Alexander Skarsgård In Vanity Fair Italy

Alexander Skarsgård is featured in the September 12th issue of Vanity Fair Italy magazine!

Check out the scans below!

Thanks to luvtheviking on Tumblr for the full translation…here’s what is said!

Blue eyes, angelic face and an ambiguous charisma. Alexander Skarsgård, the vampire of television and the face of a fragrance that invites to the contact.

This is also your first time in a campaign?
Alex: Of this dimensions, yes. I did something in the past but for a smaller brand and I got few offers too but nothing I was really interested in. What really got me was the opportunity to work with Steven Klein. I’ve already worked with him for Interview in 2011 (while in 2010 he did the Rolling Stones cover with co-stars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer. All three bloody naked!)

Women love vampires. In your opinion, why?
Alex: “They are strong creatures. A vampire can take care of you and protect you like no human would possibly do. But he’s also dangerous because he can kill you in a second. What’s fascinating is the element of risk.”

And it’s also sexy
Alex: “A bite can be sensual or hurtful. It’s scary but also intriguing. And then there’s the immortality: you’re a 1000 year old vampire but you look like you’re 30. It’s a very interesting idea: just think about the money people spend to stay young.”
Especially in LA where you moved for work. Do you miss Sweden?
“There are moments when I desperately miss home. When I’ve time I just catch a flight to Stockholm. Doesn’t matter if it’s for a weekend only. My family and my friends live nearby. There’s a piazza where we use to meet and have lunch or drink something. It’s sunny. When I’m here I do my best to get updated with what’s happening in Sweden. When I fly home I want to know what people are talking about.”

All your friends are there?
“Not all of them, but I keep in touch with the ones I grew up with. They are not in the show business. One is an employee and another one a carpenter. It helps to keep my feet on the ground.”

Battleship your first action movie didn’t go so well. Disappointed?
“When you spend time and energy in a project you just hope that everyone would like it. The number of the tickets is not the most important thing. I filmed Battleship 2 years ago, after Melancholia by Lars Von Trier, a movie few people watched, but it still is the most incredible experience of my life.”

Your father was in the cast too.
“The first time we worked together. It already happened in the past but I was just 7. Be on the stage with my father was like a dream comes true. He’s a phenomenal actor and my best friend.”

You started acting when you were very young and then you quit at 13 just to start again 10 years later. Weird choice.
“Be the center of the attention wasn’t very comfortable. I’m not saying I was famous like Harry Potter, but it was in the 80’s when in Sweden there were two channels only in TV.”

Did you use a fragrance when you were a teenager?
Alex: “Yeah, I thought it helped with women.”

Did it work?
Alex: “Hardly. The first time I used it, I was 11 and there was this disco for teenagers where you danced from 5 pm to 8pm. That day I decided to use a bit of perfume but ended up using it way too much. I was intolerable.”

Special thanks again to luvtheviking on Tumblr for the full translation and to joji387 on Tumblr for the scans!

How many of you LMAO’d at what he said about wearing too much perfume to the dance? My poor baby…LOL

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8 comments on “Alexander Skarsgård In Vanity Fair Italy

  1. Thanks for the article Erika . I love it . Alex is really down to earth . What a great guy ? Wish him all the success in the world . He truly deserves it .

  2. You’re killing me with the skarsporn, Erika! :D

  3. I was in “Boots” today and photos of Alex were absolutely everywhere with the “Encounter” campaign. I’m used to being a blithering idiot in front of the TV at home but it’s a little embarrassing when you are stood in the middle of a busy store with dribble coming out of the corner of your mouth!

    “Encounter” smells very yummy by the way :)

    • Hahahhaa :D Oh well you’re lucky, here in Belgium they don’t even have Encounter just yet, I can’t wait to go sniff it out and hopefully get it for my hubbie :D

      (I get all retarded already just when I see a generic black ”TRUE BLOOD” poster with blood dripping on the street, now THAT’s embarrassing ;) )

  4. Thanks for having the article translated, as my Italian is pretty rusty (haven’t had to use any since my father passed loooong ago). Pretty much the same as the Austrailian acticle, but I will read every and all articles I can about Alex. I am glad to hear that the non-popularity of Battleship hasn’t discouraged him and he used it as a learning experience instead. Our man is destined to be a very hugh star sometime in the near future and once he gets the right vehicle to act in, there will be no stopping him. He reminds me of “old Hollywood stars” as he has an “old soul” quality in his acting style and charisma. I can’t really describe it, but its’ definately there…..

  5. Thanks for the article. I think a few men could stand to read about using “too much perfume”! lol Less is definitely more! I also like Encounter and usually don’t care much for men’s cologne. Here’s a little tip…spray some on the cards they have at the counter and if you leave it in your car, each time you get in you’ll catch just a little whiff and maybe imagine your own little “encounter”! :)

  6. Amazing Amazing Stuff!!

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