Two quick sneaks into ‘Sunset’

Once again, we are being treated to a few sneaks from HBO for this coming Sunday’s episode entitled ‘Sunset’. If you don’t want to know, then do not scroll. I know you are watching though. ;)

Clip 1 “An Very Expensive Meal”



Clip 2 “Jason Stackhouse: *******?”

Soooooooooo, what did you think of both clips. Sound off below!

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20 comments on “Two quick sneaks into ‘Sunset’

  1. Love both clips~ they show me what kind of a Vampire William Thomas Compton
    really is~ he’s NOT a man of his word, he’s a LIAR .
    In Season 4 he thanked Jason for saving Jessica’s life from stopping her from
    walking into the Sun~ he told him he’d never forget what Jason did.
    And now he thinks that Jason “is nothing more than Food”
    He’s drunk too much of Salome’s blood!!!
    The second clip tells me William Thomas Compton could/should be sentenced
    to the Final Death for his statement of Treason concerning Russell Edgeington’s
    being Dead~ Bill Compton lied,he is no better than Benedict Arnold if you ask me.

  2. Bill did lie about Russell being dead, But so did Eric,(ducks and runs for cover), I just think if they find him guilty of treason that they would say Eric was too.
    Loved both of the clips. Now we did see in a sneak peek that Jessica was in a grave with JAson and he had bite marks on his neck aand she was saying forgive me.
    But in another clip he’s with Sookie in Fairyland club , he is dirty and has bite marks. Maybe there is hope Jessica was just trying to fool Bill? We can hope. I wouldn’t put it past AB to make him Vampire though. He was turned into a werepanther in the books….. No wait AB never follows the books so looks like Jason is safe! yay!

  3. From your lips to Gods’ ear all4eric……..I really don’t want Jason to be turned either. I mean they’ve already turned Tara so I don’t think that will happen. I think that showing him in the dirt grave with Jessica is a red herring like they’ve thrown at us so many times before. I think that this clip with Jessica and Bill is a set up by Jessica in order to save Jason after her discussion with Bill. I can’t believe that Bill!! It makes me wonder now that he is truly serious about being a follower of Lilith. At first, I thought he and Nora were playing along with Eric so that Eric could be safe from the true death. Now I just don’t know…………..

    As far as the military getting involved I can honestly say that I can’t believe they waited this long to do so. I don’t want Eric to be put in jeopardy, but I think the humans need to get some control in this situation and start saving humanity.

    I, on one hand, can’t wait to see what happens on Sunday nite, but on the other hand, I don’t want to see the season end on the 26th either……… Come on Eric, put your plan to work and get back to Fangtasia and the girls (Pam and Tara).

  4. I’ll second that Redthang, Lets get the Viking back where he belongs. With is daughter, grandaughter, LOL and Sookie. I also can’t wait for the next 2 episodes but don’t want it to end either. I have always felt Bill was bad. A coworker and I have been fighting over this since I finally got her to start watching the show. (Yes, I am a maker LOL), She just loves Bill and is so disappointed he is, in her words, acting so bad. When I went through how bad he really is, Sookie beaten forced to take his blood many times ect. She was pissed. So even a Bill lover can see it. There might be hope for BL’s yet.
    Also as for being charged as a traitor, after thinking about it who would charge them with treason? The Athor ity? The’ll all be dead soon enough and they could all be charged with murder.

  5. I also can’t wait til Sunday night. How ever I do so hope this episode is better than the last. We all should remember that what they show us is never what we think it is. I do hope (forgive me for using that word),Beehl stays bad. If it’s just an act to get back with Sookie I’m done. I’m so over the Beehl and Sookie show. It’s time to make the show interesting again. Beehl just doesn’t do it for me any more.
    On another note who the hell is in charge of doing his hair? They need to hire someone that knows what the hell they are doing.

  6. Somebody needs to kick Bill’s butt off!, Eric needs to hurry and get back together with Sookie! I haven’t been real interested in this seasons show, not like season’s past! I do wish that these show was closer to the books!!! I love the books! I’m sure I will be disappointed in the last one that comes out in May! I’m sure that Sookie & Sam will end up together ( GOD I HOPE NOT! ) I sure will be disappointed if they are! Eric & Sookie has been together thur out the books, I hope they have a happy ending together and not apart from each other!!!! That’s the only reason I kept on reading those books was because of them!!! NOT SAM!!!!

  7. I think the thing with Jason will be part of the cliffhanger along with this contract Sookie has on her. The contract will probably be part of next season. Problem is if another vamp has a contract for her I don’t believe any other vamp has rights to her. Only 2 shows left, but this season has been a real bummer. It’s had some good parts, but then a lot of it has just been awful. I like the show better when the core characters are together mainly Sookie and Eric. I have almost given up on TB and I have started reading Black Dagger Brotherhood which I love. I also think it would make for a good series (without Alan Ball-he would f**k it up).

