True Blood Season 5: Year-end Report Card

With school officially back in session, we thought we would use this opportunity to ‘school’ you on what we thought about True Blood Season 5 as a whole!

Ready or not…class is now in session! Can you please raise your hands if you’re in attendance? (Looks around the classroom.) Ah yes…we have Evie, B, and Nymerias all here and sitting in their seats. Hello, ESL staff…I’m your teacher, Ms. Erika. In 400 words or less, please take turns telling other Eric and Sookie lovers what you thought about the season, and afterwards please give a final grade on the season as a whole.

Evie, will you please stop daydreaming about Eric? I know he’s hard to resist, but we need your full and undivided attention! Evie, will you please tell us what you thought?


Considering I nearly quit watching the show after the end of season 4, season 5 was a big surprise success for me. Of course there was some nonsense that I can’t even be bothered to mention, a lot of the new characters failed to lived up to their hype, and I’m not too fussed that most are already dead. (Except for Molly ). I got sick of the sight of the Authority board room and our favourite Viking being perpetually trapped in it. But there was a lot of good things this year. Established and returning characters, like Jason, Laffy, Russell and Steve, reminded me of why I enjoyed watching them in the first place. I also thought it was a great season for the girls. Pam was strong (I loved her back-story), Luna didn’t take any shit, Rosalyn and Salome were more interesting than their male Authority counterparts, and Vampire Tara was a revelation. She is now a kick-ass member of the Family of Godric, and I’m completely on Team Tara. I’m still not sure about Nora (hopefully next season we will get to know her true self). Sookie had a good season and she was likeable again, Anna and Ryan are always great together, this year was no exception and I’m hooked on the mystery of Warlow. (I’m back on Team Stackhouse too).

Big shout-out to new writer Angela Robinson who rejuvenated Sookie in episode 5. At the end of last season Eric was not in good place, and he was very vulnerable, but gradually he has made his way back to complete and utter awesomeness. I’ve loved him in every episode, he’s had great lines, and for those who were concerned about his scenes with Bill, I can only say – Bill who? For the first half of the season I didn’t even notice him and during the second half I mostly laughed at him. Alan Ball wrote the best Viking, culminating in Alex’s season defining finale performance (the stand-out episode by far).The extraordinary twist in the last scene already makes waiting for season 6 suck. What with Bill’s Shakespearean demise and Sookie puking up on Alcide’s shoes, I only see one way this is heading, the future’s bright……………………the future’s Viking!

My grade: B+

Sookie, Eric & 2 other random guys on their way to the Haunted Hospital for yet another True Blood adventure.

Nymerias, I know you’re studying for biology but that book looks like it has more to do with Eric’s anatomy, than a normal biology textbook. Please hand the book over to me, and tell the rest of the class what you thought about season 5. Don’t worry, I’ll keep your book safe until you are finished. :D


When Season 5 of True Blood started, I was not sure how I felt due to the same problems that continue every single season. Needless to say, I was very skeptical and was only watching with half a heart, not sure if it will ever get my full heart again. Alex/Eric, on the other hand will always get my full heart and attention, but I digress again.

This season, for me was full of hits and misses, more misses than hits. I will just give the shortened, condensed version because I could go on and on about this.

Miss #1
: Terry and the Ifrit (however you spell it and I really don’t care that I did not spell it right) was not only a miss but a HOT MESS! The whole damn thing made no sense at all. Todd Lowe should be given meatier stuff but it needs to have something to do with the main plot.

Miss #2: Alcide and the whole wolf-pack shit! I really don’t give a crap, it is beyond boring! NEXT!

Miss #3: Maurella and the birth of her babies. While I am sure her having the babies has a MAJOR point, I could have done without that whole ‘orgasmic scene’. The only plus that came from it was La La and Jane Bodehouse! Poor Andy! NEXT!

There are more but I don’t have the energy to go through them. Jessica had some good moments but I am so over her character. I cried when Jason said goodbye to his ‘Bubba’! The Authority was nothing and meant nothing to me; it was a bit too blah for me!

Sam was pretty bad ass, Luna was cool and at least their storyline ended up having to do with the Authority. Emma is the cutest thing. Russell and Steve were awesome together and it was kind of sad to see Russell go but it was time. Lafayette brought the funny but was under-utilized and could have played a bigger part in things.

My hits have mostly to do with Sookie, Eric, Pam, Tara and Jason. Sookie was almost back to the way she used to be and that needs to happen ASAP! Jason was hilarious as per usual. Pam and Tara rock together just as I thought they would. Nora, as long she keeps her fangs off Sookie might prove to be okay because she is mildly entertaining. My bet is she made a vampire database and this is how she knows about Warlow. Eric, my Eric was brilliant this season and he finally got to kill Russell while saving Sookie at the same time. Bill exploding into goo at the end of the season P-R-I-C-E-L-E-S-S! I could watch that scene over and over again.

