True Blood Review: The One Where We Say Goodbye

And then there were none.

The season 5 journey with our Viking and Telepath…and those other characters…ended in a literal blood bath in the True Blood season finale entitled “Save Yourself” written by Alan Ball. Not only was this the last episode of the season, it also marked the end of Mr. Ball’s reign as show runner of the TV series. We all know the last episode of a season is supposed to tie up as many loose ends as well as put the hook out for the next season. So with this combination of a finale episode, Alan’s last episode as show runner (no confirmation yet if he will write anything for True Blood in the future), and teases that the body count would be high we knew all bets were off… and worry for my TV grew exponentially. I was already twitchy from the last 2 episodes with the lack of Viking screen time, not to mention the serious drought of Eric and Sookie moments all season.

We got both in spades, within the first 10 minutes.

The “Real” Show:

The episode started off the way we want every single one to start out: Eric and Sookie in the same scene. Sookie and her faerie kin were unsuccessfully blasting Russell with the ‘light’. He laughed and kept getting closer,causing Sookie’s fear to spike even higher and in swoops Eric with a stake in his hand piercing through Russell’s heart and killing him instantly and FINALLY. Thus proving that no matter how old or powerful you are, being drunk or high dulls your senses.

Well. That felt even better than I thought it would.

Our Viking saved our Telepath and avenged his human family after a thousand years!!! SQUEEE!! You could see the relief and peace of the moment on his beautiful face and then Eric looks toward Sookie. I was wondering if he could see her through the veil to the faerie club or maybe sense her through the bond. My thoughts were quickly disrupted with Sookie running out to go take care of Jason, to the alarm of her Faerie Kin. They were worried because a Vampire was right in front of them but they didn’t know what Sookie (and we) know; that Eric would never harm Sookie and that she trusts him. Le sigh. Enter Nora, who gets a whiff of Sookie’s scent and chases after her with Eric hot on her tail. Eric grabs Nora and tells her in no uncertain terms that she is not to eat Sookie and Nora asks the inevitable question: “What is she?”. Eric’s answered with a

“She is a waitress. A waitress, who saved my life more than once. Whose fear vibe very graciously brought me here tonight allowing me to settle an ancient debt. Thank you by the way”

I melted and so did Sookie, by the look she shot at our Viking which I describe as “appreciative for the praise” and “you really get me for me and not my powers”. She turns her back on both vampires so she can focus on Jason.

Nora is like a terrier smelling a bone, so Eric takes her in hand with a firmer grip and makes her swear on Godric to not eat Sookie. Thus answers our question on how did Sookie know how Nora was Eric’s vampire sister in the sneak peek released leading up to the finale. Sookie heard Eric refer to Godric as “our father” during his discipline of Nora. Nice, neat, clean tie up. It can happen…. Really.

Meanwhile, a whole new dynamic is opening up as Jason comes to… seeing his mama, whom we all know is dead. Sookie takes him back to her house.

Eric and Nora head in to Fangtasia all the while having some friendly back and forth bickering over who Godric loved more. I might be alone in this but I love the dynamic of seeing them like this; without being under the pressure of position and politics and having some fun. The situation quickly turns serious when Tara tells him Pam was arrested and Eric immediately goes into planning mode; to rescue Pam;after moving what I call the “bank of Eric” to a safer location than the wall of Fangtasia’s basement. Nora is questioning why they are going to save a former prostitute. Eric reminds her about family, that she is blood and so is Tara. “Oh by the way, she is family too. So be nice to her.” Eric has the best lines.

Back at the house, Sookie is worried about how Jason is acting after being hit in the head earlier. What Sookie doesn’t know is that she has her mama and daddy on either side of her, egging Jason on in his anti-vampire thoughts. Since they are invisible to all but Jason, I will from here forward refer to them as Ghost Daddy and Ghost Mama. I am not sure if Jason manifested a power after the faerie blast (and intense exposure to the faeries as a whole) to see ghosts or if he is just hallucinating. Lafayette would be a great indicator on which theory is correct… if he had a decent story line. Enter the Northman into the house where Eric agrees to sign the house back to Sookie after they go to the Authority headquarters to save Bill, Jessica… and Pam (Alexander’s expression was priceless). Tara reminds Sookie that she “owes Pam” and to Jason’s dismay, Sookie agrees to go… even after Eric tells her it was Bill who ordered the bombing of the True Blood factories, not a random vampire. Jason declares he is going, wanting to keep Sookie safe… and because his Ghost Daddy reminded him that he can take out a TON of fangers while there.

