When True Blood Met Harry Potter

In this episode we learned that a Harry Potter reference can be used in any television show if you pick the right moment. I thought of the Harry Potter series twice while watching ‘Somebody that I used to know’. We learned that the phrase “You are mine” does not belong exclusively to Bill or Eric. Of course Bill has said it much more than Eric but I digress. We also learn that fae powers can be pooled to help read a person’s thoughts even if they are dead. We learn that sex between two wolves is extremely fast and hard. This episode did have some great moments, albeit they were few and far between. I have to say this episode moved slower than a tortoise racing the hare, I am not even close to kidding.

Alcide goes downtown….and I don’t mean Chicago

Alcide and Rikki are getting wolfy with each other in his bedroom and while it was primal and hot, it went on a little too long for my taste due to the fact that they both were growling too much like dogs. Alcide and nudity fans, you finally got your full frontal! I really could care less about the pack-master shit so I won’t even mention it. I bet you thought I was going to show the picture of him going downtown…sorry to burst your bubble! ;)

Wild Child

I am so over Jessica and her spoiled “My Daddy is the King and get out of my mansion’ ass. Little Miss “I love human blood and not going to stop” continues to act like she is entitled to get whatever she wants and like she is the hottest thing since sliced bread. I don’t know, I guess I am just over her and her bratty ways. She pouts and cries more than a four year old who did not get any ice cream. Can I just stake her please? She can take Hoyt with her, the cast needs trimmed down a bit. She was kidnapped by the Cray Cray Obama-mask wearing supe killers so Hoyt could exact his revenge on her for breaking his heart. Well, needless to say he let her go with a well-deserved ‘fuck you Jess’. Next!


Luna wants to leave the hospital and Sam tells her she needs to rest. Well, she is not having any of that shit. She looks in the mirror and shifts into Sam, skin walking in his shoes. Lunasam tells Deputy Dewey/Kevin to mind how own G*D Damn business, I cracked up laughing with that comment and how he shook his ass! I have to say that Sam Trammel was absolutely brilliant in this episode playing Sam and Luna for he had Luna’s mannerisms down pat as well as her walk. There were some absolutely touching scenes between themselves as well and I really felt the anguish. I am glad she turned back into herself before Sam had to ummmm kiss himself! Andy was once again very funny in this episode and I hope it keeps up because he is less annoying this way.

Pam and Tara

Tara is forced to wait on Tracy (Tracy’s Togs), a girl she could not stand in high school. Pam glamour’s Tracy to let Tara do whatever she wants to her and Tara gets her revenge. I really do not have much to say about this except that I do love the dynamic between Pam and Tara; they will make a great team. However, I am not sure how I feel about Tara using her now being a vampire as a way to get back at the world she feels did her wrong. I want her to embrace being a vampire in a different way and let go of all that anger. We already have a self-loathing vampire in Bill (at least that is how he acts anyway) and we do not need another one.

High as Fucking Kites

One by one, all the Lilith-blood induced vampires walk out of the elevator, laughing it up and having a gay ole time in the wake of their savage killing. Who is going to clean that shit up I wonder? Russell is born again and thinks Lilith has great tits and wants to praise someone’s penis. Meanwhile Steve is hanging on to his every word and you would think he had never seen a man before. I guess it is time to say ‘Jason who?’ for he has moved on to Edginton, Russell Edgington! Nigel loves that he ‘ate a child’ for the first time in a decade and that Lilith wants him to eat a baby. Eric has had enough fun for one night and he walks out the room while super bitch Nora gives him the classic, sarcastic five-finger wave. Did I mention that I can’t stand her? Oh there will be more on that later. Eric is the only one in that room who kept their wits about them, thank Godric.

The Siblings Stackhouse

Miss Stackhouse is ‘dumping all her fairy light’ because she is tired of being a freak. I really love all the Sookie and Jason love that has been going on the past couple of episode and it is about time. Jason says some really sweet things to Sookie, although he could have left out the BILLSHIT altogether. Speaking of, since when is Jason on any vampire train, especially the Bill train? One minute, he hates vampires and the next he loves them. Make up your mind Stackhouse or should I say writers. Sookie and Jason take another stroll through the portal to Hot Wings to ask the fae about helping her find out what vampire killed her parents.

