Bloody Predictions: Week 12

Who said a friendly competition wouldn’t liven things up. A few weeks before season 5 started, we here at ESL decided to challenge each other and see who is the best could predict what might happen on True Blood. The game make 3 predictions a week and collect point (5 for full credit, 3 points if we were slightly off, 0 if we were no where close). The prize… bragging rights. After 11 weeks, it comes down to this last Sunday to see who claims bragging rights over the other 3.

For the last time, we are opening up a vein. In the name of our Bloody Predictions!

Before we get to our final predictions, here is how we did last week. Depending on where you are in the world (Hawaii anyone), sunsets can be pretty spectacular. For us in terms of our True Blood predictions… it sucked. Nymerias, Erika, and I only collected 3 points… each. It was not our finest moment… but it definitely makes this week that much important. Or Bloody.

On that note… let’s lock down our predictions to see who will save themselves…


  •  The death toll includes these following characters: Russell, Roslyn, Luna, and Salome.
  • Eric will save Sookie from Russell outside the fae club.
  • Bill will NOT be “saved” from Lilith even though Eric and Sookie try to save him. Big Bad Bill will continue on in Season 6.


  •  Bill as ‘the chosen one’ will stake Salome so he can have all the power.
  • . Bill will savagely kill Nora thus eliminating this ‘so-called’ bromance between him and Eric and getting them back to where they belong, enemies! It works better that way.
  •  Luna, Rosslyn and Russell will meet the true death. Russell at the hands of Eric,finally getting his revenge and saving Sookie at the same time, an added bonus. (Hey a girl can dream right?)


  • Eric will kill Russell.
  • Bill will kill Salome.
  • Bill will kill Nora.


  •  Eric will kill Russell.. with Steve being killed during the fight.
  • Alcide becomes packmaster
  •  Sookie will finally find out who Warlow is.

And that.. is that. I sense a slight theme with a body count… may it all come true.

What do you think? Who is right, who is wrong? More importantly, who do you think will win our little game?

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Really, there is never enough Eric... I'm loyal to the Viking, no matter what. I will love him whether in Book, Show, and just because... my first thoughts are of him and I close my eyes to dream of him. As far as I'm concerned, the night can not get here soon enough.

39 comments on “Bloody Predictions: Week 12

  1. I really hope Luna doesn’t die, but I fear you guys may be right. I have a bad feeling Sookie might end up killing Nora, it would be just like this show to do that and drive Eric even further away from her. I guess we’ll find out soon enough, I’ll just be glad when it’s over.

  2. I think it is all right ,bill will kill ever b character and Eric kill Russell and and Luna will die and Alcide will be packmaster

  3. Does anyone else wonder if they will introduce Quinn on th show? Before the season ends? It was about this time in the book when he showed up? Just wondering. As for the predictions I like what Nymerias predicted. I hope Nora it out of the picture so Eric and Sookie can get closer. Kinda sad for the season to end even though so far I have liked this season the least.

    • They confirmed at comic con that Quinn was not in their plans… I for 1 am grateful cause I don’t really like him. I think they built some of alcide with some of his characteristics

    • Alcide got Quinn’s story i.e. the rebound after Eric and B has pointed out that they aren’t bringing Quinn in. There have been several plot threads that they’ve dropped from Book five. Besides I think ‘the authority’ BS was their lame attempt at the vampire politics from Book 5. The problem was that they left Sookie entirely out of it.

    • I’m glad Quinn won’t be on the show. I’m already sick of him and his “babe”. I wouldn’t want to hear it too.

      • Ugh, he’s the reason I can’t stand that word now. I fear if some guy actually called me that, I might slug him…lol!

  4. OK, the point I’m at is: “Who cares what happens?”.
    What I’d like to happen is:
    * Sookie kills Russell because she has “seen the light” and becomes bad ass.
    * Bill kills (in no particular order) Nora, Salome, Luna, Sam, Roslyn and then realises he has lost his “humanity” and is also having a bad hair day, he stakes himself AFTER Sookie has seen him kill Sam and finally agrees with Eric that Bill is scum (also that Eric is better in the sexual department)
    * Emma goes on to become a Vet
    * The fairies go to classical dance classes
    * Bon Temps becomes a home for completely normal humans (as if!)
    * Sookie and Eric move next door to Pam and Tara, the four of them have matching bath robes.

    I can but dream!

  5. I have to go with Erika. Her predictions, give us the best hope for a Eric and Sookie season six. Especially the prediction that Beehl stays bad. Ahhhh,,,, to have that part be true would be music to our hearts!

  6. I hope you are all right!!!

  7. I, too, agree with Erika’s predictions, they sound about right. I really think they will carry badass Beehl into season 6 also. I really don’t think that he’s just going to snap out of it that fast (and if he does, thats’ just one more reason that TB has lost any creditability that it has left, which is pretty much zilch as it is…). Of course, the Warlow part of the story will also be carried over, I think thats’ what they’re going to use for the premise for season 6.

