TB.net’s True Blood Season 5: Survey Results are IN!

As most of you know, True-blood.net hosted a True Blood fan survey at the end of True Blood season 5 to find out what all of us thought about the fifth season. They shared the results from this survey earlier today. We thought we would share some of the highlights and our own reactions with all of you.

Not surprisingly to us – Eric Northman, and Eric and Sookie dominated the results. Here are some of the highlights.

3. Which season 5 development did you like most?

Even though it happened at the beginning of the season, the Eric/Pam backstory stuck with you and came in with 38.2% of the most favorite votes. In second place was Tara becoming a vampire with Pam as her Maker (19.5% of your 10 votes/24.9% of your 9 votes), a turn of events that many were wary about in the beginning but were excited about by the end of the season.

4. Whose season 5 character arc did you like most?

This was another ranking question, specifically focusing on character arcs – meaning the storyline of a individual characters. It probably shouldn’t have come as a surprise when Eric ran away with the question, earning 60.9% of your MOST favorite votes for top ranking, but it did. Given how little Eric had to do in True Blood season 5, at least to us, what did you all see as so special about his character arc compared to Tara, for example? We felt like we got barely anything Eric-related after episode 4 or 5 until the final few minutes of the finale. Or are we seeing a sort of knee-jerk vote for Eric whenever he is an option? (Please reference Question 4 if addressing this in the comments.)

Okay…WTF are they talking about? There was so much more Eric this season than (I think) they realize. What are they talking about that they barely got to see anything Eric-related after episode 4 or 5? *scratches head* I seem to recall that Eric’s character arc involved making a choice to follow Lilith or not. He only “agreed” to follow the Authority’s beliefs to save his own life. Once that decision was made, he had to find a way to save Nora and Bill. As you know, he eventually did with the help of Sookie, while at the same time he settled some unfinished business between himself and Russell. While it may not be the character arc that’s most noticeable, I would say it’s some kind of character arc.

On to the MOST important question…at least to us!

6. Which couple(s) are you rooting for?

We allowed respondents to choose more than one response here since there are a variety of romances on the show. Once again leading the pack was Sookie/Eric with a commanding 76.1% of the votes. With Bill (and Alcide?) almost definitely out of the running, this is an increase over last year’s 69.8% result. In a distant second place was new couple Tara/Pam with 39.8% of the votes, followed by Jessica/Jason with 34.6%, down significantly from last year when they had a 45.4% approval rating.

What of Sookie’s other suitors? They’re bringing up the rear. Sookie/Bill picked up 9.8% of your votes (down from 16.8%) while Sookie/Alcide plummeted from 21.5% in 2011 to 9.6% in 2012. Ouch. Sookie/Sam came in last with just 2.2% of your votes, and only 6.1% of you are rooting for Eric/Nora.

OUCH…B/S lost half of their votes from last year. Look at the drop of interest in Sookicide. That has to hurt. We already know why the lack of interest in B/S. No need to rehash it again. While the results aren’t surprising – the numbers ARE astonishing when you really think about it. I guess it’s safe to say that Eric lovers and/or Eric and Sookie lovers make up the vast majority of Truebies (at least those who visit TB.net and took part in this survey).

7. Who do you think should be named season 5′s Most Valuable Player?

This should be a no-brainer if you’ve been paying attention to the results of the other questions: Alexander Skarsgard (Eric) easily took the crown here with 59.1% of the votes, up from 48.7% in the very Eric-centric season 4. Again, a puzzling result given how little Eric had to do this season. He did sort of save the day in the end, though, for which I’m sure we’re grateful! In a distant second was Kristin Bauer (Pam) with 8.8% and Stephen Moyer (Bill) rounding out the top three with 7.6% of your votes.

Wow…the difference between even Alex (Eric) and Kristin (Pam) is remarkable.

8. Which storyline are you most anticipating in season 6?

Turning our attention ahead, we asked which of the storylines we know about from season 6 were getting you excited already. We didn’t get many clues about what’s coming up next season, but you are hotly anticipating how Sookie and Eric handle “Billith” (58.3% of the votes). The mystery surrounding Warlow is still so vague that it took a distant second with only 17.4% of the votes, and Bill as “Billith” took third place with 13%.

The majority of write-ins were wishes for Eric and Sookie to get together in season 6 and build the relationship seen in the books.

Again, this isn’t very surprising either, but I do love how the majority of write-ins want Eric and Sookie to get together in season 6. We, here at E&SL, want that too. Hopefully, we’ll get our wish!

If you’re interested in reading the rest of the survey results, as well as joining in some interesting discussion in the comment section…feel free to visit True-Blood.net here.

We would like to say a special thanks to Mel and Liz over at TB.net for hosting this survey and for sharing the results! We know how hard it is to set up a survey like this one and how much work it is to compile all of the results. We greatly appreciate their efforts.

What do you think? Share your thoughts below.

Screencaps courtesy of SkarsgardFans.com

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7 comments on “TB.net’s True Blood Season 5: Survey Results are IN!

  1. Whatever, they may not get the Eric love, but the majority of the fanbase sure as hell does. Not surprised by these results at all.

  2. I sure hope the powers that be over at HBO see the results of the survey!

  3. Team Eric all the way !!!! Eric is the best ….. Alexander portray him so well ….. love him .. I am so happy he won ..

  4. I read this article over at their website the other day and I totally agree with everything mentioned above, the writer of the article even said that the writers of the show should read the Poll. I think that they should send as many copies as they can to each and every one of the people who write, direct and produce the show, the head honchos at HBO and hopefully ( I am still not too optimistic about our favorite couple) will listen to what the majority of the fans of the show want to see!!!

    I just hope and pray that they don’t do a 180 on us, as I want Eric and Sookie together always.

  5. I´m really satisfied with these results. The true is only one -mainly Eric with the other vampires makes the show interesting for people. And Sookie-Eric couple of course. I hope Billith will not to be the main character in every episode of S6.

  6. […] says…Eric and Sookie dominated TrueBlood.net’s True Blood Season 5 survey! Find out all of the Eric and Sookie lovin’ highlights (and a few of our own thoughts) on the […]

  7. Of course Eric won. Not his fault he’s so beloved. He can’t help it. :)

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