3 Sneaks into “Everybody Wants to rule the World”

We have three new videos to show you for this coming Sundays True Blood Episode. Are you excited? If you do not want to know, then don’t scroll, but we know you do!

First up, Jessica in “Where in the world is Hoyt Fortenberry?”

Or, you can watch it here: Ep. 57 Clip – Where in the World is Hoyt Fortenberry?

Next, Sookie and Lafayette discussing what ‘Gran’ led her to in “A cryptic message”.

Or you can watch it here: Ep. 57 Clip – A Cryptic Message

Last but not least, our Viking and that ummmmm……..other guy! You are going to love what Eric tells Bill in “Questionable Faith”!

Or you can watch it here: Ep. 57 Clip – Questionable Faith

As usual, sound off below!

*photo credit to luvtheviking*

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52 comments on “3 Sneaks into “Everybody Wants to rule the World”

  1. “Shut up”.
    Exactly what I’ve been hoping Bill would do all season!
    I love sarcastic Eric.
    And enjoying Sookie having a real mystery to solve.

  2. And that bromance every one hates so much is hanging by a thread. Eric’s getting in kick-ass-flip-flop-wearing mode! I am really excited about these sneaks and that feels good!

    • Eric: “Shut up, there are not cameras here”. You cannot get anything past the Viking, he is well aware that Bill comes up with these kinds of ideas without thinking them through. Eric has only been guilty of that once twice and that was not killing Russell when he had the chance and Talbot. He won’t make those kinds of mistakes again.

  3. I love La La’s hand motions. Sarcastic Eric is beautiful. Bill needs a swift kick.

  4. is it Sunday yet? It can’t get here fast enough for my taste!!!

  5. lol at erics facial expression, really funny. But he is just reflecting what everyone is thinking about this lilith fuckery, its just stupid. Don’t like this storyline at all, just like the bromance. don’t know what the writers were thinking when they came up with this lilith storyline…

  6. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayummmmmmmm Eric is hot here… hubba hubba I don’t know why but all those facial expressions and sarcasm and shut up and the way he said ”Lilith” made me all hot and bothered, as some say xD

    Hoyt… Or he went into the Faery realm or.. he’s dead. Oh well.

  7. Did anyone else think of where in the world is Carmen Sandieago when they read the one about Hoyt?

  8. I love Eric’s facial expressions and his snark in this clip! LOL I enjoy watching Sookie investigating her parents’ deaths. It reminds me of the smart, investigative Sookie from the books.

    I can’t wait for Sunday either!

    • Okay so Bud found the bodies of Sookie’s parents and knows something, well we know that Bud was always very suspicious of Bill Just saying

    • And it gives her some thing great to focus on that doesn’t involve feeling sorry for herself! Yay TB!

      On a side note, I want to commend Jess for her snark in pointing out that unlike Jason, Hoyt never shot her in the head.

      All 3 sneaks are making me bloodthirsty!

  9. Aw! Poor schnookums is lost and doesn’t know who to trust. Bloody fuckwit! *shakes head* Thank goodness for Eric and his commonsense and ability to see the big picture! And, may I say, I am very much enjoying seeing Eric taking charge again finally, and telling Bill off. Yay, sexy Viking! The Sookie/Lala scene looks like fun. Didn’t look at the first one because I really don’t care where Hoyt Fortenberry is.

  10. Hmm so Bud is hiding something, and so is that underaker guy, what’s his name again? She mentioned it again last episode, the guy behind her in the bank queue thinking about ssucking her toes?- No coincidence it’s him again. He’s a total creep if you ask me. He’s been a total perv throughout the seasons. He was always shady, and ran around naked and almost raped Sookie during the whole Maryanne thing, and then the things he says randomly…Also mentioned something about wanting to get away from some lady, last time when Sam shot that hater guy in front of Andy.
    I don’t know, but something is up with that guy, someone remind me of his name, please!

    • The Coroner Mike Spencer. Bud was always suspicious of Bill, remember after the Rattrays were killed

    • did you guys see that post about the old english meaning of the term “Warlow”? Don’t want to get your hopes up……I think I saw it on Askars swedish meatballs, fun spot for Eric lovers in general.

  11. Oh Eric please leave the little lost boy be and high tail it back to Bon Temps. Like yesterday! He is so hot and I think that is the most lines he’s had at one time all season. I don’t care for him worrying about Beehl!

    • Maybe it’s self serving–Eric feels pretty alone right now and an ally would be welcome to get the hell outta the fancy basement.

  12. You’re lost Beeehl? Are you looking for somebody to follow? Come with me… **extends hand** …I will take you to a place with AB negative cookies and fairy cocktails and you’ll be able to walk in the sunlight. **pause, then frowns** What? Don’t believe me? Sure, I don’t have Lilith’s breasts or a great ass but I speak the truth. **holds up my personal journal** I have a book that tells me so. ***smiles*** That’s it my Liege. Right this way… **leads Beehl to wooden furniture factory then sticks foot out and grins as Beehl trips**. Sigh. ***turns around** CLEANUP IN AISLE 3!! **shakes head** And those floors were just waxed too.

    My ‘evil plan’ is as plausible (I daresay even more so) as this whole Lilith crap…and Bill and the ignoramous, power hungry idiots are the only ones dumb enough to believe it. I am so glad they are doing My Viking justice by allowing him to be himself. I would be sorely pissed off if they made him any less than what he is in that clip. It just made that swagger that much sexier.

    The bromance has, unfortunately, gotten boring now that Beehl’s whine has overtaken his accent. Really, they can summon dogs with that whine.

