True Blood Review: The one where we say, ‘goodbye’

The tenth episode of True Blood, “Gone, Gone, Gone” was aptly titled this week in my opinion. There are a number of characters who are quite simply…gone. Some of the characters we knew well, some we were happy to see go, while others we hated to see leave. With ten episodes behind us, and only two more to go…it seems the writers of True Blood have finally listened some some of our complaints. They’ve stopped showing the storylines that bored us and have decided to focus on a few key plots. It’s refreshing to see.

If only our biggest complaint, (reuniting Eric and Sookie or at least showing them together in the same scene) wasn’t still being ignored. Oh well…hopefully in the last two final episodes of the season, we will get our wish.

In this week’s episode, we learned Russell still hasn’t given up his pipe-filled day-walking dream…saying goodbye is harder when the person you’re saying goodbye to, doesn’t remember you at all…Tara knows how to take matters into her own hands, much to Pam’s chagrin…and the fae alphabet has over 300 different characters.

Are you ready to read our thoughts on this episode? Read on!

WARNING: If you don’t want to know – don’t read below!

Final goodbye and famous last words

Molly enters the Authority headquarters wearing the iStake and has been sentenced to the “true death” by Bill and the Authority for breaching security. Molly’s famous last words (of course) contain, “Fuck all of you.” She tells them they’re crazy for believing in something that’s thousands of years old. Bill pushes the button on the iStake app and Molly is goo.

Another one bites the dust and Bible study – vampire style

Hoyt has decided to head to Alaska to drill for oil. Jessica shows up at Merlotte’s where Sam and Lafayette confront some vamp haters at gun point, before Sam kicks them out. Jessica is there to meet someone. Jason shows up and asks Jessica where her guards are. She can’t pay them anymore so she let them go. Jason is also meeting someone. It turns out it’s Hoyt. Hoyt tells Jason and Jessica that he’s moving to Alaska. They don’t like it and want him to stay. Hoyt refuses. He’s made his decision. But first, he wants Jessica to glamour him into forgetting all about the two of them. He wants to move on with his life and he can’t do it full of hurt and pain. Jessica reluctantly glamours him. Jason says, “I love you, Bubba.” after it’s said and done. Jessica and Jason walk away.

Jessica later fondly remembers her first kiss with Hoyt, until her fangs drop.  The Authority guards arrive to tell her that Bill has sent for her. She doesn’t believe them until Bill orders her to come via cell phone. Jessica arrives at the Authority’s headquarters. Bill gives her a tour, then explains that he and a few others were chosen to be in charge. They are at the pinnacle of the food chain. Were they not meant for something greater? Bill shows Jessica the Vampire Bible, and tells her to read it. Jessica, Bill and Eric were meant to lead the vampires into the coming age. Jessica wonders what Bill means by this, and Bill cagily answers, without revealing the whole truth.

The new boss lays down the law

Elijah (the temporary sheriff of Area 5) counts the profits from the night at Fangtasia. Pam is impressed, he can count past 5. His protection costs money and they are expected to turn 30 new baby vampires in Area 5 by the end of the year. If they don’t, he will possess all of Pam’s assets, including Tara.

Later on, Tara and Pam discuss who to turn from the patrons of Fangtasia. Tara says she’ll turn two. Pam refuses. They should do it because they want to, not because some dick head tells them to. Elijah can have Fangtasia. They can live on the wind, like she did with Eric (ie. on the run). They don’t need Fantasia, it’s nothing more than plaster walls.

Elijah shows up at Fangtasia at Tara’s request. She shows him Ginger laying unconscious on the desk and asks him to help. Tara wants to know if the girl is dead and what should she do? When Elijah leans in to check to see if she’s still breathing, Ginger stabs him with a silver stake. Tara chops off his head. Ginger starts screaming. Pam arrives and can’t believe what they did. Tara explains that nobody fucks with them and their house. They aren’t going to run.

Dinner, mice and TBBN

After Steve and Russell dine on a Greek frat house, they dance to Katy Perry’s tune, “Teenage Dream”. Russell tells Steve that he imagines the day when they will own both the night and day by walking in the sun. There’s a way and it’s in close proximity. Steve wants to be there too.

Sam tries to get in contact with Steve Newlin. Luna arrives and bitches at Sam about how she got banned from the police station and how the local newscast won’t run a story on Emma. She wants to reveal all about the weres and shifters, but Sam tells her not to. Sam shows her that Steve will be in New Orleans that night for a summit and debate. Luna wants to go, but will they make it in time?

