The True Blood Episode with a Thousand Names

You never know what you are going to get with the penultimate episode of a season. So color me surprised when they changed the episode name 3 times. If you recall a few months ago, we first reported this episode would be titled “Finally”, and then it was changed to “The Dead Faerie Sings”, before settling on “Sunset”. This had me raising my eyebrow in concern, wondering if it foreshadowed an episode that would be all over the place with multiple storylines. I was right and wrong. Trust me, its possible to be both when trying to decipher this show.

We had some good moments, we had some ohhh-breaktime-to-refill-my-drink moments, and the bad that made us wish our drinks were 100 proof.

“Game Time”

It seems like play time for our Vampires and various supernatural creatures continues on for another week, and I don’t mean board games. Our first game is mind games, brought to you by the phantom voice of Lilith. It seems like Lilith’s blood is talking to all who are in her thrall in the authority. The Chancellors all believe the blood drenched goddess has told each of them that they are the “Chosen One”. This leads to mayhem and… murder of Kibwe by her former majesty. We also had a mental chess game between Bill and Jessica, though each had different prizes in mind; Jessica saving Jason no matter what, Bill Vampire World domination and Stackhouse snacks (according to him, they are just food now… bastard). Jessica showed both cunning and inexperience when she offered to turn Jason. She quoted Lilith back to prove her point on why she should be allowed to leave to turn Jason, while really just wanting to help save him and Sookie. Bill calls her bluff and sends her back to Bon Temps (via the very convenient helicopter) with guards to turn him. I had a funny feeling that this would backfire on someone, luckily it was on the guards. We all knew that they were going to be in the grave thanks to the moment in the 3 episodes clip. Jessica’s crying her forgiveness to a still Jason was misleading and the perfect cover to disguise his beating heart (slight plot hole for me) from the vampires covering them with dirt before Jason shoots them to goo. This temporary team breaks ways with Jason going to warn Sookie and Jessica heads to Fangtasia, apparently.

Meanwhile in other parts of the compound, we see Nora bluffing Salome beautifully into believing she is still with the Lilith program. Thank Godric, she has broken through her blood haze and seeks out Eric. This leads to what shippers could call a controversial moment where Eric and Nora have sex and plan to leave the authority compound… somehow. When I first watched the scene, I was actually okay with it. I actually saw it as a coping moment from loosing Godric, again. Even if it was a hallucination, it was still a painful moment to lose someone you love. This was also the tip in the battle to “Save Nora”, giving Eric an ally in the compound so he was not an army of 1. I’m intentionally using military terms, because think about it… after being in a battle, what is the first thing to happen to prove you survived? Sex. Yes, I know this wasn’t Eric and Sookie and some would rather it didn’t happen. This is the human reaction, think about it as a Vampire. Also, remember Alex’s video clip called “Complicated Victory”… and don’t hunt me with pitchforks, kay?

Back to my game analogies

Somehow we had a game of ping pong between 1 human and 6 vampires, when the general came a callin’ to the compound. It became a game of who can bluff the longest. General: You bombed the Tru Blood factories. Vampires (Rosalyn): It was terrorists. General: Roman has worked with the US Government for 20 years. We have weapons and daylight. Vampires: We are a Sanguinista regime. General: We have video of Russell and Steve draining 22 frat boys. If I die it will be released to the public. I have to admit it was very ballsy to call a room of Vampires “psychopathic bloodsuckers”. He was a bit cocky and it bit him in the end, or a broken neck courtesy of Eric (after exchanging a look with Nora)… Game to the Viking. The generals death causes confusion and panic with the chancellors, as well as Eric and Nora the perfect excuse to leave the compound. They are going to “glamour” anyone who might know of the tape and fly off into the night after disposing of the security “backup” sent with them by Bill. I do love the look that they share. Eric’s is of inner joy and I am getting warm fuzzies, before it hit me that there will be no more Eric this episode. I was not amused.

Back at Fangtasia, Pam is in clean up mode making sure there is no trace from the death of the fake sheriff and starts explaining the Authority to Tara and why they must be cautious. Pam pulls the “As your maker” to make sure Tara won’t say anything. It’s a smart move and fore shadowy, but we get distracted by Jess’s arrival looking for a safe house, or a half way house for Baby Vamps, as Pam called it. Jess pulled the “I know where Eric is” card to get Pam to let her to stay, and it worked. They had girl time, of course the happy rah rah feeling went away with the arrival of Rosalyn, which ups the tensions as we learn Elijah was her progeny and felt his death. Pam “confesses” and is arrested, to protect her progeny… and maybe find her maker? Jess tried to play invisible but Rosalyn found her and is dragging her back to “daddy”. I find the use of “daddy” to be menacing, because in the South it means something different from “dad”. As a northern transplant myself, I can’t explain it but you can see a reaction when its used “properly”. It actually foreshadowed their reunion, and the backhand that made even a BL want to stake Bill. Jess didn’t deserve it.

