Bloody Predictions: Week 11

I think I might speak for all of us and say we are happy last weeks episode is now “Gone, Gone, Gone”… especially in terms of our little game here. You know… the one where we try to predict what we might see in this coming week of True Blood. *Facepalm* On that note, lets see how well, or bad, we did.

This past week made my heart race more than normal as I almost tossed up 3 goose eggs for my score. Until I was saved… by Russell. His attempt to redecorate the Authority headquarters by tossing Salome threw a column helps net me 5 points.

As for Nymerias, she will be picking up 8 points. She was spot on with her prediction about Mike being a vampire. And Luna, while she didn’t shift into the Dead Rev, gets Nymerias points for getting into the Authority.

Erika, sadly gets points because Molly was iStaked and even though she was cute… became goo. Her prediction of what happens after Steve and Russell’s “dinner date” is close but no cigar, because we will never know what happened. So no points on this one.

Our missing comrade Evie *waves at Evie on vacation*, is only collecting partial credit for Nora “seeing” Godric and Lilith. Sadly we don’t know if she listened to her “father” yet.

I believe this is the first week were none of us received double-digit points. At least we all “suck” at the same time. Ah me, and we only have 6 more predictions to make over the next 2 episodes.

Time to lock and load our predictions for the second to last time.



  1. Pam and Tara take control of Area 5 with or without the Authority’s blessing.
  2. Eric will finally be able to get out of the Authority compound and make his way north thanks to the “date night” crisis with the military.
  3. The Jason/Jessica scene will be a cliffhanger till the finale



  1. Bill will drink ‘all of her, all of Lilith’ and kill Salome so he can be in control for Lilith.
  2. Jason will be near death, Jessica will attempt to save him by turning him but the fae save him.
  3. Tara will start to be punished by Rosslyn but Pam will stake her.



  1. Jason is hurt and the fae save him.
  2. Sookie finds out more about the contract between her family and Warlow.
  3. Bill drinks more of Lilith’s blood and gets into a fight with Salome.


Evie being on vacation and not able to submit any predictions, she wont be eligible for points this week :(


Now it becomes who is more right then the other, we only have 2 more Sunday’s before we crown our winner. So place your bets now…


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Really, there is never enough Eric... I'm loyal to the Viking, no matter what. I will love him whether in Book, Show, and just because... my first thoughts are of him and I close my eyes to dream of him. As far as I'm concerned, the night can not get here soon enough.

12 comments on “Bloody Predictions: Week 11

  1. We really did suck last week with our predictions. Let’s hope we are better at it this week! ;)

  2. Nymerias, there were several predictions listed that I didn’t even think about. I like the one with the Fae saving Jason. I do not want him turned and if he does get turned I will be very disappointed (like THAT has never happened with this show!!). I also didn’t think about Beehl taking out Salome so he could take over the whole shebang.

    Several other predictions I hope come true, i.e. Eric escaping the authority etc. Well, only one more day to wait to see what happens. Good luck to all of you on your choices.

    • There is a scene of someone rising from the dirt, which everyone thinks is Eric. Maybe that’s how he escapes or something, I hope he finds a way out.

      • Oh yeah, the hand and the back in the promo? Many people think it’s Eric how I hope it’s true!
        How hot would that be? Oof, will need to keep ice cubes ready if it is Eric… my my.

      • It was the 3 day promo right??? I think I remember that

        • Yeah i think that’s the one. I’m not sure it’s Eric though, wasn’t clear at all.

          But if it is, I can already see the bloggers make gifs to compare Eric rising from the dirt ever so sexily and beehl looking like a total earthworm (icky graveyard hump)

          • People also guessed it was Jason because of him possibly being turned, but he was in his uniform and that person was obviously shirtless. It really looked like Eric to me, but you never know.

  3. where did you see someone comming from the dirt???? was it an earlier promo, iv seen them all i don’t remember that!!! and new to the site, but always go on and love it!

    • It’s a recent promo for the last couple of episodes, but it goes by pretty fast that anyone could miss it. I only noticed because someone posted a screen cap of it in FB.

  4. Nymerias, I think you are right on with your predictions!

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