Ding-Dong: Wicked Bill Compton’s Dead

Well, the season 5 finale of True Blood aired on Sunday the 26th and what can I say but that it was one hell of a cliffhanger. This type of cliffhanger was a first for True Blood and I think they should continue with it. I like wondering what is going to happen and I don’t like having everything wrapped up into a neat little bow. True Blood previously had the ‘big bag’ all wrapped up and the finale left you with a new ‘big bad’, setting up for the next season. I prefer what we were left with on Sunday, the ‘big bad’ was not wrapped up but it sure as hell became more complicated and very, very interesting.

True Blood sucked me back in and I am not sure I wanted to be ‘sucked back in’ but alas that is where I am at. Of course, this ‘sucking me back in’ did not really fully occur until the finale. Let’s face it folks, the season had more downs than up and most everything was so disjointed. I digress though, as I often do because I am not here to write a review, just to give my ‘fangpinion’ on a speculation of mine.

How gratifying was it to see Bill Compton reduced to a pile of goo? I bet your answer is FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC! I think that it was the most satisfying scene I have seen on ANY show I watch in a long time. I have been waiting (somewhat patiently) for the TRUE DEATH of this character for a while now and it was SWEET!

I could watch that video over and over because it is that good. This death led to a beautiful moment between our favorite couple: Eric and Sookie!

Now the question(s) would be but is he really well and truly dead or has he become someone or something else? I believe that some think ‘Lilith’ has taken him over and he is possessed by her spirit. I believe that it is much more than! Hold on to your hat because this one is a doozy! Do you all remember when Russell (RIP) scooped up all the Talbot goo and placed it in a jar? I know you do and this will come in handy later. Sookie thought he wanted to find a way to bring Talbot back to life somehow and she tossed that shit in the garbage disposal. Now here is where it might get a little tricky so stick with me here. The blood of Lilith that Roman had everyone worshipping at the altar was just blood but whose blood? I don’t think Roman knew the answer to that question either.

This leads me to my theory that the blood in the vial belonged to Warlow and this is where Talbot’s goo comes into play here. If you recall, Warlow only appeared to Sookie as an apparition because I think that he does not have a body. Warlow figured out a way to preserve himself should he ever die and that way was that some fool who would ‘drink of him’ drink all of him’ and as soon as that happens; Warlow has returned. I mentioned this to a couple friends and we were able to expand on this further.

A friend of mine had the speculation that before Warlow was made vampire he was a warlock. This is brilliant because as a Warlock, he would always be seeking other forms of magic other than his own to combine the two. What if Warlow wanted to breed with a woman that inherited the power of the fae and the pact was made somehow and then Warlow was made vampire? Since he was a warlock before being turned, he would know of a spell or something to preserve himself so he could come back for his fairy if he ever was staked. I believe that as a warlock he was able to make the vampires think they were seeing the biblical Lilith when they were not. Now, this leads me to the end of my speculation and it goes a little something like this:

Bill swallowed ‘all of the blood’ and once that blood attached to the inside of ‘Vampire Bill’ he was no more and thus Warlow was reborn! Please say hello to Warlow!

Warlow will be coming to claim his fairy princess, Sookie in Bill form! How awesome would that be? Thoughts, share them below!

About Nymerias

I am an avid book reader and when I am not writing for these two (now three) blogs that is what I am doing. I love Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, Outlander and many other shows. I am also a major hockey fan, especially my Detroit Red Wings! I also enjoy classic books and legal thrillers.

75 comments on “Ding-Dong: Wicked Bill Compton’s Dead

  1. I love this theory! I have been wracking my brain trying to remember the date on the scroll versus when Bill was turned because I do think Bill and Warlow are connected. Maybe he wasn’t a vampire. Maybe he just killed like one.

    • I don’t think Warlow and Bill are connected from the past, they are connected now. Warlow made the contract with John Stackhouse in the 1700’s and Bill was turned in 1865. We thought Warlow was a warlock (it is within this post) and he was turned into a vampire later on in life. I am loving this theory as well!