On the other side of the state, its breakfast time at the authority and Chancellor Compton does not like what was served. Sam quickly realizes Bill is not in the “help an old friend out” mood anymore and escapes before he is killed for knowing too much. Sam escapes to Luna on the wings of a fly to try to figure out how to save Luna and Emma since Luna won’t leave her daughter. Bill was not amused that they were breached and ordered the guards to kill all rodents/insects on site. Salome waits till the guards are gone before asking about Kibwe. Bill admits to killing him because Kibwe said he was chosen by Lilith. He then lies to Salome’s face that Lilith told him that she was the prophet and he was there to protect her and she believed him. We could smell a coup brewing… and we don’t even have special powers.

In the silver cell’s, we see that Pam and Jessica are going over what happened. Jessica is highly disturbed by Bill and Eric’s fanaticism (though she never saw Eric while in the compound). Pam maintains that Eric has always mocked religion. Pam puts it best when she said the following:

“One of the worst things about being immortal, is having to watch the same stupid scenario happen over and over. It’s usually humans though. I guess this proves we are as fucking retarded as they are”

It was a quick scene, but the good news is they weren’t killed!

During the daylight, Sookie and Jason make a stop at the Stake House to pick up some supplies to take on the Authority. Sookie is very concerned about Jason’s disregard of their cargo: Eric, Nora, and Tara in their daytime travel coffins. Jason’s hatred of anything with fangs is obvious; his recent experience at their fangs would not create warm fuzzy feelings for them. If I was Sookie, I would take a peek in to his mind to see what is driving him… like Ghost Daddy and Ghost Mama. On the flip side, would she want to hear Ghost Mama say she is “living in a dream world”? According to Jason, anything with fangs is now fair game… and he now has weapons. Nothing says I’ve got your back then a fanatic with weapons.

With the sun now down, the siblings Stackhouse are in the middle of the trek to NOLA. Sookie is holding on to her belief that it’s not the real Bill that did all thOSE bad things. Jason questions “do we really know anyone?” and how they (Sookie and Jason) keep picking “unavailable” partners. Sookie and Ghost Mama try to provide comfort but Ghost Daddy keeps feeding into his “we need to expect the worst” philosophy. It’s a pretty intense discussion, and you can tell Jason is not in a positive place. In an audience mood lightening moment, Eric pops his head from the roof to ask them to pull over. We needed it, even if Jason didn’t appreciate it.

To keep with the timeline, we see “Steve Newlin” go down to the cells to take Emma out to walk and play and tries to make his way to what I’m calling the “elevator of freedom” when Rosalyn intercepts him to get on damage control because the frat party video was released to the public. “Newlin” is extremely nervous while Rosalyn swats a fly while ranting about work ethics. On air “Steve” is forced to shift back into Luna, exposing shifters and the fact that the Vampires are farming humans for food in the NOLA compound. Rosalyn cuts the transmission and ends up swallowing a fly which then shifts back into Sam, what a unique way to die. Really, very creative. Kudos on this one.

Outside the compound, Eric and Nora pull up to the gate, finding that the compound is on lockdown because of a “shifter”. While waiting to be cleared by a fellow chancellor, Eric is asked about his “tied up cargo”. Tara is a mainstreamer and the humans are “lunch” and the blonde one is his. Jason, once again not amused. They make it past the gate so phase 1 is complete. Phase 2 has them in the compound with Jason playing guard in reception (he realllly likes his Rambo role), Eric and Nora going to the security control room , and Sookie and Tara head to the cells to be ready to get Pam and Jessica. A lot seems to happen at once 1)Salome makes a play for the Blood of Lilith and takes it back to her room at the sound of the alarm. 2) Sookie and Tara successfully get Jessica and Pam out of the silver cells and meet up in the lobby with Jason, Nora, and Eric.

Eric and Sookie send everyone out and they set off to find Bill who was busy killing Salome by way of silver poison and staking. He had previously switched the Lilith blood with fake and appealed to her not to drink and she chides him for “not believing”. She fully sees behind Bill’s mask, that he was waiting to make his move that he should not have been a trusted ally. It was a move worthy of Machiavelli. Eric and Sookie find him moments after, and about ready to drink the real Lilith blood. Bill accuses Eric of wanting the blood and Eric counters with “she is a mad god”. Bill verbally cuts Sookie, completely disavowing EVERYTHING and calling her an abomination and then he drinks the blood and dies. After so many emotional blows, she turns to Eric for comfort. Hell breaks loose as “Billith” rises from a pool of blood. Eric yells at Sookie to run before following her out.

