “mainstreaming” the night Eric met Sookie.

            I think Bill is surprised by his feelings for Sookie and that’s why he was possessive and controlling of her–he is addicted to the way she makes him feel human as much as he is addicted to her blood. Maybe he tried to be different for her, but his darker impulses always emerge. I can’t get away from how horribly he treated Jessica. The girl he murdered and abandoned in so many ways until literally season 4…even in season 3, not even checking on her after russell, debbie and his wolves attacked.

            I do think he cares for Sookie, but it’s about how it makes him feel, not her.

            I’m also speculating that he is a double agent or that once Nan got him in the Authority, he got his head turned by Salome like Nora did. The only reason I think that is because I got the feeling they already knew each other when Salome questioned him for Roman (yknow? before the basement-through-my-dress-pants-sex, oh boy).

            Again, this all just theory, but looking back on things, I think i have some evidence to support it.

        • OMG I hope you’re right! You’re theories are my one hope/reason in sticking with TB. I absolutely agree with your opinions and hope/pray like hell that are true. I can see clearly every point you make but a small bit of my brain reminds me that it’s AB we’re talking about here and I have absolutely no confidence in him. Hopefully if he’s not writing anymore we’ll get the resolution we all want (well, 99.9% of us anyway) ;-)

          • I just hope you guys won’t invest too much money (by buying the dvds or whatever) in this show, because if what you want to happen, doesn’t happen (which is really likely) you will be just pissed off and regret it; Stephan Moyer is the male lead on the show and he will always be put at the forefront, the bill crazes have a really influential fanbase who probably constantly write personal letter to HBO alan ball and co lol and Paquin and her husband will always have a word in the direction the show goes. They have shown all this bill love for 4 seasons, sookie did forgive bill the worst thing he has done in like 2 episodes lol and I just don’t think that the writers will go with the “bill the evil guy” route. like already mentioned, the bad guy is probably just hoyt…

    • I certainly think that Salome at the very least feels Bill is a man she can manipulate and get to follow her cause, and that she realizes that she cannot do the same with Eric.
      ( I also think Russell is completely taking her for a ride ). I’m not sure how much history, if any, Salome and Bill had previously, but I’m hoping the spoilers are true about what is to come for Bill. With regard to Sookie’s parents I’ve made a conscious decision to stay away from that one. True Blood has burned me before, all I can say is I hope you are right!

    • I just hope you are right!!! That would be awesome!!!

  6. Great review Evie!

    A few observations I have are that Bill (who claims to believe in mainstreaming and has his humanity) is really the one who believes in nothing, although he is looking for something to believe in and that is Lilith. It does not matter to me that Bill was high on whatever this ‘blood’ is, is still responsible for what he did in that bar, same as when he was with Lorena. The blood and Lorena are not soley to blame. Eric is responsible as well as least he was able to come out of it. My take on Bill is that if he had humanity, he would have never killed Uncle Bartlett in that way that he did, he would have had some compassion. If he had humanity, he would not have stayed under Lilith’s (supposed) influence

    From Inside the Episode: “Everything the history of the show has shown us is not correct, especially in the character of Bill. Where Bill he goes right back down and he feeds again, after he told Salome that I feel like mainstreaming is the only way but he drinks the blood and you see he’s on a cusp of change”.

    This is his true nature, what we saw last night was the True Bill and something that some of us have been saying all along. In my opinion. Bill has been trying to be something that he is not, he has been playing the game of pretend so long for various reasons that he knows no other way to be. He is what some would call the prefect bad guy.

    Now, Eric for someone who believes in nothing but himself and those he loves sure shows remarkable restraint. I am not saying he has the humanity that Bill does not but he came back to his senses with help from Godric because he knew it was wrong. Eric does not get influenced by things like Lilith, he marches to the beat of his own drum. No one dictates to him what he can and cannot do. He is just careful on how he does what he wants, most of the time. the exception was Russell. He will not like that he was controlled by something he does not believe in for even the smallest of minutes. Eric, despite his tough talk does not kill for sport and has been around long enough to know how to live in the human world and adapt to the changes in it and work well with humans when he has to. Therein, lies the difference between Bill and Eric.

    • Perfectly said and I couldn’t agree more!

    • Nymerias….I really liked and appreciated your comments. Something I wanted to throw out to you about your comments about their ages of being vampire. Eric was turned during a point in history when being savage was accepted on a human level not just a vampire level and so his maturity I believe evolved with the human races as well. Bill was a young vampire during more of the age of civility and so he’s not quite learned internally that he’s not an animal. Personally although the show and the books tends to promote Vampires as being another species I believe in their conversion they still hold on to their (or at least parts of their) humanity. They aren’t completely a different species more like an evolution of them to a different plane.

      • Thank you! My take on Bill is that when he became vampire and started living as one, he lost what humanity he did have, what was left after the war anyway. I guess we could attribute it to a nature vs.nuture thing. Lorena nutured him as a vampire but we could see from when he was human that killing was in his nature too. He seemed to have knack for it,a natural. Eric was more of a lover when he was human and did not want to be King. After his parents died at the hand of Russell’s wolves, that is when he got into fighting mode and that was the world nuturing him, he had to do what he had to do. It was not in his nature even though he was a Viking Warrior. Eric only gets primal when he has too and Bill flys off the handle all the time. Vast differences between the two vamps.

