Inside “Save Yourself” and Final Thank You

Finished watching the blood-thirsty, shocking ending of True Blood Season5, “Save Yourself”?  Find out what Alan Ball and Michael Lehmann had to say in this last and final edition of “Inside The Episode” for the season!

Watch it below!

Or you can watch it here: Ep. 60: Inside the Episode

Since this was the final episode with Alan Ball at the helm, he also shared a special “Thank You” message to all of us! Watch it below!

For those who are HBO Go “challenged”, here’s the “Bonus Scenes” exclusive to HBO Go!
Jason, Tara, Jessica, Nora, and Pam head up to the roof, where they run into more storm troopers, and we find out someone else knows someone by the name of Warlow too. ;)

Here’s a short one, where Jason sees his parents.

Now that you’ve seen it…what do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts about the episode below!

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94 comments on “Inside “Save Yourself” and Final Thank You

  1. I’m still in shock. Aside from an Eric/Sookie reunion, I think we just got our number one dream come true. Bill Compton is dead!!! Shall we dance on his grave? *YAAAAAY* I think this is going to mean more screen time for Eric and it leaves that whole triangle thing as more of a straight line. I give it like 4-5 episodes before E/S hook up in season 6. Seriously, why didn’t they change the game sooner. I feel like everything interesting happened in the last 30 minutes of the finale. Made the season for me, hands down. And I will be watching this one again, let me tell you!

    • Yeah but he’s not really ‘dead’….he’s still going to be around next season. Sigh. I was so hoping he’d stay goo.

      • But he is dead as we know him. He’s something completely different now, and there’s no turning back from the goo thing. This isn’t Bill, it just has Bill’s shape. I’m cool with that, because I like Stephen Moyer.

        • Exactly, he’s Billith now…lol!

          • I have a bad flair, that Billith will be star of season 6. I don´t want it!

          • Oh yes, we all know it will still be all about the Beehl and Sookie crying over him. After all it has always been The Beehl Show!

          • @danielik25 and @luvvamps

            He will certainly be the bad guy which means he will get some screentime in that respect and he will be mentioned off screen A LOT. But keep in mind that Billith is CGI work which costs money as opposed to regular Bill so each time they want to put Billith on the screen? That’s more money they have to spend and extra post production work JUST to have him show up. Never mind move. Never mind speak et all and don’t even get me started on having him actually touch someone. So unless they do something to rework the bloody Billith or they ‘cure’ him?? He’s not going to dominate the show.

    • next season I am just going to watch the eric scenes on youtube, I am convinced that next season sookie will spend her time to save beehl and he will get his miracle back, the rat reveal also was forgotten, the writers always forgot what they have done the seasons before.

      • Laura, Sookie cannot possibly be with beehl ever again, I don’t get how you don’t see that sweetie! I’m sure the next season Eric and Sookie will reconnect, and this time for real, no amnesia, the real deal and it will be sexy as hell. You just watch.

        In your faces ”beehls babes”!

  2. I have to say this was probably the best finale yet, I liked it a lot more than I was expecting. Even though Sookie is still blinded by Bill, I would hope the fact she wasn’t enough to save him would finally be a wake up call for her. It looks like she’s really going to need Eric now.

  3. I was shocked with what they did with Bill, I wonder where they are going to take that next season. I loved Eric with Sookie tonight it was great. yay for Pam and Tara. I think next season is going to be pretty good, we are probably going to get a lot of Sookie and Eric I think, hopefully they will get together. I also want Tara and Sookie to be best friends again. I am also still waiting for Pam and Sookie to be friends like in the book. But mostly I love how in this clip Nora knows about warlow, I just hope she doesnt die before we can get info out of her about him. So I predict next season is going to be about what ever the hell happened to Bill, Sookie and Eric, and Warlow and why Sookie belongs to him

  4. This was hands-down the best episode of Season 5! I’m just disappointed that Bill isn’t really dead. (I was cheering in my seat until he rose from out of the spilled blood.) I mean, that couldn’t be a hallucination when Sookie and Eric both saw him and neither of them had been drinking any weird vampire blood.

  5. Well this is what I wanted to see all season, I think they saved what we should have been getting for the Finale. I loved E&S screen time and hope its a preview of more to come.I loved the Pam,Tara,Jessica and Jason time and Im glad he managed to survive for another season. As for Billl well as others said he didnt stay goo which was disappointing but not unexpected but I think by his actions and words any misconceptions Sookie was under that he truly unselfishly loved her is I hope finally gone. Sigh I like SM but I still find Bill a boring character….