Those other story lines:

I have been very honest in my other 2 reviews that the non Vampire related story lines bore me to tears. They can also be summed up in a few lines. Alcide becomes pack master, and vows to detox the pack. The human related scenes were blah and a waste of screen time. I actually felt sorry for Carrie and Nelsan this episode for their scenes. The Andy/Maurella and Holly situation was completely not needed. The only thing useful I got was that faeries seem to gestate for a week, “whelp” any number of babies, and labor is orgasmic. I am disturbed by Maurella’s lack of interest in the children (4 girls). She gave birth and ran. Makes you wonder how many other of her 73 pregnancies she abandoned. I will give kudos to the show for not even pretending that these babies were born with an umbilical cord, going as far as to comment about it. It was a refreshing moment on TV.

The Season 6 Tease:

It was enough to make you want more. The scene gave you a hint of what was happening on the inside of the elevator doors when Sookie and Eric broke off to find Bill. They teased the budding relationship of Tara and Pam. You can see that Jessica is picking up on Jason’s feelings, if not what is causing the reaction. What takes the prize in this bonus scene is when Nora asked Jason “What do you know of Warlow?” when he said he was gunning for him. Thus, it started to lay the ground work for season 6.

My Summation:

This was a jam packed episode, so much that it drove home how lackluster some of the prior episodes were this season. I didn’t want it to end. I loved that Eric and Sookie were together in almost all of their scenes. The fact that the blood bond is what allowed Eric to find Sookie and save her from Russell. The fact that Sookie knew he would not hurt her after killing Russell. The fact that she turned to Eric for comfort and he kisses her on the head while holding her close. Pam and Eric just sharing a look and 3 words, and you feel the strength of their relationship. I absolutely loved that Eric was the last face we saw for the season.

While I enjoyed the episode, it doesn’t mean I still don’t have questions and a few disappointments. My main disappointment this episode was the body count. Yes it was high, but they were the usual suspects and no real surprises. The first question that came to my mind was “Where is Steve Newlin?” The last time we say the Fanged Reverend he was running away as Russell was killed. Will he be back? Will Lafayette have a decent story line next year? Luna belongs in which column: Dead or Alive? Jason; is he a ghost whisperer or depressed? I want to say depressed because of the way Ghost Mama and Daddy are responding back, but we will see.

Now that Bill drank the blood… will they be crying “Praise Billith”?

It baffles my mind that these last 12 weeks flew by. Thank goodness for you guys.

A huge thank you to the cast, writers, and crew. To the writers, we may differ way too often upon occasion but we would have nothing to argue about if you did not “put pen to paper”. To the crew, you are the unsung hero’s on every production, thank you for all that you do. To the cast, thank you for being the face and putting yourselves out there for your fans. Denis O’Hare, your talent will be missed.

Most importantly, thank you to the fans. We have been through a lot together, like 9 month hiatus and waiting sucks once again.

About B

Really, there is never enough Eric... I'm loyal to the Viking, no matter what. I will love him whether in Book, Show, and just because... my first thoughts are of him and I close my eyes to dream of him. As far as I'm concerned, the night can not get here soon enough.

34 comments on “True Blood Review: The One Where We Say Goodbye

  1. Excellent recap. I cannot wait for next season. Maybe us Sookie and Eric lovers will get what we have been waiting for so long. If the writer’s do bring them together I’m sure it will have have it bumps.

    During the waiting time for next season in May the last SSH book will be released which I also can’t wait to read. I hope there’s a happy ever after there. The last book didn’t look very promising.

  2. That was a great review. I personally have been very disappointed in this season. All the other seasons seemed to follow the books to some extent. This season was TOTALLY off. A lot of it to me was just stupid. And what is this show without Eric, Sookie, and Bill? They weren’t together or even in the same room together for most of the season. The only good thing about the finale was finally seeing Eric and Sookie together. I’m sick of seeing all the boring stuff about everybody else. And I was really hoping Nora would get staked she just gets on my nerves and I hate seeing her and Eric all over each other. Here’s hoping next season is better can’t wait.

    • I don´t want true death for Nora, because eric will be sad again. I hope she will go her own way to some new political organization and it will be good for Eric too. And then he will be free for Sookie…

  3. As always B an excellent recap of the finale!!! I especially loved your thanking the writers, cast and crew. It remains to be seen where TB will carry all of us in the coming season(s) but after this finale I will be waiting to see what happens next June for season 6.

    Since no one else has mentioned this, I would like to take the opportunity to
    Thank you and the gals here at Eric and Sookie Lovers for doing such a great job in running this website giving all of us a chance to get together and discuss our favorite couple, Eric and Sookie.

