Blood Work: The Boys Are Back In Town

Andy and Brian are back!!! Yeah!! Let’s give a wild cheer!!!

First, I have to apologize for not posting another episode of ‘Blood Work’ I really have no excuse except to say I have too many irons burning in the fire I suppose. Andy and Brian only missed one week due to their moving and I am sure they are much busier than little ole me. So better than never here is their thoughts on ‘Hopeless’. I will post their vlogs from now on without fail. Can I offer you a Pina Colada?

I hope you enjoy the video and their brand of funny. Don’t get too excited about getting one of their cats either as part of their giveaway, because it just won’t happen! LOL

How many Grace Jone’s would you give their recent vlog? Sound off below!

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18 comments on “Blood Work: The Boys Are Back In Town

  1. Nice review, I like these guys!
    Are they neutral Bill/Ericwise? (I got it that they like Sam and Alcide for certain reasons ;)… )

  2. I’m glad that Brian and Andy finally got moved into their new house!! I really missed them last week. Although since they were so tired from the move, I really don’t think they were as dynamic as they usually are. But I agree with them that the season is starting to kick in and show some promise.

  3. They are very biased, they are Team Bill.Have you noticed that they avoid talking about Eric, but when talk abou him always in a negative context.or example when talking about Eric in this review, they said that, Godric appeared to Eric and told him to kill Nora.I do not know if they do with care watched the episode?Godric would never asked that of Eric.Godric was asked Eric to save his sister.

    • I don’t think they are always negative about him. I think they are hilarious. They are not the only ones to think that Godric meant killing her if the cannot save her.

      • Yes, Godric would be worried about her soul. But is it really Godric or does Eric perceive the “good” part of himself as Godric?

        I would say my favorite campers used to be Team Bill in earlier seasons, but not so much anymore…they’ve even picked Eric to do bad things w/ a couple of times. Hey, like we want to share anyway–they can have Bill, no problem!

    • they are team bill,I stopped watching those guys because they are quite anti eric, like the season 2 dream, they were like no!!! sookie has to be with beehl and they did also cheer when sookie and bill have sex yuck!!! and they have a boner for alcide, those guys don’t seem to find eric attracitve, which is just so weird…

      • I think they are funny as hell so to each their own. I am not going to stop liking them because their opinion differs than mine. They have several times said that Eric is who they would like to do bad things with.

  4. Yeah well, to be honest I’m sure Nora wont survive this season, and it will be most likely Eric staking her (I called this after the first few episodes!)

    On an other note: LOL@ ”salami, salami allover the floor” hilarious!

    • I know that part cracks me up. I love all the names they give peeps. I think he will end up having to stake her, she is too far with this Lilith stuff

  5. I do not believe that Eric will kill Nora,because he loves her.It
    his sister.

    • He would if it meant saving her from herself. With the way the last few episodes went, I could see him doing that.

  6. They had me at Boot Scoot.

  7. I encourage anyone who hasn’t seen them (and has no life like me :) to go back and watch their “vlogs” from every season. I’ve been watching them since season 2. They are like old friends and a big part of my TB Love now….wouldn’t be the same w/o them!

    • Yep yep. The Blood Work vlog is better than the actual show at this point.

    • Yes they have become a big part of my TB experience. A good friend introduced me to them and I have not stopped watching them since. They never fail to make me laugh, even as tired as they were. I will be sure to link this to them so they can see all the love, (for the most part anyway). I know they will be bringing the funny again,no doubt!

  8. Please do! i’ve told all my TB buddies to check them out on Facebook too. i always post their vlogs there for the world to enjoy! We love you Guys!!

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