        • I agree with you on that take Nymerias…I think from the first time we saw Eric (excluding ripping out a few hearts along the way) that he’s always wanted to be seen as the lover and less as a heartless monster. I mean he oozed sex appeal the first time we saw him….his clothes (all those yummy tanktops) just scream appreciate my muscles…we’ve seen him cry over his makers death….(thinking) have we seen Bill cry yet (not sure)? We’ve seen him be a tender lover (granted he had lost his memory)but still it was inside of him to come out. Plus he’s very protective of those he cares about…aside from Sookie I don’t think that Bill has anyone that he does care about or wants to care about. Eric even has some affection for Sookies friends and brother. He did his best to see that Lafayette was looked after both physically and financially (the whole dungeon thing was forgiven after Sookie layed into him) and he even took it easy on Jason after he not only drained but staked a vampire. Something as share he had every right to prosecute Jason for. So after saying all of that I agree…I think Eric is the lover of the group but he has to appear as a badass because that’s his job.

          • Yep I have been thinking there was a reason why we have been told different things about both vamps but it shown as something different on the show. The only question I have about them going this route with Bill is if they have the guts to go through with it 100%, otherwise it will all be for nothing, just like the rat reveal.

          • That is so true! Eric takes care of business, but hasn’t been shown to delight in cruelty w/o cause, like punishing vamp murderers and v pushers.

            I like that Eric is sort of an anti hero, who is becoming more vulnerable and unselfish and open as the show goes on…that is very true to the spirit of the books. In fact the show makes him more of a saint than the books ever did, I would argue. LIke the way he loves Pam and Godric, and Sookie, of course.

            I loved the line in Club Dead when he said to Sookie, “I don’t like having feelings.” On the show, it seems that is true, but he can’t fight his nature either…and turns out his nature is good.

          • I love that Eric is a hair grabber when he kisses. I think he still has a need to control and consume even when he kisses. But I think the episode where the bomb exploded in Godric’s nest was far more his desire to show Sookie he’s not heartless than what the show led on to be. I would have LOVED to have seen the scene of the bomb explosion (in the books) at the Pyramid hotel and the whole way that played out. You imagine seeing Eric boarding down on a coffin…robe flapping in the breeze…right before floating off as it lands hard with Sookie in his arms (sighhhh) I wanna fly with ERIC lol

        • Oh how cool–nature vs. nurture! What an awesome theme and question worth asking on the nature of evil and doing evil acts….like how they will use that vision of Lilith to justify murder….except Russell of course, who was just hungry and loves singing Debbie Boone songs. amen!

          • On no doubt it will be said that Bill only did it because of the ‘blood of Lilith’ but it would have to be in his nature to begin with or he would not have stayed under the spell. Sure Eric had help from Godric in breaking the spell but he did know it was wrong to begin with. If you think on it, how many people have we seen Eric feed off as savagely as we did last night or how we have seen Bill feed other times as well as last night? Eric is only feral when he needs to be.

          • NO NO comments about Eric and being feral….I already can barely contain myself when he growls…stop planting thoughts LOL

          • we all know that the front view had to have been stupendous if it was anything like the rear view we all got to see as the mighty viking strutted towards Sookie while in his dungeon after taking a break from pleasing Yvetta. How she kept herself from staring below his equator I have NO idea. She’s got far more self control than I ever could that’s for sure LOL Alex said before in an interview that he tends to put alot of himself into his characters that he plays…do you imagine he walks around like that at home alot….(SIGHHHHHH)

          • Hell yeah he does, he’s Swedish! He loves to be naked!!

          • Completely off the subject….but Nora SOOO needs a better hair cut if she sticks around. It looks so wrong on her face. I read somewhere that Lucy and Alex were spotted being very chummy off set in several places….hope there’s nothing to that.

            Also….did everyone else see Bill hop on Eric’s back last night…I swear I was gonna wet myself that was so funny to see LOL

  7. you know, but most TB viewers don’t seem to over analyse this show, the see the naked people and some weirdo storylines and because they always have to show bill being so sad and desperate some people, who watch the show without the use of their brains (which seem to be a lot, when yous see some comments on certain sites lol) and assume that beehl is the tragic hero – so much bullshi*t is that…

    • As ever, you are so right, Laura about Bill. And I understand why you’ve lost the faith. But maybe even all those disappointments were aimed to make his fall from grace that much better for us and that much worse for Sookie and his billy zombies….? I’m pretty sure we are about to find out!

      • I just have to say ….I LOVE this chat group. You guys give me so much stuff to think about. I swear my week flies by because HBO replays the episodes over and over so much I have to take what you guys have said and rewatch the episodes over and over to analyze it all. You guys are the reason I don’t get anything done at home…and I love you all for it LMAO

        • Me too! It is so much fun hearing everyone’s ideas and finding people who share the viking love.

  8. Just a couple of things, I agree with Evie…and especially about Russell…is anybody really buying that? Russell has never bowed to anyone…he’s after something, that much should be obvious. I read somewhere all along that someone “we” thought was good was going to be bad so I believe that will be Bill. I know WE don’t think Bill is good but they write him as though he’s supposed to be the “good guy”. I also heard Stephen Moyer say he would relish the idea of playing the bad guy so I think we are on the right track thinking he is the one turning bad. I have no idea who killed her parents…wouldn’t be surprised if it was Russell.