    • Puss puss! Thank you!! We like being able to share the love … and occasional craziness :)

      I always like to send a thank you to the cast and crew…. sometimes its a thankless job.

  4. if true birthing was like that , i wouldn’t of stopped at one . great review, and thanks to all for making this site.

  5. Excellent review as always. Overall the episode was fantastic. Just a shame the whole season wasn’t better. Of course, I will be a Truebie to the last and wait and see what they have in store for us next season. I will miss Denis O’Hare but I actually cheered when Alex/Eric staked him! I think it is a travesty to waste the talent that they have on this show. Carrie Preston and Nelsan Ellis in particular. And, I think we all agree the show doesn’t work without the main characters acting in the same scenes but hey, we’re just fans…what do we know?

    It’s been great hearing everyone’s opinions this summer. So now what are we gonna talk about?

  6. I want to thank Eric & Sookie lovers great job that you all do for us . You have never let us down. Cheers……… Cause you deserve it … The best website to me in the world .

  7. Great recap B, can’t believe it’s all over already!
    This will definitely be one of my favorite TB episodes ever. I thought it was brilliant. I loved every single scene except the Alcide stuff and that didn’t even seem as bad as usual.
    Alan Ball’s 2 episodes this season have made me laugh the most, and given me the very best Eric Northman moments, so he and I are actually doing ok right now :)

    • What was the other episode he wrote? Overall, the finale was probably the best one yet, but I could have done without Sookie’s nauseating speech to Bill. I guess we should have expected it, I’m just so relieved she didn’t manage to get through to him.

      • The other one AB wrote was episode 6 when Eric started questioning if he was the only sane one in the whole authority. “Lilith can fucking blow me” etc. and when he and Sookie had that “look” before he glamoured Alcide.

      • “but I could have done without Sookie’s nauseating speech to Bill.”

        Absolutely but you knew it was coming. Then again, it just made Bill’s betrayal by turning into Billith that much sweeter.

        It just kind of sucks that Eric has to hear that BS all the time.

        • I agree, but now they both have bigger things to worry about. I think any romance between those two will be put on hold, if in fact they ever will go down that road again. I don’t really care if they do, I just want them to at least be on friendly terms. I’m tired of her treating him like he’s just convenient.

  8. Great review. I wish every episode this season had been this amazing. Guys let’s pray this continues in S6.

  9. Sigh. I cant believe its already over either. Where did the past 12 weeks go? 9 whole months. Waiting does suck.
    This was a excellent recap though.

  10. i have to say that what sookie said to bill didn’t make me cringe, and I personally hate contact between sookie and bill.. and also I want sookie and eric.. i love the characters of eric and sookie,… funny thing is before i ever read the books i watched true blood… then read .. and from book 2 i adore the viking.. one of the things that make me love eric is the way he is about sookie. and also after reading the books, i so wished that true blood would of following them instead of used them to prop open the writers windows. but i am a sookie and eric lover forever . just sayin

    • Yeah, it was the same with me. I saw the show first, didn’t start reading the books until after season 2 aired. Those are what made me love Eric in the first place, but the rooftop scene with Godric is what sealed the deal for me on the show.

  11. Well, I’m back in love w/ TB after just one episode! The good news and the bad news is that waiting sucks.

    I have a few random thoughts. Unlike a lot of people apparently, I really like Eric and Nora’s brother/sister banter. This is a hilarious side of him we have never seen–such a great funny vulnerability. I think the actors have true chemistry doing that, so I hope she survives next season. I think Pam will transfer her resentment from Sookie to her and I relish the thought of THAT cat fight cuz looks like Nora already resents her–COOL!

    Interesting point I wanted to remind everyone of–Anna Paquin said this was her favorite episode…so perhaps she’s actually TEAM ERIC after all!! Yay!

    And finally, I rewatched the episode and realized I ironically found Bill’s soft, gooey center (oh pun me) and have made my peace w/ the character. After carefully listening to that last speech he gave before drinking all of lilith, I was struck by and finally touched by his character’s truth.

    No hear me out! He was really afraid of what his evil deeds meant for his soul. Really. Now I understand why he clung to Sookie. He saw her as pure and good–basking in her innocent, but limited judgement–he could pretend he wasn’t damned. At his core, I don’t think Bill was tortured about things he’d done wrong to other people, I think he was tortured by worrying about what that meant for his redemption. Truly, I don’t mean that as bitchy as it sounds.

