Save Yourself Promo and Inside “Sunset”

Well here we are, almost at the end of the season and this is the last promo we will see most likely. You may want to watch it several times as it goes by super fast. We also have the ‘Inside the Episode’ video!

Or you can watch it here: Ep. 60 – Preview

Or you can watch it here: Ep. 59: Inside the Episode

Well, what are you thoughts on the finale and tonight’s episode, “Sunset”? Sound off below!

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70 comments on “Save Yourself Promo and Inside “Sunset”

  1. this is by far the worst season imo, all this war, politics, and Lilith crap better end in the last episode for this season. I want next season to be all about Sookie, Eric, Pam and hell even Tara and Sookie. We got no scenes with Eric and Sookie, it’s horrible

    • I couldnt agree with you more. I specifically bought HBO in order to watch True Blood and it feels like a huge waste of money. I’m actually tempted to cancel it before the next episode because there is no way it can go more down hill than it already is. I’ve never been more disgusted or disappointed with the path a show has taken than I am with this one. And Lilith seriously…have you never heard of waxing or at least some serious landscaping. I thought the season with the maynaed was bad but I would take her over this crap any day. And Eric not only does he pull a Bill by having magical sex through his pants but then he just ups ups and aways withNORA of all freaking people. They’ll come back next season having been hippies having lived in some freaky commun where they were all about the free love man! This season showed so much promise at the beginning…why WHYYY are you guys letting the fans down so much? Do we mean so little to you?

  2. Jason?!? Really? In the Vampire Authority? Good heavens…he’s such an idiot I think he should’ve been turned just to improve him. Egads.

    I hate to say this but I can’t wait for the finale to get this hot!mess of a season over with. It was insanely boring; even Eric, to a certain extent, was completely boring. And I NEVER thought that was even possible. Oh he had his moments of sheer genius; we got glimpses of why we love him but because he wasn’t allowed to be the strong individual character he is Eric, and definitely Alexander, was wasted. They had so many more chances for Eric Greatness but they squandered it.

    And, since Eric is the only reason I watch this show, talk about a huge let down.

    I loved season 4 because, obviously, it was Sookie and Eric but I didn’t like it because of how they handled Sookie and Eric. In many respects it was my favorite…and my least favorite…season so far.

    This season is now the worst one.

    But my heart melted when I saw Emma locked away….then I got pissed for locking away a child like that, wolf or not.

    • Completely agree with you that they wasted Alex’s talent this season. He barely did anything except listen to speeches and pop his fangs out occasionally. I also completely agree with you about season 4. It was so great, and then, really terrible. I feel like they just erased everything that happened. I honestly have never been a part of a fandom that’s gotten kicked in the teeth like this so badly, and I’ve seen some serious vitriol thrown at showrunners before. In this case, I don’t think they understand how badly they’re screwing over their fanbase. I really don’t get it.

  3. BTW I started out as being very excited about Russell being back…that is completely gone. Stake the bastard and get it over with please!

    • You know they say that it’s really hard to talk with the fangs in their mouths….man..Russell had the lisp from “heck” tonight while in the field.


  5. the whole season was horrible, the only episode I liked was “Let’s Boot n Rally” they better redeem this show next season, if its not focused around sookie’s story like it was in all the other seasons then I am done.

  6. Well, one thing is for sure, this season just makes me hate Bill even more with every episode. I have never wanted a character to die this much before, and he can take Russell with him. Along with Steve and the rest of the morons at the Authority, burn the damn place to the ground. I hope this means Eric and Pam will finally have another scene together since she’s now trapped there, I’d rather him save her than stupid Bill. He is beyond saving.

    • Wow, they really thought turning Bill dark would make him more likable? These writers really don’t have a clue, if anything, it’s doing the complete opposite.

      • I’m guessing (because I really don’t have a clue at this point) that they thought some of Eric’s bad boy mystique might apply if they turned Bill dark?

        • They should know by now that Bill could never be anything like Eric. He makes it work, Bill’s just an idiot.