  6. OMG I did’nt really expect Alan Ball to kill Bill then resurrect in the blood I was truly shocked.I was glad to see Eric and Sookie with more screen time together and he was protecting her. I loved lafayette this episode he was so much fun to watch. Can’t wait until the new season starts next year Bill is going to be a force to be reckon with. Hopefully the new season he will truly meet his final death.

  7. Alex’s interactive HBOgo segments for the finale are compiled here!


  8. No please, Alan Ball, allow me to thank you for writing the best finale ever and the best episode of this season!!! All that suffering thru Bill bullsh#% feels worth it right now!!!

    Honestly, after their awkward break up, I couldn’t have asked for more w/ Eric and Sookie. The fact he saved her from Russell, Nora, and Bill. The fact that he was nice to Tara. The fact that they had so much screen time. His speech to Nora about her being a waitress and how pleased she looked—WOW!!!

    They managed to make every second entertaining and magic like early seasons. Talk about coming full circle w/ drunken Jane Bodehouse witnessing the birth w/ a HILARIOUS fully restored LaLa. Pam and Tara–amen! Alcide getting his mojo–hell yeah! Sam pulling off the most fantastical vamp slaughter–yes please! But don’t die Luna!

    In one episode I am in love w/ this show again BECAUSE of Alan Ball. Kids, he was playing us all along! Long live Bilith!!!

    • I miss definitely miss Alan as a writer – his 2 episodes this season were the best written and most humorous! I still cannot get over how completely amazing this episode was. Excuse me whilst I True Blood Fan Girl for the next 9 months!!!!!

  9. I loved the finale. Just to bad Billith came back, Love it, Billith, LOL. Saw the interactive with Alex and he was saying Eric still loves Sookie and I squeeled.
    Tara and Pam, gotta say I kind of saw that coming.But glad about it.
    Andy and the Babies, silly, but fun. If only childbirth was like that for real.

  10. Best episode & best finale ever . I loved every minute of it ,. Alan did us right this time . I can’t wait for season 6 now .

  11. Ugh. That was NOT a cliffhanger. If we see a stake go down and nothing else….that’s a cliffhanger, this is not a cliffhanger. They also said the final scene the camera is a closeup on one of the 3. Not really, it switched between bloody Bill, Eric, and a wise Sookie running for her life. There weren’t that many deaths either. I did gasp, clap, and take a relieved breath when Eric showed up to save the fairies. I’d glad he finally got revenge. I was soooo worried about Eric, and am now greatly relieved he lived through the night. I expected Ball to bring Bill back to his senses. This is a weird way to go. The Bill girls are revolting and that’s a big group of viewers.

  12. urm, not to be a wet blanket BUT, been up before, anyone remember S3 Ratt-Reveal??
    We all know where that went,in the ether with Eric’s Ball’s in S4!!

    • Believe me…I remember! ;) But at least we have 9 months to relish this feeling! :)

    • Well peeniebean2612, I remember it very well. It’s in the back of my mind. I just didn’t want to be a wet blanket and rain on everyone’s parade. I’m sure all the speculation will start in a few days after the high wears off.

    • It is somewhat the same but also vastly different. At the end of S3, Bill remained in essence still Bill. This time he has been transformed into a greater evil – that mad god that defined Lillith. Sookie can’t just brush that aside. In addition, at the end of S3, Bill’s crime had only been perpetrated against Sookie AND Sookie disappeared into Fairy for a year and then took up with Eric so she had a distraction that she could use to ‘forget’.. This time, Bill’s crimes are against pretty much all of humanity and some vampires. So even if Sookie forgets, no one else will. It would be kind of hard to take up with a vampire that had been keeping people prisoners for food and the public had just been told about it (Luna). Plus, if Bill is now “Lillith” he’s existing on a different plane than everyone else. It can’t just go back until the writers figure out a way to ‘devolve’ him.

      • No offense Larissa, but I think you are dreaming if you think that Beehl will not be on the show next season. He is the star of the show, always has been, he will be back. It would be great if it was going to be all Eric and Sookie all the time, but that just isn’t realistic. He will try to get Sookie and I’m sure she will try to rescue him. We can all just hope that she turns to Eric for help and support.