    The other thing that is just plain bizarre to me…why all the extra characters this season…why are they bringing back Bud, Lettie Mae, Lafayette’s mother, etc. Is this all for AB or did they think they weren’t being renewed? Just a stupid waste of time and I’m not wasting brain power on the smoke monster or hate groups, etc. Now I’m starting to realize why so many people have stopped watching. More Viking please!

    • The good going bad…as cheesy as it sounds I think is going to be Hoyt. I think he’s actually going to be addressed/taken down…by Sam in the end. And I think that Hoyt will either attempt or maybe even succeed in taking out Jessica. I think him going after her with the hate group is almost a given. He might do so reluctantly but I still think they will attempt it.

      • I’m so afraid that you are right that Jessica is going to be a casualty and that is horrible! I love her character!

        • I liked Jessica early on. This season’s “i’m embracing the bad girl vampire” Jessica…not so much. I think that if Hoyt goes after her or even does end up being able to kill her it will be an in your face kinda killing. And you’ll get to watch the betrayal and hurt on her face right before she explodes. After that there is no going back for Hoyt. Then again I think Hoyt’s character is expendable…I think that if anyone could be killed off an not greatly missed it would be him.

          • Many great points made, Melissa! What a trajectory for Jess and Hoyt both from season 2 sweetness. Wow. Say it ain’t so!

    • Yes, I agree about extra characters. That wedding video and Bud/andy convo went on forever! And the ifrit is just such a godawful waste of an awesome character like Terry. They do need to condense the cast, but I’m afraid they’ll get rid of the ones I like and not this distracting side plots. I always feel like I’m being put in time out and counting the precious minutes until the main characters return.

      • At least the show isn’t spending a ton of time during the “daytime” shoots….those felt like to me they were moving slower than molasses in January. There’s only so much time at Merlotte’s I can stand…the night time shoots when the vamps can come out are much more interesting. I swear TB started up last night and they had barely gotten to them taking the blood of Lilith and I looked up and 25 minutes had passed. I don’t know what is happening…is time flying and the show moving slowly or is the show moving that fast and I’m not realizing the time is flying as well?? I think they should be two hours long LMAO

        • Hello, I just have to say, I agree w/ everything Melissa says, esp. about our favorite vamp! I vote for permanent midnight! Or just let us watch him sleeping during the daytime–especially if the alternative is Bud describing his hot tub adultery or the undertaker on the screen for any reason (where IS that frying pan?)

          It’s like suddenly it’s a different show. What a bunch of fangteasers those writers can be!

          • I’m right there with you Kristen…I’d be totally content with Watching Eric sleep LOL

            Curious….what would happen if the Earth were to experience aday of a total solar eclipse…would the vamps roam all day or would they feel the time pulling on them to sleep during what should be their day time? I’d be totally ok with a 24 hour block of our favorite viking. I know it’s a minor detail but I would totally love to see the effect of falling dead for the day on Eric. What’s he like, what’s his routine before bed….We all saw Tara just sorta slump and fall …is Eric like that or since he’s older he’s able to fight it till he’s ready. Does he sleep nude or in pj bottoms? On a bed or in a coffin like Pam….see so many details….

          • YES! If he’s not headed back to Fangtasia, I’d love to see his house finally too.

    • I’ll be very, very disappointed if Russell isn’t up to something and isn’t playing Salome and Nora to get what he wants. I actually think he and Eric are the only ones who aren’t taken in by this religious bullshit. and yes, I think Stephen Moyer would make a terrific bad guy if the writers had the balls to do it and stick to it!

      • I’m sure you’re right about Russell, I loved his “I totally disavow–myself..” speech. He is under noone’s control, ever. That’s the one thing he cares about. He recognizes no authority of any kind. Can’t wait to see what he does! I just hope they don’t kill him off, please no! His potty mouth is a breath of fresh air!

      • I definitely think that Russel is just playing salome and Nora, I just don’t think that he believes in all this lilith crap, he is more like eric in that sense and thinks its ridicolous, he is also a very old vampire, I don’t think he cares for this stuff at all. Dennis O Hare did say something about working a lot with moyer in the last episode, so there might be some involvement with Russel and Beehl, just hopefully its not beehl defeating russel or something liket this because that would be just even more ridicolous lol

  9. I think that Hoyt AND Jessica will die this season, along with Nora, just throwing that one in (I think Eric himself will end up having to kill her even.)

    Can I just add that Tara’s pole dance was funny and a bit forced? The ass slap and all xD I do notice that she seeks really hard for Pam’s approval and even love (sexual as well, I think). Poor Kristin,her hairstyle this episode is really bad for her hair … :P

    • I LOVE Kristin’s hair. She has got the most beautiful head of hair I’ve ever seen on a woman. I actually liked last nights hair style…and the hug from Tara was actually kinda sweet….I still think Pam in her pink is to die for LOL….