    • Maybe the blood bond with Eric will void the contract? If it does, it will no doubt piss Sookie off because it’s out of her hands.

      • Well, the contract was signed way before the blood bond. The way this show has been going Bill would just the Knigt in shining armor anyway. AB could have used the blood bond this season if he wanted to. It sure would have made the season a lot more interesting. As it is it is going to look stupid to use the blood bond next season since the didn’t use it this season.

        • I think a blood bond would nullify a contract much the same way you cannot force a wife to testify against her husband. The date would be irrelevant at that point. In otherwords, Blood trumps contract. As for using the blood bond this season, AB hasn’t introduced the contract until now so if he was going to use the blood bond in this manner, he would not introduce it until this point if at all in S5.

          And I didn’t say it was a GOOD storyline. I simply said it was an option. (Bring up crack storyline possibilities for TB does not mean you think they are good. It means your expectations have fallen so low you think anything is possible)

      • I don’t know about blood bonds, but I’m sure the contract will be quite null and void if Eric stakes his @ss! ; -)

  8. Meh. Not one shot of Eric.

    Now we do see that beehl does believe all that Lilith crap and is truly enthralled by her and the power. So no real master plan except for eating all the humans ’cause they’re just food you know?

    Jessica doesn’t actually want to turn Jason, I just know it. She just wants to get out of there to warn him etc, but it’ll go horribly wrong ’cause beehl will probably say ”sure, I’ll come with ya, didn’t drink from that soda fountain across the cemetary for a while” and her plan is ruined. Or something.

    • Maybe Jessica and Jason will help Eric and bring down the creepy Lillith groupies? I know, I know. Bill is her maker but it’s sure a nice dream.

  9. Wow. I think even the Bill fanatics would agree that he’s really gone totally batsh#%. He was alone w/ Jessica–and he was letting it all hang out! No master plan there, just plenty of crazy! It actually makes me uncomfortable that he’s not even trying to lie or act better anymore…it’s like he feels freed up to be how he’s really always wanted to be about humans–even Sookie…she’s not even special to him as half fairy–just “human”….just wow.

    Where are they going w/ this? I think maybe all the way. I think Eric “trying to save his humanity” equals Eric stops him from draining Sookie. We shall see.

    • Well Kristen I guess we will find out Sunday. I still can’t see Ballsack letting go of Beehl and Sookie. Although it would be nice wouldn’t it?

    • Actually, I don’t trust AB not to pull another fast one and ‘redeem’ Bill at the last minute. He’s going to pretend that Bill was playing to some hidden camera while with Jessica and that he was really ‘good’ the entire time. That this was all deep cover including betraying Eric and that his ultimate goal was to ‘protect’ Sookie and bring down Salome and Russell.

      You watch. This will not go down with Bill as the bad guy. It’s just too soon in the series. If we were at the series finale point, maybe but not with another season on the way. Somehow, Bill is going to be the ultimate hero and Eric will have nothing save Pam, Tara and if he’s lucky: Fangtasia.

      • So, they would really risk losing more than half of their audience? There is no way any of that would make sense, how is the bombing of the TruBlood factories in anyone’s best interest? Bill really has lost his mind, there’s no greater plan. If AB manages to redeem him after all this, he’s just as crazy.

        • But that’s just it. None of it makes sense. It rarely does anymore and I don’t trust AB to just leave it that way and allow Bill to be a ‘bad’ guy. Do I think Bill is a bad guy? Yeah. Do I think he should remain one? Yeah. Do think AB will do the right thing and keep him a bad guy? No. He’s going to institute some Deus Ex Machina finale bull that will justify Bill’s actions and make him a sort of dark hero because he always does.

  10. I don’t understand why they still say based on the Sookie Stackhose series. The show has trailed off the books so much you don’t even see any resemblance any longer. The reason people enjoy the books is Sookie and Eric’s relationship and the weird stuff they get into. Why can’t AB see that. He’s losing his audience that have a passion for the books not his idea of what the books should be.

    I give up I am going back to reading about my other favorite vamps Black Dagger Brotherhood. Nothing wimpy about those vamps.

  11. At this point I don’t even care if they go back to the books. We just need some Eric and Sookie together time and no more Beehl. They can make up all the bullshit stories they want just so they give us some Eric and Sookie. This whole season has been so boring. It just doesn’t feel the same to me. Eric can rescue Sookie from Russell. Beehl can become infected with vampire aids from drinking all of Lilith, be put in hospice, and next season Eric and Sookie can fight Warlo. Sounds like a plan!

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