Blood Work: Kreepy Koronor

Well, first off sorry for now posting this last week. The only excuse I really have is that I am getting ready for the fall semester of college.

One of my favorite lines comes from Brian about Sookie’s house and it went a little something like this:

Brian: “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this show is all about a cute Southern girl trying to keep her damn house clean”

They miss Molly as much as do, she was one cool vampire!

Brian: “And they killed her. Bill fucking killed her”

Andy like the ‘undercover mice’ and wants a TB version of Mouse-hunt starring Sam…lol!

Andy thinks Emma as a puppy is like ‘the cutest little bitch ever’! So funny!
Now, come on he was talking about the wolf pup! ;)

So cute!!

I loved their ‘Whatever Sookie’ moment!

Bill is still in their Kreepy Korner.

Enjoy the video below.

We here at Eric and Sookie Lovers want to know who was in your Kreepy Korner this week? Sound off below.

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8 comments on “Blood Work: Kreepy Koronor

  1. Thanks Nymerias for reminding me to watch Andy and Brians’ commentary for this past eppy. I was kinda of suprised that the rated the eppy so low on the Grace Jones scale!
    But I guess the guys were really bummed out that Molly met the true death and Hoyts’ leaving Bon temps etc.

    For some of our followers on here who think that Brian is all anti-Eric, please watch this video, as he even picked Eric as his favorite this week. Also he and Andy both said that he (Alex/Eric) was a really hot guy, so ‘enuff of this they are only BL’s.

    All in all, it was an OK review, not as exciting and funny as some of the others they’ve done but it was OK.

    • Yeah I think they were as confused as everyone else as to what is going on. The episode was all over the place. I am glad Bill is still in the Kreepy Korner and he might remain there.

  2. Yeah, bill, you stay there and look in the corner and think about what you’ve done!

    i agreed mostly with the guy on the left – sorry don’t know his name- he also seems like a non biased guys towards the main characters, unlike the guy on the right is more likely a bill lover (and sam, and alcide.. ) hahaha :D

    And guys, Sookie can’t rescind no invitations ’cause she is living in ERIC’S HOME ;)

  3. I totally agree with their rating this week. I thought this was one of the worst episodes yet. I’m so over king Beehl. We need some serious Eric and Sookie interaction!

  4. LOL!! and i agree with them! creepy Beehl stupid Sookie and i want more Eric preferably shirtless but naked is fine too :P

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