    • Yes, what was up w/ Big Mama Crimpin?! But I loved that scene in the office w/ these 2. Must give the writers credit for making Tara relevant to me for the 1st time since season 1.

      also, how does Pam top herself every time–Kristin’s pitch perfect delivery of get back up on that pole….Mama deserves an emmy!

      • I actually thought Tara was much better as a bartender. I agree, the pole dancing looked forced and uncomfortable…both for Tara and us the viewers LOL. But Pam seemed to like what she saw LOL. I love how Kristin delivers her lines with such a dryness to them that tends to leave you gigglin because she’s just so darn hard that you have to love her. Like when she went looking for the Maenad and ruined her pumps LMAO she’s the only one I know of that could go tromping through the swampy woods with pink pumps and do it with style!

  10. Awemazing’ review!! Lol!! Btw, Somebody said it could be fairy blood? maybe is a trick from the fae, the blood could’ve been changed somehow!! would be an interesting turn, not very possible but hey to these writers bill is the hero-in… :/ Anything is possible!! Lol

    • hmmmm that’s interesting. COuld it be fairy blood?? It made Eric act like a “big crazy viking” lmao (that whole section of scenes is still funny to me) crocodile gonna snap off his you know what LMAO…..Can blood be tainted with something like LSD that would send them on a trip of sorts? That would explain all the hallucinations.

    • Except Eric didn’t feel murderous after drinking Claudine’s blood… he felt like goosing cute girls then swimming in the sun. NO blood lust.

  11. Can I say too I am so sick of Sookie cussing like a drunken sailor? Seriously she dropped more f-bombs than light farts this episode. It is out of character and grating coming out of her mouth. What would Gran say? Let’s get back to the fudge, please. Make book sookie proud (for once).

  12. yeah that bugged me as well, this episode especially. very out of character indeed, book Sookie wouldn’t cuss like that, the fudge was way cuter. But I guess that the writer’s way of showing us it’s ”fairy Sookie” talking,as Eric would put it.

    • I was a bit taken aback by the whole cursing like a sailor too. But I think that was more playing up for the HBO reputation rather than the characters flaws.

    • well True blood sookie is so nothing like Book sookie, I wouldn’t even compare those two anymore, totally different, I can’t remember book sookie being that obsessed and that much in love with bill like she is on the sho.

  13. What the hell Brian Fuc*ner ? That was so lame!! Arlene’s wedding tape?!! God i’m still in shock! I would’ve had more fun staring into a wall rather than watching that!
    Spectacular reveal in this episode was that Bud is a cheater! OMG so interesting – my ass! Salome is a traitor? Wow guys how come we didn’t see that one coming?

    Such great actors and amazing CH’s books and all we get is that?! Why can’t we get a decent main storyline, more Eric, more vampires and Sookie of course (book Sookie) rather than wolves on V or Hoyt? Why is he still important in this show? And what they’re doing with LaLa is just a shame! And Patrick and Terry … i can’t even go there! And that line( if i heard it right) suicide is for Muslims – that is just pure ignorance and insult cause in Islam suicide is strictly forbidden (i’m not talking about Talibans or radicals or whatever)and i don’t understand why they had to go there, why even bring that up? But all in all: this episode was total and absolute crap!

    Only good thing: Beehl is feeding on a child (True Bill) and Eric is getting more and more important: he’s the only one who sees right through this Lilith s*it!

    PS Sorry for cursing but TB has that effect on me!

    • Bill fed on a grown woman, not a child… He even did a couple of boob grabs while feeding, I saw. Not defending beehl of course, just getting facts straight here :p

      • Oh you’re right! My mistake. It was that burned guy who fed on a child… Tricky thing is our mind … guess that was my wishful thinking :-)

  14. LOL You all got me rewatching all the episodes now. I’m on Burning House of Love from season one right after Bill has left the bar with the three vampires. Terry is hiding under something and Arlene is trying to console him saying that “there wasn’t anything that anyone could have done” to prevent those three from coming. Terry says “I’m supposed too “….would that be a nod to Eric having told Terry that he needed to watch after Sookie (from the books)???

    • I doubt that, Melissa (and even so, if TB Sookie would find out she’d be more than pissed he asked Terry to look out for her as she usually gets pissed at Eric easily, even for the dumbest things, unlike Book Sokie)
      I think he meant it as a soldier, that it’s his duty to protect or something….

    • I am really not able anymore to rewatch episodes, the show has become kind of really painful to watch, think it started all in season 4, in the miiddle of season 4 and all this alan ball Bill shi*t fuckery.
      and I wouldn’t get my hopes up to see anything from the books in the show anymore, the show is nothing like them anymore, also TB sookie is so nothing like book sookie and besides probably the packmaster stuff (which is boring) there is nothing really I see from the books on the show at the moment.

  15. True Blood Sookie is obessed with Bill because that is the way Ball and the rest of the writers want it. Some one said it before me that some one we thought was good turns out to be bad…It is Hoyt not Bill! Can’t believe I missed it til just now. Bill is still going to be the hero ……. Just watch and see!

    • didn’t even think about this, oh yes, ball could have meant Hoyt, so much crap. I am more and more convinced now that the scene of the comic con trailer is a real sookie beehl sex scene, eww…

      • I believe it will be a real sex scene between Beehl and Sookie.(Here is where I want to barf) She loves him. Also at comic con Anna did say that episode 12 this season was her favorite scene that she has ever done on the show.