          • Not disagreeing with you at all. I’m just trying to work through the logic or lack thereof. I think the only way they could make Bill likable is if they sent him to Peru.

    • I think there was a spoiler which said that bill sookie and eric have the last scene in the season. so I guess the love triangle from hell continues (oh please not)

      • And the cliff hanger will be….enny meany minny moe….will it be Eric or Beehl? Then we will wait nine months …Sookie decides to go with Beehl. No thanks I’m done,

  7. So Bill actually IS a religious crazypants? How is AB going to write himself out of that hole?

  8. bill will never be eric!!!!!!

  9. Well I couldn’t agree more with all of you that commented before me. This season totally sucked! Ballsack said it in the “inside the episode” that this season was all about Beehl. How could we all think that maybe it would be different. He still has his hard on for Moyer! Who wants to bet that Eric saves Beehl from the dark side and there is going to be a Beehl and Sookie happy ending. Please I think I’ll go blind and I’m pretty sure I’m done with “True Beehl”. I’m so pissed that I can’t even see straight. They think if they give us Eric and Nora having sex that all will be forgiven? Not at all! Excuse me while I go barf now.

    • I make a prediction…..Warlow will end up “saving” Sookie from Russell before he treats her like a box of cracker jack and starts looking for the surprise.

      • Did you hear every time Sookie asked the Elder who Worlow is, the Elder started sentence w/ Russell Edgington? If it’s him that’s so stupid cuz wouldn’t he have brought that up sometime before now?

        • Kristen Kristen…my eternal optimistic friend. What am I gonna do with you. Constantly thinking the best of these stupid writers….(shaking my head sadly)….I think you’re gonna have to share the cell in the looney bin right along side Billy boy…..lol

        • The show isn’t planned out years in advance. It’s written season by season (or by the seat of its pants) so no. If you were expecting them to have referred to Russell by Warlow back in S3? Not gonna happen because 1. It’s not book canon and 2. They only introduced this in S5. So while, yes, this is a perfectly reasonable expectation in most series. This isn’t the way TB is written. NOW, if this were, say, Fringe. You could trace this back to S1 because Fringe does it right.

  10. Do they make padded cells for Vampires that have fallen off their rockers??

  11. Can anyone tell me how to find that video of the True Blood characters supposedly explaining their lisps they have when their fangs are out? Eric says something about how he only has problems with his R’s and so he says Ewwic instead of Eric ….it was HILARIOUS and I really want to find it. After this season I NEED a good laugh!!

  12. I hate to be misled. This was supposed to the “penultimate” episode, and it was just another hour long tease. Nothing happened, except a fairy got drank whom we didn’t meet until tonight anyway. I’ve been dreading Eric getting staked since the first ep of this season and they’ve done nothing to assuage my fears. If so, I think I know how he’ll come back, the coming back being a certainty. But still….cut it out already. I somewhat suspect the next episode is just going to be an hour long tease too. I feel like I’ve been waiting months and months to get staked in the heart. Get it over with already.

    • Well my iStake button isn’t working…is anyone elses?? Smart phone my butt!

    • Yes, yes, YES! This entire season HAS been a total tease. I feel lie the entire Authority/Lilith/Russell storyline could’ve been done in the first half of the season, and then they could’ve come back to Bon Temps and done the second half of the season there and actually, I don’t know, interwoven the damn storylines in a way that made sense. Rushing to pull everything together at the last minute is just lazy and bad. Sookie had zero sex all season… that alone is trivial, yes, but shows a stark contrast to what this series used to be about… FUN. Sex and blood and fun. I’ve had no fun watching this season, and only a few laughs even. I mean, my favorite pair right now is Pam/Tara for Christ’s sake. That’s truly pathetic. They’ve committed character assassination on everyone who’s worth a damn in favor of a terrible, boring plotline that no one really cares about. Never been more disappointed with a TV season.

  13. Don’t know if this is the right place, but does anyone want a new facebook friend? I post a lot of TB stuff but none of my friends like it, and I feel guilty posting Alex pics. (not guilty enough to stop of course) Would like some others who appreciate it.

