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So even if True Blood Season 6 airs straight after Game of Thrones ends next year there is still a whopping 259 days until we find out how our Viking Vampire and Fairy Waitress manage to escape from the evil clutches of the blood monster “Bilith”. Waiting most definitely will suck this year, with filming not re-starting until January, but here at E&SL we want to try to keep you all warm and fuzzy, with our brand new feature VIDEO OF THE WEEK.

Each week we will bring you one of our favorite videos made by a talented and dedicated fan. For the most part we will concentrate on the Sookie and Eric love story, but if we come across any other goodies that we think you will enjoy, we will of course bring you those as well.

Our first video is by “paqium”, and it’s first choice as it is wonderfully made and edited, and is accompanied by a beautiful song.  A little warning, it is completely and utterly heart-wrenching, but as the old Spanish proverb goes “Where there is love there is pain”.

For your viewing pleasure:

“Eric and Sookie – Back to the start”

To show your appreciation for the video makers hard work, when you have the chance, please click on this You Tube link  to add to their viewing numbers.

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7 comments on “Eric & Sookie Video Of The Week

  1. Wowee, Wow wow, This was a super video. I loved the idea of the way it was played backwards and that song was just a perfect fit to it. I love them together and hope that they get back to where they are supposed to be in Season 6.

    Thanks Evie, for sharing this with us and I look forward to other forthcoming videos during our TB drought.

  2. So beautifully put together, the song and the video are a perfect match…

  3. I love it , love it , love it !!!

  4. What an amazing video! Love it! I look forward to more :)

  5. I prefer the video “When You Were Mine”. I love the song by the Carey Brothers that plays with the video.

  6. […] week, we’ll be sharing the Eric & Sookie Lover’s pick as the video of the week! If you’re a video maker, know someone who is or have a favorite you’d like to share […]

  7. What a way to pass the weeks til season six. It’s about as good as it can get! Thanks for sharing with us. I’m looking forward to more.

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