The “Bloodiest Season Finale Yet”

Deborah Ann Woll recently gave an interview with Inside TV and had some interesting things to say. If you don’t want to know then don’t scroll. I am pretty sure you will not be able to resist though! ;)

The lady who plays Baby Vamp Jessica dished out to Inside TV that the season finale will be the best cliffhanger the show has ever had and that “it is the bloodiest one yet”. She was also a little surprised that the picture of Jessica and Jason in the grave was released and states that “obviously Jason is very pale and they are in a grave so make of that what you will”. Well, that was ominous! You can watch the whole video interview HERE.

In case you are wondering what picture she is talking about, it would be the one below!

What do you think? Will Jason be made a vampire? Sound off below!

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42 comments on “The “Bloodiest Season Finale Yet”

  1. I sure hope that this isn’t the end of Jason! We need some non-supe folks to balance out the supes on this show. Also, Jason has pretty much offered some of the comic relief on this show. I hope that this is only a “dream sequence” or something. I don’t think we need Jason as a Vamp too!! I hope this show doesn’t “jump the shark” any further than it has already or there may not be a show after next season.

    If they kill off Eric, TB will be History to me!!!!

    • I want Jason to stay human as well. Not everyone needs to be a supe on this show. I just really do not know what to think.

    • I think it was OK! Magazine that even said there were to many supes on the show… Something we have all said. Though we also said there were to many characters in general..

      And 1000% agree that if Eric is off the show there is no real reason to watch

  2. Don’t think that Jason can be made Vampire??
    fairies can’t be made Vampires?

    • Not sure if Jason is a fairy yet. There has to be a reason he has a blood type and Sookie does not.

      • Was catching the boyfriend up on the Season 5 episodes and he caught something I may have missed and I wonder if anyone else caught it. There is a scene in the Faerie Club where they seem to be telepathicly communicating and Jason answered. Now, either my honey was mistaken, its a blooper or Jason picked something up. Also, if Grampa was part Fae (he was one of the culled halfbreeds), Sookie and possibly Eric would.’t be half Fae…unless one of the parents was full Fae or both parents were half Fae. I hope they don’t turn Jason…Tara and Pam…that story has my attention.

        • I will have to watch that episode again or episodes to see that. Interesting. They are going to have explain this fae stuff, Jason could be 1/8 fae like in the books because of his grandpa but Sookie I think is half because her father was a full fae that got Michelle pregnant.

      • A continuity error on True Blood? Say it isn’t so! I was thinking something along the same lines as Marlene, that he can’t be made a vampire. Oh, they’d try to have Jessica make him one but that it would fail. Just like he didn’t turn into a werepanther on the show.

  3. Soon TB will have to find a way to turn vamps back into humans.

  4. From the look of things and the way Jessica is lying in the grave with him like Bill had to with Jessica I would say he is to become a vamp. But what a better way on the show anyway to make Sookie tow the line so to speak. she would never go against her brother. He is all the family she has whether he is a vampire or not.
    They will only kill of Eric so that the series can end. And aren’t they hinting that season 6 may be the end of the series. Or maybe I am wrong because I read somewhere that Stephen and Alex are meant to be signed up to season 6 or 7 but Anna was only signed up for 4 or 5 season’s.

  5. hopefully its a dream thing or they are hiding out, I really don’t want him as a vamp, to many are becoming vampires now on this show. though I would take Jason being one over Tara any-day, but the thing is Jason as a vampire doesn’t work for me, I love him as his normal self. I guess we have yet to see, let’s just hope the cliffhanger is not will he or wont he turn, they never even followed up with him and the wear-panther thing so who knows.

    and I don;t think jason has any Fae in him

    • Yeah, he would not make a good vampire at all, that’s the last thing I want. Plus, Jessica is not responsible enough to be anyone’s maker. I don’t think she would even be able to turn someone right.

  6. I have a stinking suspicion that we are all going to be very disappointed.

    • hehehehhe but we’re kinda used to it by now, right? :-)

      And about this Jason thing, even before the season has started i remember Ryan talking about how this is gonna be tough season for jason to survive, that he’s gonna struggle and possibly face a death situation of some kind but he wasn’t in any danger by now so obviously that still has to come… Btw i agree with all of you guys, jason as a vampire is really not gonna work for me just as much jason being dead is not gonna work :-) he really has some special spark as one of the very few humans on TB

    • about the season in general or Jason being turned?

  7. at first I thought Deborah was messing w/us, but looking at the photo, it does look like they are getting covered in dirt from the waist down…hmmm. That surprises me, cuz i really thought the werepanther thing would come back to haunt us this season. Guess not.

    I can live w/ Jason as a vamp as long as he is not killed off, he is the humorous heart of the show. Almost pure in his sweet, determined gullible stupidity. The show needs him.