        • I’m with Larissa on this one, Bill is a goner. I don’t see him returning at all after this, but they still get to keep Stephen on the show. If you paid attention to the finale at all, Eric was the clear star.

          • Yeah, I don’t think any of us in stating that he’s dead are claiming he’s off the show. We know he’s Billith and will continue in S6 but we also know that despite Sookie’s past feelings for him. She really couldn’t be with him as he is now. No matter what they previously shared.

            Remember her qualms over being with Eric once he got his memories back? This is a thousand times worse.

        • Bill as he was? Most certainly not. Billith? Yes, he will be on the show. I never said Stephen Moyer wouldn’t be making appearances on the show. I did say; however, that his screentime might be reduced because of the CGI work involved. That is not optimism. That is simply be realistic from a computer science perspective.

          And if Bill is a villian, he would certainly have importance but he would no longer have the same importance in Sookie’s life.

          Look she was seriously messed up over Bill. That is true but to assume that she’d still want that bloody stump is pushing it.

  13. I too was ecstatic when Beehl turned to goo. I was so happy they killed him off. I was cheering at the television., Then he came back still bad. I’m also glad sookie saw him come back bad. Hopefully, (here we go with that word again) he stays bad and Sookie goes to Eric. I just loved it when Eric told the guard, when he smelled Sookie, that she is mine. It just tickled me!

  14. FINNALY!!!!! everything eric did in this episode was 10/10!!! He is sookie’s true knight,and she saw how he protected her!!!every second of this episode had me hanging on!!!! sorry bill!! goodbye! eric and sookie arnt done yet!!!!!!! so happy about this!

  15. How fucking brilliant was that – Bill is gone – no more tortured, deluded vampire – he’s fucking gone for good and next season Eric will have to keep Sookie safe from the evil Bilith – Thank you Alan – for going out with a real bang! Fabulous episode, I’m hyperventilating too much to talk any sense right now!!!!! Amazing :) :) :)

    • I can’t figure out if he was really tortured or just pretending to be tortured so he could play on the sympathy of people like Sookie. Bill is a scumbag of the highest or lowest order. Even that comment on vampires turning on the people they love. He doesn’t love her! If he loved her he wouldn’t have taken the blood. Creep.

  16. When i saw Bill explode i started jumpin’ and screamin’ around the house, and than Eric hugged her and i started screaming even harder followed by a little happy dance thinking: ‘Aww Sookie you’re finally where you belong!’ But than i saw Bill raising from that goo and i was like : ‘Oh no! Stay there! Damn!’

    • Oh… but it’s better to have seriously evil Bill rise so Sookie can come to terms with his true self. She needs to know just like to she needs to wake up about Jason. It’s sad to say but the only way Sookie is going to really understand the depth of Bill’s evil is to come face to face with everything he has done and understand that he won’t stop even for her and that he was ALWAYS this bad.

  17. I think this was just their way of keeping Stephen on the show, but Bill is gone. Whatever came back, he’s no longer in the building.

    • Yeah. The can also devolve Billith into human form through some sort of ‘magic’ if they get tired of having him rise out of blood pools. That would also take him out of the running for Sookie’s affections. But yeah, Bill is dead. Long live Billith.

  18. Alan Ball did an interview and this is what he had to say about Bill

    TVLINE | So there is some of the old Bill in there? It is Bill, but it is a transformed Bill. He is not a completely new person. It’s not like his memories or his experiences have been left out and he’s just a baby.

    TVLINE | Can he revert back to the old Bill? Well, that’s the question: Is he going to be evil? What does he want? What is he going to do? Will he be able to revert back to Bill? That’s for future seasons. The implication, certainly, is that he is more ferocious.

    • Stephen Moyer also spoke to TV Line. This is what he said about Bilith.

      TVLINE | This obviously sets Bill up to be an even bigger villain next season.

      I think you’re right. I haven’t seen anything for next season so I have no idea, but yes. [Laughs] I think it would be safe to assume that what we thought was Bill is no longer Bill.

      TVLINE | So it’s within the realm of possibility that he could do to Sookie what he did to Jessica — only worse. How do you feel about that?

      If that’s dramatically compelling and fun and great to watch, then so be it. That’s awesome

      • ” I think it would be safe to assume that what we thought was Bill is no longer Bill.”