    • I think it’s a good theory, maybe Warlow is sort of a vampire legend (you know a vampire ghost who had a true death but came back of it, or maybe it’s a super powerful vampire), and Norah knows it because she was a counselor of tha vampire authority or maybe she had an affair with him, I love to speculate :)

  2. I don’t want him to claim her, but that could be a possibility.

  3. If you’re right about Bill and Warlow being tied together now, I HOPE Eric kills him&Kills him good! & then Sookie can FINALLY be with the guy we’ve been rooting for all along! #TeamEric

  4. I’ll play… what if Warlow is Lorena’s maker? Bloodlines/bloodties

  5. Noooooo…. I hope not. I dont want Sookie will Bill, Bilith, or Billow. I want Sookie with Eric, I want them to bond fighting Warlow and Bill and then they can live happily ever after with puppies, rainbows and unicorns (dream big or go home)

    • LOVING BILLOW, so good! I’m w/ JoJo all the way here! Sam can be a little pony at their fairy tale wedding…..honestly I’m hoping that they are going to tie in w/ the books w/ the vamp marriage next season….that Eric will do that to save Sookie from Warlow.

      Dreaming big for at least 9 months!

  6. I was thinking EXACTLY what you and your friends were thinking but with only one difference and that Warlow was a fairy turned into vampire then killed…… The reason was that the blood made them high in NOLA when they all first took it like fairy blood would have done to them.. I know it has something with the blood tho because AB said in an interview at some time that hoe do we know the blood was Lilliths trying to throw us a bone early on… And don’t th faerie have magical powers like a witch or warlock have? Clsudine seemed to know him… Either way I think you are definately on to something!

    • Fairy Blood made Eric drunk, “lilith’s” blood made them blood thristy and like on acid. I think Claudine knew Warlo, because she and her family have been watching the stackhouses for many years. Warlo was the term used for Warlock back 1400 CE and also we know Warlo likes to run around in capes and wide brimmed hats. AB said a year or so ago that “Fae can not be turned”, but a human warlock certainly could. I think the reason Sookie could become him when she watched her parents die, is because her and Warlo are connected through the contract written in fae blood.

    • I never saw that interview where AB said that how do we know the blood is lilith’s, you wouldn’t happen to remember where you read that would you Raeleen? Would love to read it.

      • I’ll try to find it it was weeks ago… And thanks for reminding me fairies can’t be turned that was a big oops LOL.

        • Well you never know, the writers are not always very consistent, maybe warlo will turn out to be a fae/vamp hybrid. Tho I don’t know what vamp would have the strength not to drain a fae dry. But with TB anything is possible.

      • Roman also told Salome before he bit it that the blood in the vial was not the blood of Lilith,he just told them that because he knew they all believed in it so much. I am not sure he even knew where the blood came from.

  7. Good theory. I suppose it could work. However I do not want to see Sookie with any one but Eric. I hope that is what we get in season 6.

  8. That is a scary spec! But very possible. And feasible. Oh gosh, Bill would be all sweet and have seen the error of his ways, begging Sookie’s forgiveness and undermining everything Eric does, probably using Nora to drive a wedge between Sookie and Eric.
    But it wouldn’t be Bill, it would be Warlow! OMG, I’m making myself sick!

    I have to say, when I rewatched the video of Bill’s death, it was an awesome death, I think the best vampire death we’ve seen. Stephen was great in that scene.

  9. Hey sure was, as he was in his killing Salome scene too. Praise Billith!
    Love Eric and Sookie together but lets face it watching them dance under rainbows in lala land wouldnt make good tv.

    • No noe dancing under rainbows inlala land but adventure after adventure while that are together would make fantastic Tv. They can be in love and together wreaking haven on the bad guy… LOL…

  10. hahaha billow!!! that’s so awesome.love it.and i definitely could see that scenario happen, or something very close to it, love thinking about all the possible directions things could go and turn, don’t care what they do, as long as it involves eric and sookie by each others sides once and for all!!!!

  11. I think your theory is too far-fetch . That would mean too many coincidences to make it plausible: a vampire from Bon Temps that had a relationship with the first girl being born under the contract had joined the Authority that happens to have the blood of the same vampire that made the contract, to go rogue, drink it and become him? Is WAAAAY to far-fetch to be plausible. I was following you as far as gathering Bill’s remains and somewhere in season 6 they would try to bring him back.
    I think we will have 2 villains: Warlow and Billith, where Billith may be trying to spread chaos among and death to humans and Warlow would try to use Sookie for his own purposes.
    Whatever path they choose it will suck, as much this season sucked all the way.

    • I did not say gathering Bill’s remains and try to bring him back. I used the Talbot thing as an example. Bill has no goo remains to be gathered. lol. Warlow would have found a way to preserve his goo should be ever meet the true death. Roman used this blood for everyone to worship as the blood of Lilith, he could have picked it up anywhere. When Bill consumed all of the blood in the vial, Warlow took over. I don’t think it that far-fetched.

      • I don’t think its too far fetched either, since when is anything too far fetched in this show? Warlow could of been Roman’s maker for all we know and so he kept some of his blood. Told the others it was lilith’s. Anything is possible on TB.

