Roma Fiction Fest – Photos And More Photos

Last night we saw the photographs that lucky fans had taken of Alexander Skarsgard, Kristin Bauer Van Straten and Valentia Cervi at Roma Fiction Fest. Today it is the turn of the worldwide press, and our gallery below shows some gorgeous pictures from last night’s event, as well as photographs from the True Blood press conference held earlier today.

So get a nice cup of coffee (or glass of wine depending on your time zone) and sit back and enjoy the fabulous photos from Italy. As usual, click on the first image to start the show:

Word on the streets of the eternal city is that the True Blood show may still be in town, so there may be more wonderful skarsporn photographs to come. Naturally we will fulfill our moral obligation to share any further goodies with you if that is indeed the case.

Sources: Getty Images Wire Images  Photographers: Ernesto Ruscio and  Elisabetta A. Villa

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3 comments on “Roma Fiction Fest – Photos And More Photos

  1. Love the photos of Alexander & Kristin in Italy,also love the photo of Alexander
    wearing headphones,listening to the questions from the Italian fans.
    Wonder what Trueblood sounds like in Italian??
    And wonder what the actor who’s dubbing the part of Eric sounds like???

  2. All I have to say is black and pink look really good together! :)

  3. […] have more coverage from Roma Fiction Fest! First, we have some videos, then check out more photos! On the final day, they finished off with some more pics and some interviews […]

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