        Haha and there we have it. ding dong the witch is dead.

        Sorry had to get that bit of immaturity out. I’m good now.

  19. Isn’t it a bitch that we are so starved for some Eric and Sookie time together that we are blinded to all that they (the writers) have done or should I say failed to do with our favorite couple?

  20. Amazing, Amazing, just freakin’ Amazing………..I.am.still.speechless. It will take a few days for all of this to sink in for me. I watched the finale 3 times last night and I still can’t believe that AB really gave us pretty much what we wanted in the finale.

    MHO, this was the best eppy EVER. I agree with all and hope that season 6 holds even more of what we’re dreaming of (E&S). Hope next season Nora spills the beans about Warlow and Eric and Sookie make it out of the Authority and away from Billith.

  21. Rolling Stone is also calling our Season 6 villain “Billith.” I love it. I have to say, I think Season 6 might be the last one. It just has that feeling to it after what they did to Bill’s character. And does this mean Bill is going to spend the season naked and bloody too? I hope not. I hope they give him more substance because that’ll just be annoying.

    My prediction: Eric’s going to blood bond with Sookie so he can protect her better and it’ll end up bringing back Sookie’s light because she’ll be so filled with love. Ultimately, Sookie’s going to fry Billith’s ass.

    And who was funnier than Arlene and Lafayette watching the fairy birth? Jane was stupid, but the other two were priceless.

  22. I think we might get up to 7 0r 8 seasons, I think there is still more to tell. I am hoping Eric and Sookie blood bond so Warlow can’t take her, Id love to see Eric fight for her, lets just hope she realizes how much shes in love with him next season, I want their romance to be like the books

    • Kristin, as far as I’ve ever read the three principal actors (Alex, Steven & Anna) all signed 7 year contracts, so I expect it wouldn’t go longer than 7 seasons….But, I could be wrong, I guess it depends how the storylines go and what the actors want to do. I would think by season 7 though, they would want to pursue other avenues of their craft.

    • You have to be too care about extending it out beyond what the writing can handle and beyond what the actors want to do. I want to see lots of Eric/Sookie but I want quality stories and sometimes that means setting a definitive end date so they can plan accordingly. Sadly, the UK does a much better job of this than the US.

  23. They get points for using Stabbing Westward’s “Save Yourself.” I wondered if they were going to do that when I saw the name of the episode.

    Anyway, loved loved loved this episode. AB has rekinkled my love for the show in the span of 55 minutes. I didn’t think that was going to be possible. Not only that, he managed to confirm everything we’ve all been saying about Bill way back to the very first episode all in that last conversation between Bill and Sookie AND he did it in front of Eric.

    I never thought he’d do it. Well, I mean, I did but after watching what happened in the S4 finale, I figured it was impossible.

    Even though they had some things that were slightly ridiculous (the fairy birth) I didn’t care because the rest of the episode was so good it made up for it. I mean, Pam/Tara? Hell yeah.

    The only thing that I didn’t like (and not because it was poorly written) was Jason and the direction they’re taking him. I just do not like Sookie and Jason’s parents nor do I like the dark place Jason is heading. This is the same crap we saw in S2 (anti-vampire) and I thought Jason dealt with it.

    • Super agree with all your points! Jessica needs to snap Jason out of it. I like the together. I also liked that they set up the new vampire family to include Jess in the last couple eps, now that her daddy is dead. Awwww… Eric and his vamp ladies are gonna be fantastic next year!!!!

      • I hope Jason snaps out of it whether it’s Jessica or Sookie. I prefer Jessica but still. I liked him when he was more open minded and I really do not like Sookie’s parents. (What is up with the unflattering bigoted White Trash stereotype?) Gran was so cool. What happened with her undereducated mom and dad?

        And I loved Eric with all his ladies. I think it’s hilarious since people were labeling him misogynistic not too far back and now he’s got all these ladies around.

        Loved how he kept telling Nora to be nice to family.

