“What Maisie Knew” News!

“What Maisie Knew”… In a theater near you? It does have a nice ring to it, si? And might be 100% true in the near future.

Deadline has reported that Millennium Entertainment is picking up the distribution rights to “What Maisie Knew”. According to the post earlier today, we could be seeing Mr “Skarsgard” as Lincoln in the coming spring.

The Hollywood Reporter also confirms that the deal is now signed!


With Disconnect coming out in the US on 4/12/13 and now “What Maisie Knew” possibly coming out the same time… and True Blood being filmed at the same time. It’s like a Skarsgirl’s dream come true with all the Skars action at one time.

For the post from Deadline, check it out here and from The Hollywood Reporter at this link.


Are you ready for a SkarsSpring?

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Really, there is never enough Eric... I'm loyal to the Viking, no matter what. I will love him whether in Book, Show, and just because... my first thoughts are of him and I close my eyes to dream of him. As far as I'm concerned, the night can not get here soon enough.

24 comments on ““What Maisie Knew” News!

  1. I can’t wait those two movie coming’s out my theatre!!! I’m sooo happy!!!! I want my mom to see What Maisie Knew.

  2. That would be amazing! I can’t wait to see “What Maisie Knew” especially with all the press with Onata and Alex!! There are so cute together!

  3. Can’t wait for more Alexander Skarsgard films~ Now if he only goes and
    nails down the part of Christian Grey in the screen adaption of
    “Fifty Shades of Grey”??? He’d be perfect in the part.
    Good to hear the distribution rights to “What Masie Knew” have
    been picked up and we could see the film in theaters soon.

    • Noooooooooo! Alex should NOT go anywhere near that movie.

      He is way to talented of an actor and I don’t want him being type casted and ruin his career.

      You really need an unknown for 50 shades

      • I totally agreed w/ you!!! I’m getting sick of people pasting him to play Christian Grey. at least they leave poor guy along. Crying out loud.

        beside,he said to his self, he don’t want to play same guy who like Eric in the movies. I don’t blame at all.

        • He could play a rich guy. He could even play a slightly dangerous romantic lead and it wouldn’t have to be Eric-like.

          Playing Grey would be a mistake. I will be surprised if they get any A-listers to take that role.

      • Exactly, I am so sick of everyone wanting him to play Christian Grey. I will never understand how those books became so popular, but Alex is way too good for that role.

        • “I will never understand how those books became so popular”

          This. I hated 50 Shades more than any other book I’ve read in the last 3 years and I’ve read over 400 books. I’d lay out everything I hated but it would take up this entire page and before anyone tries to say I hated because I’m uptight (a common attack) that’s not it. In fact many people who have read and enjoyed properly written BDSM hate 50 Shades because E.L James doesn’t know what she’s writing about.

      • “You really need an unknown for 50 shades”

        You do. This could launch an unknown but it’s too much of a liability for an established.

    • Give Alex a proper Dom to play and I’ll watch it but I’d rather he distance himself from Grey. It’s a crap role and Grey is unbalanced. Anyone who ‘takes up BDSM’ so he can abuse women to get out his anger re: his mother? That’s seriously unstable and a serial killer in the making.

      Grey probably tortured small animals as a child.

      • Right? But everyone talks about him like he’s sex on a stick, he just seems to be a very disturbed person who knows nothing about how to treat women. How is that sexy? You might as well say you want Bill Compton while you’re at it.

  4. So happy for sure now . I never get enough Alex. Wonderful actor . I will always love anything with Alex in it . For sure we will somehow get pass the drought of him since True Blood won’t be back until June 9, 2013 . I like the clips seen to both of these movies . I especially want to see him with Onata Aprille in What Maisie Knew .

  5. After what I am sure is going to be a loooong, cold, lonely Skarsless winter (as clips, photos etc. of him are in short supply over the winter months). I am truely looking forward to seeing his movies released this Spring. I am looking forward to both films especially What Maise knew, but any time I can “see” him I will be so very happy and content………sigh!!!!!! Also, then I can buy the DVD’s and see him more often the following winter besides rewatching the TB eppys on HBOGO.

  6. To play CHG would be mean the end of career for some actors. It´s not so easy… Alex is amazing actor, I don´t want him to play this character.

  7. The best thing for his career would be a well written comedy…then he would have touched all the bases. I wish Ben Stiller would consider bringing his character back in Zoolander….One other thing. I would like nothing more that for him to host SNL…this would widen his audience.

    • SNL could definitely use the help, and I know a lot of people want him to host. I’m not sure how he could come back to Zoolander, though, if they did another one.

  8. I’ve got hight hopes for Maisie! I hope it is released to all theaters and not a limitted release?

    • I agree!

      I hated waiting for Melancholia to be released to DVD because it was a limited theatrical release.

      I don’t know how I’ll react if What Maisie Knew is only released in certain theaters

  9. […] when you can expect “What Maisie Knew” to hit theaters! Find out when that might be here! As we told you in last week’s issue, we celebrated our 3rd Anniversary recently. Even though […]

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