First CK Encounter Ad

We are in for an Alex treat today with a CK ‘Encounter’ Ad featuring Alexander Skarsgård and Lara Stone. I have got to say that is hot, hot and more hot! Well, take a look for yourself, huge and in all it’s glory!!

Hot right? See, I told you. This ad will be in the September Issue of Details magazine. Now I know you are already feeling a little hot and bothered but there is more or at least there will be. Calvin Klein might be releasing the 2-minute video here but it is at present not available. Keep on checking though and we will of course keep you updated!

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5 comments on “First CK Encounter Ad

  1. Been wondering when the ad campaign would start…hot describes it perfectly. I don’t care what the fragrance smells like, I’m buying it..wonder if they will sell posters of this picture ad? He is one of the sexiest men out there.

  2. Lawdy, Lawdy………Phew this ad is smokin’!!!!!!! I sure hope that Encounter is a good fragrance, so I can buy some for my hubby. Then I can think of Alex when I catch a whiff… (Ohhhhh, I’m a bad, bad girl).

  3. Sorry I think the chick looks like a young boy. Ew! Alex is hotter than hot, but the chick, not so much. Again, Ew!

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