Who Killed Sookicide?

*Raises hand* I DID! IT WAS ME! HAHAHA Just kidding…we found this gag-worthy post by TV Line and  I thought we would share it with you…so we can all feel sick TOGETHER! :D You know how much we LOVE to share…LOL

Remember that sickening scene when Sookie and Alcide almost had sex? THANK GOD Sookie came to her senses and puked on Alcide’s feet!

Anyhoo, Michael Ausiello and Andy Patrick from TV Line shared the answer to the question as to why the Sookicide romance was dropped? Read it below.

Though True Blood tried to distract viewers with everything from Vampire Tara to Evil Bill, we never forgot that this was supposed to be the season that Sookie hooked up with Alcide. So WTH happened?

“The decision to not do it this season [came about because] every single season, it’s been all about Sookie falling in love with this person or that person,” exiting showrunner Alan Ball tells TVLine. “It seemed like she had enough on her plate this season to not just [say], ‘Okay, now Sookie’s gonna fall in love with Alcide!’”

So that’s… it? The wolfman covers up his ex-girlfriend’s murder for her, she pukes on him, and that’s… it? No, no, no, Ball is quick to reassure. “That doesn’t man that that door is closed,” he insists. Or at least it isn’t locked. “All of these supernatural guys in town carry a big torch for Sookie – even Eric, who doesn’t want to admit it.”

What do you think? Are you sorry the show separated Sookie and Alcide before they’d even gotten together? Or did you think she needed another beau about as much as Bon Temps needed another fire monster?

I have a few things to say about this…okay, more like a RANT (just to warn you before you start reading). ;)

  1. This was one of the smartest decisions the True Blood writers have made, IMO. This season was the first season in a long time where smart Sookie made a reappearance and her fairy vagina didn’t get her into trouble.  It was very refreshing and I hope we see more of her in season 6.
  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if Anna’s pregnancy might have had something to do with it too. I don’t think she would feel too comfortable getting naked while being pregnant.
  3. PUKE, GROSS, YUCK! Alcide and Sookie have NO chemistry whatsoever! Most of the fans think they’re boring together. Am I right?
  4. Eric and Sookie are STILL the best and hottest couple on the show! I really wish they would focus on the two of them instead of throwing other suitors in Sookie’s path. Grrrr…
  5. Of course, Eric won’t admit he has feelings for Sookie…he’s an ALPHA male. Plus, she really hurt him at the end of season 4. I really can’t blame him.
  6. Not sure if I like the sound of a possible return of Sookicide in the future. Better make sure I have my barf bag handy and make sure I have plenty of brain bleach on hand.
  7. Lastly, they got the facts wrong in this article. They said that this was supposed to be the season where Alcide hooked up with Sookie. Um….NO. Get the facts straight. It’s QUINN she was supposed to hook up with, unless Alcide is going to be Quinn too.

If you would like to comment over at TV Line so you can…*cracks knuckles* make them see the light, correct the error of their facts, or anything else you would like to tell them…please click on the link we provided above! ;)

Sorry… Now that I have that out of my system…feel free to share your thoughts (or rant) below!

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28 comments on “Who Killed Sookicide?

  1. Typical TV line – only interested in people getting it on:)

    I actually think TB handled the Sookie/Alcide situation perfectly. Viewers were waiting for something to happen and they basically took care of it in 2 episodes. It was a brilliant idea to have Sookie only make out with him when she was drunk and vulnerable and for it to end in disaster (puke), which is what the wolf deserved. Eric being part of the story-line and glamouring Alcide also made me happy as it was another little clue to his feelings as well.

    After he opened up his heart and she spat it back at him at the end of season 4, I was really pleased to see Eric not acting like a mooning puppy this year. So glad Alan Ball mentioned Eric by name in that article, he’s the most important suitor, and he’s making sure the viewers picked up on all the little clues throughout the season that he still loves her desperately.

    It’s all set up for E/S next season, we don’t need any more wolf, I don’t care who wants to see Alcide shirtless. Completely agree that S/A have NO chemistry. I think their moment has passed and Sookie puked on it!

    • I’m not real fond of guys who have sex with women who are drunk enough to puke on them, you know? For being a supe, he should have been able to smell how drunk she was and then put her to bed and LEAVE her alone.

      I just.. that is so bad and I don’t know if the writers did it intentionally or if they just didn’t realize what they were writing.

  2. I don’t buy that Alcide cr*p what Alan Ball said. He made sh*t up all the time. He isn’t charge the show next season,Mark is. I think it isn’t this spoiler,he just talked about it this season.

    It looks like Alcide have to deal w/ being a packleader & develops a v-addict. Rikki’ll be 1 who help to get through it. I would see that’ll happen in Season 6. Beside,Sookie doesn’t want to hang around a bunch of wild dog & a v-addict as boyfriend. She had been through that sh*t w/ Jason in season 1,she don’t want to through that again.

    It does looks like the future’s looking bright for Eric & Sookie. It looks like he’ll stand by her. She need to related to,it’s Eric. He had through a lot,he known how Sookie’s feeling. He have similar background to Sookie (i always think Eric’s like the male counterpart of Sookie from books.) Because they lost their loved 1(Sookie lost Gran & Eric lost Godric). Pam & Tara are the same(that’s why they get along a lot). Sookie have Jason as brother,Eric have Nora as sister(Jason & Sookie aren’t sexaul related). They have good relationship(Sam & Bill,but Sam didn’t become evil). See the point. They destined to be together. He was there when Bill “died” & comfored her,Alcide isn’t there & he’s out to fighting to win over his pack.

