Alex at Berlin “Encounter” Launch

Alexander Skarsgard continued his whirlwind “Encounter” Tour for Calvin Klein with a launch event at Soho House in Berlin yesterday.

Just Jared posted the rather attractive looking pictures below.

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Whilst at the event Alex gave a short interview to German website


Yesterday I had the opportunity Alexander Skarsgård to meet face to Encounter Calvin Klein personally.This was due to the launch of the perfume in the Soho House here in Berlin. More about the fragrance itself can be found here .

I must confess that I Alexander Skarsgård only from his role in Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” knew. I’m not a big fan of the vampire myth-Dark Glitter films and series, and have therefore never seen True Blood. So I went right mind into the meet and greet. Alexander is huge, which I had not previously aware of. For the photo he had to almost sit on the floor and commented my “Sorry, I am quite short.” With “No problem mate!”. Otherwise the interview was very open and honest. He talked about hobbies, experiences and Vikings. Here is a short excerpt:

Q: Is this your first visit in Germany?

A: No, I have ever been to Berlin before because my father worked here for several years. Otherwise, I was in Cologne and Munich to me during the 2006 World Cup to watch two games of the Swedish national team and one more time in Munich, because I for an interview there was Oktoberfest. One day I had a day off and I was able to watch the show closely. Everything is so huge, so many people, so much so much beer and party. Totally crazy!

Q: You come around a lot, but live in Los Angeles. Initially you’re Swedish. What are the biggest differences between LA and your home country?

A: I come from a part of Stockholm which was very reminiscent of Berlin. Yesterday I pulled a little bit around the houses and I was really felt at home in Södermalm. Since everything is so close, all the people you know and who you are at heart just around the corner. You call not to look around at those who have the time, but just go out and meet your friends or your family, because everybody lives around the corner. I miss that in LA, because it is so large.

Q: In the short film to Encounter Calvin Klein is about an encounter. Tell us something about it.

A: It’s about a man who travels to a woman. In the car, everything is very grim. It is not known how the two go together, whether they are together or not, and how it all ends. Exactly what fascinates me so much about the story. I hate it when I read a script and help me to leave no space for my own thoughts.Everything is pre-programmed and so fake, but in the film to the viewer decides Encounter Calvin Klein with his own imagination how it goes.

After the interview was still widely celebrated. Alexander also shock and had yet to have a few beers before he left the party.

Please excuse the Google translation!

Don’t forget Alex, Kristin Bauer Van Straten and Valentina Cervi are in Rome today promoting True Blood and we’ll bring you any pictures and interviews from this event as we get them.

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  1. Thanks for posting this Evie!! I really appreciate getting all the scoop on what Alex is doing here, instead of pieces here and there, i.e. facebook, gossip sites, etc. My kudos on always posting in a timely fashion!

    I’ve already saw most of this around, but I really enjoyed it much better having all of the info. in one place. I hope that Alex will have some downtime in Sweden soon. He needs to go home and regenerate so hes’ back to his Eric self the first of the year.

    • Thank you – we know from site stats that any new photos of Alex always get big viewing figures :)

      I just read a part of an interview he has done in Rome – although I think it was a dodgy translation – he seemed to imply that he is going to go away and recharge himself for TB.

  2. Thanks for keeping us informed on Alex . He looks great …. Love the interview…. agree i hope he goes home a bit and get some rest ….Wonderful actor and my favorite …

  3. […] much Alex…where do we begin? Why not start in Berlin? Now, let’s take a trip down to Italy, where Alex, Kristin and Valentina appeared at Roma […]

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