My grade: B-

Season 5 also inspired this photo below!

Now it’s your turn, B…B?! Are you paying attention? *walks over to B’s desk to see what she’s looking at* B, I told you before…no staring at Skarsporn until AFTER class is finished! *takes iPad away from B* Tell us what you thought about season 5.


I have made references in prior posts that my main priority of this season was not to break my TV. By this standard, I am calling the 5th season of True Blood a success. The fact that I enjoyed the season overall was gravy. Was it a perfect season? Not even close. Did some of it make me cringe and twitch? Hell yes. Was I entertained most of the time while watching the episodes air? Yes, I was. There was only 1 episode that I could not watch my requisite multiple times on a Sunday. Luckily, it was not my week to review and that changed quickly when I prepped that weeks quote poll.

What I liked from this season:

  • Eric on my screen no matter what. We’re lucky to be watching this caliber of an actor: Alexander Skarsgard
  • The Pam/Eric flashback scenes
  • The one liners… and not just the Eric/Sookie ones
  • Meeting Nora. I know I’m probably the only one who will say it. But the Viking’s circle of trust is small.
  • Filming in NOLA.
  • The HBOGo interactive features. They totally give you insight behind each episode.
  • Bill turning to goo
  • The Eric and Sookie embrace in the finale :)

What I didn’t like:

  • Eric and Sookie being separated for most of the season, though the finale gives me hope.
  • Unnecessary story lines. Did we really need Ifrit, Andy/Holly/Maurella triangle, Andy’s ass, the Were/Shifter sub plots? Everyone on the show does not need a story arc. Also, did we need to know about Mike, Bud, and Andy’s sex lives? Ehhh… no.
  • The excess of guest stars. What ever happened to “No guest stars”?
  • Slowness of some episodes, though I am not sure if this is because they used the same set for several episodes… Economical reasons of course *cough*
  • Lack of Sookie Stackhouse in a series based off the Sookie Stackhouse books.
  • 4 Episodes being under 50 minutes in length, especially with some of excess story lines.

I am on the fence with the Authority scenes in general. For like Eric said “Yeah, I’m trying to stay away from politics as much as possible… and religion.”. There were still plenty of unanswered questions, but that is why we have a season 6.

As I said before, my main requirement for the season was met, so I am good.

My grade: B-

*tries to tear herself away from Nymeria’s textbook and B’s iPad* Oh, you’re finished already? *shakes head to clear the Skarsgasms away* I guess it’s now my turn. My thoughts are below.


After what happened at the end of last season, I went into season 5 wondering if I should expect more of the same. There were many roll-your-eyes moments, some LOL moments, some WTF moments and other moments which were the perfect time to either pour myself a stiff drink or have a nice little nap. For the most part I really enjoyed season 5.

My “hits”: I loved Eric Northman this season. Every scene he was in made my Sunday night. We all know the reasons why. I loved Sookie this season. She was smart, and resembled book Sookie for once. My only complaint; why does she continue to treat Eric like he’s got some kind of dreaded disease? The funniest scene was when Sookie puked on Alcide’s shoes. I really enjoyed Tara as a vampire. She was less whiny, and more interesting as a character. I loved Pam’s flashback to when she was turned by Eric. It was great seeing the parallels between Eric’s relationship with Pam, and Eric’s relationship with Sookie. I really liked the character of Molly, too bad she died. I loved the finale! Eric saved Sookie from Russell and they worked together as a team. And best of all…Bill turned into goo. Can we please see some more of this?

My “misses”: The Authority. It started off good, but they ended up being less mature than a class of 1st graders. The Ifrit or smoke monster…LAME. Couldn’t they have come up with something better? Russell. Yes, RUSSELL. It started off good, but as soon as he ’embraced’ the Sanguinista’s beliefs, his character went downhill fast, but I did enjoy his romance with Steve Newlin. Sam and Luna=BORING! But Emma in wolf form was the CUTEST THING EVER! Alcide, and the wolf pack; even MORE BORING. (I’m falling asleep as I’m typing this.) Laffy…what happened to him? He didn’t really have a storyline this season, but he did have a couple of great lines. I’m on the fence about Nora. She kind of redeemed herself at the end…but MEH. Most of the episodes were too short (50 minutes long), with too many characters, and too many storylines.

It’s too soon to tell you what I think about Warlow. I’m disappointed Jason hates vampires, because of his parent’s deaths.

I guess we’ll have to see what happens next season!