One minute Sookie was her mama and the next she was the vampire. Rut-Roh! Sookie psychically bonded to a vampire which is weird since she can’t read a vampire’s thoughts. Here is where I had my first Harry Potter thought. I do believe that her powers are growing and there is only one way for Sookie to have a psychic link to a vampire, can you say blood bond? Is this how the blood bond is going to be introduced? Well, only time can tell so we shall see. Sookie ends up remembering more of what she saw in the vampire’s mind and that was Claudine telling ‘Warlow’ to “leave the girl alone’ before she zapped him to Timbuktu. Near the end of the episode Sookie saw a misty face of ‘Warlow’ saying that he is coming to get her and that every classic line of “YOU ARE MINE”. Sookie is just only lucky bitch huh? Sookie meet Harry, Harry meet Sookie for you two are the only two I know that can psychically bond to a madman wearing a cloak. Just saying.

Lafayette channels Oda Mae Brown

I am glad to see the Lafayette of seasons past back, all than man wanted to do was hop in the tub and smoke a fat one but got waylaid by a very determined Arlene and Holly. They would like Lafayette to connect spiritually with the woman who cursed Terry with the joke monster, I mean smoke monster to see how to put an end to the curse. Our LA LA won’t do it for less than $300.00 bitches because he is tired of not getting paid. When Terry and Patrick arrive they see that a séance is about to happen and wonder what this is all about. Lafayette reminded of Whoopi’s character in Ghost when she was conning all those people out of their money, that is until the Ghost did show up and entered La La’s body. Lafayette speaks in Arabic and when the lady leaves his body, he tells all at the table that they only way to break the curse is that “Terry baby, you got to kill Patrick or he has to kill you”. The look on Terry’s face was priceless and once again I was reminded of Harry Potter. It really was reminiscent of the famous “Neither can live while the other survives” line from the popular books series. Did I mention that Patrick ran out of the house like a little bitch? Well, he did!

Bill’s flashback

I really did not care for the flashback of Bill simply because it seemed to be much ado about nothing. We saw Bill in 1910 visiting his ‘angel’ daughter on her deathbed and he would not turn her when she asked. I am not sure he really felt like immortality was a curse. He regrets not turning his terminally ill daughter. Once again, we are told one thing about Saint Bill but then we see something different on screen. Let me break this down for you, we have seen Bill in different time intervals and it all boils down to the same thing, humanity; of which he has none. Case in point, we saw him in the 1930’s with Lorena chowing down on the Chicago couple. Then, he had sex with Lorena while that poor young woman lay dying in the same bed. Humanity? I think not. My take on Bill is that if he had humanity, he would have never killed Uncle Bartlett in the way that he did if he had some compassion. If he had humanity, he would not have stayed under Lilith’s (supposed) influence. What we saw in this episode as well as the last that this is his true nature at play here.

In 1905, we see him with Lorena again, killing off Pam’s prostitutes and loving every minute of it. He has been a procurer for the Queen as well as Russell, picking out humans for them to feed from. The Queen was also looking for fae to give her the power to walk in the sun. Salome wants Bill to feed off a human who says she has children and he says he had children himself and cannot take her life. So Saint Bill can only take the lives of humans who have nobody to go home to? What we have seen is that he has had no such qualms about killing a mother’s child, meaning all his victims and the ones he has procured over the years. That theory/excuse does not wash with me and it never will because it goes against everything we have seen.

At the end of the episode, Bill comes up with the brilliant (please note the sarcasm) idea to bomb all the Tru Blood factories so it will force vampires to feed on humans. Well, that is some humanitarian there. Eric looks at him like he has lost him mind. Guess what he is doing?? Evolving! Bill, if this is what you consider evolving, then you have been doing that very thing for years. I do not buy into the notion that Bill is only going along with Salome and the rest of the crew just to take them down from the inside, like he has some kind of master plan. Good thing I had him pegged as soon as he walked into Merlotte’s, even if the writers or others do not. Lorena, Salome and Lilith cannot make someone do what they do not truly want to and Eric is a prime example of someone who fought that influence. Speaking of Eric, he is the only one with a lick of sense in this episode and I will get into that more as well.

I swear if I hear the word humanity to describe Bill Compton one more time, I will scream because it does my head in. I am of the opinion that in order to have humanity, you have to feel for all human beings and the fact of the matter is that Bill does not have that trait. Whatever humanity he had was killed the night Lorena turned him and I don’t think he had much to begin with. I feel as if they writers do not know whether they are coming or going with this character. I would again like to offer my services if they are in need of a continuity expert or hell, even another writer. I would gladly help out there trust me and it would be EPIC!

