Charlaine Harris: InnerVIEWS with Ernie Manouse

Charlaine Harris was interviewed by Ernie Manouse and shared her InnerVIEW. Judging by what is said during the interview, this was recorded a year ago, while she was writing “Deadlocked”. I found this interview very enlightening and interesting, and thought I would share it with you to see what you thought about what she said. Sorry, if you’ve seen this before.

Some highlights: Charlaine mentions her assistant’s reaction when she told her how the series will end. Shares whether or not her own kids read her series too. She also talks about True Blood.

This video is 26:53 minutes long, so be sure you have time to watch it!

Watch the video below!

In more recent Charlaine news…she shared this on her Facebook page.

On the plus side, the editorial changes for DEAD EVER AFTER are completed, and the book is over ten pages longer. It’s back on my editor’s desk. On the minus side, I can now tell you that the Syfy deal for the Harper books is a no-go. Back again to the (hopefully) plus side, today Toni and I find out how AN APPLE FOR THE CREATURE is selling.
That’s too bad…about the Harper on Syfy deal. I was looking forward to that. Hopefully the added 10 pages include lots of Eric and Sookie!
What are your thoughts? Share ’em below!

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17 comments on “Charlaine Harris: InnerVIEWS with Ernie Manouse

  1. I hope it is a lot of Eric & Sookie in there . That would be truly great . Thanks for posting this video . We all at Eric &Sookie lovers need that so much especially because True Blood don’t give us that . The writers could careless about that and makes True Blood all about Bill . i just hope that won’t be the case this season 6 but he is the one of the main storylines along with Warlow . All we can do is wait and see on this one . Me i hope they have Eric & Sookie together . We already see her with Bill {Stephen } in real life why would they want to do that on the show .

  2. Erika – I had not seen this before, and I thought it was a great interview. Her comments about violence and its affect on a person were very interesting. Let’s hope BFF Paula is an EL!

  3. Oh, am I panicking now in case her assistant is Team Sam? :)
    No, it’s definitely Eric, it has to be!

  4. interesting interview i hope the books end on a good note i want Eric and Sookie to stay together

  5. I haven’t saw this interview before, but it is kinda similar to some of the others I have seen. It made me kinda of sad too, as I still cannot believe that after we get book 13 we will know what Sookies’ fate is (hoping against all hope that it is a HEA including Eric) and there will be no more SVM books to look forward to. I know there are plenty of series authors out there in this same genre, but I will totally miss Sookie, Eric, Pam and the gang.

    In my heart, I don’t know how long TB is going to last on TV either. I would like to think we still have several seasons left, but our vampires are starting to show their ages and I’m sure the actors want to broading their horizons by doing other things, i.e. stage or films. I just don’t know, I guess we’ll just have to be grateful for what we get in both the books and the show.

  6. Thanks for sharing the interview with us. I have not seen it before. It made me think that we will not be getting a happy ending with our Eric and Sookie. God I hope I’m wrong. It’s the only way it can end!

  7. Charlaine has said it will end with Sookie being a normal human with a normal human life. So that leaves 3 options: 1– Sookie ends up alone. Sick and tired of supes, she goes it alone. This may be the best option. 2 — She gets with a human slash something else, like Sam. I think that’s unlikely. Or 3 — A vampire turns human. I think Ball has been going that way with Bill since the beginning and it may play out in her book.

    • Sorry but there are more possibilities than this.

    • Don’t thumbs down me, ya’ll, just because I speak the truth. I want Sookie and Eric together desperately, but I just don’t think that’s what Chalaine has in mind for Sookie in the end. I’m just being realistic.

    • Don’t be so small-minded. Eric can be with Sookie while she ages. Eric can love her until the end. That would be the most beautiful ending in my opinion. It would prove that Eric’s love was implacable and unconditional. I would much prefer that to some vapid Twilight ending where everyone’s problems were solved and everyone got everything they ever wanted.

      PS. Vampires cannot turn human. CH said so.

      • I think that would be a beautiful ending too. As Eric is immortal, Sookie’s life is such a small part of his whole existence, it would be absolutely heart-wrenching and perfect at the same time for Eric to stay with Sookie and be there holding her hand at the very end. I’m not sure we will get any definitive ending from CH, just from how she has finished her other series. I think it’s much more likely we will get something like Sookie getting home from work and Eric sat waiting for her and off they go into the night with the possibility of more adventures to come (which would also be a great ending for me) I’m not sure about the plans for some kind of epilogue and how that will affect how CH usually writes.I hope she doesn’t feel that she has to give a perfect ending to all the characters because of the show and the story’s popularity. As that has not been her forte as a writer, it may make the ending seem a bit unnatural and forced. Oh well, 8 months to go ……………

      • I agree. Just because she will age, while he won’t and she won’t be able to have children of her own…isn’t the “be all and end all” of their relationship. Eric and Sookie are more than that, IMO. I would be happy with them continuing on like they are now, just as long as they’re happy and together. :)

  8. Didn’t Charlaine also press many times that Sookie will end up with SOMEONE? So we know whe wont be alone, she will have a HEA. But we can only hope it will be Eric.

  9. […] a very interesting interview with the Maker, Charlaine Harris in “InnerVIEWS with Ernie Manouse”! She mentions something very interesting…hint: her assistant’s reaction to the end of […]

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