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As if yesterday’s teaser image wasn’t enough to wet our appetites for Sunday’s Season Finale, today HBO have released further stills from the episode and the first short sneak peek clip. (Note this is not the clip they are promising when we reach the target of 100,000 #Save Yourself tweets).

Check out the pictures below and rejoice as Eric and Sookie finally share another scene. They are both looking pretty horrified so let’s hope that they have finally realized that Bill is beyond redemption and they can ride off into the sunset together (well, a girl can dream).

And here are a couple more of our favorites:

You can check out the other images at tvline.com here as well as the new sneak peek of Bill and Sam at authority Headquarters.

As usual any thoughts on what you see are welcome below!

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58 comments on “HBO Release New Finale Images

  1. These new photos of what’s going to be happening on Sunday’s Finale are interesting.
    The photo of Eric & Sookie look they see Bill and he’s too far gone to be redeemed.
    Pamela & Jessica are waiting for the calvery to come charging in~wonder who’s coming
    to their rescue?? Will it be Andy & Jason??
    Can’t wait for Sunday’s Finale.

  2. Yay thanks Evie! Seems like Eric is gonna be a very busy boy in the finale.
    Notice Sookie is crying, I hope she finally sees the evil Bill. But I’m worried these are tears for him and she still wants him back…

    Oh I can’t wait to see Eric and Sookie interact, she better not be a b*tch towards him now, he doesn’t deserve it in the least (nor has he ever deserved her behaving mean towards him anyway) The angst!

    • If AB meant it about Bill ‘going dark’ then he better put up and let Sookie see it too which means that Sookie will wise up. I don’t think she’d cry if Bill voiced his opinion about her being food. I imagine she’d be kind of pissed.

      • Yeah. The thing that gets me is that WE see what Bill is really like; convenient for him, he’s able to hide his true self from Sookie because she doesn’t get the opportunity to see the real him (for the most part) because it happens when she’s not around.

        Lovely, huh? AB is doing such a great job of taking care of our Sookie. **rolls eyes**

        • Or she sees and makes excuses like he did it to protect her which is worse. I am hoping that if they intend to ‘have Bill go dark’ they are going to let Sookie see it and have her NOT make excuses or have her easily forgive him. They need to stop using that one particular ‘get out jail free’ card because it’s been played way too many times. It’s no longer believable and it really does make Sookie look bad at this point.

          If Bill is going to be a villain then have him BE a villain. I mean, you don’t see Sookie forgiving Russell.

          • I agree. And they can only use the ‘But Beehl’s her first love!’ excuse just so many times. There is NO excuse for forgiving that a-hole over and over and over again.

          • @Snarkland

            ” ‘But Beehl’s her first love!’ ”

            I know, right? Sometimes I feel like I’m watching TrueBlood _ The Amnesiac Edition because it’s the same line over and over again.

          • If they can dismiss Jessica and Hoyt so easily, being first loves and all, Bill and Sookie should be no problem after all the shit he’s done. I find it hard to believe they would take him in this direction if he was meant to be with Sookie, the woman can’t be stupid forever. I definitely don’t understand how she could take him back after what he’s done to her friends and family. There are no more excuses.

  3. Do we dare to hope that AB will give us a nice leaving present …love the photo … it’s only natural that TB Sookie is upset seeing Bill like this..she loves him after all (eye roll) but on the other hand at least she saw that Eric remained totally sane and to be honest if she still after all this sees Bill as her true love and soulmate than she can have him….our Viking should move on to better things

    • Yep, completely agree Maja. Eric doesn’t need a woman that will continue to do that.

      • Even so, I have no interest in the next season if it involves him being with Nora. They’re fine when it’s brief, but I don’t want an actual relationship to form. I still say she might die in the finale.

  4. Love all the sneak peek pics…very curious about the Nora, Eric, Tara trio. They are, more or less, children/great grandchild of Godric. Pam rescue, perhaps?

  5. looks to me like sookie and eric are holding hands in that photo…..im really excited to see them together.

    • omg I wish they’re holding hands, but it looks more like she’s holding on to his lower arm (I’ll be happy if she’s touching him at all)

      • I agree, it looks like she’s holding onto his arm, even holding him back a little? They’re probably looking at Bill and looking a little horrified?! Can’t really blame them there. I always feel a little sick and horrified looking at Bill. Nice to see that they kind of have matching jackets though. That’s cute.

        • You’re right, Larissa. It looks almost like she’s holding him back a little or just her hand floating in front of him (there are bigger and slightly lighter versions of this pic, on which it’s a bit more clear).
          I’m just glad she changed clothes, in the last episode she looked like a 6 year old about to go to a Barbie-themed birthday party.

          We do get worked up very easily, I hope we wont be disappointed. Hopefully we get an extended sneak with Eric in her house soon.

