HBO Go Interactive Videos: True Blood Cast Talks “Sunset”

The sun has set on the 11th episode of True Blood. Time to find out what the actors themselves had to say about what happened during this episode. Alex mentions a little something which will make your Eric and Sookie lovin’ hearts SQUEE! And if you’re concerned about the Eric/Nora reunion sex, find out what they have to say about it. (You shouldn’t be worried at all, judging by what they said.)

Watch the videos below!

“A Complicated Victory”

“Make-up Sex”

Hope these videos give you some kind of hope for the finale in regards to Eric and Sookie.

Special thanks to pbarteacher and K4Kimber for the You Tube links! Gif courtesy of fangnation.tumblr.com.

To watch the rest of the cast, please click here!

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31 comments on “HBO Go Interactive Videos: True Blood Cast Talks “Sunset”

  1. come on!!!!!!! bring on eric and sookie already!!! I cant take it!!!!

  2. I’m just glad he didn’t say he had to save Bill, all I know is there is supposedly an amazing scene involving all three of them in the finale. Why do I still have my doubts it will be anything we like?

    • where did you see that? because how would they even all get together, they are so far apart in the story

      • I read it somewhere. I don’t know how it happens, but we knew they would all likely have a scene together in the end. I just can’t promise it’s a good one, knowing our luck, it will involve Sookie and Eric trying to save Bill.

      • I’m pretty sure it was in an interview with Ballsack at comic con. He said the last scene will be between Eric, Beehl and Sookie.

  3. We do know that Ballsack wrote the last episode. I’m really not expecting any thing good to happen between Eric and Sookie. We’ve been slapped to many times to hope for a Eric and Sookie happy ending.

  4. Well, at least he actually goes to her. I was screaming at the monitor that he better go save Sookie. How could the writing team be so dumb as to scatter their main attractions so far apart for the entire season? I really had no idea that would happen. Half a season, maybe, but I expected them to be out of that godforsaken basement like 6 episodes ago. This whole season has just been a mess, but at least we know now that Eric still cares about Sookie. That’s the little seedI needed to even come back next season. I probably won’t be excited, but we can hope they pay attention to the backlash and bring the next season a little more like the previous ones that really worked. At this point, I’d say as a whole season 3 was the one that worked the most. Season 5 is truly a walking shell.

  5. Yeah, well, I watched and does it make me have any hope? No not really, as I’ve seen with the show time and time again, they really like to let the fans down. I do hope that Eric is going to try and save Sookie cause we all know that Beehls’ too busy being the bad boy to do anything. If anything at this point, I really want to see Jason succeed in doing his part in saving the fae and humans from Russell as I think Jason has really come into his own this season and he deserves it.

    I’ll just wait and see what next week brings…………..

  6. From the promo it looked like Eric is staking someone in a field. So I have some hope it is Russel being staked by Eric, who’s saving Sookie (her outfit is so horrible though, he’ll have to rip it off of her)

    ”What have these damn faeries make you wear? *rips fabric, gives her his jacket* Ah, much better”

  7. I hope you are right that the final scene is with all three of them together. I saw that interview and I did not take it in that context at all. What I understood him to say is that the final scene would end with a close up of Bill, Eric or Sookie. I didn’t take that to mean that they were all in the same scene together but I could be wrong. It would be fine with me if the final scene just included two of those three people…can you guess which two? ;)

    • Looks as if Eric, Sookie and Bill are together in the Save Yourself promo. Bill is on one side saying his blood puts him above retribution or some such and looks like E/S are trying to reason with him. Not sure of it’s separately or together but the setting is definitely Authority HQ.  Seems like Sookie tags along. Agree with Anja that Eric appears to stake someone in the field. Better be RE (much as I adore Denis O’Hare). If Eric doesn’t get his revenge after all this time I’d be surprised…and incredibly frustrated. Will also be sad if it’s Steve that gets staked because there’s more potential with Steve’s character. Plus I love MicMac. 

  8. Okay, here goes my little piece of conjecture! This might be VERY wishful thinking, but bear with me. Is it possible, with this Warlow contract hovering over Sookie that this is where the marriage thing with Eric from the books comes into play? Maybe that would be the only thing to supercede Warlow’s claim to her? Again, I’m probably setting my self up for some teeth gnashing here!

    • That would be amazing. I like how they just completely forgot about the whole blood bond thing. “You gave yourself to me, completely.” Yeah, for like 5 fucking seconds. There is so much fun to be had if they bring that back, but yeah, this season proves not to expect sanity, intrigue, or fun from our current characters. They’d rather just keep adding new ones that no one is invested in and then killing them off. Cool story, bro!

      • They didn’t forget about it so much as they just didn’t use it because they didn’t do anything really with Eric and Sookie. They completely %100 lost focus of the show. It’s like they got distracted by shiny objects (or not so shiny in this case) and wrote about everything but what was important.