The Godric Siblings

Eric is the only one who is not being taken in by the powers of Lilith to which I will admit that he had some help from Godric. A part of me believes that Godric is really Eric’s conscience telling him that this shit is not real and not him at all. Now, Eric for someone who believes in nothing but himself and those he loves sure showed remarkable restraint and stopped feeding. I am not saying he has the humanity that Bill does not but he came back to his senses with help from Godric because he knew it was wrong as well as what the Authority is all about. Godric believes that Nora does not know it is not real and requests that he save her. I also believe that Godric had a profound effect on Eric in every way possible and he is now going to live up to the way that Godric thought of him, we all know what happened the last time he did not listen to Godric or his conscience. It is now biting him in the ass in a major way.

Eric finds Nora on her knees praying to the blood of Lilith. I was really touched with how much love he showed to Nora even though she betrayed him in a major way. He is still not over that but he will do what he can to save her and Bill, which is the only reason he is still hanging out at the headquarters of the Authority. Eric is simply biding his time at the Authority to come up with a plan. Eric does not get influenced by things like Lilith; he marches to the beat of his own drum. No one dictates to him what he can and cannot do. He is just careful on how he does what he wants, most of the time. He did not like the idea that he was controlled by something he does not believe in for even the smallest of minutes. Eric and Nora do have a beautiful moment together and seeing how much he loves her makes you want to hope he survives in saving her Lilith-addled mind.

Well, that is until you hear her say “Fuck Godric” and Eric is promptly ready to throttle her and at that moment I was like “Do it Eric, kill the ungrateful little bitch”. Alas, he lets her go and she leaves him with a kind of “Lilith will show you the way’ bullshit and with bloody tears in his eyes. This is also where Nora and I part ways as well for she really is an ungrateful little bitch.

Eric, do you need a hug or anything else?;)

Well, I think I covered everything I cared to talk about. All in all, the episode was okay but I kind of felt a sense of déjà vu in that last season’s episode 8 was the start of a downhill spiral for the show and this season’s episode 8 felt very similar to that. I can only hope that I am wrong. What did you think of the episode? As usual, sound off below.

*pictures from HBO, Skarsgardfans Daydreaming and us*

About Nymerias

I am an avid book reader and when I am not writing for these two (now three) blogs that is what I am doing. I love Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, Outlander and many other shows. I am also a major hockey fan, especially my Detroit Red Wings! I also enjoy classic books and legal thrillers.

41 comments on “When True Blood Met Harry Potter

  1. Frankly, after Nora’s comments about Godric, I don’t want her to survive this season. I just hope Eric doesn’t have to be the one who kills her, he’s already lost enough. Overall, the episode bored me yet again. He only had about 7 fucking minutes in this one.

    • yes but those seven minutes were awesome. I am ready for her to die as well, just not by Eric’s hands

    • I totally agree. NO ONE talks about Godric like that and should live! I adore Godric and can’t stand that sort of disrespectful treatment of my favorite ancient vampire. He had such great taste turning Eric… Not sure what his thoughts were in changing Nora. So far, she’s certainly been nothing short of an absolute raving loon.

      As for Bill “evolving”… Godric evolved. Even Eric could be considered evolved in his description of himself as a pacifist. Bill is so far below either of those two in evolution it’s like comparing a monkey to a human. I don’t think so, Bill. You aren’t evolving. You’re hanging around in your same stagnant pool of slime you’ve always been in.

      Regarding the rest of the ep… Pacing was painful. Sam/Luna was great. I’m over the whole werewolf pack thing already. Hoyt should have shot Jessica and saved us from her annoying story line. Jason and Sookie are finally being the siblings I always thought would be nice to see them be. Sookie is definitely channeling a Harry Potter vibe quite strongly, guess we’ll see where the writers are taking that. La La was awesome again! Now let’s see Terry kill Patrick so the writers can kill that whole story line too.

      I’m ready to narrow this down to the main vamp story line, Sookie’s thing, and the shifters being shot. That’s enough. The rest is crap at this point IMHO.

    • you know what is such a tragic waste about this storyline is that in episode 1–I could see Nora being a real rival for Sookie in getting Eric back. I loved their banter and ahem, chemistry….It would have been a nice change to see Sookie jealous of Eric for a change. But no, she has to be the village idiot of crazy town. How many times do they go too big before we just want to send the writers home?

      • I know a few I would like to vote off the island….lol

      • My thoughts exactly! I still don’t want Nora to die because I think Sookie does need a little competition to get her head back in the game, but somebody needs to shake that Lilith worship crap out of her first…my vote is for Eric to do it!

        • She’s not competition, chick is just batshit crazy and needs to go. I won’t lose any sleep over that, I just don’t want Eric to be the one who kills her.

