Sink Your Teeth Into These Sneaks

Well, trubies HBO has done it again. They have treated us to more sneaks into Season 5, this time with Episode 8. As always if you do not want to know, do not scroll!

Well, it seems like our Viking is the only one who has any sense in this bunch. Claude and his family have a bond with Sookie’s. I am thinking pact here! Thoughts? Sounds off below!
It seems to me that Eric is the only one who is using his head.

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33 comments on “Sink Your Teeth Into These Sneaks

  1. so the vampires being high cointinues… I don’t know, I am still not impressed with this lilith storyline and the whole authority in general…its just weird…
    well its already known that eric will keep his senses and has to save Beehl later on, can’t he just let him die? rather prefer that.

  2. Eric needs to just leave Bill there and get the fuck out, that place is filled with morons.

  3. I love the fact that Eric seems to be the only vampire with any kind of sense! :) As for Sookie…it doesn’t appear like she completely trusts the fairies…yet. Jason looks like he’s lapping up what they’re telling them though. How hilarious is it to see Russell spanking Steve Newlin’s ass??? LMAO I have a feeling, I’m going to love “Steussell” as a couple! ;)

    • I am going to love it as well. Jason has not had any experience with them and he really wants to know what happened to his parents. I am wondering about something Claude said. He said I care about you, I care about both of you and that their families have a bond. I am confused because Jason has a blood type and Sookie does not and she is half fae and they never mention him being one.

    • I love that too!! Eric is the only one with eyes open!! I hope they dOnt spoil that…
      About Claude, he is not good in the books, I wonder…hmmmm

  4. Dear Eric, please, please use this chance while they are too stoned to realize what is going on to ditch the barnacle, grab Nora and get your gorgeous butt back to Fangtasia!!! Pam misses you and some creepy vamp is about to try and take what is yours! Oh, and poor Sookie is in desperate need of someone with a lick of sense!

  5. Notice how Bill is all over Salome as they get out of the lift. There’s something going on there (as if we hadn’t already guessed that) Glad to see Eric is the only one with any sense that something bad/wrong happened and he looks troubled and confused. Eric doesn’t like being confused!

    I wish he’d just leave though. None of the others deserve any help. And I have an awful feeling that when Godric asked Eric to save Nora – staking her may be the only way. How they are going to explain the slaughter at the nightclub, I don’t know.

    Not sure I like all this Authority stuff and as peecan said above – Eric better get his (edible) ass back to Fangtasia and look after his own interests.

    Russell spanking Steve – Ok funny, but Ewwwwwwww!

  6. Yes, I’m afraid once they realize Eric is not on Team Lilith, he’s liable to become a prisoner again…looks like he will be the hero trying to save Nora and Bill. I’m sure ready for them to get out of that fancy basement.

    • yeah it6 looks like eric becomes a prisoner again, hopefully not for too long. and I think bill is getting another flashback in one of the later episoedes, so that everyone can see his humanity *eyeroll*

      • spoiler spoiler spoiler

        ………so don’t read if you don’t want to know. think it will be of him killing her parents.

        • Bill I sure as hell hope so

        • said that already before, never ever the writers are doing this, it might even be possible that the fairies are involved in the killing or just some random vampire.

          • I don’t think it was the fairies

          • Only have to wait 2 days to see who is right. They show a vamp left out in the rain in preview….and the synopsis says Bill remembers something unpleasant. Welcome to the Mr. Bad Bill Show and so it begins…..or so I hope :) cuz I’m sick of this half a%%ed, soppy, he did it to protect me vibe. There will be no going back if they go here. Like I said, I checked some Bill fan sites this week and they are worried he’s going dark too. heh heh heh.

          • Yes they are worried but after the Rat Reveal, I don’t think they are that worried. The Rat Reveal is why I am not getting my hopes up. I think what he remembers is when he saw his daughter when she was older.

          • Yes, its his daughter from 1931 she is about 80 years old and this memory disturbs him and helps him to turn into a sanguinesta ….I hope bill killed sookie’s parents but I am not too sure that Alan Ball will go there….

          • you would think this flashback would keep him from being a sanguinesta but who knows

          • Well, whoever killed them, it is someone meaningful and known to Sookie. He’s too short to be Eric. Could be Russell I suppose. But they can’t kill off Russell, we need him!

          • It appears to he a shock to her so it has to be a vampire she knows. She would not be surprised over it being Roman as she does not know him. But what do I know I am not the crazy TB writers…lol

          • another bill flasback… why? Eric and Pams was so short and Bill was even in it, but bill always gets his long flashback to show his humanity, he is just 100 something years old, that makes me mad.

  7. Eric Northman is the only one who’s thinking straight.
    The rest of the Authority is way gone, their minds/bodies have too much kool- aid.
    By the end of Sunday’s Episode Eric will have had enough of this BS and head
    back to Shreveport to reclaim his Sheriffdom/Fangtasia.

  8. Well, after watching these two clips I agree with most of the comments made. I hope they aren’t screwin’ us around with making Eric look like the only sane one in the bunch. I like the thought of Eric being put into a positive light (and hopefully its’ not a “doublecross” of his character). To me it seems like there is a lot of stuff going on this season and its’ been an exciting one to me. I can’t wait for Sunday Night to see what happens!!!!!!!

  9. I think Eric needs to get his ass back home and forget about these other freaks. Go home and claim what should be his Sookie and the bar. As far as Bill is concerned let him rot with the others. Maybe the show will try to get back to its roots. Because the only part I see in this season that resembles the books is the shooting of the shifters and the truth about Sookie’s parent (killed by fairies). I still wonder about the blood bond between Eric and Sookie last season and if that will come into play. The blood bond between them is a huge thing in the books.

    • I honestly wonder if that blood bond will even be seen as one, on TB. You never know with these writers, they might just totally drop it and pretend it never happened. I want to see Eric and Sookies blood bond and for her to start feeling all giddy when he is around, damn it!! Not the way she’s behaving now, poor Eric is hurting :(

  10. I can’t see the writers doing anything to make Eric look good to Sookie. Eric might save Beehl and his humanity but it will all be for a Beehl and Sookie ending. Please shoot me now!

  11. I think they will end up killing off Bill eventually, yeah I said it.

  12. I think some where down the line maybe next season the blood bond will come into play. Why show it at all if you are not going to use it. Especially stating that they would become one. That statement makes it different from the other blood exchanges on the show. I do hope the writer’s use this in future shows.

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