Alex’s baby gift idea for Anna & Stephen

Our favorite Viking, Alexander Skarsgard, has given a little interview to Norwegian website VG. He talks briefly about missing his family and being away from Stockholm and also about how Anna coped with working full-time on True Blood season 5 during her pregnancy.

“She never complained even though we worked until four in the morning and she had to do everything possible to hide the pregnancy.” 

And what is he thinking of buying his friends as a gift for the babies?

“Stephen is a football fan so it will probably be a little football jersey from Hammarby, my team in Sweden, even though he is a supporter of West Ham,” laughs Alexander. – They say it will be a girl.- “Girls like football too. I gave my sister one when she was born!”

Original article is here

We’re not sure how perfect some of the translation is, and we weren’t aware that Anna and Stephen have said they are having girls, but it looks like the twins will be getting their very own Hammarby football shirts regardless.

The perfect baby gift? Well it’s certainly something different. I’m sure Anna and Stephen will be expecting something “Hammarby”, and as I’m a huge football fan I’m not going to knock it.

Don’t forget Alex is due at the Toronto Film Festival later today. We’ll bring you any pictures and interviews that come our way over the weekend.

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8 comments on “Alex’s baby gift idea for Anna & Stephen

  1. I LOVE THIS!!
    Anna & Stephen are having twin little girls!!
    That’s what I was praying for!!!
    And I so love Alexander’s idea of football jersey’s for them!!
    Wonder what else he’ll give them?

    • I’m not entirely sure how the journalist would know they are having girls Marlene, so that is not definite. It could be the translation and the question was “what if they are having girls”. We’ll find out in a few weeks time :)

  2. Yep, that sounds like a diehard sports fan to me! LOL, seems like Alex is very normal in his manly gift ideas. I know it’ll be so cool to hear when Anna finally has those two. I’m sure even Stephen and Anna don’t care what gender their babies are, as long as they are healthy and happy little ones.

  3. Stephen already has two little girls, right? I’m kind of hoping for boys or at least one of each, but two little girls would be good, too. Just as long as everyone is healthy=)

  4. I don’t really care what gender Anna has as long as both she and the babies make it through delivery just fine. Plus, I think it’s cute that Alex is planning on a sports themed gift regardless of whether they are girls/boys or one of each. Girls can be great soccer/football players.

  5. […] out what Alex is planning on giving to Anna and Stephen’s twins once they are born! Alex walked the red carpet at TIFF! Check out […]

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