Sneaks for ‘Gone Gone Gone’

Well, it is that day of the week again, Thursday when we get some sneaks into the episode that airs on Sunday. Would you like to see them? I know you do but if you do not then I suggest that you do not look below.

Russell/Steve Dancing



What do you think? We will update as more come in, I pinky swear!

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77 comments on “Sneaks for ‘Gone Gone Gone’

  1. Steve Newlin’s not going to be a Vampire for very long~ if he beleives Russell and
    his story of “Daywalking”~ it’s a total myth and can’t be accomplished by drinking
    the Blood of a Fairy, and it can’t be Sookie’s blood cause she’s only 1/2 Fae in
    TrueBlood and 1/8 Fairy in the books.

    • I don’t think it is a myth, a vampire would just need a lot of the fae blood. It could be worked out how to make it last. I hope they never figure it out.

    • Can you view the video from the post Marlene or does it just show as a link to you? Just wanted to make sure it works

    • Sookie is not 1/2 fae. That would mean one of her parents would have been full fae.

      • Sookie is half fae, Claude’s sister said it a couple of episodes ago. She could be half fae if her father is a fairy. It would explain why Jason has a blood type and Sookie does not.

  2. Well, it can be accomplished for periods of time if you drink from a fairy. Eric daywalked for quite a while in Season 4 after drinking….Claudette. Was that her name? I get all these Claude names confused!

  3. I love Russell and Steve together! Lol. They are too cute! Denis and Michael play this shipping perfectly!!!

  4. I really thought that this was a great snippet of film for the upcoming eppy. Russell and Steve make a kinda cute couple. Although they did go on quite a feeding binge by the looks of it!! If two little skinny vamps need that much blood the humans are really in trouble………LOL.

    Hope there are other clips coming for this coming eppy. I can’t wait to see the eppy.

    • Looks like blowing up those factories is going to result in a HUGE bloodbath, if you judge by the way those two ate. Bloody Brilliant plan Bill. Way to go! I hope we get some more clips as well. I have my eyes out! ;)

  5. It would have been somewhat cute if they didn’t have a ton of bodies surrounding them, now I’m finding their relationship just disturbing. I’m not as interested in it as I thought I would be, kind of over them now. I know at least one or both will get staked before the finale and I’m all for that, still pissed at them taking Emma.

  6. I want MOAR! :D

  7. Holy Moly!!! Now Mike Spenser is a bad guy????? Or has someone turned him into a Vamp too????? Oh boy, these three clips are great!!!!!!!! Now I can’t wait til Sunday once again!!!!!

    I noticed too that you could really see Annas’ bab(ies) bump even with those PJ’s on.

    • Yeah you could a bit. I wonder what Mike is doing!

      • Just a theory, but remember when he showed up to that crime scene late, the anti-supe weapon store guy got killed by Sam? Well, it was dark, so maybe he’s a vampire now and showed up late b/c he couldn’t go out until dark? Unless he’s been involved with this anti-supe stuff all along and just wasn’t caught…? As you can see, I know nothing!

  8. Wow wow woooow I knew that Mike Spencer was up to something nasty! Wonder what’s gotten into him… Kinda feels like he’s glamoured. And what’s up with sookie letting a guy in that late at night?? Doesn’t matter if she kinda knows him , he’s not a close friend or anything. Book Sookie would have listened in what’s he up to and if it’s safe vefore letting him in like he’s Jason or Luna or something.
    He might be there to bring in Sookie for Russel or something? Ah how I wish they’d put her in a cell next to the Viking… They are so lovely see-through ;) That would be some nice angst right there! Wishful thinking probably though… *le sigh*

    Jason is looking hot there…Yeahhh I noticed, mhm!
    Hope it’s not gonna be some sappy ”I give you my blessing Jason and Jess” crap… don’t need it better show us some more Viking.

  9. Mike Spencer… SMH!!! And something must’ve happened to Sookie prior to this scene to make her answer her door with a pistol in hand; I wonder what that could be….?