    I had compassion for Bill for the first time since season 1 because he was TRUTHFUL in that…I can sympathize w/ someone when they reveal their flaws, it was his hypocrisy and bs judgement of others like Lorena and Eric that made me insane.

    So when he drank that blood and realized what he’d actually done—and he cries out in agony–I flinched and my heart broke a bit for him. Can you believe it? But he was in agony and then he was gone…no matter what, THAT Bill is gone forever, imo. Whatever happens now, he is transformed. I mourned him.

    And I’m grateful to Alan Ball for that, he brought me full circle to ironically seeing Bill’s very dark, very flawed, very desperate “huhmahnity”….I feel this has been what they have been building toward for at least 2 seasons now and it did the character justice. As a fan, it laid to rest many of my frustations w/ Bill, in that big sad pile of goo.

    Well played, Mr. Ball. You fooled most of us. And BEST. TB. SEASON. FINALE. EVER.

    • PS And how THRILLING to have playful, fun Eric return?! He killed Russell and laid his demons to rest–even being kind and not bitter to Sookie after she broke his heart! We are back in business, Eric and Sookie shippers!!!

    • ” I wanted to remind everyone of–Anna Paquin said this was her favorite episode…so perhaps she’s actually TEAM ERIC after all!!” – i thought of that one too but than i again – i don’t think so :-)
      Maybe you’re onto something with your ’Bill’s analyses’ cause he did almost fry himself trying to save Sookie from Rene in S1, but honestly I don’t care. I hate him and there’s nothing he can say or do to make me have compassion for him… I guess you’re better person than I am :-)
      And after this finale i honestly can’t say i hate AB! I’m that easy to please obviously :-)

      • Believe me, I couldn’t stand him either! Especially the pompous, hypocritical, “I’m better than those other wicked supes, Sook, only trust me” And she fell for it–I think THAT’S what made me hate him–how Sookie responded to it.

        But understanding his obsession w/ her from his perspective…I mean, if he could have drunk Sookie like that vial of Lilith to absolve himself–he would have….Now, I feel like–ok, I REALLY GET him. And it eases away that frustration to see him reveal his true self this way.

        Does that make sense? I mean, I know Eric has a dark side, but I have embraced his character because he is honest about it and he would never play Jesus w/ another creature like Bill did since season 1.

        But Bill was just afraid of consequences. Bill wanted to be better to save his soul. Sookie couldn’t do it. Pretending to be the king didn’t do it. And finally, just before he exploded, he cried out cuz he realized pretending to be the messiah couldn’t do it and yet even worse, he effectively died a painful death. I interpreted his expression as terrified.

        I’m just grateful to NOT hate him right now. And I’m so grateful that all the time they were taking Bill apart piece by piece, they have been building Eric up to more than I ever imagined–even more integrity and depth than the book Eric!

        Yeah, I said it :)

    • Oh thank Godric I am not alone at the “I like Nora” table… I was feeling a bit lonely. and I totally agree with you, if she dies it would soooooo hurt him. and I never want that

      • I like her when they’re bitching at each other in an actual sibling way, but I could do without the screwing. It doesn’t work with me, and she seems to look down on those who mean something to him. Like Pam, that’s not cool. She was gone, we never even knew anything about her before this season. Nora’s got another thing coming if she thinks she’s the only woman in his life.

        • I agree w/ you. I almost think the writers thought fans need naked Eric any way they can get him, so thought they threw us a bone while he and Sookie are on the outs.. Wrong.

          It’s interesting how Lucy and Alex are always saying in extras it’s not romantic or about the sex. Even they don’t want us to think Sookie is out!

          Still though, it’s funny to me, that noone talks incest when Bill has sex w/ Lorena or Pam is making out w/ Tara. Nice double standard, Fandom.

          But I will say this, I think Sookie has been arrogant and downright stupid taking Eric’s love for granted. She’s way too full of herself. It wouldn’t bother me to see her get a taste of her own medicine….for 1-2 episodes only of course!!

      • I’m with you! I love it when they fight! who knew cool, sarcastic Eric could carry on like my baby brother. I just love every layer they reveal about him every season.

        Thanks for the excellent recap!

  12. The episode was the best one all season. Hands down. Now we wait and speculate for nine long months. I’ll bet they go by a lot slower than the last 12 weeks. I guess I’ll be keeping my HBO subscription!

  13. just love eric northman and talking about the show on here, Iv been reading other sites and people actually think eric might be warlow. i had to get back on here where people know, and think the same as me!!! people are just ridiculous out there!!! eric and sookie forever!!!!

  14. He’s too tall for one thing! Warlow is a short little sh@# :)

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