        • Exactly! The more I think about this the more I like it, so interesting.

        • I know, right? How can anything be too farfetched on a show that gave us a fairy elder dancing while asking about various pop stars and giving prophecy? NOTHING is too fetched once you’ve seen that.

          Oh… and don’t forget about the sneaky smoke monster. Seriously, this show doesn’t understand far fetched.

  12. since Sookie is part fae, does that mean she can’t be turned into a vampire? and I am sure we will see some Eric on Sookie action because once he finds out that Warlow is after her to claim him as his, he will not stand for that, so bring on the warlow story line, the theory above could happen but I am hoping that Bill and Warlow are too different things next season. but my other question is if Bill can be saved how would they even do that? I am still shocked as to how he even was able to come back after being a pile of goo, I want to know what the hell is in that blood

    • Sookie being part fae should mean she can’t be turned BUT Bill being a younger vampire should have also made him much weaker than, well, just about anyone and that has never stopped TB. So I think they make a lot of stuff up as they go along.

  13. Yep, Nymerias I like your speculation, it is kinda feasible in a sense. We have a loooong few months to try and figure out what they will do with the storyline from here. Usually the writers have a rough outline of what path the story is taking. I hope that they write smart this coming season, as this plotline can take many different routes. My wish is that whichever one they choose, they keep the story believeable and keep the plot holes to a minimum.

    As others above me have said, just to have Eric and Sookie back together as a team working together to figure all of this out. I will be happy (even if they don’t have any lovemakin’ next season) just seeing them together again.

    Damn its’ gonna be a looooong ass wait til June!!

  14. William Thomas Compton has now become “Bilith”~a combination of what once was
    Bill Compton who was always looking for something to beleive in & Lilith,the mad
    Goddess who is now allowing Bill Compton to finally embrace the Vampire he was
    made to be by his Maker, Lorena. She would be so proud of him now.
    Thank god, she’s not alive to see this!! Can you just imagine the trouble she’d
    want to create, beginnin with Sookie~she’d order Bill to kill Sookie.
    Though I wonder if Bill could take an order from his Maker now because of Lilith’s blood

  15. This is a really cool theory. Even Sookie can’t soon forget what Bill told her right before he drank the blood. I prefer him being Bilow (oh sweet lol) because I’m totally sick of new characters being introduced just to be offed conveniently and stupidly before taking way too much screen time from our favorites! 2 birds, 1 stone? Okee dokee.

    I half think they may kill Bill off early in next season. i mean, they have REALLY GONE THERE. Kind of like Russell’s arc–where else can this character go?

    My only fear is that they will fall back on the Rikki-V-O.D.-ESCAPE clause from finale and somehow do a total copout and somehow bring Bill back. But even as I type that, I say–no way. I mean, the real Bill exploded. Goo. He was Goo.

    I also love how finale resolved Eric’s bitterness w/ Sookie–clearing the way for what I want, need and deserve to see next season! Whoohoo!

    • My hope is that Bill is dead dead and Stephen Moyer will now play Warlow. I am still of the mind that this is the reason that Sookie only saw an apparition of WARLOW in her bathroom because he has no body. until now. Kinda like Voldemort needed one through the professor!

      • Yes, I agree, I love this idea! And what a twist for Sookie to have her Bill ideal completely perverted and defiled–seems like good karma for show Sookie and her stubborn blinders she stapled to her brain for 5 seasons! Hope you are right!

  16. The desintegration of bill was the favorite part of the whole series! I was so happy!! But he came back, :( so, I do hope for your amazing theory to be the right one!!! By the way you should be a writer for the show!! you are very, very extremely talented!!!

  17. Great !!! I love it !! Can’t wait 9 months seems so long !! You would be a great writer . You rock!!!

    • *blushes again* Thank you so much!! I said in an earlier post I wish I was a writer for the show but now that I think about, they would not hire me, I can’t stand Bill!! I would have him doing all kinds of rotten things!! PMSL!

  18. Except that Nora knew something about Warlow so either she knew that the blood in the vial wasn’t Lillith or something else is going on?

    • I think Nora has a vampire database and knows about all vampires. I imagine the Authority wanted to have information on every vampire ever made at their disposal.

  19. Yes, I think Worlow is someone of importance either bad or good because Nora knew his name. Because she is in the Authority she would have knowledge of such vampires. If Nymerias theory is correct I think the storyline would be great as long as it is Eric and Sookie against Worlow. As far as the marriage between Eric and Sookie on TB I don’t think that will happen anytime soon because AB stated that he didn’t think that Alcide and Sookie’s relationship was totally over.