  2. Great recap! And I agree with pretty much your view on everything. My favorite parts this week for once weren’t the vampires. I loved Laffy, he reminded me of the carefree Lala of too long ago and I hope that is here to stay. I’m enjoying the Sookie & Jason interactions too. I always like those 2 together on the show and I’m pretty intrigued who this Worlow character is. We usually know so much about what is going on it’s nice to be spoiler free about something.

    Not enough Eric this week obviously – and his story-line is really in need of some kind of kick. It looks like he will spend the rest of the season trying to save 2 characters that I currently don’t give a crap about – Bill and Nora. And he’s always so sad and sorrowful at the moment. I miss his wicked smile, please can we see it at least once this season :)

    • I was also glad to see the old La la. Sookie and Jason are cute. Poor Eric but as long as he saves the day and keeps the funny I am all good!

  3. i always read your reviews because no matter what kind of crap the writers come up with , like the Jason love train.. you make me feel better. it just I want the blood bond, but I want the blood bond between sookie and eric.. not whomever the guy is in the hat. but you know i been really scared that that bally writers were going to make eric the killer. I just wished it would still be water faires.. and get it over with.

  4. Bills wig in the flashback really made me laugh lol.

  5. Was it just my imagination or, in last weeks episode, did it seem Lillith was channeling the late Aaliyah in her role of Akasha from “Queen of the Damned”? She had the same “cat like” walk as she strolled naked amongst the carnage. As some have noticed, the writers do, at times, fall back on story lines from other movies/series (I caught the “Potterish” similarities, too). If I may.make a prediction mysellf, based on the notion that the writers “borrow” ideas, here is what I think: Lillith & Godric will turn out to be both very ancient & from the same era…with Godric retaining some humanity and Lillith becoming “God-like” with devoted followers. Much like Akasha & Enkil in Anne Rice’s “Queen of.the Damned”. Many writers of Vampire fiction have some type of authority, religious theme, or “ancients” (to borrow from Anne Rice) who believe they are gods and “gorge on human blood until they are like bloated ticks.” It is my hypothesis that, as a child.of Godric, Eric is immune to Lillith’s influence. Why isn’t Nora? Because, as mentioned above, the writers are inconsistent.

    • I agree Lilith did remind me of Akasha after she was cleaned of the blood, then she reminded me of Carrie. I really wish True Blood would come up with an original idea. I think Nora is just really taken in by the idea of Lilith and now discounts Godric because he became a balsphemer so therefore she no longer believes in Godric. Ungrateful Bitch

      • I agree with you on this . Nora needs to go . Also they have speculation that Nigel the burned vamp may have killed Sookie & Jason parents just read that on the Vault trueBlood . But i hope it is Bill . I will watch it till the end . I want to see where this goes . Some also saying the show might do a Sopranos number black screen in the finale with Sookie picking no one . So we shall see .

        • Nigel? Please, the only reason they say that is because he loves babies and children. It was made clear that the name of the vampire is Warlow. I wonder if it has something to do with the pact made a hundred years ago, we shall see. Some also are speculating that Warlow is a fairy but why would a fairy say another fairy smelled good. It makes no sense when we know that is something a vampire says about a fairy all the time. It has been told to us so many times. The only conclusion that I can come to is that people are not paying attention.

          • Warlow to me sounds like she could be saying William But it is garbled . I hope it is Bill . His first name is William.

    • Brian from Campblood is always pointing out how TB practically mirrors Buffy the Vampire Slayer too. So funny, I was thinking Queen of the Damned too, except sillier, w/ blood mist and terrifying nipples.

      • Speaking of Brian, I need to see if he and Andy have their next vlog up, probably not seeing as they still had boxes in the floor last week.

        • and they will NOT be happy about vampires talking religion around the break table, AGAIN. But most likely, they didn’t even care after naked werewolf hump-a-thon. Pretty sure that Alcide’s setting a record on who they want to do bad things w/ this week :)

    • You hit the nail on the head! I told one of my friends that the previous episode was way too “Queen of the Damned” for my taste. Been there…done that…don’t need to go again!

  6. Oh, almost forgot : Sam/Sam…that was cool! Well played, Mr. Tramell!.

  7. Loved ur review and totally agree wth u! My fav scene was Eric wth eyes filled wth blood, just about to cry! Oh boy! But i really felt like nothing much was added to the serie on this episode. I think they are telling too many histories at the same time, and there´s not enough time in one episode to advance wth all of it. Well, hope it gets better as it used to be!