Steve appears on TV in a summit debate with a congressman, who suggests that there is a vampire faction who are really behind the bombings. They want to do away with Tru Blood and go back to the ways of murder and bloodshed. (If only he knew how close his guess really is.) Steve denies it by saying it’s a conspiracy theory. Russell and Emma watch from the Authority headquarters.

Somehow Sam and Luna arrive in NOLA and shift into mice and sneak into the green room at the television station. They check Steve’s phone to see if there’s anything about Emma on it – only to be interrupted by Steve and Roslyn and appear to vanish into thin air. Steve arrives back at the Authority headquarters, where an assistant has found little Emma in human form. Steve doesn’t like it and tells Emma that ‘daddy doesn’t like her in human form’. Does she want Nigel to eat her? Emma cries that she wants her mommy. Steve tells the little “punk” her mommy doesn’t want her anymore. Emma runs away from Steve, who follows her. Meanwhile, Sam and Luna as two little mice scurry out of Steve’s briefcase.

And now the stuff we really care about…

Born-again Viking

Bill grabs a drop of Lilith’s blood. Eric is brought in wearing handcuffs. Bill wants to save Eric because he saved him. Eric refuses and Nora has to help Bill force feed Lilith’s blood into Eric’s mouth. Nora has some too. They both hallucinate and see Godric instead of Lilith, while Bill watches from the security room. Godric tells them that Lilith is a God-less God. She will lead them to destruction. Eric begs Godric to save Nora. Lilith appears behind Godric. Eric wants Godric to fight her, but it’s not Godric’s fight to fight. Lilith rips open Godric’s throat while Eric and Nora watch in horror and then they grieve.

Salome arrives with Nora, Bill and Eric in tow. Eric confesses that he was wrong and that he has been shown the way through a vision of Lilith, where she killed his maker, Godric, who he admits is a false God. It must be Lilith who they must obey. Eric kneels down and gives thanks to Russell for his mercy and forgives him for his sins against Eric’s family. They are made again. They are brothers now in the eyes of Lilith. They are of one in her blood, they must lay down their swords against one another. Eric kisses Russell’s ring. Russell accepts and then says that he’s getting the better end of the deal.

Nora thinks every new vampire should read the vampire Bible. Eric points out that every old vampire should as well, if they want them to accept Lilith. Russell wonders how they should be expected to take their rightful place in the heirarchy, when they are helpless for 12 hours out of the day. It’s the way they were created. Russell thinks it’s not the way they have to remain. The legends are true. The blood of the fae allows them to daywalk. Russell reminds Eric and Bill they have drunk from the same fairy (Sookie). Eric reminds Russell that it only lasts for a few minutes. Russell wants to harness the blood so they can study it. If they can recreate human blood, why can’t they do the same with fairy blood? Salome disagrees. Russell and Salome face off. Russell wants to shove a drop of fairy blood in Salome’s pie hole. Salome saved Russell and can put him back in the ground. Russell throws her across the room.

Russell reminds them he’s over 3000 years old. None of them are strong enough to beat him. He renounces Lilith and their religion. He wants the sun. Russell vanishes, while Eric and everyone else is frozen in fear.

Sookie, Jason and the Dead Fae Scrolls

Mike Spencer shows up at Sookie’s door. Mike is now a vampire, who attacks Sookie. Sookie uses chopsticks (from her meal) and stakes him. Andy comes to Sookie’s house where they speculate on who turned Mike and when. Mike liked to keep autopsy photos along with his porn. Suddenly Sookie doesn’t feel as bad anymore. Later on Andy meets Holly at Merlotte’s, where Lafayette cooked a special dinner for the two of them.

Jason goes to Sookie’s. They start looking under the bed to investigate who killed their parents. Jason finds a box hidden beneath the floorboards. He pulls out a rolled up piece of paper with some writing on it, they can’t decipher. Sookie and Jason go to see a professor to find out what it says on the scroll. He tells them that it’s not in any language – at least in any human language, which gives them an idea to visit their fae relatives.

Jason and Sookie drive down the highway, where Jason sees Hoyt’s truck. He turns on the sirens and pull him over on the side of the road. Hoyt reads Jason’s nametag and asks if he’s related to Sookie. Hoyt tells him that he’s on his way to Alaska. Jason remembers a time from when they were kids. Hoyt wonders if his mama put Jason up to it. Jason lets him drive away, returns to his car, where he begins to cry.

