Happy Anniversary to us!

As those of you who subscribe to our weekly newsletter, The Gracious Plenty already know – yesterday marked our 3rd Anniversary! Wow, how time flies! Three years ago yesterday, we started up the forum. It was only later on (in Nov. 2010) when we added the blog to the site.

The reason why we are telling you a day late, is because as many of you know 9/11 is a day of remembrance to those who perished in the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and in the field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. It wouldn’t feel right to acknowledge our anniversary on such a solemn day.

Please don’t ask me why I started this fansite on 9/11…I honestly can’t remember. LOL

We want to take this opportunity to thank YOU for following us, for visiting and for leaving comments on our site! We wouldn’t be where we are today, if not for YOU!  It makes us feel like what we’re doing is worthwhile!

Happy Anniversary to us!

May there be many more years and lots of Eric and Sookie lovin’ to celebrate!
Now it’s time to drink up and get this Eric and Sookie lovin’ party started!  Please drink responsibly so you don’t end up like Sookie – passed out before the party has even begun!


About Erika

The owner/administrator of Eric & Sookie Lovers and All About Vikings. A writer, blogger and avid reader. Favorite shows and books include; True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, Sons of Anarchy, the Black Dagger Brotherhood, the Night Huntress series, Once Upon A Time, Vikings and Game of Thrones. Motto is: KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)! Most people tell me I have a way with words. My second language is "sarcasm". Hope you enjoy your visit!

7 comments on “Happy Anniversary to us!

  1. 3 yrs? I thought you guy started 5 yrs ago. =-O

  2. Happy third birthday Erika :)

    I hope we eventually get the ending that all your hard work and enthusiasm deserves!

  3. Happy Anniversary to you !! The best website to me …..

  4. Happy Anniversary Ladies!!! Glad you started this wonderful site, it really is one of a very few I go to to get my information on my favorite couple E&S. All of you are doing a wonderful job and I really enjoy visiting with all of you and voicing my HO no and then.
    Keep up the great stuff and I hope that we all get rewarded next season with Eric and Sookie getting back together again.

    Congrats and don’t get too toasted tonite!! LOL……

  5. Happy bday ladies – keep up the great work.

  6. Happy anniversary to my favorite True Blood/SVM website!!! :D

    You guys are doing a great job, don’t you ever forget that :) Kisses.

  7. […] our 3rd Anniversary recently. Even though the day is over…the party is still going strong! Join us in our continued celebration of this event! (Yes, we’re all a bunch of drunks! […]

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