Now “playtime” wasn’t just reserved for our resident Vampires. We had mice playing Mousetrap as they searched the compound for Emma. Of course they get caught once they find her… and are mistaken as 2 of the human meals being kept in pens. Cue the dinner bell, and Sam (big mistake) volunteers to be breakfast for the “Dad of the Year”. *Facepalm* We know this won’t end well. But on a bright note, we had a laugh at the “What the fuck are you doing here”s uttered by Pam and Sam as they were escorted by each other on their way to their destinations. Let’s not forget Pam’s “Who the fuck is Luna?” comment!

While all of this is going on, Sookie (after she had a wonderful moment with Jason before he left for work… and running into Jessica) was awaiting her meeting with the Elder. To “try” to learn about the deal her ancestor struck with Warlow. Try is the key word since this Elder had trouble focusing on the “now” and she liked to dance alot. She comes off ditzy, but it could have been the episode writer hiding information in plain sight.. it worked. 30 seconds in, I wanted to get rid of her myself. During some of her “clear” moments she tells Sookie that her ancestor was a creep, that her destiny and Warlow’s are intertwined…..all followed by a few lines that raised our hackles. We all take exception that an Elder told Sookie is preprogrammed to like vamps.

“There is a reason you find vampires irresistible. The reason you slut your heart out to every cute guy with fangs”

This really pissed me off. Sookie is not a slut, period. I take exception to this word very much, especially when it’s used to describe Sookie. GRRR. Though what the Elder says makes sense for someone from an older generation. “We don’t speak of these things”… which is true, interracial relationships were not well thought of by some of the older folks… in this case interspecies relationships. Then we went into the “you will be tested”, ”dark is coming”, and our favorite “a faerie is safe as long as they keep their light”.  Of course as an Elder was about to give actual info, Jason arrives and tells everyone that Russell and Steve are on hunt for Sookie. The Elder was extremely… focused… on the fact that Russell Edgington was alive. I find this curious. The Faeries are in a panic, but Sookie is done, done hiding and she is ready to fight. She pretty much sparks a revolution to stand up for themselves against Russell. The Elder and almost all the faeries (Marella not included) are gung ho for her plan. I was proud of our girl, rallying the troops behind her cause.

The plan involved Jason “guarding” Sookie’s house (really Eric’s since I don’t think he has signed the lease over). This allows him to be *wink* caught *wink* by Russell and Steve to lead them to the faery trap. Russell and Steve’s reaction to the scent of faeries was priceless. Time for the final part of the plan to go into effect… Of course all plans never work out in penultimate episodes. This one went awry when the Elder decided to pinch hit and take on Russell on her own. She ended up down 2 strikes when she knocked out Steve and Jason (by accident) before striking out finally with Russell drinking a fully faery to death. Giving him visibility of the club… and its inhabitants. Not good at all.

What I liked about the episode:

  • Sookie and Jason moments, it warms my heart to see them interacting.
  • Lala’s “I’m a bitch, not a snitch”… I am so keeping this line in the future.
  • Anything Pam says.
  • Eric smiling. I missed my Viking
  • Rosalyn… strangely… she entertained me this episode.
  • Bill, being shown as we know him to truly be.
  • Twitter reaction to Lilith. You guys truly crack me up on there.

What I didn’t like:

  • The Arleen, Terry, Holly, Andy, Alcide screen time. I don’t see how those story-lines are relevant right now… but somehow it will be? I doubt this, though it was nice to grab a refill.
  • The lack of Eric on my screen. Eric flew off into the night before we were 30 minutes into the episode. This is unacceptable.
  • Jessica being backhanded. No words necessary.
  • The episode was less then 50 minutes for the second week in a row. Again, inexcusable.

*Scratches head* I believe I covered everything. Yes, this episode was a bit all over the place. But each time I’ve watched it (six times to prep for this review), I’m starting to see how the multiple threads are hopefully weaving together before the end of next week’s finale. Call me delusional if you want, or just a really really good puzzle solver. Or just in need of a stiff drink.

Till next week.

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Really, there is never enough Eric... I'm loyal to the Viking, no matter what. I will love him whether in Book, Show, and just because... my first thoughts are of him and I close my eyes to dream of him. As far as I'm concerned, the night can not get here soon enough.

12 comments on “The True Blood Episode with a Thousand Names

  1. Great review. I thought the episode sucked. For some reason I thought it would have been better. This is turning into True Let Down not True Blood. I’m so tired of the Beehl shit and nothing else. If the last episode isn’t better, I don’t think I can watch next season. The only reason I watch is for Skarsgard, and that hasn’t been enough to save this sinking ship.

    • Thanks, I try to be tongue in cheek with some of it. I was good for most of the season, but the lack of Eric the past 2 eps are making me twitch.