Claude and Claudette attempt to decipher the scroll, but the writing is too old for them. They get another fae who is 500 years old to come and take a look at it. It’s Maurella, who is very pregnant. (Congratulations Andy, you’re going to be a father!) She explains that it’s a contract. She uses her powers to decipher it. It turns out that John Williams Stackhouse on the 5th of August 1702, grants the first born fae-bearing female heir to one, M. Warlow. (Jason and Sookie’s parent’s murderer.) Jason wonders who the first born fae-bearing female was. Claude said that there hasn’t been anyone until now…Sookie.


The Final Word

Overall, this episode wasn’t the best one of the season, IMO. But these are my thoughts on this episode.

They could’ve had more Eric in it (but then again, when have they ever had enough?) I hated to see him give in to the Authority, but don’t worry…I call it, BALLSHIT. Our Viking is playing Russell, Salome, Bill and the rest of the Authority like a violin. You can see it in his eyes. He knows he will have to bid his time and wait for the perfect time to plan his escape. Maybe he can even save Nora and Bill too? I thought for sure that Nora would switch sides again after seeing Godric. My heart died a little bit at her words to Godric. Can Nora be saved now? I don’t think so.

You know what Russell on the loose means…Sookie will be greeting an unwelcome dead visitor in the not-too-distant future. I hope that Eric can use the Authority to go after Russell, and end him – once and for all. Speaking of Sookie…it’s not very surprising to find out she’s the first fae-bearing female heir, is it?

Jason was the best character this episode; from saying goodbye to Hoyt, to helping Sookie find the box under the bed, and investigating his parent’s murders. He’s actually turning out to be a pretty decent cop. Who knew? Probably the most heartbreaking scene of the whole episode was when Jason pulled Hoyt over on the side of the road and then started to cry in his car. It’s so sad how they ended things with Hoyt. Poor Jason. He’s lost his “Bubba”. I thought it was interesting they used the name of Bubba, since Bubba is in the books.

As usual, Pam and Tara rocked their scenes. Happy to see Ginger again, even though my eardrums hate her screaming. Most of all…goodbye Elijah, former sheriff of Area 5. Good riddance! Sure Pam…like we believe that you wouldn’t mind if Elijah took Fangtasia away from you. It’s okay to show a little bit of emotion, you know.

Is it just me? I swear that Bill was looking at Eric to see what his reaction was when Russell was talking about Sookie and walking in the sun? He seemed more concerned about Eric’s reaction to Russell’s words, than Sookie’s own safety. Maybe I’m wrong, but it seemed very weird that Bill looked at Eric more than Eric looked at Bill at the mention of Sookie. Hmmm. And speaking of Beehl…didn’t he look like someone familiar in this episode, besides being a total douche? I swear he looked like someone else we may know…

I know who it is…Spock from Star Trek. I didn’t know he joined True Blood… Did you know? The proof is in the picture above. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. See? The similarities are uncanny.

Goodbye Molly! You will be missed. :( While I’m glad I got points for this prediction in our Bloody Predictions, I hate to see that I was right. I really liked this character and wish they could’ve added her on as part of the permanent cast.

Did you notice there were a few characters who-shall-remain-nameless, who weren’t shown this episode? I don’t know about you, but I found it a pleasant relief. At this stage in the season, we need to focus on a couple of stories and not twenty. Less is more, I always say.

What are your thoughts? Please share ’em below.

Screencaps courtesy of SkarsgardFans.com

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15 comments on “True Blood Review: The one where we say, ‘goodbye’

  1. I LOVEEEE what you had to say and I’m SO GLAD that I’m not the only one who noticed the Spock comparison to Bill!!! I nearly died laughing! After Sookie killed off Mike Spencer I was left complaining a bit…..chop sticks! Really???!! What were they lined in titanium so they wouldn’t break as they were penetrating someone’s spine and ribcage? Eric’s scenes with Godric were heartbreaking!! But I agree that he is hiding something and is just waiting for his time to pounce! I’m holding out for the last two episodes…surely they will be better right!

    • LOL I got that vibe as well when he walked out with that tight sweater and pin, and especially when he was operating the cameras – creeping on Eric and Nora’s trip, hoping they’d make out? xD creepy beehl strikes again.

    • Doncha know that the laws of physics are absolutely suspended in Bon Temps?

      Actually, I think that when it comes to wood and Vampires, it actually is supposed to go in like titanium when wielded like a stake but eh, who knows unless you run lab tests or maybe ask Buffy?