          • I think she is grabbing his arm to not to fade of the impression of seeing Bill bullshit. I love that pick E&S together at least for a moment :)

    • I know Charlotte! I saw that they were touching and I squeeled! That just makes me so happy! Please be all defensive and protective of Sookie in front of Nora…that way Nora knows that Sookie has his heart! :)

      • i hope for that too………i dont like nora very much, so i want her to see how much he loves sookie

        • geez we’re kinda pathetic! just the possibility of them holding hands got us so worked up! Gosh we need so little to be happy!
          I’m like a little puppy right now! I could run, scream, jump…!!! Breathe Nina, breathe (btw that’s my real name :-) ) ohhhhhhh Sunday you can’t be here fast enough!!!

          But i also have to get it together cause i don’t wanna go through last season finale hell again

          and btw i’m also worried that tear in sookie’s eye means she still loves beehl and wants him back blah blah though than at least i would know i’m done with this show. Dump eric once because of beehl-love *vomits* – your mistake, do it twice – my mistake!

          • If they had Sookie take Bill back it would be the laziest of writing EVER. They haven’t laid any foundation for that at all this season. They’ve had pretty much zero interaction There’s no angst. No build up no nothing. Zero payoff. Bill didn’t even get to give her puppy dog eyes and cry about his humanitah.

            I think they’ll have Warlow kidnap Sookie and both Bill and Eric will go looking for her either separately or together depending on whether or not Bill is still an evil douche or I guess I should say, the magnitude of douchery Bill is exhibiting.

        • Nora was horribly wasted, wasn’t she? They had a wonderful opportunity with her to essentially give us another Pam and instead they gave us THIS version of Nora. Not only that they gave us this corrupted version of the brother/sister relationship instead of the wonderful relationship that Eric has with Pam. In addition, I really, really wanted Nora to be the awesome inside link that was going to rescue Eric because he was FAMILY and instead she was a total letdown. Why AB? WHY? You know, it’s not necessary for everyone to have sex in order for them to care about each other. Sheesh.

          • And that’s why she’s likely going to be killed, there’s just no point to her being there anymore. But really, there can never be another Pam. No one could ever take her place.

      • I’m simply happy that they are in the same frame. How sad is that? Touching is a bonus!

        • I completely agree Larissa. We just need to see them together! Touching is gravy (very very yummy, gooey, bad-for-you-it-makes-your-insides-tingle gravy). :) My favorite.

    • Oh god,don’t tell me they are touching. My shipper heart won’t take it. I dare not even look to check, I get myself so worked up!

      • Ditto Evie! My shipper heart is still breaking over what Sookie did at the end of last season (darn you Sookie!).

        You know what’s REALLY bad? AP has a tendency to address a lot of her lines to SM even when she’s talking to other people or a group of people at once; must be that love thing IRL (LOL). I was watching ‘Let’s Boot and Rally’ (still LOVE the part when she threw up on Alcide’s shoes) and she was looking at Alex a lot too.

        And I noticed that the first time I saw the epi. And it made me squee! I think it shows, not only the deep friendship that AP, SM and AS have for each other, but I also think that Sookie is FINALLY looking past a lot of the lies that a-hole Beehl and seeing Eric for who he really is…ALL of Eric, during and after amnesia.

        Now whose reading into things?? LOL (Let me live blissfully ignorant and romantic…)

  6. Hoping against all the shit this show can do to turn everything horribly wrong, like they do every season and screw up a potentially great season finale. I am waiting til Sunday but not getting my hopes up. We’ll all see then whats’ going on.

    May season 6 (with Ball gone) bring the storyline around and bring it back to the basics of what the real story is in the books. Probably too much to ask for, but I hope Mark Hudis listens to all the fans out there, cause after all the reading of other sites too, everyone is pretty fed up with this crap storylines.

    • I do wonder what they were thinking or smoking that they thought these plot lines would be interesting for folks who have been tuning in for Eric/Sookie (or even Bill/Sookie) when we got neither this season. They even attempted to tease with Sookie/Alcide which VERY few people wanted and then didn’t even pony up with that. They gave us a bunch of secondary character pairings and the authority. Who CARES? It’s boring filler shit that usually takes up time between Eric/Sookie – it’s not supposed to be the primary season storyline line.

      Did they sit around drunk and write this season or what? I don’t get it.

  7. yes! yes! i want nora to see how much eric loves sookie too! shes in for a surprise hopefully! i want them to end the finale with sookie being erics damnit!

    • I want the blood bond between E&S ;) that will be so much good, i dont even care if she still caring for Bill, as long as she is married to Eric :)

  8. I can’t wait to see how this goes but not getting my hopes up . I hope Sookie & Eric are together in the end . …….. I would love to see Nora face if this happens {meh} . What a waste of story line to me with her ? I hope we get a happy ending on this and find out who is Warlow .

