Anna Paquin on the cover of Red Magazine

Just a few weeks after giving birth to twins, Anna Paquin is gracing the cover of the November issue of Red Magazine.

According to Digital Spy 

In an interview with Red magazine, Paquin, who confirmed publicly she is bisexual two years ago, admitted some people question how her marriage and sexual orientation are compatible.

“I am a happily married woman and I married a man. I don’t think that negates that aspect of my life, but obviously I wouldn’t be with my husband if I didn’t want to be married to a man,” she explained.

“Some people find it odd that you can identify with a sexual orientation that is not straight and yet be married to someone of the opposite sex. They’re like, ‘Obviously it’s not real if you’re married to a dude’.”

However, she said she does not feel the need to justify her relationship in light of criticism.

“That’s not my problem. I’m like, ‘Okay, if that’s how you feel, there’s nothing I can do about it’. I’m just living my life,” Paquin said.

The 30-year-old also said realising her sexual orientation as a teenager was not an “Oh my God moment”, adding: “It’s just part of who I am.”

And on Female First

Anna Paquin loves the “luxury” of having a nanny.

The ‘True Blood’ actress and husband Stephen Moyer – who has daughter Lilac, 10, and son Billy, 12, from previous relationships – welcomed twins into the world last month and Anna knows she is lucky to be able to afford the help she needs with her family.

She said: “I have the luxury of being able to afford the help I need. I consider having a full-time, reliable job a major blessing. You will never catch me complaining about being employed.

Anna loves the fact she and Stephen get to work together because they are “best friends”.

She told the new issue of Red magazine: “We’re best friends. If you’re going to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want it to be the person you want to hang out with all the time.

“We have a lot in common but, when it comes down to it, if that person isn’t really your buddy as well, for me, I don’t think that would work. And we spend all our time together.

“A lot of people say, ‘Oh, I could never work with my significant other’, but I love getting to go to work with the person I want to spend all my time with.’ “

One of the reasons why Anna loves her husband is because of his “Englishness”.

And in The Belfast Telegraph

Anna Paquin has revealed that she is “not fazed” by nudity.

The Canadian-born actress and new mum, who often bares her body in hit TV series True Blood, said she doesn’t mind stripping off as long as there’s a reason behind it.

“Nudity just doesn’t faze me. If it wasn’t something I was up for, I certainly wouldn’t have got involved,” she told Red magazine.

“I’m sure sometimes it feels like they just take our clothes away because they like taking our clothes away. But in True Blood, it feels creatively motivated. Sex and sexuality is a big part of adult life. Our target audience is not teenagers.”

The magazine goes on sale on October 3rd.

If we come across any more snippets from the interview or any more pictures we will post them on E&SL. It’s great to hear that Anna is healthy and happy and we hope she gets to take her gorgeous babies homes soon!

Sources: Digital Spy  Female First Belfast Telegraph

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9 comments on “Anna Paquin on the cover of Red Magazine

  1. Anna look Outrageous!!!
    Looks like she carried all of the weight in her belly!!!
    Wonder how the twins are doing we’ve not heard anything since they were born?
    She’s glowing with the “new mom glow”!
    Love what she said about “Falling in love with Stephen’s Englishness”
    Stephen is so different off camera, than playing Bill Compton.
    Can’t wait to read this whole article!!!.

    • The babies are still in hospital, which isn’t too unusual for premature twins. Anna was photographed visiting them today on some of the gossip sites.

  2. I just can’t believe that this isn’t a pic from a previous photo shoot as I don’t really think Anna would look this good only three weeks after having the twins. I could be wrong…..
    As far as the article it really didn’t tell us much more than we already knew about her. I am happy that she really appreciates the fact that she can afford the help she needs with a Nanny and that she worked hard for everything she has.

    I can hardly wait to see a pic of the twins when they’ve grown enough and can come home from the Hospital.

    • I’m wondering the same, if that is a picture RED have taken previously of her. Even for someone in peak condition like Anna, it would be ridiculous if she can look like that already lol.

  3. Love the article ..So happy for her & her expanded family ….. Glad that the babies are healthy and her .

  4. As a mother of twins, I can tell you that I accepted any and all help offered! My “nannies” were my mother and mother-in-law who were life savers. I would have loved being able to afford full time help! I will say that for whatever reason, I came home from the hospital smaller than I was BEFORE I got pregnant. So it is possible that this is her now. Either way, she looks fabulous and I can’t wait to see pics and find out what they’ve named them.

  5. I think this is from a Self magazine beach shoot from a couple of years ago. But I’m sure Anna will be back in tip top shape as soon as possible. I know they will be so glad to get the babies home, that has to be a stressful situation having your babies in the hospital all this time and the paps stalking you in the hospital parking garage.
    She definitely a “straight shooter” as the cover states!

  6. Yep, I think you’re right Kja, I’ve seen her in that dress before. Yesterday, they had a pic of her out shopping by herself and she did look fantastic, but had on a very loose dress so you really couldn’t see her waistline. I mean she did look great for just giving birth, but I know that it’ll take some time to tighten up her waist, especially since she was so hugh carrying the twins. Bless her heart I wish her, Steve and the babies the very best of everything as they will make such a cute family!!!!

  7. […] Anna Paquin is featured on the cover of Red Magazine. Check out the article and get a better look at the cover here! […]

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