  2. Perfect summarization, and your comments are dead on..I had to laugh a little about Mike Spencer, after all he lasted a lot longer on the show than in the books so he had a good run. Jason was really on his game this episode, making me even more concerned about the picture of him in a grave with Jessica and dirty being thrown on them. Looking more and more like they are going to turn him..There aren’t going to be many “humans” left in Bon Temps at this rate. And what is with a 50 minute episode? That is just a cheat for the viewers…

  3. Perhaps my favorite scene in this ep was of course, involving Eric. When Russell mentioned daywalking, which ultimately meant going after Sookie again, Eric’s face was just so…..frackin….EMOTIVE…My heart broke, it really did. Throughout the season, we have seen (albeit subtlely) that Eric still very much loves Sookie, and this reinforces that notion yet again.Alexander Skarsgard showed so much without ever saying anything at all. as we all know, he’s a master of that. Such a dangerously quiet intensity there…he looks like he’s about to implode…I hope he can get out of there and go to Sookie…

    • Yes! Eric’s face when Russel whooshed out to probably go after Sookie, is so damn emotive! While beehl is looking shifty at Eric and back and much less worried. Ha! You big Viking, you wuuuuv herrrr :D (beehls face kind of shows he doesn’t like it or expected such a big reaction from him)

      • I roll my eyes so much re: Bill and Sookie that I’m getting eye strain. TB needs to get over itself with BS. It has expired. It’s stinking up the show.

  4. Of course Beehl is going to look at Eric when Sookie is mentioned by Russell . He has to be worried if Sookie is going to get in trouble and he has to be the one to save her. God I really hope it is Eric that saves her and not Beehl. The Beehl and Sookie story is becoming very boring and not just because I’m a huge Eric and Sookie (who on this site isn’t). Come on Alan Ballsack it time to get off that train and make the show interesting again. You’ve been off the track for to long.
    I’ll miss Jason if they kill him off. I can’t see him being a vamp.How many hair styles has Beehl had this season? Random I know, just wondering.

  5. Thanks Erica for another great review of this eppy. I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the reference of Beehl and Spock. When watching the eppy, I knew it was someone, but couldn’t put my finger on it!!! LOL……..Also, I enjoyed the pic from In Living Color of my favorite two gay guys, I bet they gave this eppy a Z-snap for sure.

    I thought that Jim/Hoyt was going to leave the show, cause I read an article somewhere that he got a fulltime gig on a network TV show now, so I kinda figured he was leaving, at least they didn’t kill him off, so I guess if the other show gets cancelled, the doors open for him to come back to Bon Temps.

    I truly believe that Eric and now Nora and even Bill all are non-believers in Lillith, but Bill is still on his own side of it with his power play and Eric will have to “snap him out of it” and back to reality. I think all the Russell hunting Sookie thing will bring them all on the same playing field to save Sookie, but in the process Eric will have to save Bill too. (Yuck, wish Russell and Bill would just mutually stake one another and be done with it)

    I know we are going to have a whole lot of loose ends at the end of the season and have a lot of unanswered questions (which in turn the writers will forget about answering next season) along with that big cliffhanger ending. Then all of us poor souls have to wait another 9 months to see what happens.

  6. good review .. thanks

  7. Yeah the difference between Bill and Spock is that Spock would be absolutely horrified at Bill’s actions and he would laugh (if vulcans laughed) at the concept of Lillith. While he would respect Bill’s right to believe, he would pick apart the logic or lack thereof.

    Anyway… here’s what I wonder, Sookie has a 3000 year old vampire after her and some whackjob named Warlow. She also has fairies who appear to be good and willing to care for her in ‘fae’ where Russell can’t reach her. Anyone see the gaping plot hole? Yeah. Though so. Think they’ll have Sookie go hide out in fae while Russell goes looking and that’s going to be her second missing ‘time’? Think Eric will go a little nuts? Yeah. And no, I’m not surprised that Sookie is the first fae bearing female. Hookey storyline is hookey.

    I still say Lillith is a delusion brought on by poisoned blood. Sticking to that.

  8. I’m REALLY hoping that the lack of Eric/Sookie interaction throughout the season will cumulate into something big in the last 2 episodes. My shipper heart can’t take too much more. It HAS to happen..especially since we saw his look of sheer horror and dread when Russell left to pursue Sookie.

  9. At least Eric is not in 2nd place anymore, Bill is definitely going to take this one.

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