  24. I’m way too impatient and pumped at the moment to read all of your comments, I just need to say I AM SO DAMN HAPPY I WANNA POP! This episode was superb, all the Eric and Sookie scenes, all the looks, omg it killed me! BILL IS NO MORE, ladies you can’t possibly think that Sookie will still want THAT? Seriously, he’s some freaky deadly creature now who probably just wants to suck her dry. Next season I bet Eric will maximize her protection as in live with her or take her into his house (I cant friggin wait for THAT!)
    I’m sorry I’m just too excited!!! I am so happy I want to kiss Alan Ball (that’s how damn happy I am) I was screeching and clapping my hands throughout the episode like a retarded seal, laughing and gushing and going all ”OMG!” and ”YESSSS!!!”
    This is True Blood coming back to its rights and to its right path if you ask me. Apart from a kiss between E&S and Beehl being permanent goo (and Alcide’s scenes all to be cut, waste of time damn it!) I couldn’t wish for more. Ahhh I need to walk around and calm down, then I’m gonna read and comment :D

    • I still think they will find some way to revive bill again, maybe sookie will use her powers (maybe she will get stronger), i hope not that this happens, but I think its possible.

      and now that bill is liilith, he has lots of powers and is stronger than eric and has once again power over eric, don’t know what to think aobut this…

      • I really don’t want to be rude but can’t you ever enjoy at least for a little while? Bill as we know him is gone, gone, gone! He’s always gonna be rasing from that goo so what can he do, where can he go? And plus he’s crazier than ever! Sookie will not want that! If anyone has power over anyone that’s Eric (when it comes to sookie and that’s pretty much the most important thing) even if it lasts for only couple of episodes i’m happy! For all i know Vampire Bill is dead and “It felt even better than i thought it would” :-) :-) !!!!

      • Sookie can’t revive him. This is the same as drinking the blood of a demon. She may be fae but she’ll never be strong enough to cure that.

        And Bill has been transformed into Billith. He is on a different plane like Lillith was and he is no longer a traditional vampire but a abomination. We have no idea what powers he may or may not have. He doesn’t have power over Eric. He is a monster that Eric must fight.

      • I agree with you Laura. We’ve been screwed to many times by these writers to not be suspicious.

        • And they could have done that again by having Sookie save Bill, then of course getting back together with him. This was a direction none of us expected, but it’s definitely not a disappointing one. I think it’s safe to say that ship has completely sailed.

  25. I’m pretty sure my neighbors heard me whooping loudly and yelling shocked profanities over and over such as “Holy shit!” and “Fucking amazing!” I couldn’t stop. And my mouth was literally hanging open for about 10 minutes from the final scene, through to when I started jumping in the boards to comment and read. Bill fans have been uncharcteristically quiet. Haha!

    • I think my neighbors heard me yelling “hell ya” and a few other expletives (in a positive way) throughout the episode. I cheered over Pam and Tara and I squealed over Bill turning to goo. This was just too good. I’m going to have to watch it again in a little bit because it was so enjoyable. I may put the Billdisolve on slowmo.

      I have to say, watching Bill watch Salome squirm on the floor? Totally reinforced what I thought about him. The scumbag. Not surprised Bill fans have been quiet. They will, of course, come out later and claim that he sacrificed himself for Sookie and will rise in S6 or some bull. They are notoriously delusional.

      Won’t rain on my parade, though.

      • Yeah it’s like cricket land over there, it’s TOO quiet… ;) The Bill fans must have been shocked out of their ”wits” and will soon start making excuses for him of course.

        • Of course, but that can only get them so far. I heard the Bill Compton Appreciation Society on FB locked their wall. They probably figured we would come in there and brag, but honestly, we’ve always been more mature than them.

    • Some of them seem to think Bill’s still in there and that Sookie can still save him, they really make me sad. She already tried and that got her nowhere, there’s no chance of saving him now.

      • I don’t think Bill can be “brought back,” but I don’t necessarily think he’ll spend the season in goo like Lillith did. I think that being can probably choose whatever form it wants and Bill will choose his normal form. I think what we saw was the rebirth of the God. We don’t know what kind of powers he’s going to have. They already did the gooey naked God with one line all season, so the audience is going to be pretty bored watching it again. I think Billith will “evolve.” I think he’s kind of possessed by Lillith now, kinda like Marnie was.

        I also don’t think Nora is going to make it through next season. She’ll either get popped on the roof or picked off by Billith or Warlow. I definitely hope they don’t try some new love triangle with Eric, Nora and Sookie. It didn’t look like they would. Eric’s feelings for each woman definitely seemed to be something entirely different from each other.