        • Thanks for that mental image luvvamps lol see that just gives me the heebee jeebee’s thinking about it.

        • Well if that’s the case it looks like it’s another one of Bill’s famous thru the clothing sex scenes, cuz Sookie has her top on in clip. Totally deceptive. I also read that the season finale is a total blood bath, so maybe the show is finally taking big chances and killing off major players…maybe Anna excited to play that? Also, it’s Ball’s swan song, so maybe she’s sentimental about that too.

          I feel pretty confident that if they make it the Mr. bill sex show, it will cost them most of their audience.

    • Gotta agree on that one too! It’s Hoyt – the last guy in everyone’s mind, I mean who would think of Hoyt?
      But still Eric could finally be the hero for once (not for us cuz we’re all smart people :-) and we see Eric for who he really is but to the rest of the viewers, the ones who don’t analyze as much and are beehl-crazy) even if it means saving Beehl’s ass.

      Btw did you notice when vamps show up at that bar Eric is in front and in main focus, and when they rush to feed everyone goes except him- he’s the last one to go and they show that clearly… i love those little things, they used to be reserved for Beehl…

      I just wish writers will finally see after all these years that making Eric more important is the way to go … he is the “golden goose” of the show LOL

      • from episode 1-5 they always had the focus on beehls face. I still think it will stay that way because moyer has signed as the lead… what also bothers me…they still sometimes talk about queen bill and jessica still have guards around her from bill, I thought he got dethrowned, or is he seriously going to stay qeen? eRIC Will already lose his position as sheriff of area five it seems, the spoiler said there is going to be a new sheriff…

        • but who will be responsible for that change? who puts them in charge anyway? And if Eric doesn’t go back to being sheriff than sure as hell i hope beehl is no longer queen! I can’t imagine eric any other way than being some kind of authority in vamp-wolrd

          • Oh and i forgotto say how stupid is that that the new sheriff comes to Fangtasia and sits in that throne saying Northman’s history? Fangtasia is Eric’s and Pam’s property not sheriff’s who ever that he is but than again we’ll know more once we see the full scene

    • Nope, it’s absolutely NOT Hoyt. First of all, he’s nowhere near an important enough character. His being bad would only affect Jess and Jason. Second, he isn’t bad in the TB sense, he will act out in bad ways because of his broken heart–like every other character has done some thing deviant on this show w/ lesser reasons.

      But mainly I argue that it’s Bill because inside the episode–they said that someone we thought was good–it turns out they are actually bad…they didn’t say that the character BECOMES bad–they are saying that we were WRONG to think this character was good–that’s a huge difference. This is not Hoyt.

      Also, Alan Ball I believe called this a game changer–Hoyt being bad wouldn’t change anything for enough characters to even register….he’s just been proven as broken and fallible as every other character on this show, finally. Bill being thrown out of the villian closet?…it would be EPIC.

      The good news is, I’m convinced we will see who is right by the next episode. So we will all have to watch and see….

      • Didnt Micheal Mcmillian say in an interview that he was suprised to see were this season has gone, and that this season will take the show in a new direction. if think if they reveal evil Bill (for those who dont see the evil Bill yet) that would be a new direction. I hope they show everyone the REAL Bill.

        • It won’t matter….if they do show a Bad Bill then Sookie will still spend an entire season pining away for him. She’ll spend three or four episodes trying to convince him he’s a teddy bear down deep inside under the fangs. And Although I love Kristen’s theories and pray they turn out right I have already spent money on buying the first complete season from Itunes…then felt like a tool for having done so. Thankfully I caught myself before I bought more seasons. I’m going to wait to see if it “turns out like it should” before I buy any more seasons. I don’t think I could stomach purchasing a shows entire series if they end up making Eric the bad guy in the end. I’d have to burn the DVD’s in some ritualistic manner in order to set things to rights LOL

          • Eric won’t be the bad guy no matter what they do, but Sookie is fine when she doesn’t have Bill’s blood in her system. She hasn’t been pining over him much this season, she’s a lot better when he’s not around. If he is in fact the one who killed her parents, I have to hope that’s the one thing she would never forgive.

          • It won’t matter…Sookie will probably look all mooney eyed at him and tell him how sorry she was for making it so difficult on him by bleeding. It was the blood that drove him into a frenzy and made him kill her parents…she forgives him she’ll just try to be careful and not bleed around him since it’s so hard on him!! GAG ME!

          • I do believe you have it right Melissa!

    • Please, Hoyt can’t pull that off. The second he sees that his new buddies have Jessica, he’ll probably come to his senses. He’s just playing a part right now because he’s hurt, but I doubt he has the potential to be completely evil. Bill, on the other hand was never good, so how could he turn bad if he already was? Based on what I read of spoilers, he definitely has some evil coming up.

      • Again, Alan Ball has said that as it turns out, someone that we thought was good is actually bad. Not becomes bad, has been bad and fooled us. Hello, Bill. The clues have been there to those of us here who saw them. As we know not everyone did.

        • On another note Kristen….did you read where they are supposedly going to have Emma Thompson from Harry Potter as Ana Steele for 50 Shades of Gray. I can NOT imagine Alexander being paired up with her. She’s just not the caliber of actress needed to play along side of him if he were to get the part of Christian Gray.

