Exclusive finale picture – Tweet for a clip

With only 5 more days to go before the climax of True Blood Season 5, the lovely people over at HBO have decided to tease the fans with this new image from “Save yourself”, featuring our number one vampire and here at E&SL headquarters we couldn’t be more happy with where the viking is!

It’s perfectly fine – we all let out a major SQQQQUEEEAAALLLL when we saw Mr Northman was back home where he belongs. It looks like a serious discussion is going down between Eric and Jason and Tara (double squeal) and Nora (meh). But what are they planning? To kick the Authority’s ass? To rescue Pam and Jessica? And is Sookie still in danger from the fairy-addicted Russell Edgington or is she sitting quietly on the sofa across the room with an extra large cushion on her knee?

All will be revealed on Sunday – and if you want to know more – and see a preview clip then tweet #SaveYourself as fast as you can as when it reaches 100,000 tweets HBO have promised a sneaky peek!

Of course as soon as the clip is available we will bring it to you right here.

Let us know what you think about the new photo below.

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26 comments on “Exclusive finale picture – Tweet for a clip

  1. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! *off to tweet*

    Omg I totally flailed at seeing this! I do wonder if Sookie is actually present, (unless warlowe kidnapped her just now or somethin’), but I think she is (hopefully changing clothes, I can’t get over the fact she was dressed like a 6 year old girl last episode and I’m embarassed FOR HER)

  2. I was so very happy to see this pic!!!! It must mean that Eric, Jason, Tara and (meh) Nora are off to save Sookie from Russell. At least I hope so. You are so right Evie, its’ so very good to see him home again. I mean hes’ been gone for the whole season and it sucked big time.

    I hope the finale is going to be better than the last several eppys as I think this season has tanked (as did last season at the end too). I don’t know what happens to these writers that TB hires, but it seems to me that they “crap out” halfway through the season and then the whole plot goes to Hell in a handbasket every time, like they get so tired of the storylines they dreamed up that they can’t end them so either they just drop them or sloppily end them and leave us flat.

    Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait til Sunday to see.
    Yea, Eric bring your girl home!!!!! (and I don’t mean Nora…bleck…)

  3. Can we just appreciate Eric for a moment…and that leather jacket, and the black tank of doom and the pants, man, the pants…Lord have mercy.

    • Anja – I can always appreciate Eric :)
      I actually was staring at that picture for over half an hour before I could manage to post it. I love the jacket but I will still pray to Godric every night that it gets severely ripped up so that he has to take it off!

    • Compared to the gratuitous Eric/Nora sex we just endured (which I think was only thrown in so we can see naked!Eric because it just seemed so out of place…not that I’m really complaining but it’s NORA! Wrong female here…) this piccie of Eric, in the most amazing clothes God ever gave a glorious man like AS (whew!), in Sookie’s house, is way more erotic.


      What kind of…THING…does Eric Northman AND (yep, AND) Alexander Skarsgard have to make a simple leather jacket, tank and jeans THIS LETHALLY SEXY??

      And why in Heaven’s Name does AB have a hard-on for Stephen Moyer when PERFECTION is standing right there? AB, they are called eyeglasses…invest in them.

  4. I’m wondering if Warlowe has her. Maybe he stopped Russel from killering her, because SHE IS HIS. lol… He might be the only one strong enough to face Russel in a fair fight.

  5. I see Tara is thrilled to be back in that house…lol! I’m guessing Eric and Nora went to Fangtasia first, found out what happened to Pam, and then took Tara with them back to Sookie’s. I don’t think she’s there, though.

    • I think you’re right. Pam is probably still at the Authority compound/temple/looney bin whatever that thing is and Sookie is probably with Russell or the fairies. Either way, Jason will tell Eric who will take his crew to go find her.

      Know who is NOT there? Bill.

  6. its like my dream team only missing sookie and pam in the picture :)

  7. nora get the hell out of there! I want her off the show with bill!! lets hope for sookie and eric finally!