      • I guess the Bill fans have to cling on as True Blood has always seemed on the surface to be kind to Bill. I don’t necessarily agree with that as although Sookie didn’t see him for what he was, the audience always did and most of the viewers already had him sussed!

        I really hope they go all the way with Bilith, I think Stephen Moyer will make a great villain, and I’d much rather watch that than Bill’s stinking struggles with humanity.

        As for Sookie saving him, I’m not sure I’d want to save someone who clearly thought I was an “abomination”. I’d follow Eric’s advice and RUN. So I’m going with Tammy – no chance of saving him now!

        • I’m usually wrong, but I pray to be right this time…lol! I just don’t see how anything else would work.

        • My guess is that if they do anything with Bill/Sookie it’s going to be dark and not at all consensual. In other words, Bill might try to kidnap and force her to be with him (as a sort of trophy) but she won’t be having it. The Bill she knew is most certainly gone and within a few minutes of being around him, she’ll know he’s lost. So while they’ll have Bill/Sookie screentime – it won’t be pretty. And we’ll get Eric to rescue her which will be yummy.

          They’ll probably morph Billith into something less costly to film but something that isn’t quite a normal vampire. I don’t think it will be anything Sookie would want to be around, that’s for sure.

      • Oh those poor deluded Bill fans. How it must burn to see that he was slated to be a major villian all along. Yeah girls, he’s really a scumbug and not your Southern Gentleman.

  26. Oooooof. I still can’t believe it was real – I didn’t just dare to dream up that episode did I? It’s was so close to perfect that it’s like unicorns puked rainbows all over it. It was so damn good I just didn’t expect it and it blew my mind.

    first. How.SEXY.Did.Eric.Look? He was perfection. All the things he said, and did, such as ”she’s a waitress” speech, and making Nora back off, and calling Tara family (aww!) It was the Eric episode, sorry beehl you becoming Billith didn’t impress me much.

    Maurella’s orgasmic moans and the Disney song they played when they showed the babies was just wrong, it really was. I was glad to see Lala being all sassy as we love him. I’m sorry but ALcide, you bore me to death. I really cannot find a f*ck to give about you and your lame storyline. I was angry every time he used up the precious minutes of the finale.

    Jason is a little brain damaged I’m afraid, and it’s lie the fellowship storyline allover again *rolls eyes* I don’t need that but okay…I guess Sookie will cure him somehow.

    How I squealed when Eric said ”She is MINE.” Oh my, oh, oh my. Perfection (notice Sookie didn’t say anything because she couldn’t, but she didn’t roll her eyes either, which I was kind of expecting).

    It was quite obvious they used the Anna Paquin stand in for her body somehow, because she was quite flat – I paid attention.

    The scenes at the end and Eric’s eyes and Sookie crying into him and him putting his hand and forehead on the top of her head gahhhhh… So good.AND BEEHL TURNING TO GOO, it was too much, I was wooing my hubbie out of the room, poor guy :P
    Thank you Alan Ball, you sneaky bastard.

    • Best. Post. Ever. loving the puking unicorns and sneaky bastards and especially loving to feel inspired w/ you by our favorite show–finally!! Thank you for that!

      • Thanks Kristen! The post is very incoherent due to obvious reasons (still is!) I’m still in disbelief this episode really happened- and was written by Alan effing Ball.

        I’m glad to see you were quite right the whole time, about evil beehl and Sookie seeing how crazy and messed up he really is, as I thought you’d be!

        My slowly but surely dying love for True Blood is back in full force, I just hope they don’t horribly disappoint us next season.

        Can I just say Billith was horribly rude for interrupting Eric and Sookie’s moment, and her staring up at his gorgeousness? Rude!

  27. Oh, oh, and props to Sam for the best true death given in the entire series!!!! That was hilariously amazing. He had Rosalyn goo all up in his naughty bits like a G! XD

    • Oh, that was way awesome. I was like gross, but so damn cool…lol! I do love Sam, and really hope Luna isn’t dead. She’s the best match for him.