          • Yeah, I saw that! If they go w/ her, he’s definitely going to be too old to be Christian!

          • yeah appearance wise it would be a little hard to grasp. If Alexander did get the part it would need to be someone closer to his age that could look demure and yet be able to pull of the BDSM part of it as well. That’s a hard combination to pass through.

        • as if alan ball talks about something that is obvious, a lot of people have been guessing that billl becomes “bad”, but Ball likes to fvck with words to confuse the people… so many disappointments already, I think at the end Beehl will just get propped up again like always on this damn show…

  16. I just hope they follow the line of bill being darker, like Nymerias said let see I the writers have the Balls!!! No pun intended!!

    • As far as i’m concerned i was dissapointed too many times when it comes to Beehl to have any faith in these writers to actually do it… But still hope dies the last :-)

      • I also have been disappointed too many times by the writers of this show to hope for anything anymore. The only thing to hope for is (seeing how they have been picked up for a sixth season), that the ratings drop and the people at HBO don’t like it and demand some changes that they know the fans want.

        • I think they have heard your cry! After the fiasco of last years season finale w/ soppy sookie apologizing to her abuser, I think their approach has changed. Eric is getting the best lines, the truest, most heartfelt moments and now as of this ep, he is the only vamp w/ a sense of morality about killing humans.

          Yes, they have stuck him w/ Bill to keep Bill relevant–while Bill transitions into his new role–they had to set it all up.

          I understand why you all think I’m nuts, but can you look back on things and see how deliberate they are about keeping Sookie clueless about Bill, for instance? They show the audience what he’s really thinking and then let him tell Sookie something else. I can’t believe that isn’t on purpose. Really, can you? One scene to the next we get a very different Bill. The show asks the audience to figure out what this gullible, naive girl can’t or should I say won’t….because her ego and (I think they will reveal) Bill’s blood won’t let herself see that she bet on the wrong horse here.

          Hang in there! I believe there is still alot to hope for!

          • ahhhh Kristen Kristen…my hopeful friend…LOL I sure hope you are right because there’s no way I’m gonna be able to get you a box of kleenex if you are wrong LOL

          • Oh I will be hanging in there til the end. I just wish I had your optimism!

          • Well, you could say my bottle of True Blood is half full…if I’m wrong, I’m changing my name to Sookie–the only other stupidly trusting and naive girl I know :)

          • Ok so we all heard it or saw it rather…if by season end Bill isn’t made to be the bad guy then Kristen is going to officially change her name to Sookie LOL

          • Actually i’m also going to the TB set to yell at all the writers I can find.

  17. I’m not the biggest fan of most of the story lines this season (maybe sweet/angelic/nakedasajaybird Eric from season 4 spoiled me for all time), I’m already hoping for better next season. But I love the Pam/Tara relationship. I loved Tara’s interaction with her mother. Tara was always saying she never wanted to see her again, and Lettie Mae was always nosing her way back in. I clapped when Tara said “you’ll be seeing me again.” Go girl. Lettie Mae says “I’m not scared of you, child.” You should be. It would be interesting to have Pam as your new mother. I think the most meaningful moment of the season so far was Pam remembering her own suicide attempt while realizing her progeny was trying to fry herself.

    Godric’s head popping out of the booth was hilarious, though it was nice to be reminded of the connection between Godric and his favorite child, Eric loves and obeys Godric above all things, including a deity. Russell was awesome as always. Last night’s “OMG” scream out loud moment was Jason shooting Jessica in the head. I love those moments ….but that deviant munching on the child was a leeetle over the top, for me at least. Nora and Salome are a bunch of fools to trust Russell. His religious fervor is a means to an end, and so are they. Salome may share power, but Russell does not. I’m going to enjoy watching him dispose of those….what Eric called them. I think a Russell/Steve romance would be hilarious, Steve is a lot like Talbot.

    • have you seen the comic con trailer, I think if sookie hooks up with someone, its beehl, sadly, because ball probably wants to leave the show with reuniting his favourite couple…

  18. I think we saw a lot of humans in this episode (Bud, Lettie Mae, Arlene’s wedding video) to increase the impact on viewers of the death total in a vampire/human war. Some of the humans may not make it to the end of the season.

    I think Lilith’s vile did contain faery blood and it may have been put there by Zoro vampire. Sookie will have to join forces with Eric to prove Lilith was just a hallucination to save the day.

    Also, I wonder if Eric and Bill were able to have a bromance because they have been bonded by Sookie’s blood and that is also why Russell didn’t kill Eric when he had the chance.

    I hoped that Eric and Sookie will Finally hookup again in episode 11, but now it is titled the Song Of The Dead Faery.

  19. Just watched the trailer for the rest of S5 and can I just note that the Bill/Sookie scene at the end DOES NOT look like a “sex” scene at all. Bill has a deranged yet triuphant (in a nasty way) look on his face and Sookie does not looked thrilled to see the bite coming her way. Just saying!
    Please note: I love your theories Kristen and hope like hell they pan out.It’s what keeps me watching (even if I only watch the Eric scenes)

    • People either think it’s a dream, or he attacks her in her sleep. You can’t tell exactly, but someone pointed out that she was wearing clothes in that scene. This is why you never go with what’s shown in trailers, they’re always misleading.