    • I’m pretty sure that’s where they’re going with it, in some way anyway. This week Maurella specifically mentioned that Andy accepted her light into him and a light pact was made….we all know a certain other character who accepted a fairy’s light into them when Marnie’s spell got broken. I’m thinking that wasn’t a coincidence. Think it’s safe to say the light pact will be a way to null and void the contract and a way to throw E/S back together.

    • I’m pretty sure that’s where they’re going with it, in some way at least. In 5.11 Maurella specifically said to Andy that he accepted her light into him and a light pact was made that can’t be broken without being considered an act of war. I don’t think it’s coincidence this was pointed out…since we all know of a certain other character who took a fairy’s light into him when Marnie’s spell was broken. I’m hopeful this will be what null and voids Warlow’s contract, starts some kind of Fae war and throws E/S back together. 

      • Sorry my comment came up twice. First time I hadn’t logged in with WordPress and thought it hadn’t worked. The 2nd one is a bit more articulate so read that one. :)

      • just to make something clear: eric didn’t ‘accept her light’ the way andy did. sookie zapped him cause he was trying to kill bill and she couldn’t bare the thought of a world without fucking bill in it blah blah and literally attacked eric without knowing the consequences.God sometimes i hate sookie so much!

        while we’re on that one, it’s funny how everybody who was hit by her light pretty much flew away except him, he kept standing. (and she wasn’t holding back obviously) He was a little shaken but on his feet – that’s the strenght of our viking :-)

        • Yeah, he didn’t consciously accept it, and she didn’t consciously give it since she doesn’t know what she’s doing, but I think the fact he didn’t fly across the room means he did take her light into him in some way. I dunno, I could be way off and am probably just being hopeful. I just don’t see a point to this Andy stuff otherwise, unless they’re just really short on storylines for him.

    • God, I hope you are right on this one. At least it will get back to the books a little. That should make a good 6 season. But as usually some how Bill will mess that up I’m sure or Sookie will say she loves Bill.

    • Yeah, I posted a theory like this earlier. Eric’s blood bond would void the contract with Warlow.

  9. KRIS, I thought the EXACT same thing!!!!! the entire time the fae was telling sookie how much in danger she was in, i kept thinking, she will be eric’s so he can protect her! now THAT would be a way to end this season! good bye bill!!!!!!

  10. I think everyone is missing on the bill thing!! I think he is “undercover” like a cop goes undercover….making them all think he is all for their cause when he is just biding time till an opportunity comes to fry them all..do not get me wrong I am a huge supporter of Eric and Sookie, but there is more to this Bill story than meets the eye, all which i think will be revealed on the finale!!

    • No, there really isn’t. How would you explain him hitting Jessica and wanting her to turn Jason? He really believes this religious bullshit, there’s no greater plan.

      • And let’s not forget the bombing of the TruBlood factories, that was all his brilliant idea. Not exactly for the greater good, is it?

    • Nah, there’s clip where AB specifically states that they decided to make Bill dark this season because everybody likes the bad guy.

      Weird, right? Because AB making Bill bad? But, uh, I guess they got the memo that no one likes Bill so they thought this would make people like Bill. Which.. uh… no. He’s an even bigger douche which I really didn’t think was possible.

  11. Ahhh you guys, I love your minds :D I could only WISH they are thinking something like Eric’s bond with her would void the Warlowe thing. I’m afraid to give the writers any credit at this point.
    Though we don’t know yet the exact what and how about the Warlowe story, I’m sure next season will be centered around it. And to be honest I can only look forward to it because I think Eric will be highly involved, whether Sookie likes it (read: let’s him) or not, because of the bond and just the fact that he’s so strong and old.

    Also, Sookie STILL lives in her house which belongs to Eric, this needs to come up as well, because quite frankly it is not safe for her (Mike Spencer anyone?) Just all in all, Eric and Sookie must come to an understanding… And I hope it will be a sexy one.

    There are so many things leading to Eric but I just don’t know what the TB writers are going to…(doubt they know themself). Bill is so passe, he honestly needs to be staked in the face and be done with it.

    Eva has a point, this has been discussed last season when she zapped Eric and he regained his memory and lost both spells from Marnie. He actually ABSORBED the light she zapped him with – a first so far, anyone else she zapped flew off, except for Eric, it didn’t even look like it hurt him. He just stared at her strangely (maybe it felt good? ;))

    Damn it if only us, the fans, could have a say in the show… It would be so great!

  12. Oh Alex you’ve done it now, I’m starting to anticipate Eric flying in and rescuing Sookie from the evil clutches of Russell. And if he does. I’ll will actually forgive the writers for that terrible Terry / Fire thingy story-line as I’ll be smiling so much! Alex better not be teasing!

  13. right!! if only the fans could have an input on the show! I agree with you!!!

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