Alexander Skarsgård “What Maisie Knew” Interview from TIFF12

It’s here!

We were teased during the Toronto International Film Festival that Alexander Skarsgård and the directors from What Maisie Knew, Scott McGehee and David Siegel, sat down for an interview with DP/30.

Finally our wait is over, as the video is now live online! Its 30 minutes long so make sure you are in a nice secure location so you can savor the video. I predict you will go “Aww”, laugh quite a bit, and just enjoy the interview. I know I did.

Check it out below

So… count with me, how many Skars types did you see in this interview.

Analytical Skars when discussing his performance and the movie.

Funny Skars with his facial expressions and one liners.

Sexy Skars … just being him.

Playful Skars when mentions of his other roles were brought up. Oh Zoolander.. we thank you so much as you helped land Alex the role of Lincoln. And Kill Your Darlings, you proved that Alex walks better then some of us in heels.

I know there are more.. but I have the sudden urge to pull out one of my Skarsgård dvds

I hope you’ve enjoyed this video as much as I did.  Let us know!

Thank you to Skarsgardnews for the find!

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7 comments on “Alexander Skarsgård “What Maisie Knew” Interview from TIFF12

  1. oh that’s was great now I wanta see it even more. He’s too funny I’ll be looking on amazon for that movie to see him in drag : )

  2. Thanks so much for posting! Enjoyed it very much and it’s always nice to hear the behind the scenes stories. Got my fix for today! :)

  3. I love this interview . I saved it so i can read it again . KillYour Darlings film i have it is so funny his father is in it too . A must see . Thank you Eric & Sookie Lovers for posting this video . It was brilliant …. Especially Alex of course ..

  4. Loved the interview!! Never knew that Alexader didn’t like seeing his own films?
    Loved his comments about when he saw the film with Onata.
    Also loved the story about what she did in the scene with the peanut butter.
    What she did by licking off the peanut butter is what any kid would do~ hell I even
    do that myself!!! Can’t wait to see this film.

  5. Thank you ladies for posting this for us. I throughly enjoyed watching this and got a chuckle out of how critical Alex is of himself….he definately is a typical Virgo all the way. I can’t wait for this movie to be released, if I remember what I read, I believe its’ suppose to be released sometime in April.

  6. […] took long enough to find…but we finally found a video interview with Alex from TIFF 2012 in which he talks about many different things with his directors from […]

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