    As I’ve said all season, we’ll wait til Sunday nite and see what happens.

    • I agree about Warlow. They just can’t wrap it up in the finale. That would be so incredibly weak. It’s like build up and build up and then… fizzle.

  8. Who will win, I wonder? Since our predictions were so awful last week and hardly gained us any points, I bet Evie wins and she was gone on vacations!! I will be LMAO

  9. Yes, Luna must die so Sam can go sniffing around Sookie’s skirts again. It was too good to be true that Sam had a great woman that he was interested in that wasn’t Sookie. So yeah. Luna must die. Sucks that an innocent woman has to die so Sam can renew his creepy interest in Sookie.

    Bill will kill Nora as Nymerias pointed out which will destroy the pseudo bromance.

    I think Erika is right in that Bill won’t be saved and will stay evil into S6.

    I can’t decide on Eric/Sookie yet.

    • If she dies it’s because no one on this show should ever be happy. I don’t see this Sam going after Sookie again, that ship has sailed. Besides, there’s no point since it will always lead right back to Bill.

      • Hmm, you might be right. I guess I have so little faith in them that I can see them doing just about anything.

  10. Maybe Jason will kill Russel, because Sookie didn´t seem grateful to Eric. Bill will kill Salome and will stay evil into S6. Tara will forgive Sookie and will be happy with Pam. Nora will go away. Who is Warlow we will see in the next season.

  11. Here’s mine:
    1. Nora will save Jason by staking Steve while Eric’s going to save Sookie & faeries from Russell.
    2. Nora will sarcifice herself to killing Salome.
    3. It’s too late,he drank Lilith’s kool-aide & ends up killing everyone.

  12. I guessed Salome dug up Russell and I was right, so I’m going to go out on a limb again and say: Eric’s going to kill Nora when she loses it and tries to kill Sookie. She was losing her cookies in that preview with her “you smell like something I’ve dreamed of” or whatever it was. She is so totally unstable. This is going to drive a wedge between Eric and Sookie next season until he comes to his idiot senses.

    I don’t think Russell is going to be resolved this season unless it’s that all the fairies blast him at one time and fry him.

    The characters that are going to die are Salome and Rosalyn for sure. I think Tara might go and I honestly can’t believe I’d ever say this, but that makes me a little sad. I enjoyed her as a vampire.

    I honestly can’t make a Bill prediction. I can only hope they stake him because Mr. Moyer wants to stay home with the twins. Although, I have to say, he’s done an excellent job turning Bill into a total and completely creepy fanatic this season. He really showed his acting chops. But I don’t think anyone’s kicked more ass than Deborah Ann Wohl this season, except maybe Kristen Bauer van Straten; they’re probably neck and neck.

  13. Yay! I have a few supporters I see this week! :D Thanks! I hope my guesses are right!

    Mine made the most sense to me, and AB did say that there will be a cliffhanger. So I imagine Big Bad Bill and Warlow can’t be wrapped up in a one hour show, where they might get 10 minutes max of screentime. LOL (That is the reasoning behind mine ;))

  14. Carrie Preston has me properly terrified. She says, “We all sit around a table and read the script outloud, when a character leaves the show or dies, there is a big round of applause for the actor. Let’s just say there was a lot of applause from that table.”

  15. I’ll give it a shot:

    Obviously Sookie is the show and will live, though it will be a close call.
    Jason will live and continue becoming more hateful of vampires. Next season, I think we’ll see him stop screwing around, and maybe get married.
    We will meet Warlow and one of the characters will know him, he’ll become the primary villain next season.


    Will snap out of it when Sookie is in danger (if Ball doesn’t want the audience to give up on him completely, and he doesn’t, he’s gotta start pulling him out of it fast).
    He may attack someone to save her.
    He may kill Nora, and the bromance with it. Eric will go back to being the “bad guy” of former seasons. I think that’s pretty guarranteed actually.

    This is where it gets scary. I’ve been afraid all season that he would be staked. If so, his method of return will be Sookie. You remember when Russell was carrying around tureeen o’talbot because he thought Sookie’s powers could bring him back to life? I think Sookie may desperately wish for those powers she hated this season.

    Or, Salome or Bill try to stake Eric, and Nora jumps into front of him, also returning him to “bad guy” status out of pain and anger. Eric might also kill his sis to save Sookie, resulting in the same thing.

    Salome might try to stake Eric, Nora jumps in front of him, and Salome goes nuts having killed her best friend/lover. Either Eric or Bill will finish her off.


    He’s too much fun to kill off, but they might do it anyway.

    The Authority : all dead. A new government will have to be set up next season.

    Sam and Luna:

    Luna will die, and Sam will adopt Emma.


    Will save the pack and become pack master. His father will redeem himself.

  16. And that is our game!

    *whistling* I feel like I know a secret right now.

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