    • I don’t think Nora has a romantic love for Eric anymore than Eric has romantic love for Nora. They have sex because it breaks the tension, because it feels good and because they do it to reconnect.

      But the real reason for the sex scenes is this: They needed a way to get naked Alex on the screen this season and they couldn’t figure out how to do it since Sookie wasn’t speaking to him so along came Nora.

  9. One can only hope that not only is Eric and Sookie holding hands but that the blood on Eric means the end of Russell at his hands/fangs!

  10. Sookie is probably talking to Bill and holding Eric back from hurting Bill. Bill my have Sam while they are talking and Sookie is crying because she does not want Bill to hurt Sam. I don’t that it is romantic. It could be Jason Bill has. At least Sookie will see the real Bill and maybe Eric can remind Sookie how lovable Bill is.

  11. Now isn’t this interesting, that the photo they tease us with, a couple of days early I might add–is of Sookie and Eric and she is holding on to him! Because AB KNOWS WHAT THE FANS WANT AND HOW TO DRAW US BACK IN.

    I remain cautious about what they will actually do w/ the follow thru, but I believe it’s no accident and that they know what MOST fans want and it will make the reunion that much sweeter that we had to wait almost a whole season to get it.

    Also, I’m pretty sure they are looking at Bill since they are both looking down. heh heh heh.

    I’m afraid to dream after last season’s finale, but I’m pretty sure it can’t be worse than that at least….unless seeing Sookie breaks Bill out of his religious bullsh#%. Then I will have to vomit on my television and I hate to ruin it.

    • He’s too far gone that I doubt even she could break him out of it, but you never know with this show. I don’t think AB is in charge of what pictures get released.

      • Even better, maybe HBO will put the pressure on AB and Hudis to give the fans what they WANT!

        Tammy, this is hilarious! We kind of switched places, now you are the one who’s more positive and Beehl’s bs. Maybe they have finally accepted that his hypocrisy is NOT entertainment! I’m behind you all the way in your assessment :)

        • Oh, I’m so not positive at all. I keep dreading the fact that AB is writing this episode, and it being his last one, I don’t have much hope that we’ll get anything we want.

          • I’m scared to, definitely in “can’t look away from the car wreck” mode now. It will be bad enough seeing Bill get the best of Salome, a vamp thousands of years older than him….I can’t even think about him suddenly changing his mind in the finale…it’s certainly a possibility after what just happened w/ Nora snapping out of it…of course, the difference is that they have slowly over the seasons, built the case that Bill has a huge ego attached to his dark side….getting drunk on power and religion and turning full blown monster is a logical leap.

            Whatever is going on, I don’t think Sookie will just take him back. I just don’t buy them as the HEA of this show. It’s more likely Sookie will end up alone or w/ new character, not holding my breath it’s Eric for her either.

            Maybe Sookie’s crying cuz she’s realizing she isn’t special enough to save Bill from himself. Also, I’m afraid he’s threatening someone she loves or has killed them already. Uh oh.

            I see Bill dying at some point on the show, that may be the only way to bring him back full circle to being redeemed–maybe next season.

            Then again, maybe Lorena will appear to him and kill Lilith and tell him, “you know you’re my bitch boy, now carry on w/ the two faced, wishy washy, sorta guilty feelin’, serial killing, so the audience can continue to pound their heads into the wall that you seem to be the head vamp of the universe, even though every other vamp on this show could kill you w/ a look.”

            Oh good, I’m not bitter.

      • Sorry I meant to type about Bill getting busted for his bs. (sleep deprivation is a terrible thing)

      • The show has drifted so far from books at this point it wouldn’t be impossible for AB to have Bill drink one of the fairies and take in their light and be ‘cured’ of his darkness so Sookie can ‘be with him’ again.

      • And if he is in charge (but i’m with you on that one Tammy) i’m sure he didn’t release pictures of beehl cause in his mind that’s the most interesting and the most important thing which you don’t reveal to make ppl even more curious, and since E/S are not thaaat important – let ’em have a sneak peek – that’s just how his ignorant mind works i think :-)

        but who cares anyway?! i can’t stop staring at that picture… :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

    • They are going to do that thing with Sookie´s light on Bill to snap out of that Lilith craziness, but maybe it wont work ;) though Allan Ball has a bromance with Bill. But I hope that Eric&Sookie have a good season finale

  12. I am just so happy to see Eric home,

  13. OMG Pam waist! she look so gorgeous all season. I love Eric’s daughter. Well the whole family is amazing. Eric is the best maker viking vampire. I hope that we get to see at least 5 min. of E&S at the finale, and let us hope for a future together in season 6

  14. You guys have to see this clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tiOCCJJv5U&feature=colike I LOVE ERIC childish calling names with Jason LOL

  15. Another tweet battle ladies, tweet #killbill


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