True Blood UK – Better Late Than Never!

It’s that time of year when UK Trubies finally get to catch up with the rest of the civilized world and watch the latest season of their favorite show. At least this year, thanks to Channel 4 finally getting the hint and forsaking it’s previously ludicrous stance to air the show AFTER it has become available on DVD, we are actually getting it 4 months earlier than usual. So for the next 12 weeks we will not be singing “I don’t like Mondays” but instead settling down in front of the TV for our annual dose of Viking Vampire and ……well, she’s a waitress!

In honor of the big event FX are showing a half hour long preview programme tonight at 9pm.

The show is aptly titled “True Blood 5 Preview Show”, and no doubt if you are a complete fang-whore like yours truly, it won’t contain anything you haven’t seen already, but hey, there’s bound to be Eric/Alex, so that makes it essential viewing, and the Viking always looks even better sauntering across a giant TV  than he does on my tiny netbook screen!

I have a few work colleagues who don’t have special fairy powers like me, and are waiting until True Blood officially airs to sink their teeth into it, so I’m looking forward to listening to their theories (and whining about not enough Eric) at the water cooler over the next few weeks. And if you are one of those people who are going to be watching for the first time, then I hope you have a great ride and enjoy the show!

After the following picture of no one in particular, there’s going to be season 5 spoilers, so if you’re waiting for Mondays, please don’t look beyond.


If you are UK based and have already used your special pixie dust to see what the heck was going on in Bon Temps this year, then here are a few reasons to still pull up a comfy chair, open a bottle of wine and join me every Monday night for the next 12 weeks:

1. The Vampire Tara

2. Eric’s ass

3. Pam & Eric’s first encounter

4. Smile smugly as Eric keeps a cool head when all around him are loosing theirs.

5. Laugh at Eric as he glamours Alcide, and he’s a little bit naughty!

6. Laugh at Alcide as Sookie pukes on his shoes

7. Hiss at Bill when he betrays the Viking and ends poor Molly

8. Cheer when Eric finally gets his revenge on Russell after 1000 years

9. Laugh at Bill in every episode

10. Cheer when Bill pops off and up rises Bilith. No more tormented, trying and failing miserably to be noble, whining bitch, Vampire Bill Compton.

And just think when it’s all over for a second time that means 12 weeks less to wait until season 6 is upon us.

Happy Mondays!

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6 comments on “True Blood UK – Better Late Than Never!

  1. Thats’ wonderful for our friends across the pond!! Enjoy! For us here in the States, I just found our that last nite HBO started showing season 5 again too. I watched the first eppy and hopefully they will show the rest on the following Saturday nites. I believe it started at 11:15pm, so it’s on a bit later, but since I’m a nite owl anyway, it was nice to rewatch it on the big screen once again.

    Happy viewing in the UK!!!!!

    • Thanks for that – I suspect supporting Eric and laughing at Bill will be even better second time round……. when you know what’s coming :)

  2. I’ve already watched it online but I will be watching it again on my 32″ HDTV. Can’t get enough of the Viking.

  3. […] the pond to the UK! Help our UK correspondent (Evie), as she re-lives season 5 all over again here! Eric The Sherriff (video maker) named the 10 Best Couples on True Blood in yet another great video […]

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