    • No, that’s just years of living in Bon Temps. No one good ever comes knocking at your door at such a late hour, but she really was stupid to let him in.

      • She trusts him but she should not trust anyone in that town with all the stuff going on, especially after Bud.

        • Yeah, and if he is a vampire, he could have gotten in anyway. Probably something else they’re bound to just keep ignoring, but Eric really needs to give her back the house.

          • If he was a vampire, the collidial sliver she has on her porch would have gotten him and he would have screamed, alerting her that a vampire was near. If he avoided those she had some in the house as well.

          • Ah, yeah, I forgot about that.

          • I remember her setting up the silver spray, but what sets it off?

          • I have since changed my mind on Mike Spencer and what he is doing. You will see it in our predictions. I have watched the vid many times now.n :)

          • But vampires need permission to enter a human’s home on TB… So he can’t come in w/o an invite… The silver spray would have had to be enough to stop him. (I don’t even remember seeing her set that up- guess it was a season or 2 ago. Lol)

          • The house belongs to Eric so Sookie does not have the right to invite vamps in. The silver spray was put on the front porch towards the door in case Tara tries to escape.

          • It was first put there for security measures too since vampires can enter her home without an invite now.

          • I have since changed my mind about Mike Spencer and what he is up too. You will find out later with our bloody predictions when it is posted.

      • Yeah and also she just told Jason how Mike Spencer creeps her out when she reads his dirty mind. Why would she let him in of all people? OH, Sookie, always trusting the wrong people, despite all evidence to the contrary.

  10. I really hope someone tells Sookie that it was her Beehl that came up with the idea to bomb the True Blood factories!

  11. Sadly Tammy, you are probably right. We can always hope!

  12. This is interesting…. wonder what would happen in the scene with Sookie… maybe she’ll fight him off somehow … remember in the longer promo there is Sookie holding a gun and somebody in the lather jacket kind of pushes her hand away…is somebody going to come in (pls let it be Eric) – but just don’t see how can Eric get away from the authority (and hope it’s not bloody Bill – to have this ‘I told you vampires turn on the ones they love the most’ talk …we know he will be going to Bon Temps as he will see Jessica …don’t know…

    I actually like the idea of Sookie being in the next cell with Eric..really like that….hope they give us something soon…come on TB…. if they don’t give us a single scene with E/S alone then the message is clear..they are just not a significant couple on the show any more…I’ll break stuff!

  13. Just wrote a long post and didn’t get through.

    I was saying that this show doesn’t serve the plot, only the actors especially Anna and Stephen, since Anna is very much pregnant with twins and very much showing like we could see in this clip, don’t expect any intimate scene between Sookie and Eric this season, what a waste of story line, this writers don’t give a F about continuity, how else didn’t they show neither Bill’s nor Eric’s reaction through the blood bond when Sookie was about to get thrown into the pigs pen? Epic fail in my opinion, it would have been awesome to show at least Eric feeling her pain and distress and his despair for not being able to come to her rescue(that is if they had the intention of ever reunite them) instead of those other lame story lines that no one cares about.
    Jason is getting annoying, he is the one with the most screen time, I’d rather watch Andy than him, at least Andy is consistent and is the best comic relief of the show, Lafayette is good at times but too much Brujo ruined his character IMO. Tara is good this season because they made her a vampire and is with Pam in every scene, so they did with Bill glueing his sorry ass to Eric’s, well played true blood, that goes to show how well they know who are the fan favorites, so knowing that, how come they don’t make Eric the lead once and for all, without Alex and his portrait of Eric northman they wouldn’t have enough audience to keep this train wreck of a show going.

    • Ray, I was also looking for some sort of recognition that Sookie was in danger by Eric and/or Bill while she was abducted by the “Obamas”. I think the way they dodged that was having Sookie knocked out first by Sweetie from behind, so she didn’t really register that much alarm and then knocked out again by the drugs, although, how they fed it to her should have activated the bond a bit. Sookie didn’t act too scared with Bud and his guys, eventhough they had killed a lot of supes! I think that’s why they made a point of Jessica saying, and Jason repeating that she didn’t feel Hoyt anymore and only felt his distress for a second. Just a thought! I agree, it would have been a great emotional moment between Eric and Sookie!