    Sookie is so much more interesting when she’s not pining for a vampire, though I want her to pine for Eric. But I’m still not interested in the fairies but I’m praying that this ‘Wallow’ (is that right? If it is, is this homage to ‘Hallow’ from the books, in a weird, twisted way?) turns out to be Beehl. Please oh please let it be Beehl. That would be the only way to make the limp noodle interesting.

    I have a feeling it isn’t him but a girl can dream, right??

    **cackles and rubs hands together manically** Anybody know of any furniture factories in Northern LA?? ;)

  13. Eric always has the best lines, and I love his facial expressions. So glad this side of him is still in there somewhere, I don’t know how anyone could actually acknowledge whiny Compton when Eric is in the same scene.

  14. Eric is the best !! Can’t wait until sunday . Bill is one sad vamp lost in the wind . Detective Sookie i like . Bring it on . I am so ready for this episode looks very interesting.I am glad he said he feel lost cause he truly truly is . i can’t stand him period . Alex as Eric is the winner in this show .

  15. I’ve always been Team Bill, but have hated him in this season so far. I love how Eric seems to be the only SANE one now. I much prefer him as “Hero Eric” over selfish, self-centered Sheriff Eric.

    • How anyone could still be Team Bill after season 2 is beyond me, Eric will always be the best choice. He has never been selfish or self-centered, not like Bill has. At least Eric has always been up front and truthful about what he wanted, but at least you’re starting to see the light.

      • It is not something I get either but to each their own I guess. I just what we get told about Bill is totally different than what we see on screen.

        • I didn’t offend her, just telling that I don’t get it. I am not offending her with bad words or something like this my goodness.

          • I disagree Laura because of your “I am kind of wondering why you are on an eric and sookie fansite when you are team bill but whater” like she cannot come to this site. If I sounded that way to me, think about how it sounded to him/her. I just think you need to be more careful with the words you choose.

          • As long as someone doesn’t come in here and trashes Eric, I don’t care. She may be Team Bill for some odd reason, but she still wasn’t putting Eric down.

          • Exactly Tammy! We are capable of having a civil discussion with someone who has a different opinion than us. I also think as long as someone does not start calling people names and other crap then I have no problem with it. Like I said, respect is as respect does. Off to watch the Olympics now!

    • I am kind of wondering why you are on an eric and sookie fansite when you are team bill but whater, but what tammy said, how can someone even be team bill after all the shitty things he has done? Are some people not watching the show with using their brain? You know what bill did to sookie or not? the big season 3 reveal already showed what an ass he is and in season 4 he acted like a douche screwing around as the new queen in town.

      • I think txophelia can post here because it was a respectful post so you should show the same respect. Tammy and I both made respectful comments back to this poster and you are being rude. I think you need to check your email.

    • My boyfriend is a Bill fan and I still love him (My boyfriend that is not Bill lol).
      I think “txophelia” is being pretty brave coming here and admitting their Bill love. So long as everyone is polite, healthy discussion is good. Let’s hope they can become a full-time viking convert!

      • I agree Evie, respect is as respect does!

      • You need to break up with him…lol! I’m just teasing, partly, but that must make for some fun debating around the house.

        • We’ve taken to watching the show separately – it works better that way lol.
          He likes Bill as a villain so hopefully this season he’ll get his wish.
          And he thinks I only like Eric because I would want to sleep with him. Seriously how shallow does he think I am ??? (I wouldn’t want to get any sleep!)

          • LOL, honestly, I feel bad for a lot of husbands who have wives that lust after Eric. It’s a good thing to be single;)

  16. If this was the old Viking from seasons 1-3 Eric would just have left Bill there and went back to get Sookie. I think maybe his time with Sookie last season may have mellowed our Viking a little. And I also agree with the above writer stating Eric has always been honest with Sookie. How can you love Bill after he had the shit kicked out of Sookie and lied to her. Eric was the one who told Sookie the truth. Also Bill tried to kill Eric by burying him in cement as they did Rissell. Eric is a way better chose for Sookie.

    • Passion Play, its obvious that Eric is 8 times the vampire Bill is but Sookie is stupid sometimes on True Blood and they want her and Bill to act like they were each others soulmates which is wrong on so many levels.

  17. Ericsw45, I agree with what you are saying regarding the writers making Bill and Sookie soulmates, but I love the chemistry much better with Sookie and Eric. That chemistry is also in the books. That is the reason I wish the writers would at least follow the characters relationships in the book. Wouldn’t you just love to here Eric on True Blood call Sookie “my lover”.

  18. I’m not looking forward this sunday,because the preview shown Billy & Sookie’s f**king sex. I hope it’s damn freakin’ dream!!!!! I hope he turns out to be Worlow. It does makes sense,it looks like Claudine’s saying William. I luv to see Sookie’s getting her bloody,sweet revenge on billy in season finale. Lol

  19. It was great to see our Viking in ‘flip flops mode’ as one of the posters above said (love that :) hope he continues in that mode from now on…pls Godric!!!

    As E/S shipper I cannot help to notice that we got ZERO so far…especially from Sookie… are we going to get anything at all…did we all hallucinated that something happened between those two….it’s almost the end of the season…come on…

    • I know right? And I thought last season was bad, at least we had some good Sookie and Eric lovin’ for a whie, and eventhough the witch storyline was boring like hell, this season is way worse. It’s 4 more episodes till the end, and there’s no decent angst or dreams or nothing. They better step up their game now, it’s almost over.

      • I have a feeling it’s just going to get worse in these upcoming episodes, but I knew there would pretty much be no E/S interaction this season. I never thought I would actually prefer season 4.

  20. […] Thursday, August 2nd: As they have been doing during Season 5, True Blood HBO released spoilerish clips for Episode 9: “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” – watch ‘em here! […]

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