  20. We need to remember that misleading and disappointment (for us Eric and Sookie Lover anyways) is what they thrive on. They dangle hope in front of us knowing we will be there. To see if they will give us what we want. But it is always out of our reach. I guess you could say we are the ones being abused. I mean you can only kick some one so many times before they quit coming back for more.

  21. Here’s another thing I just thought of to make my case about Bill (I’m afraid I’m getting obsessed)….if Salome followed Bill and Eric to the job site and watched them bury Russell that night–WHY did she wait over a year and let the building be built before she went and got him?

    Here we go, Kids–I say it’s because Bill is in cahoots w/ her and told her in the very recent past where he was…..unless I missed something said about why she waited so long? Bill is Salome’s beehl-yatch. Keep watchin!

    Shouid say too–I agreed w/ the doubters totally when this season started. I didn’t pay attention to anything about the show for 9 long months because I feared they killed my love for the show last season. I was so bitter…then I watched the 1st episode and noticed how Bill was smirking when Eric took Alcide’s phone call. And I realized, they could really be going there. And I’ve been scooby dooing the puzzle pieces ever since.

    I think the writers brought Bill back in to the “triangle” last season to end Eric and Sookie. Since they chose to humanize Eric more quickly by letting him keep his memory of his time w/ her–the only way he would back off was if she rejected him in the worst way–and throwing Bill back in the mix was certainly that.

    Remember when she zapped him, removing the amnesia and he told her he still loved her, that AE was in there too? Then she said I love you, but I love Bill too? And HE said, “how is that possible?” There Eric spoke for all of us, how could she love Bill after what he’d done to her? She said and I remember, “I don’t know, maybe its the blood.” And if you think about it, she didn’t decide she loved Bill till she had another big dose of his blood after getting shot. Even the writers are suggesting she doesn’t really love him for him. The writers show her willfully ignoring what scares her or makes her uncomfortable…now don’t we know ladies like that? Yes.

    I would also argue that this season’s theme is about IDENTITY. Every single character is exploring this, if you think about each plot….who are they REALLY under the face they present to the world? How much control do they have to be bad, to be good?

    This is why Bill will be revealed in all his twisted ugliness. They manipulated us deliberately because they have steadily built Eric up while quietly pulling Bill down.

    Alan Ball makes long range plans for his shows. I’ve said before here that he knew he was killing off the main character on 6 feet under from the beginning. But we didn’t know that till almost the end.

    They want the push/pull, love/hate fiery romance for our fave viking and waitress and won’t let Eric and Sookie be too happy too soon. But they are far from over on this show. Look at how he’s been in his few scenes w/ her! Look at what he said to Roman later! Waiting and having tension will make their reunion so much better.

    I promise I will shut up now :)

    • great storyline you created though, but that was never the writers intention, they want bill and sookie, there are so many hints for this crappy couple to end up together. but at this point I don’t even care for TB sookie that much anymore, because ball and co. did write her so bill obsessed, I just want eric, preferably with Pam, but now he released her, which just pisses me off, these writers have to destroy everything!!!

    • Ok Sookie…I mean Kristen LMAO. I think that you are giving us all the hope we need for an Eric and Sookie reunion LOL. It’s only a matter of how long we have to wait. Knowing my luck they will wait for that till the last show of the final season and then we’ll all be left hanging going WTF!! LMAO

    • No worries Kristin! You’ve given many of us hope again! :) I agree with you that Bill will wind up being the “big bad”. My only problem with this is I don’t trust the writers to follow through. Look at how they treated the Ratt reveal. Sookie forgave Bill for it. But I haven’t given up hope yet either. Maybe we might be lucky enough to get a payoff because of this and that this will be something Sookie WON’T or CAN’T forgive Bill for. We’ll just have to wait and see how this season progresses! :)

      • Can you believe that the season is already half over??

      • I appreciate the support…honestly I had NO optimism to start with at all, just interpreting what I think I’m seeing. You are absolutely right about the follow through, Erika. There’s always a chance they will bring it back from the brink to keep the stupid triangle going. But there’s a chance that they realize Bill and Sookie have been done and done (how many times has he made the you should be human and walk in the sun speech or roughly bite her and call it foreplay?)…it’s kind of like the V addict story–they told it and told it and told it every fargin season–until this one, when Andy gave Debbie’s stupid vial to Jason! whoo hoo.

        The triangle is as tired as Tara playing the victim or any of the other stories they’ve flipped upside down…tweaks here and there and suddenly i’m hooked on her storyline w/ Pam–whaaaaat?

        I agree w/ someone here who said that Bill is one of the main stars of the show and will remain that…but that doesn’t equal being the romantic lead or hero who wins Sookie’s heart. They can take him in an all new, fresh direction w/ story to spare if they go for the evil twist. If they don’t and reunite him w/ Sookie ad nauseaum, they are just repeating the same old same old.

        And yes, Sookie has always forgiven Bill, but she hasn’t wanted him back at all. Not since she got some of that gracious plenty! It seems to me even they are bored w/ telling that story…that’s how we got bromance. Though the bromance will lead to Eric taking the lead on this show. I feel like I’m the only one who sees how they make Eric look so much more human, smart, honest, reliable, loving. I don’t think they sacrifice him for Bill’s sake at all. Especially in 1905, when Bill’s still a violent dumbass and Eric is compassionate and alpha.