    • SURE hit me up June…..Melissa Boyd I’ve got a motorcycle with a tan background as my icon! And don’t feel guilty..you’re just trying to give your friends some culture and teach them the finer points of appreciating a gorgeous man

      • I can’t find you, my facebook is famous for saying it can’t find people. I’m Brigette Schoenung ( NOT the one with me and my parents) for you and anybody else who wants to be friends.

  14. I don’t think he intends to… I think Bill will stay dark well into next season, like Alan Ball just said himself–that is how they keep him interesting. Because his self pity party has made watching his character tedious and beyond annoying.

    And while I think they have wasted Russell this season (honestly he should have been running around like this since 3rd episode) and the Authority thing is so, so, so BORING, there are other stories I’m really enjoying.–especially Tara and Pam’s evolving relationship…I was amazed how Pam took the fall for her tonight–loving the relationship evolving here. Also like how Jessica’s realized she loves Jason, Lafayette is BACK, BITCHES, and I love how much time Sookie and Jason have spent together this season. Takes me back to season 1. And don’t hate me, but when Nora’s not insane in the membrane, I love her chemistry w/ Eric. I can’t believe I just wrote that.

    For what it’s worth, I think keeping Eric and Sookie apart is smart in a way. It has fans in a frenzy for more. We got so much last year that when we finally see them together again, it will be electric…in boots n rally–loved that little, tiny bite.

    Could it be that he and Nora save her from Russell? Amazing, if so. And I would think the only reason he appears to go back to authority is to get Pam out or he gets captured again–not for bill!

    I’m still taking the ride, not as thrilling but I still can’t get enough.

    • Kristen sure it would be nice if Eric and Sookie ended up together, but we’ve been on this ride for five seasons now and it’s no fun any more. It’s just giving me a headache.

      • I feel your pain! The magic has been gone for me since the matching robes debacle of season 4 finale. The main reason I watch is because any Alexander is good Alexander.

        It is sad that they’ve made the scope so huge–I mean it’s RIDICULOUS that Bill would be head of the authority and they’d be waging war on humans…I can’t imagine where they go from here next year…at least I’m intrigued to see if they can clean up this mess. Who are they trying to impress, especially when they don’t tell the whole story–like how did Salome get the entire authority and it’s soldiers, etc. to go along w/ her whack job schemes? And why would she put 2 vamps she doesn’t even know in power? stupid. stupid. stupid!!!!

        I’m just relieved there are a few stories I’m still invested in, I guess.

        • Well Beehl could always start his vamp data base and take a trip to Peru. And leave Eric and Sookie to have the relationship they ( and we) deserve. Maybe get back to some of the books.

    • seeing who they constantly have to show eric and nora having sex, its more likely they make them a couple now, I don’t think that there is anything for eirc and sokie, next season, sookie will spend her time saving beel and the writers obviously don’t care for eric and sookie at all.

  15. I do have a big beef w/ this episode–when Pam started talking about nesting vamps, I thought that was the stupidest thing ever to justify Billy…I mean, hello?! Hasn’t the Authority been a nest for hundreds of years? And for many, many, many years, they’ve been nesting and mainstreaming–WTH? Stupid plot device, I’m really tired of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wasn’t that Pam’s moment to go, well when I met Bill he was a psychopath serial killer, so maybe he’s just getting back to his roots.

    I get so tired of writers thinking they can have every story both ways. Like we aren’t obsessing over and analyzing every bit of action and dialogue….oh boy, I do need a life :)

  16. They have to slide in all the excuses they can get away with for poor old Beehl.

    • At least it seems to be backfiring finally…most people who post about show are sick of Billy. And I’ll say it again. I never hated him in the books, even w/ all the bad things he did–but the I hate him on the show. He is so pompous right now, I almost need to change the channel when he comes on. and it’s such a joke that he would be where he is power wise in what, maybe 2 weeks? How the F could he be a chancellor? I can’t take it.

