Caption This 8/3/2012

We have a couple new photos from this coming Sunday’s episode entitled “Everybody wants to rule the world”. We figured they would be good photos for our readers to have a little fun with. So get your thinking caps on and ‘CAPTION THIS’!


*photos John P. Johnson/HBO and IMDB*

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12 comments on “Caption This 8/3/2012

  1. Lafayette: I’m about to reach out and touch someone. SOOKIE: You can get service in here? Lafayette: Hooka I got skills that would make you turn white…yous knows what I means! Sookie: well who you gonna call then? Lafayette: ghost buster beyotch now back up and let me do my thang!

  2. Damn, Nora looks tiny next to him. Other than that, I got nothing…lol!

  3. “Wtf’s going on,Nora?” Eric said. “I need to shown you something,my dear brother.” Nora said.

  4. “We’re getting married.” Eric and Nora breaking the news to the others.

  5. I just hope Laffy continues in the good form he returned to last week.

    It looks suspiciously like Eric is wearing the black tank of doom in that photo. Pray to Godric he takes the jacket off at some point in the episode!

  6. Sookie: ”Are you…watching PORN on your phone??”
    Lala: ”Naw, it’s just an Eric Northman fansite gurl”
    Lala:*Lifts a sassy eyebrow*
    Sookie:”…What’s the URL”

  7. Nora: Don’t worry brother I’ll protect you.
    Eric: Great I’m being protected by a lunatic Lollipop kid from munchkin land…I feel so much better!

    • I really don’t know what to think of the Eric and Nora pic, and how she’s holding his hand. I’m… conflicted.

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