  28. Really adored everything our Viking did in this episode ….we didn’t need AS to confirm Eric still loved her..it was all obvious ..however I am still disappointed with Sookie’s response to him so far ..fingers x the writers will see the potential they have in their story and make it happen… but to be honest I don’t even care… Sookie saw everything that Eric truly is and if she still wants Bill and loves him then they deserve each other … I am worried that Eric is eternally devoted and may die for her at the end

  29. Finally, the Viking has got his groove back along w/his posey. I could not believe my eyes last night (it was awesome) made it worth the wait during this long dry season. And hats off to Stephen for his acting. I thought he did a wonderful job. But back to what is really important the Viking. I hope next season we will see Sookie and Eric hooking up the way the our suppose to. By the way, why was Eric packing all that money? If he was afraid they would not make it out of the Authority why would need the money ( just wondering)?

    God, I just hope Eric and Nora don’t hook up next season. It kind of scarces me to know she is still alive. Tara and Pam’s hook up was great. Those to are a lot alike in many ways, besides it’s Pam’s turn to have a companion of her own now that she is not bonded w/Eric any longer.

    The whole thing w/Andy was just so funny. What is going to do w/4 babies!!!!

    Thank you Alan Ball for a great season finale. I think I can honestly say we Viking lovers have been waiting for some time for this to happen. (PLEASE DON’T RUIN SEASON 6 FOR US THAT LOVER OUR VIKING)

    • I think Eric took the money in case they had to go on the lam. Also, it’d be the first place the Authority would look for him, and if he lost Fangtasia, he’d lose all that money too. Also, bribes? Lol.

      As far as Nora/Eric, I think we’ve heard from both actors and from writers that their relationship isn’t romantic, even though it’s sometimes sexual. Plus, they can’t keep Sookie single forever. She already went this whole season without so much as a one-night stand! They will want to give her back a romantic interest just because of that alone, and who are the options now? Bill is no longer Bill, Alcide is with that wearchick, Sam is with Luna (I believe she’ll survive at least for a while), and I highly doubt they’re going to bring in some random new guy (They said they’re opting out of the Quinn character/storyline). That leaves Eric. Those two will be together a lot next year if they have to battle Bill and possibly Warlow, plus whatever other craziness is going down in Bon Temps, and I just have a feeling that they will grow closer as a result. Sookie will have her blinders blasted off once and for all!

      God, listen to me… next thing you know I’ll be writing fan fiction or something. Lol

      • Yes…Do go ahead *opens a blank Word page for you and puts your hands on the keyboard*

        *Backs out of the room ever so quietly*

      • All very good points about the money, Jen. That’s what I was thinking. I was not all surprised to see him taking it. That vampire is ever so smart.

        And good points about Eric/Nora. I’m not at all worried there either. I think Nora knows who Eric cares about and if Sookie is anywhere around Eric, I don’t see him touching Nora.

        • I guess Pam wasn’t kidding when she said he was rich.

          • It just goes to show some of the huge differences between Eric and Bill. Bill had to flash his cash the minute he could i.e the King’s mansion (though he didn’t spend any on Sookie’s house). Eric puts his money aside for when he really needs it though he bought Sookie’s house outright to keep it from being sold out from under her when she was missing – and he fixed it up after all that damage was done to it from the maenad (which wasn’t his fault in TB btw).

            funny how the way they spend money pretty much sums up their character(s).

  30. Let’s not forget that May of next year the last Sookie Stackhouse book will be released. That should help us with the months we have to endure waiting for season 6.

    • It depends on how it ends.

      • That’s true. The last book with Eric walking away did not look good. But still we know that they love each other. Sookie needs to know though that Eric will stay w/her regardless of his marriage contract without magic.

      • I’m waiting until the last book is released and then I’m going to read the last three all at once.

  31. Have any of you seen the HBOgo clips that were presented or even watch any of the episode? All that is being talked about here is Eric and Sookie hooking up and other hook ups like Pam and Tara. What about the bigger pictures here. Thank you Alan for making us forget about Warlow, even I did until I saw the HBOgo clips. Warlow will not be your average vampire he has to be some sort of hybrid. No other vampire has been able to appear to Sookie in cloud form. He’s definitely into magic somehow. Alan said that Warlow will be a big villain in the following season and will be explained more. I have a feeling a main character will die next year. Maybe a huge battle during the season between Bill, Eric and Warlow.

  32. just love this website and all the eric and sookie positivity!!!! The writers better know how much everyone looks forward to True Blood so much, and keep eric and sookie together,and alex was just made for this role!!!! cant imagine another 9 months to wait!!!! if only they didn’t waste half of the season on crap because who knows how many more we will get! long live eric and sookie!! those two have the best chemistry hands down!

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