  8. Nymerias, you have a gift for making the burn of a bad episode not hurt so bad! Thx for the great perspective and wonderful sense of humor to keep me from throwing things at my TV.

  9. Still giggling over the kitten riding the tortoise :) Great recap and way more fun to read your take on it than watching the episode was! I went back and did a rewatch and got more out of it with the ability to FF through the whole Jason telling Sook about “real love”. It was slow and glad you pointed that out, and a REAL DRAG to see soooooo much Bill and sooooo little of the stuff I want to see and way too much of Alcide/Rikki. Not a prude but I do not like those TMI moments that True Blood loves to show us! It reminded me of Jason/Maudette in S1 and glad I watched it alone. I know some people really get off on that stuff but……..anyway, how about that Lala working it again? Wasn’t that good to see! I really wanted to like Nora. Really. It’s getting hard to watch Eric losing everything and wondering why this is necessary to the story. Please let there be some good reason revealed! Pam, can’t you sneak into that creepy basement and give him some love? Not feeling the fairy stuff. At all. It looks silly and feels like filler. As for the creepy vamp/fairy/whatever it is, I hope this gets resolved soon. Love the nod to Voldemort. Well, my comments are starting to feel as disjointed as the season has been so time to end it. Thanks for the fun read!

  10. Someone above mentioned the psychic/blood bond connection to this mysterious vamp Warlow. I wonder if that means that Sookie might have the same with Eric? Just a thought….

    • I think that was me but not sure…lol. I wonder if Eric’s blood has amplified her powers and she can see into a vampires mind. Like when she was first thinking of her mother and she became her and then that led her into the vampires mind. So she first has to get a connection. It seemed kind of like channeling in a way.

      let’s say she thought of her old feeble Uncle Bartlett and saw his last night alive and she was him, and then she was Bill killing him. I hope this makes sense. LMAO

  11. I always love your reviews, they are great

  12. […] Can’t wait until next week to find out what we thought about True Blood Episode 8, “Somebody That I Used To Know”? It’s Nymeria’s turn this week! Read her thoughts in “When True Blood Met Harry Potter“! […]

  13. The zorro vamp just can’t be Eric, but honestly it would be so lame if it’s some totally unknown vamp and not beehl – which would be a nice thing.
    Unless it’s a storyline for Sookie to figure out who Warlowe is next season, and her needing the area 5 vampire sheriff, that is. ;)
    The bood bond better be used damn it, what the hell did E&S *become one* for then, last season? The writers could easily forget that part, but if they do they’re total bastards. I can’t even… Are we gonna have some Eric and Sookie scenes AT ALL, this season? I mean please, this is getting ridiculous. And I don’t mean the bitchy Sookie with Eric, I want her to care, damn it. He deserves that much, poor bb.

    • It doesn’t seem we will, people still think that either Bill or Russell killed her parents. It would be lame if it was just someone we don’t know yet, there are enough characters as it is.

  14. My first thoughts when I heard Claudine say the vampire’s name is that it sounded an awful lot like “Waldo” to me and that Sookie just misunderstood what she said. I was hoping that maybe the writers were making a nod toward the books with the character of Waldo, QSA’s former favorite before Hadley who ended up murdering Hadley out of jealousy. It would make sense that he would be covered up as much as possible, making it difficult for Sookie to clearly see him, because in the books he was somewhat disfigured from a previous punishment by QSA.

    Anyway… that was my initial reaction to hearing Claudine and exactly what I told my husband I thought at the time. I mean, seriously, wtf kind of name is Warlowe anyway? Waldo makes much more sense… not that the TB writers give a flying rat’s ass about doing such a thing.

  15. I think that this was one of the best recaps of the season nymerias!!!!! You, as someone stated above, make a bad eppy look better. I was soooooo disappointed in this one, with all the hype that was laid out about eppy 8, I was sure let down. I am also quite tired of all this “Saint” Bill bullhockey!!!!! I know that he and Sookie are going to do the nasty this coming eppy and therefore, I am not even looking forward to it on Sunday nite. If those two get back together, I sure hope that they have something spectacular up ahead for Eric, as if not, I will, like so many others, dump this show like a hot potato!!
    I love Alex and the way he portrays Eric but I don’t think I could take it if he stays the “second banana” in TB.

    But I digress, just wanted to say Thank you for a super recap!!!!!

    • Your welcome! :D Also, thank you! I would not be so sure that Bill is with Sookie and they do the deed. I think he is actually in bed with Salome, aka Salami, it looks like her room. Someone is dreaming or something.

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