      • You do realize that if they made Eric feel Sookie’s fear, that they would have made Bill react as well. And knowing TB, they would have made Bill’s reaction much more dramatic.

        • True, maybe in that case, it’s a good thing they ignored it.

        • Yes but why do Bill and Sookie have a blood bond in the first place? They forced it at the end of last season when Sookie was shot at the cemetery and that for me was the best proof that Bill is what really matters to them, because who shot Sookie? At that moment both Bill and Eric were being restrained but somehow Bill did manage to escape and come to her rescue with the shoving down of his blood to save her, they neither showed who shot her nor how Bill escaped so this was really planted there on purpose so they could have that crappy ending of season where Sookie was really confused about who she was in love with since she had had a big dose of both vampires bloods and that was really the key for me, so in this case they exploited the blood bond to it’s all extension you see? And now all of a sudden it doesn’t matter?
          So to get to your post, yes they would have shown both their reactions but if they are really making Bill the villain then they just could have shown him feeling it but saying F…. Sookie or something like that, what I’ve been saying is that these writers invest time developing crappy story lines for this secondary characters that no one cares about and are just fillers, when they could better use the awesome stuff and show some continuity!

  14. I bet they dangle the carrot in front of us in the season finale. Just so we watch next season. They aren’t stupid. They know what every one wants. It most definitely is not more Beehl.

  15. Still, last season there was a special blood exchange (I would call it a blood bond) between Eric and Sookie and Eric even said ”we will be one” to which she eagerly took his blood. As far as I remember TB never showed something like that and it was a first for Sookie.
    Now there’s nothing showing us that Sookie even cares one bit about Eric nor does she show to feel his distress and him hers. It seems like the writers dropped the whole thing! It’s just plain ridiculous. I’ll be very surprised if it even comes up ever again.

    • That’s what this show does, they just ignore everything that involves Eric and Sookie, instead shoving Bill down our throats every chance they get. I think what we got last season is about the extent of it.

    • Yes, you are totally right …there are 3 ep. left so I will still give them a chance …it’s hard to believe that they’ll drop it just like that …but it doesn’t look good so far…Bill/Sookie at least got some references throughout the season by other characters (Jessica, Jason, Tara, even Eric in the last ep. and then Bill’s dream) so it shows direction they are taking… I am struggling to find anything they did for Eric/Sookie (maybe the moment when Salome said he was hurt recently) but on Sookie’s side – nothing! … maybe that ‘where were you guys, we were worried’ ‘Clearly’ moment … that’s it :(

    • you are right. they dropped it, the writers never really cared for consistency, they showed that several times…

    • That is what the writers do on this show. They drop all the plot lines that any person with half a brain would do. They only use things that make Beehl look good.

  16. Well, Sookie did say “F@#$ing Eric” !? When she un-glamoured Alcide. Nice.(sarcasm) LOL

  17. Sorry about my rants, I sort of need venting out some random thoughts.
    I love Russel but I’m pretty sure they won’t do his character any justice either, they’ll just even kill him off this season along with rev newlin and that’s a shame, they also wasted Chris meloni as roman, this season looked really promising but then they had to go and make Bill front and center of the main plot again! What if this villain facade ends up being a master plan of his, fooling everybody so he can be the hero once again? Oh I hope I’m wrong, I wish Eric kicked everybody’s asses and saved the day at the finale, I wish there were some Eric and Sookie moments or at least a hint that it’s not over between them,I wish they used the blood bond to show emotions, I wish Eric flew like he used to in season 1 and 2 why has he stopped using this ability to fly, why did they drop this too? It’s fun to watch isn’t it? even russel hasn’t done any more, they are even messing with Sookie’s powers, if they make her human, what’s the point? Simply lame!
    Just three episodes left, I really wish they gave us something that make us believe there is still hope for Eric and Sookie in the future seasons but I have no hopes left.