    I agree with the others above TB writer’s should add Nymerias to the staff. I think she could do a better job than the one’s they have now.

    • It’s much too soon for a believable Eric/Sookie marriage. A blood bond? They pretty much already have one of those. They initiated it in S4 and I have no problem with them working out the kinks of that if they are using it to protect Sookie but a marriage? Uh no.

      As for Sookie/Alcide, AB isn’t in charge of S6. I don’t know what he was implying but he really isn’t in charge of what direction they ‘go’ with or without A/S and I don’t see where they could go unless Eric removes the glamour which Sookie, ironically, hasn’t asked him to do yet. And Eric isn’t going to do it willingly. You know that.

      • yes its too soon for a “fairy” tail wedding w Eric and Sookie however the S/E marriage storyline from the books could work if they modified it to fit the True Blood characters. In the books their marriage was a trick by Eric to protect Sookie (with his ulterior motive being to have Sookie of course) he did not ask her and for a while she was pissed at him. This could totally work on True Blood, imagine – Eric tricks Sookie into marriage with the guise of protecting her from Warlow, she gets mad at him which creates the drama that they seem to want between these characters, however she sees that this in-name only marriage is actually protecting her, Eric is protecting her. Eventually maybe even so far ahead as season 7 they end up developing a real marriage. <3

        As for Alcide he should stick with the new girl, they have chemistry and maybe the can develop a decient storyline for the wolves

    • I think they might still try the sookie/alcide relationship but i think her and eric are going to get together some time next season because they like drama so having a triangle of Eric/Sookie/Alcide is right up their alley ….but I think by seasons end Eric and sookie will be together ….i just think its inevitable Eric and sookie

  20. Oh wauw, I’m shocked by the satisfaction I get from watching beehl die over and over again, I’m getting worried for myself here lol! And I am sure it wont get old by next June, either :P

    I have to agree, it’s a great True Death, and Stephen Moyer acted it brilliantly *praise where praise is due*. Loved the ”Oh god!!” before he splatters to goo. It sounded like he was in real anguish.

    By the way, what the hell is going on with the various ways for a vamp to die on True Blood? It’s been bothering me. One time they explode, then they kind of disintegrate -then explode, what the hell man? Don’t even get me started on the various ways they show vamps have their fangs come out (I’ve seen sliding down, popping down from behind the teeth, morphing into fangs and what not…)

    About the theory, it COULD be something along the lines of what nymerias came up with, it’s very interesting and I haven’t thought of it like that at all. I’m not sure if it’s too far fetched, but on TB you never know. I guess they can have Nora take over beehls job of making a vampire database (she did say she helped design the Authority’s security system or something, so she could have been doing a database for them as well) so she may know Warlowe from the database.


  21. Sweet baby Bilith, those bill lovahs on hbo’s chat page are SO BITTER right now. So funny when we’ve been disappointed by plots, they are always like, “hey, it’s just a fun show I love, take the ride.” But since their hero has feet of clay and a brand new bloody man murkin (sp?), they are getting nasty.

    Just as hypocritical as their sweet Southern Gentleman! Gees.

    • I think they probably need to start again and re-watch the whole thing and they might even pick up a few clues and see Bill the way he is supposed to be :)

    • Considering how delusional and clueless they’ve been? They deserve it. People have tried to get them to see the light and they’ve been downright mean and/or cruel about it so really? Couldn’t happen to a stupider, crueler more crazy bunch of nitwits. May they rot in their idiocy.

      It’s no wonder Bill(Billith) is their favorite. They deserve each other.

      • Too funny! Y’know really, they remind me of a faithful sanguinista–they can justify any depraved act he does w/ their romance junkie ways….just tell me what I want to hear, Bill and carry on doing the opposite.

        Yes, though I don’t think they want him anymore. I’m happy for Stephen Moyer that he gets something so exciting and different to play–he will be the one everyone is talking about while Eric just gets the girl. PS, that works for me!

        • Oh I know, they practically rewrote TB in order to justify and play up everything Bill did. Bill gives Sookie a crappy gift? Oh it’s the most Romantical Thing Evah! (That purple prom catastrophe was puketastic) Bill has her beaten? It’s so he can love and protect her because he’s really a vampire, prince charming or some shit. Eric throws Bill into a fireplace? Oh Bill let him because he’s all noble and shit. Bill kills the Queen? He did it for Sookie and not because he’s low life grabbing power and preying on women at the same time.

          Whatever. cracked billwhackos are cracked.

