Charlaine Harris Attends ARRA’s Cocktail Party

The Australian Romantic Readers Association Inc. (ARRA) attended an intimate cocktail party hosted by Charlaine’s Australian publisher, Hachette, where they welcomed Charlaine Harris to the land down under…Australia.

There was one thing we found particularly interesting in what Charlaine said at the event, and thought we would share it with you.

The bad news is that she was absolutely adamant about not dropping any hints about the final installment of the Sookie Stackhouse novels (the 13th and final book, Dead Ever After, is due out next year). Although, when asked about the Sookie–Bill–Eric love triangle, she did say, “why does everyone assume it’s going to be one of them?” A hint? A clue? Just an offhand remark? Only time will tell. Charlaine sure isn’t.

I have a better question…WHY does everyone keep throwing Bill’s name into the names of suitors? In the books, Bill is clearly out of the running.  In fact, in “Deadlocked” – I think Sookie made it quite clear how she felt about him…which was that she doesn’t love him anymore. And why does Charlaine keep making us go crazy with her offhand remarks like these? To keep us guessing? To make us crazy? I guess we’ll have to wait and see…but whatever her reasons are…me no likey.

If you would like to read the rest of what they said about it, please click here: ARRA Charlaine Harris Event

FYI: here are the list of Charlaine’s Australian dates:

Saturday 28 July
Tru Blood event, John Niland Scientia Building, University of NSW, High Street, Kensington. Check their website for more details.

Sunday 29 July
Tru Blood event, The Spot Basement Theatre, 198 Berkeley Street, Melbourne. Check their website for more details.

Tuesday 31 July, 6.30 – 8.30 pm
An evening with Charlaine Harris
Perth Ballroom, Parmelia Hilton. Refreshments will be served. Tickets: $28 per person. To book: phone Dymocks Garden City 08 9364 7687 or 08 9364 7387 or email gcorders@dymocks.com.au

Wednesday 1 August, 6.00 pm for 6.30 – 8.00 pm
An evening with Charlaine Harris—author talk and Q&A session, followed by book signing
Burnside Ballroom, 401 Greenhill Road Tusmore, Adelaide. Refreshments: wine provided by Fox Creek Wines, dessert by The Baker’s Dozen. Tickets: $10. To book: call Dymocks Adelaide on 8223 5380 or Burnside Library on 8366 4280

Thursday 2 August, 6.00 – 9.00 pm
An evening with Charlaine Harris—author talk, Q&A, then book sales and signing
Event Cinemas at Myer Centre, Level 3, Myer Centre, Elizabeth Street. Tickets: $20 ($15 for Booklover members). To book: visit Dymocks on Albert Street, call 07 3007 2800 or email pam.welch@dymocks.com.au

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20 comments on “Charlaine Harris Attends ARRA’s Cocktail Party

  1. Easy. Charlaine loves making these comments to keep us guessing. Keeps us guessing, results in more sales. More sales equals more $$$$$$.

    • LMAO! So true, but it still drives me nuts! Haha I’m curious to find out your thoughts on why Bill is always in these kind of questions…because of True Blood influencing them maybe? I don’t know…but it annoys me. LOL

  2. If I’m not mistaken, I thought I read where CH had intended to kill off Bill at one point and her publisher talked her out of it. If that is the case, then she could not have planned on him ending up with Sookie. As for Eric, I’ve always thought Sookie and him would never end up together as CH has said many times she does not understand why the readers like him so much. I dont think CH is fond of nor understands him even if she did invent him. I will try not to be too dissapointed as long as she does not kill him off or do anything to hurt him. With that being said, I may not read the last book as I really would be dissapointed. I have always thought she would end up either alone or with Sam. She wants so badly to be just another boring human having a family and never leaving her backwater little town. Sam can give that to her. Since she can hear a regular human’s thoughts it would be hard for her to be with an ordinary human, unless CH finds a way for her to lose that ability. If that is the case, a totally different character could be introduced for her.

    • And since there’s only one book left, there would be no time for her to fall for a new character. I know Bill is definitely not an option, but I just don’t understand at all why she doesn’t seem to like Eric or understand why we like him. Why didn’t she write him as a huge dick then, instead of making it seem like he’s the one Sookie most belongs with? I will never understand some writers.

      • As for Sam, her life will still never be peaceful, no matter who she’s with. Plus, there’s the whole shifter and telepath thing, I doubt she would want to raise kids with those genes. They’d never have a normal life, and then she would feel even worse.

    • That is exactly my point!! She does not understand her own character!! >:(. Why??? Eric is the only one who can protect Sookie, if she remains a 1/8 fairy, she’ll need protecting for the rest of her life!!!

  3. This is how is gonna go for me, free country and all:
    When the Book comes out, I’m going to wait for your review and then, if I like the end I will buy it and if not, I’ll get to write my own fan fic ending and forget about that book!!

    • I’m with you on the book. I’ll wait until I know the end, if it’s not viking I won’t buy it :)

      • I’m with the two of you on this. I don’t think I could even read the last book, knowing its’ not Eric with her. As I’ve said in the past it amazes me that I can feel so strongly for fictional characters. I’ve devoted too much of my time and life in this series to be disappointed…

        • I would only be ok if sookie would be single at the end if she is not with eric. Charlaine always seems so surprised when people say that they love the eric sookie relationship, she has written them so that you just love them, I think the fact that charlaine acts that way is also a hint that it might not be eric sookie is with at the end:(. yes the books are sookies journey, but there is a big romance part in it, so she should be aware that this is also one of the big reasons why people are reading this series.

  4. so sick of these people still mentioning bill, these guys have awatched too much true blood, book sookie is not obsessed with bill. I just hope she because of this 2love triangle from hell. she might know the ending, but maybe she changed sookies sookie suito.know. maybe thats why its going to be sam or someone else, because of the bill lovers that came alive because of true blood, her board is full with them, its so annoying.

    • Right you are! I visited her forum right after Deadlocked came out and it is so full of bl’s or anyonebuteric that I never went back. So if that is all she sees regarding fan feedback it sure gives a skewed impression! The absence of Eric in the last book makes me wonder….a lot. I will also wait for feedback (from reliable sources) before jumping in and buying this last book.

  5. If she doesn’t end up with Eric, I hope she ends up alone and raises cats!

  6. These questions about a bill sookie Eric triangle are obviously from True Blood beehl fans. Everyone who’s read the books knows beehl is long gone out of Sookies romantic sight for ever, he’s been thoroughly friendzoned in the last book even.GEEZ!

  7. Bill is not even a factor where the books are concerned, I’m at least not worried about her ending up with him. I also don’t think Sookie will be alone, either, it will likely be Eric or Sam. None of the other suitors are in the running anymore, and there’s not enough time to introduce someone new.

  8. I have a hard time imagining that she’ll stay with Eric. I know CH said Sookie will never become a vampire and I just don’t see them having a future together if she’s going to grow old. Maybe I’m pessimistic, but I’m not sure how Eric will get out of the arranged marriage with his life. It will be interesting to see how she ends the series.

  9. Her lifespan may be prolonged somehow we don’t know of yet, she IS part Fae and there’s Niall…

    • That’s what I’ve been saying, and plus she’s had Eric’s blood. For all we know, she might not age as fast as regular humans.

  10. That is true :) Either way, I’m just so excited for the last book. It’s so hard to find a decent book with a good story line and an author who can pull of the characters in such a realistic way.

  11. I’m looking forward to the last book too.. I’ve invested so much time and energy into these books.. I’ve just got to read them for myself .. I could never ever not read the last one.. no matter what happens!!

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