My grade: B

Class is out for a 9 month recess. Don’t forget to check back here for our reviews next season! Walk…don’t run down the hallways, and don’t forget to take all of your belongings home with you.

From all of us here at Eric and Sookie Lovers…we hoped you enjoyed reading our reviews as much as we had fun writing them. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and visiting us during True Blood Season 5!

Remember, don’t be a fool…waiting sucks less if you check out Skarsporn and drool!

Now that we’ve shared our thoughts with all of you…what are yours? Feel free to share your thoughts below!

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11 comments on “True Blood Season 5: Year-end Report Card

  1. Those grades are way higher than I would have given. This was the worst season in my opinion, I didn’t really get sucked back in until the finale. I just hope next season won’t be an utter disappointment.

  2. I agree with most of the things you lady have written..My two favorite scenes, Sookie puking on Alcide and Bill turning into a puddle..I watched the scene with Maurella “birthing” her litter (did she actually tell Andy she couldn’t “whelp” in a human hospital?)…had to agree with Arlene’s comment about that whole scene..that is NOT how human women give birth…and I too was ready to give up on this series after the !@#%#$% way they ended season 4. But now I am hopefully optimistic for the next season. I guess we’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed they don’t decide to pull a tiger out of their next season to stir the pot..

  3. Great reviews !!! I hope season 6 brings more excitement . i can’t wait i am already pumped as i always be . Season 5 finale was the best for me and all Eric scenes . Looking for alot more in season 6 . You hit the reviews right out of the park . Love it . Eric & Sookie all the way ..

  4. Have to agree with all of you. I think you’ve summed up all our feelings quite nicely. I also think you’re being too kind in your grades. I probably would go with a “C” at best. Some episodes were good but some were almost unwatchable. I also agree with Erika in that I am especially bothered by Sookie’s attitude toward Eric. And we could talk about this (the inconsistency in the writing), and have, until the cows come home, but it doesn’t even make sense on any level. Nobody changes their feelings toward someone that quickly. They better fix that and quick!

  5. I’m a newcomer to the True Blood fam here , however I’ve played k-up with all books and seasons I also was very disappointed with the lack of Eric & Sookie! I am sure we could all watch a hour of Eric only but I wouldn’t work like that I guess. That fire crap didn’t work. The crazy births wtf? Hbo seemed to hold off on what the knew we wanted to see ERIC & SOOKIE to keep us hooked I only hope. So lets keep our fingers crossed to see more of our Bon Temps crew. oh loved that Tara is a vamp much better for her charter next season her and LaLa make up? Looking forward to 6. thanks to the crew here for keep us informed and making it fun…..

  6. I also felt your grades were to generous. The only episode I could stand to watch twice was the last. I also agree with Erica on Sookie’s attitude towards Eric.I really hope that changes for season six. To many stupid story lines that went nowhere. Not enough Eric and Sookie til the last episode. You are right in the fact that waiting truly does suck, and waiting that long for just 10 episodes seems so unfair to us. Let’s just hope the writers can make it worth the wait. Thanks ladies for all you do, it made it much more bearable to watch.

    • Believe me…I would’ve graded it lower – if not for the great and gooey season finale. ;) LOL

      Speaking for myself, I graded the season higher because we can’t really complain about what they did with Eric and Sookie this season…except they had hardly any scenes together.

  7. Well, I disliked season 5 very much.Mainly the Ifrit, and the Authority/Sanguinista crap.Eric was by far the best part of the season.Lillith is a joke.Bill getting all caught up in the “true religion” junk.My chin hit the floor when Bill melted.I didn’t know whether I wanted to laugh or cry.I felt sorry for Sookie.I loved that Eric was so protective of her.It was awesome that he killed Russell.Although, I will miss Russell.Andys babies was lame.What I think will happen with Bill, is that Lillith tricked everyone into drinking her blood, but Bill was the dummy to actually drink it.She didn’t care who did it, but somehow it set her free.Now Bill will have to have someone do the same for him.He has to be able to be freed.Eric and Sookie will hopefully get back together,now that he has his memory.About Warlow…I think somehow he and Lillith are connected, like they are brother and sister, or they were married…and I think one or both of them is a fairy.These are just my opinions, if you disagree, please don’t write nasty comments.My overall rating of season 5 is hmmm….a C-….

  8. […] in session and we “schooled” you on what we learned during True Blood Season 5, in our year-end report card! Think you can write better than the True Blood writers? Tell us how you would Caption […]

  9. Thank you so much for all you contribute to my enjoyment of True Blood. I have looked forward each week to you gal’s reviews. I will miss them each week almost as much as I will miss seeing our Eric and Sookie.

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