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As you know Alexander Skarsgard, who plays our main man on “True Blood”; was in Toronto to promote “What Maisie Knew,” an adaptation of the Henry James novel set in New York City at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). The New York Times received a number of varied questions and chose a selection to ask the Swedish-delish!

On our Facebook page, we shared a link to the New York Times, where you could submit questions you would like Alexander Skarsgård to answer. I think ALL the questions the New York Times chose and Alex answered were from women! One daring woman even asked Alex to marry her and he said, YES!

His responses are below. Could any of these questions be yours?

Mr. Skarsgard with Onata Aprile in “What Maisie Knew.”


I was really struck by the different physical characterizations of Lincoln and Eric after attending [Friday’s] premiere of “What Maisie Knew,” and having just finished watching the season finale of “True Blood.” What discussions or collaborations are involved in determining the physical presence and representation of a character? — Ellen C, Toronto


To me, it’s all about inspiration. What gets me creatively excited is a challenge. There’s gotta be a discovery. When I read a script and have my first interaction with this character, do I feel like there’s something I’m gonna learn here? If I feel like it’s something I’ve done before, then what’s the incentive for me to do it? That’s why, after playing Eric Northman for seven months shooting a season, I don’t want to play Eric Northman in a movie, but just without fangs. I want to try new things.


Wondering if you are in interested in doing a comedy? — Gina Bianchin, Chicago


Yeah, absolutely. I’ve done that in Sweden before. My first film out here was actually a comedy, “Zoolander,” many years ago. I had a small part in that. But I’d love that. It’s different, and something I haven’t done in a while.


Concerning your career: Who would you love to work with? Do you think you will ever direct a movie? — Elaine, Nashville


Isabelle Huppert, the French actress. She’s amazing. And I’ve directed a bit in Sweden. I wrote and directed a short film a couple of years ago. It’s called “To Kill a Child.” Very uplifting (laughs). It’s based on a short story about a car accident and a man kills a child. My kid brother who is now 17, but he was 8 when we shot it, plays the little kid in the movie. I want to do more. It’s just about finding the right project and, obviously, timing.


If you had the opportunity to play any of the characters that your father has played in any of his films, what would it be and why? — Mar, Mexico City


Maybe “The Simple-Minded Murderer,” a Swedish film he did years ago. That’s a really, really good role. Also “Breaking the Waves” is definitely up there.

“I don’t want to play Eric Northman in a movie, but just without fangs.” — Alexander Skarsgard


What are your favorite things about Sweden that you can’t get in the States? — Jasmine, Omaha


The most obvious answer is: the reason I go home is family. But also, I’ve been in L.A. for 8 years, so all my memories there are from being an adult; oh, I went to that restaurant with that friend. In Stockholm, it goes deeper because when I walk down the streets, every single street corner will mean something. There will be a history there. There’s a connection to my childhood there. It means so much to me to go home and relive all those memories.


Do you feel the public perception of you as a sex symbol impacts your real life relationships in either a positive or negative way? — Jacqueline Haun, Lawrenceville, N.J.


No, I never Google myself or read blogs about me. I’m scared, I wouldn’t want to do that and don’t think that would be good for me. In terms of jobs, I’m an actor. There’s gotta be depth there. I’d never say yes to something just to play the hot guy. That’s not what I’m interested in. Creatively that’s not fun for me.

“I’d never say yes to something just to play the hot guy. That’s not what I’m interested in.”— Alexander Skarsgard


You’ve played many roles in adaptations of novels. Do you have any favorite books that you would love to act in the adaptation of?— Fiona, Sydney, Australia


There’s that I really like and it might happen, but I don’t know yet. So it’s difficult to talk about that one. But “Lolita” is one of my favorite novels. But there’s already two special film versions of that, so…


Would like to know which of the characters that Mr. Skarsgard has played has been the most challenging and why?— Katerina, Ont., Canada


Brad Colbert in “Generation Kill.” It was my first big role in the States. It was a very intense experience. We shot it for seven months in the Kalahari desert. It’s about the war in Iraq, not the politics of it, but about the men and women there on the ground. So I just think I felt the weight of that and the importance of getting it right.