    • By the way I’m Ray from above, I had this avatar before ,it had been a while since last time I used it

    • I still say Bill doesn’t have a plan, there is nothing heroic about blowing up the TruBlood factories.

      • Amen Sister! If that is a plan that happens to be the dumbest one in the history of plans.

      • The frantic propping up of Bill is amusing me. A plan? No an egomaniacal acid trip more like…I’m sure next week when it’s made clear he is not a dumbass double agent, the beehl’s bunnies will have some new excuses to make me giggle.

        Meanwhile, aside from Psycho Sistas, Salome and Nora, Bill is the only one drinking the lilith kool aid–not even Russell is buying this caca.

        I do think the writers are very pointedly drawing the line at WHO buys into this religious bullsh$%….Nora, “power mad political genius” and Billy Boy.

        I think even Steve Newlin, who is a baby and therefore more out of control will be revealed to be made of stronger stuff than Billy…..and Jessica is REALLY not going to be w/ him on this.

        How many die hards will line up to defend him after this next ep? I would argue not as many as even this week, but time will tell.

        • I agree. I don’t think Jess will fall in line with Bill on this one. However, before Bill turned her, she was a good Christian girl who was a Bible studying virgin. She may fall for it. Bill is caught up in the hype and perhaps…there is some kind of hallucinogen in “lillith’s” blood, making iT easy for Salome to control them, brainwashing, if you will.

      • Even Andy on Camp Blood put Bill in the Kreepy Korner this week…he was a total Bill’s Babe and now he is totally over him–now that is really saying something!

        • Can I just get this out of my system here: the term ”Bill’s Babe” is just so….just so… I don’t even know what to call it. It makes me snort and roll my eyes whenever I see someone calling them that in posts on TB posts. Probably just because I see the beehl fans as frustrated 40-something year old women – no offense to 40-something year old Eric fans of course, you darlings have great taste, AND don’t call yourselves an Eric’s babe (gag) :D

    • This is one of my favorite sayings for this show for the last two years…….. Shit in one hand and wish in the other …..see which one gets filled first. That is True Blood for us True Blood Eric fans.

  18. I have also brought up the blood bond in other blogs regarding this season. It just seems like a waste if you are not going to use it in up coming episodes. Why even go through the trouble of putting it in last season if you are not going to use it and it is such a big part of the books. It would have made the season so much better if they would have used the blood bond in some of these episodes if there is only the bromance this season.

    • I will say the show tends to drop things and then bring them back randomly much, much later. I’m hopeful that the blood bond will be brought up again in season 6. I don’t think they are done w/ that at all, but who knows how they will still manage to screw it up.

  19. Russell is lonely, I think, after losing Talbot and Steve is desperately trying to find a place he fits in now. Remember the Reverend Steve Newlin? He liked the power he had…he enjoyed being the leader of his church followers, the control he had over them by using religion as a means of getting the congregation to see things his way. He also seemed to have a real faith in God. Now that he’s been turned, he needs to seek out that power again, and I believe, his faith. Oh, look! Vampire Bible! Let me spread the word!!!! He can get the power through alliance with Russell. If the writers kill off Russell & Steve, I think it would be a mistake. Russell didn’t get that old because he couldn’t play the game. Here’s. the scenario in my head : Lillith & Godric were brother/sister in their human life. Lillith. . went mad, believing herself to be a God. They both got tires of immortality:Godric ich lasts longer, goes into the sun, Lillith is somehow preserved in her blood, and is resurrected when the Vampires ingest it. Russell, as cagey as he is, somehow stops the bloodbath &with Newlins help, they begin the attempt at mainstreaming, Russell ends up head of the newly “revamped” authority, Steve is the new Nan Flanagan, Bill loses his shirt, mansion & throne and Eric & Sookie reunite when he saves her from Warlow, Pam & Tara bond and run Fangtasia. Sorry so long…haven’t been online all week and had a lot of thoughts (especially since I got my boyfriend hooked and we watched season 5 up to this point in a Marathon True Blood viewing!)

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