  8. I love this pic! The dream team indeed and Pam will complete the picture. I like Nora and don’t want her dead because Sookie needs to have some competition in order to snap out of the haze from Bill and his poison blood!!!!! Also it would be fun to watch Pam come to grips with Eric having yet another female in his life. The added drama from her learning to live with Sookie and Nora in her life along with the fabulous exchanges already happening with her and Tara……..great possibilities abound! The big question is will the writers squander this rich mine of material in favor of stubbornly pushing the Billshit down our throats? This season has been a huge disappointment for me! Too much Billshit and way too little screen time and good storytelling about my favorite characters (Sookie, Eric, Pam and now Tara). Here’s to hoping for a hail Mary pass for disgruntled and desperate fans of the Viking!

  9. Can’t wait for the Finale~want to see Russell/Steve & Salome die,also Bill Compton.
    Want Sookie,Eric,Nora,Pamela,Jessica,Jason,Terry,Andy,Arlene,Alcide,LaFayette
    and Tara all alive~ also left out SAM,Luna & Emma.

  10. Besides being overjoyed to see Eric in Sookie’s house. I am very glad to see that Jason is okay. I was worried necause he is outside & unconscious that Russell will hurt him to get Sookie to come out…

  11. Yayyyyy!!!! Holy crap Sunday cannot come fast enough. I was hoping Nora would get staked in the face, she annoys the piss out of me.

    I don’t know how they’re going to fit everything in one episode- it’s gonna be another super cliff hanger!

  12. Nora (meh) is right! I really cant stand her!

  13. HBO is probably only releasing this picture because everyone is so pissed at how this season is going. They want to make sure everyone tunes in for the finale. Well, this will be one season I will not purchase. What I want to see from this season I can watch on YouTube because there is so little of this season I would want to watch again.

    I wouldn’t make to much of this picture because you know we always get disappointed in the end. No Sookie and Eric together in the end.

  14. me either! nora’s a waste of a plot! boring! cant wait to see the new clip tho ! hope they show it soon!

  15. I am leery for the picture. Ballsack has never gave us what we want (Eric and Sookie reunited). Until I see it I cannot hope for it. They always disappoint. Unless you are a Beehl lover.

  16. My guess for the episode: Eric and crew swoop in to help save the day. Sookie is sitting on the couch that we can’t see in the pic. Elsewhere Bheel does reckless stuff. Some hilarity and serious stuff ensues with all of the new people trapped in the HQ. Jason comes up with a plan to get Pam out. Everyone teams up to storm the HQ (or else Sookie and Tara stay behind. I doubt it though. Those two are going to have a moment at some point in the ep, most likely.). Somebody is killed in HQ (only safe characters would be Eric, Sookie, Bheel, Pam, and Tara). Cliffhanger involves consequences of storming the authority, LaLa has another crazy witch moment, and Warlo appears. Some possibilities of bad stuff include: Russell becoming indestructible, Sookie sacrificing herself, Jason and/or Jess dying, Bheel becoming the next great evil, Lilith appearing in actual form to wreak havoc, Fae wars (this one would be SO cool!)…and you know what? I’m not going to be pessimistic or cautious. Eric and Sookie are going to have a romantic moment, they are going to want to get back together again, and Warlo is going to appear. I think we’re going to see some tug o war being played between Warlo and Eric next season, with Eric being the p.o’d protector.

  17. Team Viking and team Stackouse are ready to save the world! I´m so impatient…

  18. **************************************SPOILER AHEAD**************************************

    OMIGOD so there’s a new picture floating around you guys! Eric and Sookie next to each other, obviously at the authority looking shocked at something. I squealed so hard, my poor shipper heart is popping out of my chest.

    There’s also a new sneak peek with beehl and Sam. I wish I could post it but I’m sure the admins will put it up soon! can’t wait to see what you guys think.

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