Blood Work: Lafayette’s Making Whoopi

My guys were able to make another one of their fabulous vlogs and once again brought us their brand of funny. I would just love to say that I am glad I am not the only one who thought of Miss Whoopi where Lafayette is concerned. I loved it when they called the seating area at the Authority the “INTERIOR ILLUSIONS LOUNGE”, I was cracking up! There is a great line about Bill in the video but I do not want to ruin it for you so I will let you hear it for yourself. Andy: “Let’s move on to the moons over Mihami” Can you guess who he is talking about? LMAO!

Enjoy and as always share thoughts below!

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8 comments on “Blood Work: Lafayette’s Making Whoopi

  1. No matter how much their videos watched, and we still do not like them.They seem only care to see naked bodies of following men Bill, Sam and Alcide.They ridiculed most touching scene in the episode when Eric almost cried because of the words of Nora about Godric.I still think they do not like Eric.

    • Sorry but I think they are funny and I would have to go back and listen again to see what you are talking about with the ridiculing.

    • they don’t like eric they even said that once in a review, since then I don’t watch these guys anymore. I think they said this in the episode rreview of season 2, the episode where sookie has her first eric dream.

      • Well you are missing out, cuz this was hilarious. And I’ve got to tell you, Billy Boy is in real trouble cuz even his Lovah, Andy, is questioning him on this recap! And Brian gets it totally!

        Frankly, I’m glad they don’t find Eric attractive…it’s definitely okay w/ me if they find Bill and Alcide gay-er, no problem! :)

  2. It is my opinion.
    I do not say now that everyone should think like me.
    I have the impression that they do not like to talk about Eric.
    I prefer to listen review of AffterBuzz After Tv Show.

  3. Even when they made reviev
    for the episode when Godric died,they did not believe that Eric is suffering. And everyone knows that Eric loved Godric,and would give life for him.Once Brian called Eric his rival,do not know why.

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