      Someone here called it–lazy storytelling 101. Here we go again.

  17. And book fans, let’s not forget, they were kept apart a fair amount in the books too. Maybe at least we get to skip the Quinn thing in the show….this season is all the separation we will get….right!?!

    better be, dam#it.

    • how can you be so over optimistic, I think next season sookie is going to get back with bill again, she always forgives him and these writers love beel. The writers have already screwed the books and just continue that way, they probably just skipped through the eric sookie parts in the books.

    • I’m pretty sure we are skipping Quinn. I think they combined Quinn and Alcide’s story line and have given Alcide the ‘rebound’ storyline.

  18. Even the Quinn thing would be better than all Beehl all the time. At least in the books with Quinn, Eric was always there too.

  19. I think Pam only took the fall because she knew Eric was there and she wanted to see him. I don’t think Eric will save Sookie, I think maybe Sookie will save herself and the Fae or maybe Warlow comes and takes Sookie, I actually think that would be a good set up because then maybe we will get Eric to go looking for her next season. I also don’t think Bill can be saved at this point, I used to think maybe Eric would enlist Sookie’s help and she would be the one to break him but now I don’t see that even happening. and question when Eric was pacing back and forth in his room before Nora showed up do you think it was because he was worried about Russel going after Sookie?

    I do hope the following get put to the true death in the last episode


    • I’m SURE Eric was pacing because he was worrying about Sookie.

      About the True Deaths, I agree. Add beehl to it though.

    • I agree, I think Pam confessed so that she could be taken in because she thought Eric was still with the Authority.

    • I want like to see Nora die so badly, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen. We only have one episode left, there will be no time for Eric to grieve her death. Hello, the whole season “I love you sister”, how can he not cry to death for his lovely sister’s death?

  20. and what I still dont understand how they are seeing Lilith, I am guessing there is some hallucinogen in that blood

    • I don’t know why they keep seeing her, I just wish I didn’t have to. Geez woman, put on some DAMN PANTS!

      • Who knew it was possible to be BORED with nudity?

      • That comment is so funny, but so right.

      • You know Anja, I agree with you 150% on this!!! I was thinking that maybe “it” isn’t really hers….Let me explain, Anna Paquin said something awhile back and it got me thinking. Is it possible that the actor who plays LIlith isn’t totally nude?, she maybe wearing what they call a “merkin” which is a fake hooha, for modesty. Think about it, we really haven’t seen her totally frontal in a closeup. Maybe that explains why “it” looks so strange, I mean if the hair was any longer, it would look like a ZZ top beard. Just sayin’.
        (Ok, now I’m completely embarassed so I’m running away from the ‘puter.)

        • You’re right redthang914, I’ve heard it’s a merkin as well, but it annoys me so bad!
          I’m no prude whatsoever but that thing popping up and staring right back at me 3! whole times last episode was way too much. It looks like it’s velcroed on or something, and I just wanna look anywhere else but there. (maybe that’s where the pterodactyl-like sounds come from, it has a life of its own, run!)

  21. AAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHH!!!!!! I feel like punching a kitten!

    I’m so damn frustrated and pissed off right about now! WHAT.WAS.THAT.SHIT? Pardon my French but I just watched it and throughout the episode I’ve never felt more tormented.

    So Eric is pacing his room like a caged lion worrying about Sookie trying to figure out something to do – I LOVED THAT, then Nora comes in and spoils the mood he’s in and turns it into some vampire reunion and they have some odd sex, which seems to be the only way they can connect and ground themselves.
    I am aware they don’t feel any romantic love towards one another but I just felt like it soiled the whole ”Eric pacing, worrying about Sookie and then humps Nora”. Gah. At least he made his way out to try to go to her(beehl suspects he wants to run off but who cares). I doubt Nora knows anything about Sookie though, which is cute, she’s in for a shock later. Seems like Eric will be returned to the Authority again and he JUST made it out of there Gah!

