Whisper-Talkers Tourney: TVD’s Klaus VS TB’s Eric

In the latest poll, NoWhiteNoise.com is holding a “Best Whisper-Talkers Tourney”, where they are determined to find out who is the “Best Whisper-Talker” on TV.

In the latest round, it’s everyone’s favorite bad boys from The CW’s The Vampire Diaries (Klaus) and HBO’s True Blood (Eric Northman).

Whether Klaus is threatening Elena and company or Eric is giving orders (or acting like Sookie’s plaything), these two whisper — definitely. But the question is: which whisperer do you like most? Will it be the Vampire Diaries‘s Big Bad or will it be True Blood‘s bad boy love interest?

We know who we think it should be…Eric Northman of course!

You can cast your vote as many times as you want. This poll closes Thursday at 3pm ET. Check out the entire tournament bracket by clicking here.

Please vote for Eric by clicking on the image below!

Credit: NoWhiteNoise.com

As you know, The Vampire Diaries’ fandom is very large and like to vote – so please pass this on to everyone you know! Even Eric wants you to vote for him…see?

Thanks Eric & Sookie Lovers!

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8 comments on “Whisper-Talkers Tourney: TVD’s Klaus VS TB’s Eric

  1. Honestly, I don’t know what anyone sees in Klaus. He’s such a douche, Eric is definitely the best choice. We know there is much more to him.

  2. Eric can rip this hybrid’s heart!!!!

  3. I just voted (several times) and Eric is trailing by approx. 11%, so vote, vote, VOTE!!!!
    We can’t let this Klaus dude win. Its’ Eric 4eva!!!!

  4. I just vote for Eric ~~~~~ I really hope he wins …

  5. Ugh, Klaus managed to get in the lead. This really irritates me, what is so great about him? I’m sorry, but I don’t worship the evil jack asses.

  6. UPDATE: Eric is leading by a very slim margin. (Klaus is at 48% something and Eric is at 51% something). Keep voting so we can win this poll by a healthy total!!! Come on all my fellow Eric lovers, keep voting!!!! (smiling as I leave to vote some more!!!)

  7. Losing by like 1%. I’ve voted about 30 times. Will try to remember to go back tonight when I’m being a couch potato but will have no time tomorrow. Come on ladies…click, click click! :)

  8. […] was TVD’s Klaus VS TB’s Eric in No White Noise’s Whisper-Talkers Tourney, unfortunately Eric lost in this one – but it was a very close […]

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