Videos from Roma Fiction Fest

As you know Alexander Skarsgard, Kristin Bauer van Straten and Valentina Cervi appeared at the Roma Fiction Festival in Italy last night and today. We’ve already shown you some pics…now it’s time to show you video coverage!

This first one is of Alex with some fans.

This next one is a video from Rai TV, where they interview Valentina and Kristin! Please click on the image below to watch it. Unfortunately, most of this video is in Italian.

From the looks of things…the True Blood cast (especially Alex) are very popular with Italian fans!

Thanks to AlexanderSkarsgard.net for the head’s up on these videos!


UPDATE (10/4/2012)

Our friend Monica from True Blood Italy was able to attend the True Blood Q&A at the Roma Fiction Festival. She has so graciously shared the video with us and the world! Squeee!

Enjoy :)

Part 1


Part 2



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  1. Thanks for posting these Erika! I enjoyed watching them, although my Italian is too rusty to really understand much in the second video, I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t get to talk to Alex at all. But it looked like the Italian fans are every bit as excited about TB as much as we are here in the States.

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