How difficult is it to develop the accent and body language of another culture? As an American, I am especially interested in the ease, or difficulty, of ‘becoming American’. — Pat, Eugene, Ore.


I come up with thousands of ideas, from how he speaks, what his posture is, how he walks. And then 99% will be crap. But then you filter it and you find the little things that you actually like, once you’ve thought about it for a while. And that’s how you start finding the character.


Will you marry me? — Amy Lynn, Lexington


Of course.

Did Alex answer one of your questions? Which one of you proposed to him? LOL

Feel free to share your thoughts below!

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20 comments on “Alex Answers Your Fan Questions

  1. He just got that poor girl’s hopes up…lol!

  2. I don’t blame him,he don’t want to be cyberstalk or getting death from fans.

    • I’m worry he quit the show after season 6. I hope not.
      I heard he was looking forward future seasons,but i don’t known now.

      • The show will probably end after 6 seasons, anyway.

        • I hope not. I heard HBO said they planning to make more seasons because there’s a lot of stories have to be told, & Mark Hudis signed up for more 2 years as showrunner. But I don’t known about the future. Is they going to end it? What exploring into books more?

          Alex luv his cast members as his family & I don’t blame he’s missing real family. I also don’t blame he’s getting sick of being call by Eric. I feels sorry for him & I feels the same way, I’m getting sick people are begging Alex to play the role of Christian Grey (50 shades of Grey,I haven’t read the book. All I heard it’s a rip of Queerlight). Why people called him Big Movie star? He just played big bro & died in Battleship,he didn’t nothing special in that movie. I hope people just leave the poor guy alone,cry stake. He’s just normal like everybody else.

  3. Some good questions there but they didn’t ask mine :(
    In fact they hardly touched on TB, which is a bit of a shame, I love him talking about Eric.

    Oh and I’m changing my name to Amy Lynn!

    • Agree, it’s a shame he didn’t answer many TB question (your’s was very good) …. probably he is not allowed to say or speculate much but I would love to know his opinion on Eric’s future

  4. The last one…that’s from me!

  5. They were great questions that they chose to ask Alex. I really can’t believe that they asked him the last one tho’. LOL, now ALL the girls will want to marry him!!!! As if they didn’t already. I really admire this man and wish I was 28 years younger so I could feel like I had a chance with my crush too….LOL….. I just enjoy admiring him from afar and proving to myself that with my fantasies of him, there may be snow on the roof but theres’ a fire in the furnance!!!

  6. Gotta squee because they asked one of mine, although he didn’t really ANSWER it. :-P

    • Congrats! Which one did you ask?

      • The one about whether being perceived as a sex symbol affected his real life relationships or not. I was trying to get at the idea that being viewed as a Viking sex god has to put a lot of pressure on a guy to live up to an existing perception, but ask in a respectful way. Of course, if I had phrased it any more plainly, they probably wouldn’t have asked it!

  7. I meant the writers let him & everybody have 5 month break after doing true blood,Tammy. He need that,that’s I’m saying. That’s why they’re shooting Janary.

    That’ll be the end of the show if The writers kills our beloved viking,Alex said that in his interview. He’s the heart of the show. He’s the one makes the show so special,that’s the rating goes up because of him. True Blood need Alex as Eric. Remember GQ magzine the show doing worse when season 1 started,but he came along to fixed everything.

    I’m really really hoping he;ll come back more seasons & explore more Eric & Sookie’s relationship. They need to do that.

    • That has more to do with Anna and the babies than it does with Alex, that’s why next season is going to be 10 episodes instead of 12. I do agree Alex needs to take a break, though, he goes right into filming movies after True Blood finishes.

  8. […] and selected some for Alex to answer while at TIFF. Did one of yours get chosen? We shared the Q & A for you to find out for […]

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