      Though I think the finale will be Eric centric because we’re getting his getglue sticker this week

  2. […] last thing…B wrote this week’s episode review titled, “The True Blood Episode With A Thousand Names”! Read it and weep! (Yes, it’s very tongue-in-cheek because the episode title changed so […]

  3. Thanks B for giving us that great review of this eppy. You actually made it sound more interesting than it was. I agree with everything you said about Eric and I agree with you that he wasn’t shown enough (again) this last week.

    My hope is that all of us won’t be as disappointed in the finale as we’ve been the last several seasons and maybe give us something to look forward to come next summer
    (Eric and Sookie).

    • Hahahaha…. I try. Sometimes I’m more successful then others, plus 6 times… I need an award or something :)

      The penultimate anything is always disappointing because it’s the set up for the end

  4. Great recap! I really liked this episode. I’ve been impressed with Angela Robinson as a writer. Bill backhanding Jessica was pretty much the final straw for him this season. There is no way he is in control of what he’s doing, he’s a weak minded idiot (a lot like her human father probably) I haven’t always warmed to Jess but I really feel for her right now. I too loved the Jason / Sookie moments, it was a good move by the writers to have them share so many scenes this season, and has done Sookie the world of good as a likable character. If I wasn’t so firmly Team Viking, my favorite character this season would be Officer Stackhouse. I still can’t believe Eric flew off so early in the episode and never appeared again. I kept expecting him to turn up in Bon Temps any minutes and didn’t want it to end until he did. Hopefully the finale will make up for it with lots of viking.

    • Yeah, the maker/child relationship is supposed to mirror the parent/child relationship and having Bill backhand Jessica (even if vamps can absorb that sort of hit) is really telling. I sort of feel for her because here she thought being a vampire would get her away from her abusive religious father and she’s got another.

  5. This season it`s been a disappointment for me, there are a few things that i like: Eric and Nora (hot), Jessica-Jason-Hoyt plot even the goodbye, Lala of course and Pam-Tara. But the Alcides plot pack boring, and the Terry-Arlene thing also boring and to long for my taste. And they kill the Guardian to quickly, the Lilith thing also to long. I hope we get to see more of Eric/Alex at the finale

  6. great review.. i agree with all. I really hate the slut word used with Sookie, and the slapping of Jess from Bill crossed a line. And from the south myself.. yes the word daddy sometimes can make me cringe.. thanks for the insightful review !

  7. You know it really sickens me think about how desperate we all are for something good to happen on what has turned into a pretty shitty season. We all pretty much hated Tara before she was turned. We all wanted her to die. Did someone listen to the fans of the show and decide they had better change things on that path? Every one seems to love the Sookie and Jason interaction this season. Hell we better because if we didn’t have that what would Sookie be doing? There would just be more of the stupid stuff that we have no interest in ie… Arlene, Terry,Holly and Andy. We see and hear about the lost boy Beehl and it makes me wonder. What Ballsack and company up to? I can’t be good for us Eric and Sookie lovers. Have they ever listened to the fans. Ballsack said he doesn’t care what the fans think. He is all about Beehl and Sookie, always has been and always will be. So he’s leaving the every day running of the show to move on. Thank God! Maybe this ship can be righted, or is it to late and how much AB kool-aid has the writer of the show swallowed? As far as hoping for good things to come, we all do it and have done it for season after season, to no avail. Maybe this time? I’m not holding my breath. All I know is we need more Viking screen time. Sorry for the rant I’m just about at the end of my rope. God I need to get a life.

    • luvvamps I agree with you completely. Their biggest mistake is how they strayed from the books. I always assumed that the majority of fans that watch TB are book readers and feel real disappointment in the direction the show is taking. I’m not sure how they will be able to clean up the mess AB is leaving behind. :( Sadly I’m getting more excited about the new Supernatural than TB.

  8. Good review. I for one agree with you about the Nora/Eric sex scene. She was sobbing asking “what are we going to do?” and he said “I’ll find a way to get us out of here.” There’s emotion in every scene on this show, and for once, I actually felt sorry for Nora. I was okay with “slut your heart out”, which is not being a slut, but falling in love too fast. An affliction I would be happy to have, if only there a few cute guys with fangs around. Personally I hate Rosalyn. All of the Authority who so quickly changed their “deeply held beliefs” in order to survive. And bitch hurt Pam, that’s enough for the true death as far as I’m concerned. I think it’s clear that Lilith that is turning them all against each other. I presume all the power goes to last man standing, which I suspect will be Bill. He may just take them all out without anyone else lifting a finger. I have suspicions about the ending, but I won’t say in case I’m right. Anyway, the stories are now all starting to dovetail in the finale. Notice the words “starting” and “finale”, completely unacceptable.Next season, I expect a full blown war between humans and supes. When someone else takes over a show, it usually goes down hill fast. But if Ball has lost his touch, someone else coming in may be a shot of adrenaline. We’ll see.

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