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Alexander Skarsgard was certainly kept busy during the official launch of “Encounter” by Calvin Klein in New York this week. Below is a little video from the main event, which includes CK Creative Director, Italo Zucchelli, explaining why Alex is the perfect man for the new fragrance.

Alex also took time out to chat to ELLE Hot Topic column.

On being featured in ELLE.com’s Hot Topic column. “I’m very honored. That’s what I’m here celebrating tonight. That’s the only reason I’m here. I heard rumors I’d be the hot guy of the week.”

What it feels like to be the face of Calvin Klein Encounter cologne. “I hadn’t really done campaigns before, but I felt like if I was ever going to do it, then this is the one. Calvin Klein is such a cool, classy house. It’s got a great creative team behind it—Fabien Baron and Steven Klein. I had worked with Lara Stone before and enjoyed it. So it felt like the stars aligned. It felt like the one. I was excited about it. I was flattered and honored; they had never worked with a male actor on a fragrance before.”

Will he play Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie? “I have no idea. I haven’t read a script, and I don’t think there’s a script out there. And I haven’t read the novels, so it’s difficult to say. The first thing you do is read the script, and then you feel if you’re good for it or not.”

Is it more fun to play “good” or “bad” Eric on True Blood? “I like both, I like the combination. I like that he has both of those sides, both of those Erics within, that’s what makes him real. He is not good or bad, he is capable of both. Even thought he’s a vampire, that’s how you can relate to him. We are all good and bad.”

Which city has the best-looking women? “Stockholm, Sweden. Just go, and you’ll know. And guys, as well. You’ll enjoy it.”

And also found time to do a GQ & A with GQ Style.

GQ: How’s it been watching yourself on a loop all day?
Alexander Skarsgård:
 This is what I do. Hanging out in my humble abode, watching myself. No it’s fucking surreal.

GQ: So what did you think when you saw the final cut of the clip?
 I thought they did a great job. What attracted me to it was that it was so dark and moody. It felt like something Fritz Lang would’ve directed, something out of the German Expressionism movement in the ’20s. I think they really captured that. So I’m very happy with how it turned out. But then I just walked by that freaking billboard and it’s surreal, seeing yourself the size of Godzilla.

Where the subject of Eric Northman of course cropped up again.

GQ: We have to talk about True Blood. The fifth season just wrapped. Do you have any clue what’s going to happen with your character Eric next season?
 No. This is always the case when we’re on hiatus and I love it. It’s a complete break. The writers are getting together now to start plotting the next season. It’s nice not being involved in that and then getting to see a script when you’re back.

GQ: Is there anything you’re hoping to see happen with Eric next season?
 To the writers’ credit, my fear is that it’s always going to feel repetitive or redundant and creatively that’s suicide if you don’t challenge yourself. But I keep learning about more about Eric every season. I do like the flashbacks. They’re a lot of fun to shoot and I think when you have a character who is a thousand years old there’s a great opportunity to learn about him throughout history.

You can read the entire GQ & A, where he also talks about Stockholm, Zoolander 2, and Fifty Shades of Grey (again), here

Video source on vimeo

Our photo gallery from the event is here – Alex at “Encounter” Launch Party

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  1. Ok vimeo videos can be a bit temperamental!
    If you are having difficulty playing it, go off the page and then come back on and try again – it should work then.

  2. I just so enjoyed reading the article and I am reveling in Alexs’ success with this champaign. I am swooning right now and can’t think straight……LOL. I just couldn’t be any prouder of him.

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  4. I love this interview … What a guy Alex is ? love him …

  5. Excellent article. Is it me or has he been more open in recent articles? Just seems like he’s revealing more and more about himself each time…and I like it!! I also have to agree with redthang… I couldn’t be prouder! Is that weird? I guess as fans we just invest so much time into watching a person’s career it is also fulfilling to us to see them do well. I keep waiting for the day when I won’t enjoy watching him but I’m not seeing that day coming anytime soon! :)

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