    • Yeah, but all of that will go away if he becomes a vampire. I just hope they wouldn’t make him jaded and bitter. I knew he wouldn’t become a werepanther, just something else they’ve ignored.

  8. Am I being stupid? The pic says click for more pics of the finally, and spoiler whore that I am, I clicked, but it just gives me an isolated version of the pic that’s already there. Did that picture come from somewhere else? I just want to make sure I’m not being a dope!

  9. I don’t see Jason as a vampire, Tara I can accept, but Jason being turned is just weird and doesn’t feel right.Not to mention we don’t need ANOTHER baby vamp and Bon Temps is swiftly running out of humans to drink/eat :P
    I thought they’d make him turn into a werepanther after all, like it kicked in very late but it did. I have the feeling Jessica’s blood is not old/strong enough to make a new vampire yet, and this must be a last resort to save Jason, bit it wont work. Even Pam mentioned when she was turning Tara she wasn’t sure it would work because ”last time it hadn’t worked” (something like that) and she is over 100 y old.

    • I did not want Jason to be a were-panther nor do I want him to be a vampire. I really hope this is misleading.

      • I don’t want him to turn into neither of them myself, I just thought they’d go to the werepanther storyline again eventually. I’m absolutely not complaining they haven’t, so far, at all.

  10. OMG you guys i have to share this with you! i was on true-blood.net and in the comments i’ve found this one from a certain Emma and my jaw literally hit the floor and is still there… I really don’t know where to begin and what to say so i just give up in order to preserve this little sanity i have left because of this freackin’ show and people like her! Where do these people live, where are they from, who raised them to think like this…. i’m still in shock… here you go:

    “…And you know, I’m actually going to admit, I never really understood why there are some Bill haters out there to begin with. Considering the fact that throughout the entire show, he was ALWAYS the good guy, he has always been the kind of vampire that wants to live peacefully with humans, stop violence and has always shown deep love and care for Sookie. Whereas Eric on the other hand has always been selfish, cold, and seemed to treat Sookie more like property than a real lover. So that’s always been just odd to me…”

    • Wow, I really have to wonder what delusional world these people live in. They’re obviously watching a completely different show to the rest of us.

    • Different strokes for different folks. I know I see something different when I watch it. Also, from now on can we please refrain from posting things others say elsewhere as well as using their names? There is far too are other sites that do enough of that, we do not need to be added to the equation. Thank You.

      • about that name thing i just wanted to make clear there’s no stealing of any kind, kidding :-) :-) :-) i know i know i’m sorry but i just had to release my steam somewhere and i promise i’ll restrain myself next time. You’re welcome Nymerias :-)

        And that next time when i feel like sharing astonishingly horrible comments from delusional people i’ll go to a more appropriate place like *uckyoubillcompton and diss there :-) btw Tammy i can never thank you enough for that one :-)

        • Awesome and feel free to continue to post here as well! I like that site as well!

        • Awesome and feel free to continue to post here as well! I like that site as well! I don’t mind mentioning comments others say. You could always say it like I can’t believe some people think he is faking or I can’t believe they think Bill is a saint. ;)

          • oh nothing compares to this site. I was so happy when i found you guys , i felt i finally found a place where me and my thoughts of TB belong :-) cause it’s a place where we all feel the same and we all have pretty much the same (we can easily say) frustrations and the most important thing we all see right through bill-crap:-) we’re smart people we can’t help it :-)

            and btw it feels so weird to see “Bill” and “saint” in the same sentence :-D

          • I know right? It’s like seeing the words ”poo” and ”delicious” in one sentence :P

        • It’s like the best site ever, isn’t it?

    • I know, I come across such posts once in a while and I’m always so sad for those people saying such crap. Honestly it’s so wrong on so many levels.

  11. I hope that don’t turn Jason into a vampire because if that happens he might be the sort of Bubba vampire from the books on the show since he does have the comic relief on the show

    • If Jessica turns him, that might be a possibility since she likely won’t do it right.

      • I know. She’s not old enough (as a vampire) to be a maker. It’s crazy to think she could turn anyone at this point and have it go right.

        I think she’s probably just given him some of her blood to heal him and maybe it’s just coincidence that he’s in a grave. This is for shock value. I mean it IS TB.

  12. I’d prefer Jason not changed but if it happens then I will like it more than the Tara character whom I dislike. And should they kill off the Eric character Im done I can barely tolerate the Bill one because he is a buffoon. And any time Sookie is around him her braincells seem to disappear as well..

  13. Not to sound mean or anything but they are getting close to being really really stupid. Yes it would be cool if Jason was a vampire but if he would be a vampire would he end up killing Sookie because of what she is. That is what I think. Wouldn’t that be a really good way to end the show.

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