          And I too am happy that Stephen Moyer finally gets to play a decent role rather than billspastic. Eric can certainly have the girl. Makes for better viewing all around.

    • Yes I recall reading that among many many other things as well! I think I read once that they thought it was stupid for someone to say they were going to quit watching the show because it did not go their way. They are the ones saying it now!!! LMAO

      • “I think I read once that they thought it was stupid for someone to say they were going to quit watching the show because it did not go their way. ”

        Haha. As opposed to what? Continuing to watch when you can’t enjoy it? I swear. I do not understand their thinking, like at all. I suppose that’s a good thing because then I would understand why they like Bill and that would be frightening.

    • haven’t looked at the hbo board, I hoope the writers don’t take their comments too seriously, sometimes feel like they get their ideas from this board, please don’t make sookie use the cluviel dor for Beehl… Its unbelievable how ridicolous this particular fanbase can be, they always claim eric fans are the vocal minority or whatever, its more the other way around, seeing them flooding the hbo board to get attention, they probably have already written a bunch of letters to mark hudis that he will bring bill back haha

  22. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m loving it that THEY finally feel outraged and upset about how their favorite is being treated. Doesn’t feel good does, it , beehls babes?*gags*

    Us viking Eric lovers have been through a lot meanwhile, so now you guys finally get a taste.They have been blind for 5 whole seasons, defending that bastard high and low and trashing Eric instead, while we were trying (without succes) to make them see the truth about beehl.

    Where is it that they are talking about this anyway? I’d like to go there and rub it in some more :D

    • There are some nasty (and thankfully really cool) people on HBO’s true blood homepage. Just click on talk and it pulls up all the topics. The bill lovers are losing their minds. I have checked in there off and on since season 2 and they used to be so pompous about Bill’s purity and intention. Drove me crazy how they got Sookie so completely because they had more denial than she ever did about bill.

      When many of us felt devastated about how Sookie threw Eric aside and announced she loved Bill last season–after ZERO reflection on Rattray or spying reveal–they did pull the “weil, if you hate it so much, quit watching. I just enjoy the show and where it takes me.” Uh, huh. Those very same posters are freaking out–saying writers prop up evil Eric as hero and can only do that by making Bill the villian. They are furious and feeling betrayed by writers. Oh, the irony!

      I wouldn’t recommend taking them on, they’ve been glamoured so much they make Ginger look like the brain trust. If you disagree w/ them at all, hysteria ensues. I’ll save you the frustration and tell you that they think Bill has just been uprooted from hero to villian w/ no warning or reason. It just blows my mind that they can’t see it any other way. Their only answer is ever, well Eric’s done bad things. Uh ok, Eric or no Eric, it scares me that they romanticize Bill and they have info Sookie never will. Yikes!

      But it’s so funny to me how the writers are really telling us that we are expected to search for the truth in this show, w/ all characters. We are shown, not told. Too bad these particular Bill fans missed the memo.

      • They were just never watching the same show as the rest of us. I think that’s been pretty clear. The “Eric has done bad things” line is kind of cheap especially when you go back and look at the bigger picture. Eric’s bad things generally hurt Eric in the long run plus Eric was Sheriff and unfortunately had responsibilities to QSA or other higher authorities. He WASN’T Queen.

        But with Bill? His acts were in his best interests and hurt others so NO. They didn’t pull the rug out from under anyone. They just weren’t WATCHING. They were fangirling.

        • I know! It’s insane. One argued to me that Eric “let” Russell drink Sookie…it’s actually moronic, because as we know, he was TRICKING Russell into going outside and Eric was willing to DIE to save Sookie, Pam and St. Bill…..but hey, let’s just leave out that last part.

          I think what they can’t bear is that Eric is comfortable w/ what he is –light and dark—and he makes no apologies or explanations for it. He tells and lets Sookie see it all and make her OWN DECISION about him, w/ all the facts. He isn’t going to pretend to be something else to get her–she has to come to him w/ eyes wide open….and what pisses them off, I bet, is that Sookie does and she will and she will do it next season!

          If you want ugly lies wrapped in pretty bows, then Bill is the guy for you….fortunately, we viking groupies have better taste! Thank you so much for the safe place to land here!

  23. bill fans are idiots! exactly, they are watching a different show!!!! because if they were watching the right one they would see how its been all about sookie and eric since the get go!!!

  24. […] shared her latest theories for Season 6 in her Just My Fangpinion Post: “Ding-Dong: Wicked Bill Compton is Dead”! What do you think Sookie was thinking as she watched Eric and Pam’s reunion in the finale? […]

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