    What a idiot Alan’s thinking to putting Sookie w/ Alcide next season. I hope Mark disagreed w/ him on the plans for next season.

    • I think the original line was that Alcide would be carrying a torch for Sookie which implies that Sookie might not return his feelings. I can totally see Alcide trying to get between E/S and trying to cause problems while Sookie simply does not return his feelings any longer.

      And writers aren’t going to give away all their secrets this early. We saw what happened with the entire Sookicide romance. It became the romance that never was so, like you, I don’t believe it.

  3. It’s called Sookicide, enough said.

    • Exactly. When a name pretty much sums up the entire romance or lack thereof. Come on guys, it was spelled out for you. How thick are you?

  4. I hate those magazines, they always want to prop Alcide or more just joe… Alcide jumped on that rikki girl just after he wanted to hook up with sookie, its more like those guys haven’t even watched the show… looking at the endiing, it should be now sookie and eric, but I don’t think the writers will make sookie being together with someone next season:( … I just hope the writers don’t buy what these magazines say, thats not what the fans want to see at all… just a handful of those joe m. fans…

  5. OMFG! Way to shake us up and leave us thinking about how stupid they can and will probably be. I couldn’t agree with you more Erika. I myself do not want to see Sookie hook up with anyone but our Viking!

  6. People also forget that Alcide was glamored, probably why he jumped on Rikki so soon and seems to be over Sookie. I honestly don’t see more happening between them, but you never know.

    • The writers can’t say… it’s over and done with because then they give everything away. The handful of Sookicide fans out there will stomp their feet and run away. Let’s use our heads here. Writers never lay everything out for you because then… why watch? Plus… the TB writers do like to troll. Let’s be honest.

    • They had Sookie make him remember the glamor, and she probably undid it. Afterward Alcide sort of growled (the only thing he can think of to do when he can’t find any -to him- okay reason to take off his shirt casually) and Sookie went all ”thank-youuu” in a roll-eye sort of manner.

  7. I agree, no more Sookie and Alcide…that ship has sailed. Just get Sookie back with Eric where she belongs!!! Who knows what those writers have up their sleeves, I mean AB threw us a BIG curve ball this last season and it will be very interesting to see how Mark and the writers weave the story from here for next season.

    Since the 6th season is going to be soooo short, I hope they cut out a lot of the “side” stories and stick to the main storyline. I am sad enough that they cut 2 eppys let alone think of “sharing” too much time on all the other assine storylines they come up with.

    I am still going to be optimistic and think of Eric and Sookie together next season, together fighting the evil of the formerly know Beehl, now known as Billith……

  8. I just want to see Alcide’s chest more often and see him get some love from somebody. He’s one of the good guys!

    • I think Alcide and Rikki make a good couple. Not sure how that is going to go though :)

    • and that seems to be the only reason why people like Alcide. his characters is so boring and the werewolves suck on the show, I rather would want him gone, his characters is pointless, but some women really just seem to watch it because of the muscles…

  9. ok that’s it! eric and sookie are meant to be till the end that manga wolf has no connection with sookie i hope they do not bring in quinn although it would be funny to see eric and quinn having a bust up

  10. Eric & Sookie i hope will be together . i still have great hope for that .Alcide & Rikki I hope are together , maybe Jason & Jessica , Tara & Pam that will be hot .

  11. I like Alcide with Rikki he fits with her and Sookie should be with Eric but
    I feel like they will have him sniffing around Sookie probably complaining about vampires and how they will be a danger to her and Eric in particular, Alcide’s usual shit …..hopefully Eric and her will finally get with each other after all this b.s. stuff visa away.

  12. Oh whatever. It’s wank bait and they know it. They know very well why it was ‘killed’ because it wasn’t killed. It wasn’t ever going to happen.

    And I’m glad TB realized that the revolving suitor thing was getting a little tacky.

  13. Honestly, the guy is only there to take off his shirt. This season he seemed to be bare-chested for no reason more times than I can count. I don’t give a crap. He bores me to death.
    If it is Eric taking his shirt off though, you have my undivided attention ;)

  14. hahaa i agree with everyone!!alcide,sorry your boring! and lets just keep them friends damnit and concentrate on eric and sookie being together and eric protecting her!!!

  15. That scene was so hysterical I couldn’t stop laughing!!
    And Eric & Bill standing there didn’t help things.
    I was laughing so hard I almost had a coughing fit???

  16. I like Alcide, just not with Sookie. They don’t fit, and he seemed to forget about her pretty fast. I think the glamor is still working, Sookie just made him remember what happened.

    • Yes, I presumed that Alcide is still galmoured, but Sookie could tell that Eric had done it. I don’t think Alcide would have moved on so easily otherwise. To be honest Sookie didn’t seem too upset about what Eric had done, she was probably embarrassed about what happened!

  17. I have one thing to say to this: ABOUT DAMN TIME they listen to the fans who are tired of Sookie always ‘needing a man’ to feel complete. That is how I take it. I want her with Eric but only of she stays true to herself. Now, if the writers keep her and Alcide from having sex or a relationship, I will be extra happy. Please writers you will kill any Sookie love fans have for her if she goes with the wold next PAY ATTENTION!

  18. […] but it did seem like it was dropped very suddenly. Find out what they had to say about it over at TV Line! Alexander is featured in Vanity Fair Italy, check out the scans and read the full translation in […]

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