    The elder… Dear Godric, I thought that was so damn ridiculous and Disney-esque, I cringed so bad. That was pathetic. Honestly, do they really prefer THAT ”elder” over Niall? Really? REALLY?? I’m embarassed FOR YOU, TB writers.

    Sookie’s outfit was ridiculous this episode, ridiculous, worst ever. It’s like Barbie, a 6 year old and Hello Kitty exploded on her.

    How lame was it when Maurella just popped up like that at merlottes, I saw it coming and it felt forced with Terry and Arlene and the ”did you put that bun in her oven?” crap.

    Now to the really bad stuff… I’m afraid Jessica and Pam probably wont make it. Jessica almost surely. Pam, she can’t… she just can’t.. I just hope Alexander puts his foot down and threatens to quit or something! He did say in an interview that no way he’s letting it happen that he has to spend most of the next season away from Pam. So, hope that’s true and Pam survives, it does look very dire right about now. Yeah, thanks Tara.

    And I was wrong, the ”Sookie!” I heard in the promo thinking it was Eric was Russel.. Damn it, I’m getting so down, it’s like there is no E&S to speak of this season and it aint right. I need to calm down a bit,punch a pillow or something (don’t worry I don’t have any pets, not like I’d harm them though lol) And I’ll be back to rant some more.


      Exactly. It’s like each episode gets exponentially worse based on the episode number. I’m kind of afraid that the finale simply won’t be watchable at this point.

      I pretty much agree with all your points though I do have to say that I think they’ll probably keep Jessica and Pam. Pam because she’s great for those one liners that they can’t seem to make work with anyone else and Jessica because she’s their rich party girl that they can dress up in skimpy clothes. Not, you’ll note, because it makes any sense for the story. Because that would require skill and, you know, a working brain cell among the writers.

      The fairy elder was terribly embarrassing. What possessed them?

      As for Eric and Nora having sex? I’m guessing that TB hadn’t reached nudity/sex quota that episode so they just threw it in there. Whatever writers. This season is a real low point. It’s a good think you have Alex.

      Don’t even get me started on Lillith showing up naked every few scenes telling each person that they are chosen. (yeah, sometimes you CAN have too much nudity) It really is looking like they’re all infected with some sort of toxin. Put some clothes on you whackjob god.

  22. After reading each and every comment posted, I have to say I really feel better about feeling so negative about this season and last nites’ eppy. I think that everyone above has said everything I’ve been feeling and thinking since last nite, so I will just say I 150% agree with all of your comments………Hopeful that next week will put this horrible storyline to rest.
    If the writers are smart (which we all know they aren’t) they will get back to the basics next season, or I fear it will be their last (and my last) as I can’t take much more of the BS (Bill’s Sh*t or Bull, your choice)

  23. Yeah, I’m with redthang914. I read everyone’s comments and agree with most all of you wholeheartedly. This will be the first season that i DON’T plan to buy the DVD’s when they come out. Sad, isn’t it? And, for the person who wants to cancel her HBO, try Boardwalk Empire! That, so far, has been the only upside to my subscription to HBO this summer (apart from seeing Alexander every Sunday!). Until, next week, ladies…

  24. I think Pam took the fall for a lot of reasons. She wanted to get there and look for Eric, and she was protecting Tara. Eric did the same thing for her, taking full responsibility and telling her to run for it.

  25. As far as I am concerned the whole season has been one cluster f**k. The only good episodes were early in the season with Sookie, Eric, Alcide, and Bill were together hunting Russell. I have seen no big shocker this season even thought AB states there is one. All I have seen is just a bunch of Authority crap that I don’t care about. The writers could have done so much more this season then give us this crap. The Authority just went on to long in the season. It was interesting in the beginning but just got dull.

    Also I don’t care for Eric and Nora being together (if that is what they are). And whats up with that damn elderly fairy and her stupid dancing and song issues (that was stupid). About the only good thing that happened last night was Jason didn’t get turned into a vamp and Bill is still an asshole.

    I could go on but why waste the energy if the writers are not going to waste their’s with a good script.