        I do think Sookie giving Bill a pass is the writers getting rushed and lazy, but I don’t think that automatically assumes they get back together.

        And I’m glad that Mr. Ball is leaving. I like Mark Hudis and he has not been bill biased in his comments. Again, if they made a B/S reunion believeable it would be one thing. All they have shown me is Sookie refusing to accept the evidence of her own eyes, while trying to convince me she’s an idiot. Again, feels deliberate.

        Thanks for the support. No matter what happens, I love chatting here and finding peeps who embrace my thinking. I hope we get rewarded for our investment in this silly show :)

        • Kristen…don’t forget funny….Eric is TERRIBLY funny with his dry sense of humor. He has the kinda sense of humor you’d love to have around.

          On a side note…did anyone happen to see that Arlene’s hair is in some guys cole slaw in season 1 episode 4th man in the fire…LMAO has Sam never heard of hair nets or at the least pony tails LMAO

        • “I feel like I’m the only one who sees how they make Eric look so much more human, smart, honest, reliable, loving.”

          @Kristen, I love your optimism and your enthusiasm. I’ve noticed the same things you have observed and outlined here. I’ve been quietly hoping against hope that you and others like you are right. Yep, we all know we’ve been down this road before. Here’s hoping this time doesn’t leave us stranded by a roadside truck stop in the middle of the night once again! Lol!

          I’m new here, so I apologize in advance if I’m breaking any site rules, but there is a blog dedicated to mining the clues just as you have done. They have come to the same conclusions you have and they have countless examples to back it up. Many of you may have heard of the site….Our Lady of Solitude http://hiddeneloise.livejournal.com/50423.html. She goes to the bottom of the ocean and back again with her love for the Viking! It’s kind of nice to know that you aren’t the only one seeing what you thought you just saw. :)

          • Thanks, Thirteen! Everybody must check out that website! Her insights are amazing and really make you think it isn’t all random, that this really is popcorn for smart people! So happy you shared that.

            I was thinking about how TB Sookie frustrates me. Yes, I think they have wasted Eric and the potential story so much. But what upsets me so much more is how they have made her less than she could be. If they could have presented her devotion to Bill in a way that didn’t make her look weak or downright stupid, I think I wouldn’t be so angry.

            Sometimes I think she is harder on Eric cuz unconsciously she expects more from him cuz she’s really more into him. Bill’s her pathetic puppy love. I don’t know.

            I have to tell you too….I checked some Bill lovah sites–and they are NOT HAPPY. They feel it coming too. So funny cuz now some of them are saying, “I like Bill’s dark side. If he was all good, he’d be boring…” WTH?! Well that’s a new one. See even they are prepping themselves for what’s to come.

            I hope. Because Sookie reacting this way ruins it for me…even more than them ignoring what she could have w/ Eric.

            Please keep these recommendations coming, Thirteen!! And stay for the victory margaritas!

  22. Well Kristen, I do love your optimism. If I have any hope left, it’s that your theory turns out to be correct. How ever I hope you don’t mind if I don’t hold my breath. I’m sure I’ll suffocate before Ball and company let Eric and Sookie have a ending together, happily or otherwise.
    If it turns out that you are even close to being correct I will be the first to eat my hat and hoist a huge margarita in your name! LOL!!!!!!

  23. Watching Plasir d’Amour season 1 ….(giggling) do vampires sweat?? Eric has a gray container of deodorant (I think it’s Rite Guard) on his desk LOL . I saw it while he was talking to Bill after he had staked Long Shadow and thought I’d ask. Blame Kristen she’s gotten me rewatching episodes and I’m catching all these little things I’ve never noticed before…like Eric has a copy of Dracula on his book shelf…LMAO that’s kinda ironic don’t you think??

    • LOL, well, going by the books, at least one of the short stories that was released, we know Eric is a big fan of Dracula.

    • I love the attention to detail! None of it is random, so fun! Nice catch on both of those…now I have to go back and watch too. Oh darn :)

      • LOL it’s totally your fault Kristen. I’m watching it on my computer and putting things in slow motion….I can’t believe all the little details you miss while watching it on TV.

  24. […] Monday, July 23rd: Evie posted her review from True Blood Episode 7 called, “The One Where Godric Crashed The Party” – read it here! […]

  25. The discussion has been made in the past about the way the actors are able to say their lines with their fangs in….Alex especially has pointed out how it took sometime to learn how too. Have you ever noticed how many lines he says (when his fangs are out) with his back teeth clinched never actually opening his mouth just moving his lips.

    Just a thought LOL

    Oh and I’m curious…which character from the book would you like to see appear on TB?? I’d love to see both Bubba and Quinn!!

    • I’d have to say no to Quinn as I really didn’t like him in the books, and I want Sookie and Eric to get back together quick!
      I would go for Niall or Eric’s crazy brother (but he got a crazy sister instead lol).

      • Definitely hope we never see Quinn, Bubba would have been nice, but probably not a character they would be able to bring on the show because of the whole Elvis thing.

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