Where Do You Fall In?

Lesliecrusher tumbled this awesome representation of “enjoyment in fandom over time”. We hope she doesn’t mind if we shared it on here. We wanted to find out “where do you fit in?” We think during this time of year, when there isn’t much in the way of spoilers, etc. it would be something else to talk about.

As you can see, there are different stages according to where you might fall in the fandom. Now comes the question…“Where do YOU fall in?”

Special thanks to Lesliecrusher for sharing this graph – it’s very accurate and clever, I think.

Feel free to share your thoughts below!

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12 comments on “Where Do You Fall In?

  1. I’m def in “God This Fandom Is Amazing And So Much Fun!”

  2. Ericka:
    I’ve seen Every Season,Episode & Repeat of TRUEBLOOD.
    And I’m going to watch all of the the episodes in Season 6 till the very last one.
    I love TrueBlood, and I love the characters,I’m an Eric Northman Lover.
    And I really hope that Eric Northman & Sookie Stackhouse end up together.

  3. True Blood is my favorite show . No whatever how mad i get about not seeing Eric & Sookie together it keeps me still watching it . I am a diehard fan of it .

  4. I’ve had my ups and downs watching this show, its’ jumped the shark several times over, but due to my complete obsession with Alex, I am still a diehard fan until the end. I figure I’ve watched it faithfully (and every season, over and over again) and I’m going to stick it out til the end regardless of the outcome. (But, I’m still hoping against all odds that Sookie and Eric wind up together in the end)

  5. Ericka:
    I’ve been interested in TrueBlood even before it aired.
    I saw a preview commercial on 8-25-2008,happens to be Alexander’s birthdate.
    Well I had to do was see ” 6’5″,Blond hair,blue/green eyes & FANGS”
    And I was HOOKED,knew I was going to be watching this!!
    First Vampire we saw was William Thomas Compton III when he sat down in Merlotte’s.
    I mean what was not to like?~ “Black hair,sapphire blue eyes,looked like he came out
    of a shower,brooding good looks”

    Then came Episode 4,”Escape from the Dragon House”~ And Eric Northman.
    Forget it,I knew which Vampire I’d love to climb into bed with.
    And as Season 1 faded and Season 2 began I began to have a hearty distain
    for Mr. Compton, he who once seemed “so nice, a true Southern Gentleman”
    began to be something dark & menacing & by Season 3 my loyalties were
    deffinately with Eric Northman. I only want him to end up with Sookie.

  6. Ericka:
    Let out a very important factoid.
    I love Stephen Moyer, the actor, just can’t stand his character.
    And when Sookie Stackhouse & Bill Compton were together in those scenes,
    you knew that the actors were “doing it in real life”.
    You could see the attraction pouring out of every pore,out of their eyes.
    Forget it they oozed attraction~ THEY HAD IT.
    You also knew that they were a Real Life Couple!!!
    So very happy for them, and their new family members.

  7. I bitch and moan and complain about the show, the writers making shit up to make Beehl look good and them trying to make Eric look like the bad guy. But I will be with the show til the end. Keeping my fingers crossed that we get what we want. Eric and Sookie together as it should have been since season one. I am addicted to it! LOL!

  8. I’m in the “Officially Stopped Caring” group. I do have to fess up and admit that part of that is because of school. When you’re busy with school? TB does take a back seat. If I didn’t have to worry about grades I’d probably be somewhere between This is amazing and ship wars. The needle ONLY moved in that direction because of the S5 finale. Prior to that I was at the Fucking fuck part.

  9. […] interviewed by Esquire.com! Who wonders where they fit into the vast True Blood fandom? Find out where you fit in here! Think you can make B laugh and poke fun at Alcide at the same time? Ready, set…Caption […]

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