  26. HATE Nora and Eric together. It seems like they’re setting them up to become a regular couple, and then to carry their relationship into season 6. I guess to make way for a Sookie and Beehl reunion?

    • Nora and Eric aren’t even hot. I will stick my remote control in my eye if I have to watch them have sex for another season. It’s painful.

    • No, they don’t have that kind of relationship. The actors basically said themselves that it’s nothing romantic or passionate, they just only have each other to cling to at the moment. I still think she might die in the finale.

  27. I swear i’ll never watch inside the episode again cause i will brake everything around me if i hear ‘bill is romantic hero’ just one more time. AB IS STUPIDDDD!!! AND THAT IS UNDERSTATEMENT!!! His bill boner is gettin bigger with every episode!
    Still i’m sure he knows that everybody hates him and he obviously has to try to change that even if it’s at the expense of the whole damn season actually whole damn show! Here’s an idea AB! In your special mission ‘let’s make beehl lovable’ *vomits* let’s make this season all about him! (like that’s something new but he’s gone too far this time, really) And since we all love eric (cause he’s BAMF among every other things) he tried the same thing with beehl to make ppl love him. Well guess what: badass and bad (as in evil in bill’s case) are not the same thing!

    Bill is blind, narrow-minded, fanatic, dupable, unintelligent, asinine, brainless, dumb, phony,psycho, moron, driveler, asshole, jerk (and i’ll stop cause the never-ending list will start to be inappropriate) who will never be good enough to be loved i mean liked i mean tolerable!

    Also i have to say (even though i used to love him) i’m so over russell now! I get that he’s over 3000 years old but him being so untouchable is really startin’ to piss me off! I mean c’mon that elder was supposed to be one of the strongest fairies if not the strongest one of them plus she was,you know, “turbo-charged” and she didn’t even managed to scare him a bit or give him hard time killing her! It was so lame that he took her down so easily (and yet eric managed to trap him just with one little silver handcuff) I hope eric will kill him next episode cause i feel like he’s the only one who can do it (look at me not being biased at all :-) )

    Maurella thing – totally stupid, Holly thing – booooringggg, Alcide – just a waste of screen time, Lilith- brazilian? no? maybe panties? :S , Salome- her voice equals nails on a chalkboard, Eric- more, more, more! I want more! I need more!

  28. I guess my thoughts are a tad redundant everyone here has said it quite elloquently WTF? I can honestly say even watching reruns over and over again I have never been bored with TB until this season. Bill bores me and frankly its insulting for them to assume we buy Bill as any kind of master mind or leader for an operation of this scope. Bill is at best a opportunist at worst a two bit pimp or for the sake of of extremely articulate writers on TB procurer OOO wait Im sorry the definition of procurer is the same as pimp…I guess you get to glamorize it when you are doing it for a Queen.The authority storyline is boring. Nora annoys me. Salome annoys me. Russell was a fascinating character now he’s a caricture. Every episode with maybe one or two exceptions has had allot of NOTHING going on like people would be distracted by the fact that increased storylines and characters minus a story would fool savy TB viewers. Its sad really I gave TB Writers my respect by tuning in for intelligent entertainment every week and they returned the compliment by bitch splapping me with the incomprehensible..

  29. Nora’s lame.she doesnt do shit and just takes up screen time. She has no chemistry with eric, eric and sookie make the show!! Bring them back!!!! why cant the writers see that this is what everyone wants, and been wanting since the beginning!

  30. Finally Nora has come to her sences and omg why this elder was so stupid i really hope the whole fairies will fucking zap Russel Edgington to death next episode he cant go on to season six!!! i hope Eric&Nora kill Salome and that red headed whats her face chencllor bitch and they free Pan Luna Sam Emma and what not and Beehl FUCK HIM I want him dead so much!! or maybe Lilith will turn the all asshole crazed fanatic vampire group agains each other and Beehl and Salome will kill each other that’ll be fun to watch…..oh and i am over Steve Newlen i hope his f.o.t.s church will come and make him meet the sun that will be a fun ironic ending for him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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